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Training for the Fifth Type

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1 Training for the Fifth Type on 21/04/14, 07:35 pm

It was more or less difficult to get away from the other two, for they would love to throw a arm over Gin’s neck and pull him towards their next activity. Ren’s armpits always had a strong masculine order, and it wasn’t unexpected for he was an athlete similar to that of a monster.

Finally, the two decided to have a drink at a tavern. Once they were intoxicated and nearly smothered by the bosoms of willing women, Gin snuck away to his rented room  upstairs. He locked his door and opened his bag. Out of it he drew books on magic basics of the fifth type, scrolls containing formulas and other references.

The green magician spread everything all throughout the floor around him as he began practicing his study. At first he read through chapters of the understanding of sound magic, which he had already done before meeting the two of blue and red, but rereading basics were a good start on progression on something larger. A few hours later, he moved up to difficult formulas while practicing every now and then. He would allow his magoi to vibrate a very high frequency of sound from his staff, just high enough for only children to be able to hear.,

At some point, Gin noticed information coming to combining different types of magics, however he skipped over it when he noticed the formulas needed were way passed his practice, he barely understood the first sentence which explained something about a different flow the rukh can take.

Hours passed still and the young man did not stop. He had his journal opened and instead of writing down daily entries, he would scribble down notes concerning ideas that flowed into his mind and formulas that were given in the references before returning to vibrating the sound from his staff, trying to strength it silently.

Hours passed again, Gin looked out the window and saw the moon high in the sky. He knew not how late it was, but judging by how no one walked the streets, it must have been hours after midnight. He sighed as he returned to his study, whatever he was reaching, it was close, at least that is what has been thinking for the last couple of hours. When it comes to studying magic, there is no end.

The green magician walked over to pick up a scroll that had rolled to the far corner of the room when he felt a crack beneath him. He lifted his foot to see that the wooden board had a nearly invisible crack a foot long. But it was odd for the carpentry of the entire place was impressive. Another crack. Gin looked throughout the floor and noticed where ever he stood there were cracks. Debris then fell on him. He looked up and there were cracks in the ceiling. He soon realized that the constant sound vibrations he has been letting off had weakened the wood around him. At some point, a day or two from now, the entire room would give in. He quickly packed up incase his calculations were off and he would have to make a run for it sooner.

Word Count: 528


Vault Room: Gin Tamashi
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