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Celebration Time [Job/Solo]

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roll of streamers arced through the air before draping over the limb of a mighty peach tree. The other end was caught in the palm of a young man, who continued to decorate the village of Xiao Difang. Likewise, other townspeople eagerly buzzed around like a hive of bees.

Each person dedicated themselves to a job. Food-stands were put up, fireworks were prepared, signs were painted, and children ran about with paper dragons streaming from sticks. Despite the dangerous situation that lay beyond the borders of the town, they refused it to stop them from enjoying their festival.

There was an obvious lack of young adults, along with food and other such supplies. But, the people of Xiao Difang pushed themselves to enjoy the festive occasion. Spring was soon to come, and with that meant the blooming of flora and the more food.

Even traveling bandits planned to make most of the celebration. With greedy eyes they watched the village, their fingers wrapped tight around the hilts of blades. It was too early to launch their plan, but it would come. Tonight, they would feast on alcohol, food, and the remaining coin that littered Xiao Difang.

Well, if they would go unnoticed and uninterrupted that is. Unfortunately for them, however, a certain soldier was riding into the town. The woman in question, one Jingyi Hou, had found herself in the area with time on her hands. What best than to spend it at a festival?

Job Details:

Job Name: Festival Madness
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
In order to uplift the spirits and morals of their town, and bring others to their home, Xiao Difang is throwing a small harvest festival. There will be music, dancing, booths, lanterns, and all sorts of activities for both adults and children. However, festival-goers attending an event with alcohol could make for prime victims, which is why some thugs decided to crash it. Intervene and defeat the villains before they ruin the harvest festival!

Enemy Name: Thugs x6
Rank: C-tier
Needed damage to take down: c-tier
These thugs are dressed in black clothes with hoods, masks, and bandanas obscuring their identities. They move at C-tier speeds and use either a dagger set or a crossbow that deal C-tier damage.

  • Arrow Rain: The thug stands 8 meters away and rapidly fires their crossbow, unleashing four bolts. Each deal D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.
  • Knee Bolt: The thug stands 5 meters away and aims his crossbow, firing a single bolt that deals C-tier damage to the knee.
  • Knife Stab: The thug lunges at his target and stabs them for C-tier damage.
  • Flying Daggers: The thug holds four daggers and throws them out at his foe. Each dagger deals D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.


Celebration Time [Job/Solo] ZAIhj9P
Name: Yu Chang
Tier: A-Tier
Type: One-handed Tsurugi (sword)
Material: Tempered steel (blade); iron (rings, butt cap, and tsuba); red cloth (ito binding on the handle); scarlet tassel; golden menuki (handle ornament).
The brother blade to Yu Chang, the two are light enough to allow its wielder to dual-wield them at once. Chun Yu looks considerably different compared to Yu Chang, with a blade that's 120cm long and a handle that's 10cm long. Chun Yu is a Tsurugi, making it a double-edged sword with indentions along one side of it. It too has a scarlet tassel attached to the butt cap, along with a golden menuki of the Hou Clan's emblem beneath the ito of the handle. Similarly to Yu Chang, it has a green guard that has been stylized to look like bamboo. Chun Yu's sheath appears bamboo like in appearance and covers everything but the handle of the weapon.

Celebration Time [Job/Solo] 092927978018c022879520caa087dad0
Name: Dullahan
Tier: B
Type: Normal
Species: Ferrum Carpa
Appearance: Dullahan, like all Ferrum Carpa, is a type of goat. His massive horns that curl around his ears, if stretched out, are 58 cm, with the shorter set of horns on his head tapering off at 5 cm. All of his horns are a metallic silverish-iron color. Like all Ferrum Capra, he has several horns lining his sides. They differ in size, with the one starting by his shoulder 5cm and the largest on his hip 20cm. Dullahan was bred to be larger than most Ferrum Carpa, so he stands at a height of a small horse (200 cm) with a rather wide body of about 65 cm. His body is covered in soft, white wool, though it doesn't cover his dark-brown face. The tips of his tail are black, along with the insides of his ears.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Woolen Armor
Trait Tier: C-tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: The wool of a Ferrum Carpa carries the aspects of regular iron, and together boosts the overall defense of this particular beast.
Trait Effect: Dullahan's wool will protect his body from a total of C-tier damage before he begins to take regular damage from attacks.

Trait Name: Speed Devil
Trait Tier: B-tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpe were bred to be battle mounts, resulting in an altered body that allows them to run at fast speeds to not only serve as worthy vehicles but to escape from predators.
Trait Effect: On land, Dullahan is capable of running at A-tier speeds (equivalent to a B-tier Fanalis) instead of B-tier speeds.

Trait Name: War Worthy
Trait Tier: B-Tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpa were bred to be battle mounts, resulting in being as large as a small horse, having stronger and leaner bodies, and amped conductive abilities.
Trait Effect: Increases the damage of basic attacks by one tier. His basic attacks deal A-tier damage instead of B.

Trait Name: Conductive Bones
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Capra
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpa have special body organs that allow them to generate electricity. They have modified muscles that can release electric currents, a special organ about the size of a kidney that produces electric shocks, iron bones (conductive), and electrogenic cells throughout their bodies and horn.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register static-based abilities.

Trait Name: Restoring Saliva
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Glands in a Ferrum Carpa's mouth are able to produce special saliva that contains healing properties capable of healing bruises, cuts, burns, fractures, and other wounds.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register healing-based abilities.


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