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The Day Imuchakk Fell [Mini-Event]

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1 The Day Imuchakk Fell [Mini-Event] on 01/04/18, 11:51 am

As an isolated island nation, Imuchakk rarely saw trouble from the rest of the world. They laid tucked away, minding their own business and going throughout their days with only care over their fellow brothers. Their life was a simple and modest one, one befitting the Imuchakk. Their only troubles lied with the Rampaging Unicorns, but now even they were conquered. But, soon, they would come to fear an even more dangerous foe.

On a frigid day, the waters were turbulent as snow blanketed the sky. Not even the mighty Asisiak could predict the events of the following morning. From all corners of the island came the shrieks of Rampaging Unicorns, followed by a quieter but rage-filled barking and screams.

Any eyes who witnessed the start of the invasion would never forget it - monkeys of all shapes and sizes riding upon the backs of the unicorns. Not even Solomon could answer how these land creatures tamed and rode the beasts, much less where they came from.

Beaching the Rampaging Unicorns, the monkeys quickly raced towards the inner heart of Imuchakk. Despite the bitter cold, their hearts burned with a fiery hatred. Even the largest of the whale-men could do nothing against these invaders.

They crashed into their villages, going from one hut to the next and destroying them. It was a mass of confusion - how, why, where, what to do? Asisiak call to unite was scattered as she futilely attempted to gather her people to retaliate.

But even the best of the Imuchakk were outmatched by even the lemurs.

[Note: The people of Imuchakk, do your best against these enemies. I wish you luck.]

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((As per previous discussion, this being considered more OOC and will be treated more as a dream sequence like the santa fight for Voda and non-canon for the character))

It was an unusual wake-up call, The huntsman didn't normally find himself at rest in a village Inn but that is where he awoke to the sound be distant squeals and noise. He almost certainly would sleep away from others in the wilderness. So why was he here, Shevika and the Owl chick had joined him there as well.

Vodarara sat his feet down against the somewhat frigid wood. At least it was semi-warm in here as for some reason the hunter was without his fur's. As he moved to begin adorning the numerous layers that he wore the survive out in the frigid tundra.

The sound was rather obnoxous in the distance though the huntsman did not exactly recognise any of the sounds from the creatures in the chaos and likewise he had no visual on such things within his present room.

It was more like some nightmare than the real world. The huntsman suspected that he would awaken soon enough.

All Vault Items present
Treating as noted above like previous dream sequences.


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Dream sequence it may be, it was a nightmarish realm outside of Voda's walls. The monkeys had successfully beached the island using the Rampaging Unicorns, surrounding the tribes on all corners. They were closing in and it was only a matter of time.

As the ring of approaching primates came ever closer, their screaming barks would only intensify in sound. Their cries mingled with those of the Imcuhakk in every tribe as they frantically prepared themselves for the onslaught. There was no telling how long they had before the wave of fur and teeth hit them.

There was a group in particular whose path led to the very inn Voda rested within. They were the loudest of the bunch with their hollers. The seconds were rapidly running out.


Enemy Name: Monkey Squad
Tier: ??
Damage Required to Defeat: ???
Description: a biodiverse group of primates that are rapidly approaching Voda's inn. Their sizes range from 10m to just 1m. Due to their clustering together, it is difficult to be precise on their numbers.

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The huntsman eventually managed to adorn his furs as he emerged into the beating light as it bounced off the snow and his eyes began to adjust once again to the outside world of white.

Vodarara rapidly scanned his environment, his keen eyes darting around the environment and very rapidly spotting a large moving mass of fur but this was no winterbeast stampede but something else a creature the hunter didn't recognise and thusly like a brave individual he was....

The huntsman made his first test.... running swiftly in the opposite direction to gauge if he could outrun this situation or not. Alongside him ran Shevika who could decently out pace him with the young owling upon her head.

In the mean time the huntsman worked at stringing his bow as he began his fleeing, though he had no intention of letting such unknown creature within 20 metres of him, before he would have to respond more aggressively.


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As the villagers were fighting with the swarm and the second group continued with their approach towards the inn, it could be noted these beasts on the back of the rampaging unicorns would be making way towards they distant targets. These apes and their tamed beast were aiming for the total destruction of the land. The scream and roars of combat echoed throughout the snow lands, as for the Hunter and his two companions the number of enemies in pursuit could start to be seen, before the masses were too large to count, but now those who are equipped with better than average vision could tell there were about 20 or so, the exact number was still to hard to see. Currently, they were about 30 meters out from the hunter and his pets.

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The huntsman began making his assessment, it seemed the creatures could slowly gain on him and didn't look like they had any intention of changing target. It seemed these were the foes of the dream world and thusly would have to be put down.

The group was a large moving mass and Vodarara found himself at a moderate disadvantage, he preferred to fight creatures one by one rather than a group at once as individual targets were generally easier to manage and whittle down the enemy over a long period of time. In this scenario it eliminated this option rather he had to swiftly and methodically break the enemy mass even if it didn't mean killing them all, he would need to disrupt them in this scenario.

Vodarara would send Shevika and the Owl Chick to disperse to avoid his dream companions getting in harms way.
Vodarara would begin his engagement by launching a Flash Flare the intention was for this to disrupt and confuse the unit of monkeys.

After launching the flash flare, Vodarara would begin back-peddling as he prepared a number of basic arrows. He would launch the arrows at the centre of mass of the creatures in the centre of the front rank, they intention to use their tight clumped nature to either allow him to skewer a single or multiple targets as he proceeded to attempt.

His arrows were keen, so the huntsman hoped alongside the blinding confusion that he would be able to pick out leader like targets or cause enough chaos to shatter and route the group.

Stamina: 230/250
- Flash Flare Used on group
- 3 basic arrows used
- Vodarara continues to backpedal though at a rate which allows him to keep his shots stable, he aims specifically for upper centre of mass of the creatures with the intention that if the front rank manages to evade that the rear ranks will struggle to due to their tight mass.
-Vodarara will respond as they get closer and closer in next posts based on what occurs.

-All items present in Vodarara's vault are present as per standard for all my threads.

Flash Flare:
Flash Flare
Tier: C
Class: Ranger
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The reactants must be initially triggered gauging the time it will take for the target to arrive, to launch it, it would need to be notched and drawn back which would require a stationary bowman.

Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina

    This arrowheads chemical reaction causes a 1 metre flash of light burn of light that lasts two turns in addition to a loud bang, the affects of this arrow is that it can cause temporary blindness and disorientation to those that it lands near to. The arrow can be launched accurately up to 40 metres.


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