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War Makes Us Crazy [JOB/B-Tier]

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1 War Makes Us Crazy [JOB/B-Tier] on 08/02/18, 01:01 am


Job Name: Ambush In The Streets
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: [ 15,000 Huang | 200 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In times of war shortages of food and wealth are not uncommon. As a result, bandits, thieves, and thugs swarm Kou, ready to prey on anyone who crosses their line of sight. Move carefully throughout the city otherwise you may be the next victim.


Thug (1x):
Enemy Name: Tam
Rank: A-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A strong woman with an equally strong personality. Though without a weapon, she can deal considerable damage (C-Tier) to those whom she comes across. She is faster than the average human, able to keep up with a C-Tier fanalis for about an hour. Tam isn't her given name but she seems to prefer it.
Simply knocking her out will be enough.

Afluare. Eight rapid punches which deal A-Tier damage all together.
Noctis. A strong punch to the head which deals B-Tier damage along with momentary disorientation.
Attollare. The user picks up their target and forcefully throws them to the ground to deal C-Tier damage and disorientation which lasts 2 posts.

"This is horrible..." A wall splattered with dried blood exhibited itself in plain view in the middle of the daylight hours in Kou. Masses or orphans, widows, and the homeless found themselves leaning, coughing against the wall, asking for alms to anyone who would even so much as glance at their direction. It was truly saddening. Such was the reality of the past days, as the war had taken a heavy toll on the commoners of the nation. For weeks now, Yushin had cautiously traversed the dangerous alleys and paths along the town, merely intending to make way further towards the capital. Unfortunately, this meant that his eyes were witness to some of the most brutal, agonizing sights imaginable.  For the young foreigner, war and pain were no distant tales. In fact, Yushin had witnessed and even bore the results of the same tragedy that had been set before him today. He has seen the dead, sprawled and stacked upon one another, as body after decaying body filled the streets with the increasing number of the dead. War had a tendency to hit hard towards the commoners of a nation. With more money and spending going towards the military, taxation increases substantially, the people are starved, left broken and hungry, and without the sufficient care that was required of daily sustenance, this would lead to starvation and disease. Sanitation levels, as he could see, were at an all time low.

Grimacing, Yushin forced himself to bear witness to all this cruelty of war. It was useless now, for him to turn back and return to innocent days of the past. He was now a warrior, an exile, and by the ways of the world, an adult. As horrible as it may be, Yushin would have no time to turn away. In fact, it would be better for him to etch these images into him mind, scarring him forevermore so that he himself would never allow just injustice to occur....never again...

He sighed. Of course, one day, he would need to consolidate his power, so that he may build a new nation where suffering was no more, and outcasts were accepted. No more would a nation treat it's people horribly. No more would a King indulge himself with pleasures, with powers, as his own people suffered by direct consequence of his own ineptitude. The thought sparked a furious spark within his soul. Images and memories of his own people waded over his mind, as he continued to walk down the dirty path towards the town center. The people here...were so damaged. Of course, Yushin was still quite far away from the capital. Logically speaking, the outer villages and towns would be less fortified than that of the inner towns and cities. It was only natural...still.

His eyes rested upon a group of men conserving in the public square. By a mere glance at their attire, Yushin could quickly deduce their higher stature within the town,
albeit higher didn't mean much in the outer levels of the Empire. From the looks of things, they were probably of the merchant class, a little well over being beggars themselves. Not a single smile could be noticed on their faces, a result of the harsh times most likely. Yet, Yushin could detect another extraneous factor into the solemness of their mood. Approaching the group of men, and upon inspecting the square even closer, the answer had become apparent.

"This has to stop Shien! By this point it would be wiser to move further towards the capital!" A man, skinny in appearance but haughty in posture yelled passionately as he pleaded with his fellow merchants. By the sound of things, the increasing instances of burglaries and thefts had left this group demoralized and under stocked on wares.

Another man, bulkier in stature and calmer than the rest interjected sternly. "Of course I would like to, but think about the journey.  We're not fighters Mu! We could get robbed, even worse than we have been over the past few weeks! We could be killed! Bandits on the road won't be as merciful as petty thieves on the street!" A murmur broke out between the group at this logical rebuttal. Yushin had to give it to the man presumably called Shien; the argument was valid. Of course, it was an argument, that had a simple, opportune fix to it as well...a fix that Yushin would be more than happy to oblige by.

