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Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan]

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Old Proflie

Job Details:

Job Name: Greedy Bandits
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of rag-tag thieves known as The Vultures have been targeting small, unprotected villages within Kou during the civil war. Anyone who seems like easy pickings are liable to be attacked by their small group, anything of value stripped before they escape to the next town. They will either attack a harmless villager (who will repay you for saving her) or go after your own person (and upon their defeat, you're free to take their money for the trouble).
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Thieves x6
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: Each thief is dressed in black rags and leather, with white bindings around their necks and a red mask of a vulture to protect their identities. They reek of booze, and each one carries a Dao sword or a pair of hook-swords. Their swords deal B-tier damage and they move at C-tier speeds.
Double the Trouble: A thief wielding hook swords rushes at their foe, swinging one sword and then another in an X-pattern. Each swipe is a C-tier attack for a combined total of B-tier damage.
Dancing Bird: A thief with a Dao sword lunges forwards and thrusts his blade, stabbing a foe for C-tier damage before swinging the sword for an additional worth of C-tier damage. Together, the attacks deal B-tier damage.
Coward's Dance: A thief holds his blade(s) in the air as he nimbly jumps out of the way an incoming B-tier attack. He's capable of avoiding multiple strikes that add up to B-tier damage.

Taavetti, walked through the forest alone. He had long left Gero behind at the inn close to the border, and he hadn’t informed him of his current location in a while. This white haired man, has passed ruined villages, and recently stumbled upon a small raggedy cloth that covers his face, and head.  “ Man, this forest is horrible. These bugs, and insects wouldn’t survive in the deserts. Ugh! I hate this oriental place, and war! ” Pushing shrubs off his face, another one came back and smacked him. Waving both his hands in the air, he grew impatient and needed to find a Inn, or more importantly get himself a drink. “ Where’s the nearest village. ” Squatting some mosquitos away, he trenched forward until lights came into clearing. He kept shrugging at some of the smaller insects flying by his ears, and this made him incredibly uncomfortable.

Heading towards the light. Joyful noises, almost like a small festival was soon to happen. Taavetti, flinged his long hair asided, and tucked it inside his shirt. He wanted to keep his identity hidden, so he adjusted his voice making it deeper, and giving himself a more aged out face. He wondered the village, long enough to over hear people say the name is called ‘Dai-Zan Village’, and that some local bandits were coming to ruin the festival. Shrugging it off, Taavetti went over to a small merchant stall. “ Excuse me. Can you direct me towards the Inn/Bar? ” He said, simply getting pointed towards the east. With a big grin, Taavetti waved the man off, and walked away. He entered the Inn not so long after, and as he got it scanned the area, he would notice that not many people were considering there seemed to be a festival soon. Taavetti, came up to the bar counter, and placed his elbows against the wood. “ What would you like? ” The bar keep said, as he cleaned a dirtied tankard. “ I would like some of your dirties alcohol. ”  He said, while keeping his head low, and waiting for what’s to come next. “ While you at it, tell me the news of the land. I’m new around here, so if you give me some good information, I’ll give you something good in return. ” Taavetti, said. Fixing his clothing so that it became pretty tight, and wouldn’t fall off even if he was to get into a altercation.  

The barkeep brought down the tankard of the fresh brew. It was cold, and foamed over the edge. “ So far we have the vultures around these parks. Six well skilled thieves terrorizing the neighboring villages, and ransacking the destroyed ones also. No one has dealt with them, and I just hope they don’t appear here. ” The bar keep seemed to have seen some rough days, and he doesn’t want to see more. However, Taavetti was oozing, and itching to get into a fight, or meet someone new! But so far he was going to enjoy his drink. Reaching for the handle of the tankard, he’d pull it to his mouth, and beginning sipping.

Wc: 538/1.5k | Stm: 170/170

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
Not too far from Taavetti a motion had began in the sky; descending from the air much like shimmering dust the rukh grew excited. The radiant birds danced across the air in the way starlings would descend from their flight. Landing at the base of a massive inn, several stories high the rukh felt a sense of rapture. It was soon to come. The story would begin at the top of the buildings roof, where several armed thieves surrounded Jahanghir.

The king himself held his head towards the sky for a moment. The scene had been a familiar part of his life, there was always someone looking to rob him. He was just too flashy, he was just to bold he was just too much.

