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Adrastos Thanatos' Professions RG

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Primary Profession
Related Class: Magician
Profession Title: Doctor/Undertaker
Description: Using magic and non-magic techniques, Adrastos is able to provide medical treatment to any wounded and conduct autopsies on the deceased.
Profession Perks:

  • Anatomy Knowledge

    • + His dealings with both the living and the deceased have allowed Adrastos to know the anatomy of humanoid beings, thus also knowing the location of vital organs or pressure points on others and himself.

  • Diagnosis

    • + Adrastos is able to determine the severeness of a wound, meaning that he is able to determine whether the damage that has been inflicted upon him, allies, or enemies is lethal and how much more damage it will take before life is put in jeopardy.

  • Mender

    • + Adrastos is able to mend or heal wounds, both with and without magic, due to knowledge of the anatomy and proper medical procedures. Adrastos stabilizes the individual when meeting the wordcount, and heals the individual completely when expending magoi in conjunction

      • D-tier: 250 wc stabilization, -5 magoi healing of damage
      • C-tier: 500 wc stabilization, 10 magoi healing of damage
      • B-tier: 750 wc stabilization, 15 magoi healing of damage
      • A-tier: 1000 wc stabilization, 20 magoi healing of damage.

    • - Reviving is impossible. Can reattach a limb with the use of B-Tier magic if the amputated member is present.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Shadow Master
Description: A mastermind in the darkness of a hidden veil that controls others as shadow puppets, using them to influence the world in his or her favor.
Profession Perks:

  • Shadow Debt - The Shadow Master's influence spreads in the country he is within; his subordinates gather debts from those in government positions and transfer those debts of favor to the Shadow Master. Every 500 word count in an assignment grants the Shadow Master +1 debt point (max at D-Tier: 2, C-Tier:4, B-Tier:6).
    Perk Levels:

    • D-Tier: The politician owes the Shadow Master a very minor favor where their normal compunctions and loyalty are not tested. (1 Debt Point)
    • C-Tier: The politician owes the Shadow Master a minor favor in which rules must be bent but not broken in order to accommodate. (2 Debt Points)
    • B-Tier: The politician owes the Shadow Master a moderate favor where some rules can be broken, so long as it does not risk the individual's life or job. (4 Debt Points)
    • A-Tier: The politician owes the Shadow Master a great favor where the rules will be broken, so long as it does not cause them to die. (6 Debt Points)
    • Ω-Tier: The politician owes the Shadow Master a very major favor where the politician will aid in the Shadow Master's plans, regardless of the degree of danger involved and regardless of where their loyalties lie. This favor can be reimbursed through low to mid tier politicians/government officials, however upper tier politicians/government officials would require approval of a plot mod. (12 Debt Points)

  • Shadow Society - The Shadow Master has 100 D-Tier members/grunts for his Shadow League. The members within this society will do what the Shadow Master wishes within the shadows of countries. In addition to the members, the Shadow Master can issue leaders whose accumulative Tier equals that of his own character tier. The grunts are specifically for Plot purpose and are not used for combat.
    Perk Levels:

    • C-Tier: The Shadow Master can have 2 D-Tier leaders or 1 C-Tier leader within his Society
    • B-Tier: The Shadow Master can have 2 C-Tier leaders or 1 B-Tier leader within his Society
    • A-Tier: The Shadow Master can have 4 C-Tier leaders, 2 B-Tier leaders, or 1 A-Tier leader within his Society
    • Ω-Tier: The Shadow Master can have 6 C-Tiered leaders, 4 B-Tier leaders, or 2 A-Tier leaders within his Society.


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