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Time to Destroy the Traders[Solo Job]

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Job Name: Removing the Slave Traders I/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
Slavery has been outlawed in Reim by the new King, but the practice is still there as underground slave traders are still buying and selling slaves. The number of cruel slavers have dwindled greatly with the efforts of various individuals, however that no longer matters; all slave trade must be brought to an end. Having approached the local constabulary, they informed you of the location of one such slave trader hideout with a request to shut it down and bring them to justice.

Sara had  not got out a lot lately, with her child and the keeper of the castle she had rarely been allowed to step out. Still the country had been turned into a republic by Lagi and she felt this was indeed a step in the right direction, this however did not stop the fact many slave traders still were operating. She would have no part of that she had been lounging around for far to long, she wanted to do something for her kingdom. She enjoyed the palace and would always have a place there, but she wanted to do something bigger, to contribute to the kingdom and its people.

She made her way toward the rumored building where the slaves had been held, as she looked around she spotted two guards they appeared likely to cause her no issues. She was unsure how strong the trader was but she was sure she could handle herself, she was much stronger then a average human and these appeared to be human traders.

She would sneak around the building quietly as she waited for one of the men to path back toward her. She would have no mercy for such scum, the one thing she could not allow was these type of monsters to abuse and harm innocent people. The man would begin to walk around the corner as Sara would suddenly drive her fist straight into the mans chest as her fist would burst right through killing the man instantly. She had no time to play with the weak guards, she had her mark and they were inside.

The next guard would path back to the left as she quickly and quietly made her way behind him , she had to make sure his death was quiet to try to avoid having the slave trader notice what was happening. She would quickly move toward the man as she would grapple his throat with her hand before crushing his vocal cords, his eyes would begin to bulge out of his head before she would let him go slowly dropping him to the ground.

She had taken two men out but she had no idea what was inside as she had thought of a plan, she would use one of the dead men's corpses to hide behind as she would open the door. She would gab the man with the strangulation and cover his head with his hood before opening the door, no one appeared in the entrance as she would walk with the man in front of her. She would continue into the building as she would step around the corner and spotting the slave trader. He had his lecherous hands tearing a girls clothing off, she had to be no older then twelve. No way in hell she would allow him to rape this poor girl.

"Can you please step away from that girl... I cant allow something so disgusting to happen in front of me. If you surrender I promise to let you live, however... if you do not I will kill you in the worst way possible... and you stand no chance against someone like me."

The man would begin to laugh as he took the young and naked girl into his hands pointing a knife at her throat. So he did not plan to surrender, he would pay for this decision, she would make sure he suffered in the worst way possible when she finished him.

She would suddenly rush toward him as he went to pull the knife across the girls throat Sara would grab his arm making him unable to move it. She would then smile as she would shove the girl away leaving her having his arm, he would pay as she stated. She would begin to punch and kick him over and over again as his body would begin to break with her slamming him on the ground smashing blow after blow onto his head before his skull would slowly cave in front the blows. He was now dead but she was not done as she would take the knife and rip his pants off his body before she would castrate him before shoving his now removed body part into his mouth. Filth like him deserved death worse then he got but she had to free the slaves as she would go to the various cages breaking the locks.

She soon realized they were all Fanalis as much as she hated them she would never allow anyone to be treated this way, the young girl would bow before her as they would all flee the building, for now she would let them live but in the future she would end the entire race.


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