"Aye those look shiny" a thug began to press Jahan who blinked from the distraction, and rolled his eyes towards the thug.

"Yea you like them?" Jahan asked

"Hell yea! Hand them over"



"Take them."

Jahanghir rushed this time, he had grown numb to this process. Some months were better than others when it came down to his robbery encounters. Though some months he would face ten or twenty days fighting for what was his own. It only pissed him off that his own people had died for this a lifestyle of gold and flavor.

"RARGH!" Jahanghir lashed at the first vulture slamming his fist into his head. The man dropped with a sick thud and he rolled with great velocity of the inn. The next attacked, the vulture swung a hooked blade in a quick 2 beat flurry. With little effort Jahan countered, battering the sword with "BLACK_LION_FANG". His opponents wrist shattered and he stopped wailing in pain.

"AIIIIGHHHEHHH"  He wailed sickeningly and Jahanghir mushed his head flooring the git.

The next vulture lunged at Jahan with his blade
attempting to stab him with a Dao blade, Jahanghir reacted taking a step back and rotating around the spot, launching a clear kick to the thief's spine dealing A tier damage. The man howled and dropped, likely paralyzed.  Jahanghir went on the offensive, he ran down on the most available foe. Attacking with his clawed hand he pierced the mans chest. He had grown more vicious, he had a real hate for robbers now.

The remaining two vultures were too shaken to attempt an attack,they turn and ran from the world king. Cowards.He crossed his arms and scowled in disgust at the men. To attack him and then run away. Didn't they want what they came after?

"Lord Beyond Strength! Crown me! World King!"

Jahanghirs body flashed to the normal eye but became pitch black to a magician. He grew 6 wings, white, platinum and ombre-magenta. A sharp silver face guard embellished his face replacing his crown, and his hair had became platinum ;his eyes even became more vivid. Jahanghir took a breathe and released his passive which soared through the space, dominating everything within 30 meters of himself. The running vultures had dropped to the ground beneath the pressure of Jahangir's aura.

"Let me tell you thieves! And you may tell this to your comrades!"Jahanghir roared at the vultures proudly and they trembled in disgrace

"I am JAHANGIR! I will take the weight of my gold in your lives!"

With great force Jahanghir then pushed off the ground soaring into the air above Kou. Like an angel he went through the sky! And with his great grace those who witness him may have thought him a miracle. Jahanghir left the vultures to tell their tale to anyone who might serve to be his enemy. He cleared the area and landed within the Kou mountains above a waterfall.  Coming to a hard stop Jahan nearly slipped atop the smooth granite but he was able to make his balance. Some time would pass and Jahanghir noticed the familiar song of the melodies. His friendly avians had returned from the hunt and swarmed around him singing him songs of praise. Jahanghir smiled as the birds began to calm him.

[WC 677|1500] [130 magoi |340 stamina]

Battle Log wrote:Battle Log
1. JAHANGHIR punches vulture dealing A tier dmg. Kill Confirmed
2.Vulture used "Double the Trouble"
3.Jaja counters with BLKLIONFNG (KO VULTURE) | -30 stamina
4.Vulture uses Dancing Bird
5..Jahan uses take.a.step.back (KO VULTURE)| -20 stamina
6Jahanghir deals A tier natural dmg to Vulture using "BLKCLW". Kill Confirmed.
7.Jahanghir Djinn Equips -20 magoi

Abilities used:

Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The target must be in a dash or evade that uses their legs. Jahan must step back with his lead foot and rotate around his opponent.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 l 15 stamina
Description: Jahan anticipates the movement of his opponent. He will step back with his lead foot changing stances in order to rotate around his opponent and attack their back with a kick dealing B tier damage.

Type: Offensive[/size]
Range: Close[/size]
Requirements/Drawbacks: This is a counter attack and must be done in response to an enemy attack. Jahan must swat the attack with his arm.
Scaling: DMG
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20
Description Jahan swats an incoming attack with his arm, sending waves of his Fanalis strength through their weapon from the vibration of his force. This does C tier damage to the sensitive joints of the arm, breaking them and disarming the wielder. [/list]


Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan] Rvsp8q10
Name: BLKCLAW {Billie.Jean.Glove}
Type:  Clawed Gauntlet
Material: Gold, Iron , Diamond, Obsidian , Iridescent Snake
Appearance: a golden,black and red gauntlet that  extends up Jahangir entire left arm. The gauntlet is made with several sharp plates around the joints. Carved with careful detail and artistry the gauntlet has several ornate designs. The inner chamber is a a glove made of iridescent snake skin and diamond. The the hand of the gauntlet is polished a blood-like crimson and obsidian.The Gauntlet is  113 cm in length, and clawed to the tips.

Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan] Az4vRkm
Name: Melodies
Tier: D
Species:Melodias Parodiso
Appearance: They are small birds being between 2-3 inches in size. The Melodies have beautiful golden and sun kissed feathers and their beaks are small and sharped with several holes in them which form a flute.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name:Flute Beak
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:Melodias Paradiso
Trait Description:The Melodies are a bird with extraordinary vocal prowess. Their beaks are wind instruments formed by nature. This is their primary defense mechanism. The birds are able to sing birdsongs that may attract, repel, disorientate, or lull other organisms to sleep. Together they have a large vocal range
Trait Effect:
*are able to register status inflicting vocal abilities
The Strap:

Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan] SQelzTt

Djinn: Gremory
Form: Djinn Equip
Theme: Strength
Chant: الرب وراء القوة! ولي ولي الملك العالمي ( Lord beyond strength! Crown me as world king! )
Flight: A Tier
Cost: 20m | 10m
Cool Down: 8
Appearance: Jahan's body transforms and his body grows 3 impressive sets of wings with a wing span of 7 meters each. Each pair of wings are different in colored feathers being white, platinum/silver and ombre magenta. Jahan's body grows hard reptilian traits around the hands and abdomen. While Jahanghir's hair turns alabaster white, his garments become embellished in sharp ornamental silver armor, some of which float suspended in his gravity. Around his face is a valkyrian face guard which is sharp and regal. Jahanghir's weapon equip turns into a pitch black nodachi which seems to glow with an aura akin to a black light. The blade is 153 inches long.

    Within this form, the user is surrounded by an intense field of gravity that radiates 30m out from his body that moves with them. The initial intensity of this field causes all objects within to feel pressure on their knees and back, they are reduced by a full tier of speed. If the target has C tier strength, they will immediately fall to a kneeling position and only be able to move their upper body. Every 4 posts, the field will pulsate, causing unbearable pressure upon the knees and back that is so great that their speed has diminished to more than half of what it was. If the target has B tier strength, they will fall to a kneeling position and only be able to move their upper body. Any lower and they will be in a deep bow. This effect lasts for 3 posts. The effect will cancel if those effected are not within range of the passive.


Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan] 8ueXlz2

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Old Proflie

Taavetti, had sipped just about half of his tankard. A barmaid coming by to refill it, seemed tensed making him raise one brow. Looking up at her face, she looked scared. “ What troubles you?  One shouldn’t be troubled in my presence. ” The barmaid was hesitant at first, but she saw in his slowly drunk eyes he held some concern. “ It’s the vultures. Shortly after you arrived, they appeared and harassed a man as we speak. Boss, said don’t bother going outside now, but I’m soon off to head home… “ She said, and she seemed truly terrified by the fact their roaming. “ Don’t fret. None shall dare enter this establishment, nor bring forth harm in my presence. Simple. Simple. Simple.” Ticking his finger along the wood with each ‘simple’ said like tapping to a beat.

The barmaid, had gathered up her trey to return to the counter awaiting more orders. “Please have a good day, Sir. It seems like your a little too drunk to hold this conversation steadily.” One could hear how sad he had gotten with hope slipping away from her. She returned to her station, and as for Taavetti, he sipped from his newly poured brew. “ Ahh, little women. So scary, could not be I. HAhahaa. ” He said to himself, slurping up his drink some more.

Slapping open the doors were two men. Dressed tattered black rags, leather, and a vulture mask. They hid in a hurry, and swung at anyone nearby to get away. Such scared children they were. ‘ What scared these bandits? ‘ He was one to ask questions, but not at the beginning without snooping. He had no reason to snoop. “ Could y’all turn yourselfs in? Your scaring one of the barmaid’s, and I don’t enjoy ugly sights in my presence, so scaddle. ” His voice commanding. Shooting straight up, slamming his tankard down some of the foam residue splashed off the side onto his hand.

