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Desdemona Redguard

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Desdemona Redguard 317?cb=20160624205553

Name: Desdemona Redguard

Country Affiliation: Reim

Race: Magician

Tier: D

Class: Mage

Age + Birthdate: 23, June 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Desdemona is a lawful good travelling knight with blood ties to an honor-stricken family. Raised to be a noble woman within a house that would never accept a diminishment to it's honorable name, it's no surprise that she came about to put respect where it's due. Often enough, she does work for the honor it brings to her name rather than the cash that would flow into her purse. She's very special in that she has a mutual respect for everyone she comes across, however, if one were to lose her favor, they would have a hard time earning it back.

Kind and generous are two words that come to mind when thinking of her, however, this is mainly because she does work to improve her reputation. Very tactical in her thinking, she plans a lot more than she should ahead of time. A perfectionist at the highest degree. In order to play the game, she'll stay quiet whilst a conversation brews, only to speak up when she thinks she can add something to aid whatever is being spoken about. Her pride is notable, but she won't die nor let others die for it. Other than that, she prefers the solstice of a book rather than the life of a party and afterwards, there's not much else to say about her.

Experiencing New Things: Something unique to learn and freshen up the mind never hurts. Travelling seems to come about the most for Desdemona.
Books: Nothing excites her more than to go page to page.
Respect: Desdemona gives respect in order to receive it.

Mounts: Like how we get carsick today, riding a horse or other mount always manages to stir her stomach.
Criminals/Criminal Activity: At the will of her empire, she's bound by an honor code to disassemble any pest who would dare commit a criminal act before her.

Aspirations: For Honor - If it wasn't obvious already, Desdemona's life revolves around a code of honor. She's taken the same oaths as knights albeit they be in secrecy. She wishes to fill her lifetime with various tasks and duties in order to bring honor to her family the same as her siblings and parents have. Although it doesn't seem exactly self-fulfilling, she's contempt with what she does. Despite it all, she went on this journey to find a unique purpose in life. A form of wanderlust maybe.

Being Forgotten - Desdemona wants to make a very key name for herself, one that should be respected, not one to be thrown away. This is clear with her actions, but she feels if she slips up once, just once, it'll all come crashing down atop of her.
Spiders - The creepy crawly bastards always got the upper hand on her. It is one of the few things in this world that makes her vulnerable to everything else. Sometimes even the sight of a creepy crawly could make her freeze in place.

Face-Claim: Teresa - Claymore

Hair Color: Pale Blonde

Eye Color: Solid Gray

Height: 173 cm (5'8")

Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)

Appearance: House Redguard has a with very distinguished set of dominant traits that is passed through the generations. It's almost incomprehensible for a man or woman with Redguard blood in them to not be picked out of the crowd with a point of a finger. For starters, they're beauty is beyond comparison and they're highly desirable amongst others. The two key traits would have to be the silky pale white skin, comparable to that of Snow White, and their bleached locks that shine bright with the touch of a light. A wildcard with the Redguard is usually the color of their eyes.

Desdemona in particular is found usually wearing a set of plate armor in public. The majority of the armor is steel, and it seems very well polished as it shines almost as bright as the Redguard's locks. Adoring the nooks and crannies of the armor is a thin layer of Chainmail. On each shoulder plate of the protectorate is a Redguard sigil, uniquely identifiable from it's big red shield.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Features: Pale skin and light blonde hair runs deep into her family roots.

History: The Redguard Family is an honorable and respected noble house. Although their lineage stems from Kou and Magnostadt, they were raised to fame in Reim. Very prominent in their country's affairs, they are most known for their loyal and combat-ready soldiers and their long noble bloodline of mages. Free of corruption and heretics, those who look down upon nobles would turn another hand about it upon inspection of the righteousness that is House Redguard. The family, ahead of their time, are known to follow a code of chivalry, making them a cultural oddity.

Lord and Lady Redguard had thirteen children in their stead, all of which are still living and breathing today. Some became spoiled brats, abusing every whim of the family name, some were married off to increase relations with other noble houses, and some became great soldiers and mages within Reim's army. Our story focuses on the lowest born of the Redguard family, Desdemona.

Her upbringing was the same as her other siblings, given what she wanted whenever she wanted. Although this brewing would usually bring up a certain kind of entitlement, Desdemona grew up different. At a low age, she began denying the perks that came with being a noble and often opted to do things herself. Renouncing such things at such a young age granted her immediate respect within the family and was duly recognized many-a-time rather than her more aged counterparts.

Despite growing up independant, she did not grow up rebellious. Desdemona learned to speak with a proper tongue and give respect where it was deserved, carrying her family name well. She partook in the journey of a noble man wanting to become a knight rather than what was expected of a woman in her lineage, and despite it not being accepted at first, she was performing tasks that would outdo any day-to-day man and was granted her freedom to do so. So when she came to that age, where she had the freedom of adulthood within her soft fingertips, she decided to strike it out on her own rather than dwindle on the whims and wishes of her family. Leaving with nothing but her wand, a set of her plate armor, and her wits, she set out into the world, prepared to take it on herself.

Role-Play Sample: She ran out of the room, tears beading down her cheeks. Not tears of sadness, nor were they one's of agony; they were tears of joy. She won. Although the fight was long and harsh, she managed to convince her father that she was more than a bridal token. He was aggressively reluctant, but he knew damn well that she was better than half of her siblings. All the work, all the effort, everything paid off in the end, and she was happy. She leaned her body against the long walls of the main corridor and slid down it, curling her knees to her chin and wrapping her arms around them. Wiping away her tears with the cloth of her stockings, she was relieved that she was free.

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