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88 8cym5Wi
Name: 88
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Pure Bred Fanalis
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulation
Age + Birthdate: 1/1 12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
88 is an example of what some would most likely find horrifying. She is a child raised as a weapon. From her earliest memories, 88 has been trained and raised to fight. The girl's normal life involves blood, gore and death. However, most wouldn't be aware at first glance. After all, when violence is all one knows, they have no issue with it. 88 can preform absolutely heinous acts with the brightest smile flashing across her face. She can take the harshest punishment and still be able to hum afterwards.

Most see 88 as a wide eyed girl with a bright smile. She appears to be a fairly normal girl in calm settings. She smiles and skips- like any girl her age. However, there is something fundamentally broken about her. Her smiling and giggling isnt from happiness or joy. It's from the relief of her mind giving up fighting her life and embracing it.

88 thrives on inflicting pain on others as commanded- to drag them down to her level and force them to kiss her feet. The girl goes about her work with glee. However, she doesn't seem to get attached to anyone she fights. 88 was raised and trained like a dog to be loyal and obedient. Anything her current handler says will be obeyed with a bright smile on her face.

After all, she isn't a human- she's a number.

Still, at times 88 will quietly glance to the normal kids in the streets. However, she would never admit to this. 88 seems to have given up being a normal human. As she was trained.

88 enjoys beating down others. She loves seeing people crushed beneath her feet. It makes her feel better about herself to see others dragged down. Her second love in life are the quiet walks when she's ordered to get supplies by her masters. The girl enjoys walking quietly through the streets, as normal as her life will ever get.

88 dislikes people who whine or complain. She hates hearing weakness expressed so openly. It makes her want to smash their face into the ground until their teeth fall out. Secondly, the girl dislikes righteous individuals who preach false hopes and of freedom for her. They always die or get hurt. They always caused more problem than they're worth.

88 only wishes to appease the one currently holding her 'leash.' She gets genuine joy from praise. The rare moment of kindness shown to her by her masters is all the girl aspires for. 88 would do anything for the blissful moment where her value is proven- where her skills are tested and best others. There she feels valuable. 88 feels like a proper victor. After all, failure means her worth will go down. If her worth goes down, then her environment will wither away along with the worth.

88 has a fear of failure. She despises losing- because whenever she loses, the girl gets punished. There is a deathly fear of failure within the girl because... failing always meant there was a very real chance she'd be killed. 88 sees her life as something her masters can easily toss away if she messes up. If her value goes down, then her life is forfeit. Otherwise, 88 has a fear of magicians due to the horrific memories of her upbringing. She also despises small spaces. However, the girl will suffer through these fears if needed due to her conditioning.

Face-Claim: Enju Aihara – Black Bullet
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 130cm
Weight: 45kg
At first glance, 88 doesn't appear to be much other than a strikingly beautiful young girl. Her red locks hang down- long enough to possibly drag on the floor. Her hair is silky and soft to the touch. It is tied up into two ping tails. Her eyes are a bright red that easily displays her heritage. They are large and round, staring into others with gentle lashes. Her porcelain doll like face has small lips and a button nose with a gentle chin. Her body is slim and even though she hasn't grown into them fully, the girl clearly has womanly hips and is a beauty in the making. Apparently, her mother was well known for her striking beauty and the girl took after her.

A yellow cloak with robed arms worn by her fits loosely along her nymph like body. It hides her hard muscles. Under her white robe is a simple white dress, commonly worn by slaves. The girl typically wears leather boots that are made to handle her tough kicks. Over all, 88 carries herself like any normal girl. She hums and sways- dancing always as she walks. Most wouldn't even be aware the girl is a slave until she's ordered by her master.

Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Features: Her smile can be a bit creepy as her eyes tend to be blank.

88 was born into slavery. She was bred between two champion Fanalis slave fighters. The girl was expected to become the ultimate weapon for whoever trained her. However, she came out much smaller than they wanted. The girl was born prematurely and her small body didn't seem to be worth much. Such a tiny child couldn't possibly do what they wished. Still, the first few years of her life, she was trained to fight. As a Fanalis, the girl was still considered stronger than other slaves. However, she wasn't as strong as the other Fanalis children. As such, she was made into a test subject for furthering the slavers human weaponry.

Her small body was proven to be rather sturdy through their studies, and soon the girl became a favorite toy for them. Having no name, she was originally called "Subject XII." Every day, magicians and others would come to her small room, with only enough room for her to curl up into a ball, and inject her with strange magic. The injections became more and more common until she got several every day.

Every injection felt like her body was catching fire and tearing itself apart. Every day the girl wretched from the pain.It was during these painful moments that the girl began to curse her fate. Over time the injections became less and less painful- but it took years. Meanwhile, even through the agonizing pain, she was made to continue training every day as well. Unfortunately, they never got the results they wanted. Still, her strength grew every day. Eventually, her body changed- fire came from her pores in the form of explosions. Her body became able to produce an oil that could easily catch fire and explode. She could make it come out at will, pushing out all the things they had been injecting her with. It always hurt, but they were excited. It was a different result, but they had gotten their weapon.

An auction was held for her, advertising her as a young versatile slave- perfect for protection. They said that due to her young age, she was easily malleable. A certain man bought her almost instantly.

Master Amenhotep gave 88 her current name. She reminded him of a slave he had since appointed to new duties. She took his old name of 88. Her new master said he loved her red hair and so it was grown out. She became his personal body guard and replacement for his old slave in his chambers.

88 helped him in disciplining unruly slaves who messed up. She became his pet that followed him around everywhere. There was a hierarchy of slaves in his estate, but 88 seemed to exist outside of it. She was the Master's personal pet. Still, 88 wasn't his favorite. No, his favorite was becoming a captain in his Slave army. One day, 88 was told to meet with this man- to become his bodyguard as he traveled out.

Role-Play Sample:
There were no birds here. No, birds couldn't stand the oppressive atmosphere of the estate. Instead, all that could be heard was the creaking of wood and the soft moans occasionally emitted from the cells lining the basements. The estate itself was beautiful. It was large and nearly as exquisite as that of local nobility. However, it gave off a dark energy that tainted it's beauty.

In the courtyard, filled with lush green gardens being tended to by those with chains between their ankles, a young girl with crimson red hair stood. Her hair was long and hung to the floor. She wore a thin white dress, typical of slaves. However, her's seemed to be made of silk. A collar around her neck prominently displayed her status. She was the master's pet.

88 quietly looked about as she waited. Her master had told her to wait here. He had a new order for her. The girl shifted her weight from her toes to the balls of her heels, swaying back and forth like an eager child... because well she was one. When the door opened, 88 turned with a large smile, eager to see what was her new task.

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
It's a good character! ^^
However, there's some issue mainly in your history.

You said she has black rukh, and i can perfectly understand why she has black rukh. However I will need you to mention it somewhere, probably using this kind of line "and because of that, she cursed her fate yada yada."

Also, magiworld science isnt as far as injecting chemicals using tools, you can change it to be like magicians using magic to inject the chemical, that way it would follow magiworld technology more :)

Lastly, I dont really get this part "Eventually, her body changed- fire came from her pores in the form of explosions." Can you explain about that part and what you will do with it?

Please BUMP after edits ^^


88 GONhvwv

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Bump! Fixed it all up <3

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Oh! D:
i thought you gonna explain the fire came from her pores thingy to me in your BUMP post, i sowwie
I'll discuss about that with the other staffs first :)

So, the oil thing isnt applicable, i apologize for this. That is more like a dungeon beast stuff, not something a body manipulator Fanalis can do. :)


88 GONhvwv

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