"Excuse me?" The foreigner's voice had seemingly come from thin air, as Yushin approached the mob undetected. The group of men appeared to be befuddled by the sudden noise of an unfamiliar voice, and it took a moment for their eyes to rest upon the Sangju man. Without allowing much for recovery, Yushin continued. "I couldn't help but overhear your conundrum,
might I offer a solution to your woes-?"

Before he could finish his proposal, a hissing, and somehow grunting noise became evident just beside the group. The large mob of the gathered merchants left a blind spot on Yushin's right viewpoint and therefore he was unable to detect the presence of a rather hostile entity.

"Tam? What are you-" the merchant wouldn't be able to finish his sentence as a fist found itself connecting into the man's skull, knocking him several meters away into a marketplace stand. The sound of a crack was notable, and the loud crash of the wooden stand left most of the public bystanders frozen in shock as to what just happened. Yushin, however, by instinct reacted immediately. In an instant,  the glare of steel glistened as a sharp sound escaped from two scabbards, as  Yushin unsheathed both his geom and his hwando. For once, he would have to start off with both straight off the bat.

This woman, there's something about her-" He dodged an incoming kick by ducking, and as a counter he lunged forward and delivered a cross slash of his own. By feel he could tell that his first strike struck true, yet his second, unfortunately, merely hissed the air.

Blood splattered onto the dirty ground as the woman menacingly glared at Yushin. Her right arm, was evidently wounded by the attack as she was gripping it with her free hand.

My family...MY FAMILY! My family starves and coughs to death, while YOU...YOU SCUMBAGS ARE BARELY EVEN DINGED BY THIS WAR! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU ALL AND TAKE EVERYTHING YOU OWN!" The woman, Tam, charged forward and swung eight wide punches randomly in a barbaric rage against anyone within distance.  By anyone within distance, that meant Yushin, and as he was well adept ad slithering around with his light footed manuevers, he managed to dodge quite a number of them, except the last two...

Two fists barraged themselves deeply into his abdomen as Yushin pushed a little child out of the way of the onslaught. really really it did. For a VERY LONG MOMENT, Yushin could feel the air knocked out of him. My God what is this woman on? Her fists felt like bricks as they struck true to his body. Glancing over, he could see Tam make a beeline towards the group of merchants, who were now cowering in fear amongst themselves. Yushin would have to recover and act fast.

I guess the limitation on excessive force is going to be out of the question here. I'm sorry lady." With the sound of a furious scrap against the ground, Yushin took his geom and sparked a momentary blaze into his geom and sent a [b]scalding slash
into the back of Tam, striking true as he could smell the burning of her flesh as she fell the the floor, unconscious from the sudden pain she must have experienced.

Well then...that was quite the hassle. Yushin gathered himself by quickly sheathing his weapons, as he inspected the injury that he had dealt to the women. It was grievous, but not entirely fatal. She would need medical attention, unfortunately, the quality of such care wasn't quite apparent here. With a sigh, Yushin picked her up and placed the unconscious body onto his should. As he began to walk away, the foreigner paused as he turned to face the group of merchants. He had almost forgotten...

"Right now...about that solution."


Abilities Used:
Cross Blade
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Two Light Blade Weapons; Unsheathed in close proximity to target with use of arms.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 l 10

The user delivers 2 slashes from their Geom and Hwando at 15 m/s. First slash deals C-Tier damage; the second D-tier damage.

Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close, Short, Medium, or Long?
Requirements/Drawbacks: Light bladed/metallic weapon; user must create friction with necessary surface type to generate the heat; must also be in close proximity to hit; Use of arm
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 l 10

The user delivers a scalding slash at 15 m/s. By scraping the ground or another object, the user create friction a moment before coming in contact with the opponent. When this technique lands, the heat from the blade scalds the opponent and deals C-Tier damage while dealing 2nd degree burns. (This technique may also be used by scraping the user's metallic guard/secondary weapon.).


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