“ Sit down little pup! You don’t scare us. “

I’m not one to cause you to become scared. More or less one that’s going to kick y’all both out.

“ Little pup, I’ll show you why we called vultures. Stay here, and keep watch for that other guy! “

Taavetti, sniffed and grinned as the man came charging at him. Reaching into his nostril, the barmaid was sicken by the sight of the man she blaming how he was drunk causing him to act immature in a way, but this was only the beginning. As the man danced like a bird slashing their sword forward, they were met with a flick of his finger, and booger exploding on the blade causing the bandit to become covered a cloud of smoke. “ Little Pup, Big Explosion? Maybe I bare fangs, and you just a chickadee. ” Watching as the man held his face, and jump back.

“ Assist me, dumbass ! “ He yelled to his teammate, and he begin to press forward. Reaching for a second time, and flicking another booger more people became uncomfortable as they watched this display of childish actions. Taavetti, just grinned as the second explosion went off, knocking the man off his feet and to the ground. The second man, came to up slashing for double the trouble making a ‘X pattern’ with his hook blades, while he swung, Taavetti biting into his thumb, inflating the muscles creating a hard rubbery skin as they made contact. “ Take this! “ He snarled through his attack, such a normal saying these bandits have. Taavetti, pushed back with his inflated arms. His arms deflating as quickly as they had inflated.

Here go to sleep a little, I need to speak with the lady over there. ” Shortly snucking up his snot, and having it ball up in his mouth as the man came at him again, swinging wildly with his blades trying to recreate his ‘x pattern’ once again. Taavetti, kicks up the table beside using it to intercept the attack, while moving left with d-tier speeds he’d spit his loogie at the man having it scattered across him causing him to stumble with b-tier damage . Taavetti, watch him as he squirmed, and fell to the ground as the acids burned away at his flesh rendering him useless.

They’ll be paying for my tab, but my last drink is on me. Now miss there is nothing else to be afraid of.

As he took his leave, stepping over the unconscious body of the one vulture, and leaving the other rolling on the floor screaming in pain.  He heard, and caught sight of some man flying through the air pronouncing his name to the world to hear. “ Jahangir… Ja… Ha… Ng...Ir..?!?!?! BROTHER!!! ” He soon followed after the winged man flying through the air, not paying attention to the bodies laying on the ground. He had found the one thing that got him to leave Heliohapt, HIS brother. Taavetti, only ran at D-tier speeds so it proved short of hard to keep sight of the man as he ran after him.

WC: 1,418/1,500 | STM: 110/170

Abilities Used:

Bastet Armor
Tier: D-tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Taavetti must bite a hole into his thumb on arms to defend with.
Scaling: Duration  
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina | 5 Sustain

  • Taavettis blows airs into the hole in his thumb, instantly inflating his fat tissues to the surface of his skin on his arms. Making the fat tissue to feel like harden rubber to absorb, and cushion against blunt damage.
  • Having C-tier Item Durability, meaning 1 B-tier ability damage would shatter it, or 2 C-tier ability damage would. If sustained, the inflation last 2 post.

Tier: C-tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Taavetti is required to take a hard snuffle opening pores in his nose. A special clear oil runs out his nose drying, and coats his mucus making them dried, and explosive.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina | 10 Sustain Scaled for 30

    Taavetti digs dried mucus out of his nose and flicks it 5 meters at the opponent. The snot explodes on impact point creating C-tier explosive damage, and blast radius of 3 meters.

Caustic Loogie
Tier: D-tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Tavetti is required to suck the mucous from his nostrils, then hock a loogie with it.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina | 5 Sustain Scaled for 30

    Taavetti upchucks an ball of saliva mix his stomach acids, spitting it forward 5 meters. The saliva upon contact with anything, bursts as if it was a bubble scattering across surfaces delivering D-tier acidic burns.

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
A flowing zephyr pushed past Jahangir rolling into the hills and beyond the Kou mountainous region. He stood on the uppermost tip of the highest summit and beyond him enveloped Kou. The World King steadied his mind, and the sounds of his birds sang him sweet melodies easing his tension. It was all sublime. One moment he had had been put in duress by the hostility of this country, the next minute it was all fine. The sun would begin its descent into the horizon long before Taavetti would arrive at the spot and meet his long lost brother.

There was something to that fact that put a strange tension back into the atmosphere. It was as if the rukh desired so desperately to align but in the end was made unable. The feeling was too fleeting too nagging to be what Jahanghir could understand. so in the end he simply grew agitated again.

He roared, and the melodies scattered, frightened by his outburst. Then with such sudden grace the wind blew. The feeling of nature stirring around him only heightened his sensitivities. No! More than even that it brought back memories. A time where Jahan had loved to battle, where he had been temperamental, aggressive and bold.

It stirred his blood and even more memories of Reim surfaced. His determination in mastering magoi leading to his great talents in the area. His destructive ability at an early stage was tremendous, it was something his teach Ayero had smiled about. He could remember the destruction of the waterfall, and the way he had recreated it shaping it with his paw. It had been so long since that day, and his strength had grown so much over time. It was time he had to test it.

Jahan smiled violently, "What is my power!?" he shouted to the world. Or maybe he shouted out to Gremory.

"Over the Land! The trees and the skies! This world that I desire to hold!" With every word in the World Kings monologue he could feel his strength stir. His magoi felt like a boiling pot under pressure, ready to unleash itself once again into this world. If the lord's body could talk, it would in a rage maliciously shouting.

"Show me! Behold! The power you have crafted!"
then even more viciously "REVEAL ME!"

Jahangir could no longer contain himself, his dropped to a knee, sending his palm across the earth. In his head he imagined it, the memory from before. Oh how beautiful the destruction had been, it was the only art the world king was capable of. His sent his magoi flooding through out his palm, his intention and malice echoed within the rukh. He focused for this one, and felt the sensation of his magoi move through the earth. Jahanghir would never have the most vast pool of magoi, his fanalis nature prevented that. Though what he lacked in quantity he made up for in potency, or even nuance.

Many days to years spent in meditation, veraciously observing his life force. Seperating it, circulating it and becoming so very aware with it it was sudden human nature. Now Jahanghir spread his magoi deep, deep within the mountain. It traveled in all directions creating a diameter dozens of meters wide. At some point he could feel the pit of the earth, and he stopped. Jahanghir took note of this sensation, the oneness with the earth and when he felt like he could squeeze its heart, he shattered it.

The ground would quake as Jahanghirs malevolence peaked. He gave the Earth all of it, his energy, passions, desire all destroying, imploding, thundering through her body. Dust and debri would rocket through the area, and Jahan would go airborne as he ripped the ground from beneath himself. Falling into the 80 meter crevice was a bad idea. Jahanghir would come rocketing out of the pit into the sky above Kou once again. He coughed a bit and watched as the dust cleared before himself.

The air settled revealing his masterpiece, an 80 meter pit within the earth from which flowed water of newborn waterfalls. Jahanghir had been abstract in his assault but even so there was something interesting and refined about the carnage. He smiled, it was just too perfect. The vast majesty and darkness of it, it was something he could only describe as his pawprint. No, this was far too special a discovery for that.  

"This is how powerful I am becoming"
Jahanghir smiled and gripped his fist as he floated in the air. He would remember this sensation and through out his life he knew he would make it strong.

"Behold! My Castle Breaking Touch!"

Jahanghir would make haste from the scene moments after taking himself far along the southern skies and into the distance. The rukh would surely be disappointing, as the sun set over the hills he would end up far from Taavetti. He would never be able to meet his brother in his human form.

[wc -1622/1500] [Magoi 40 magoi | 340 stamina]
Using the entire word count to train "CASTLEBREAKERS TOUCH!" you can keep the rewards
abilities trained:

Abilities trained ""
scaled to 80 ms
Tier: A
Class: Warrior | Magoi Manip
Requirements/Drawbacks:This attack does no damage to enemies instead opting for maximum range on objects, structures and earth| Jahan must concentrate
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 80
Description:Jahanghir transmits his magoi through a medium(surface) for a brief moment.This ability spreads his A tier fanalis strength vibrating through any structure, earth or non living object coated with his magoi. The range of this ability is massive and can cover a 40 meter diameter. The effected area is shattered beneath Jahanghirs A tier strength


Whata Brother [Job][w/ Jahan] 8ueXlz2

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