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Crazy Parents(Mission)

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1 Crazy Parents(Mission) on 07/12/16, 10:34 pm


Job Name: Protective Services
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Several families were kidnapped and taken into slavery. Track the slavers down to their base and free the families.

   Enemy Name: Slavers x8
   Rank: C
   Needed damage to take down: C
   Description: Slavers move at 8 m/s and deal C-tier damage with bows and arrows. The Slavers also carry Life magic tools.
   Heal – Slaver heals up to C-tier damage instantly.
   Jabbing Vines – Slaver uses their magic tool to create a vine that is 10 meters long and jabs at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage.


Name: Bane
Tier: B Tier
Type: Sword
Material: Steel, and Iron
The blade itself is 110 cm 30 cm wide
The hilt itself covers 20 cm, 1 1/2 inches in diameter
the guard roughly 10
the blade covers 80 cm


Name: The Oath Keeper
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Cloak
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance: An extravagant dark cloak with a magic circle woven into the inner fabric centered in the middle of the garment.

As for the length of the cloak when around the neck it hangs about 121 cm from neck down, as for the spike like collar the collars stretch up about 10 cm from neck which ends at the height of the mouth part of the cloak, and have a 10 cm gap between each of the spikes, the cloth is made of silk and tampered cloth.

The collar part of the cloak can be zipped and unzip at all times, however doesn't take the cloak off as it's not a full zipper only enough to let the user breath.Of course the color of the cloak is black with a red trim.

  • Black Discharge - Feeding magoi into the cloak causes it to brim with dancing arcs of electricity. Holding the cloak up to block a lightning magic based attack will allow the cloak to safely take in and discharge electrical damage up to C-tier. The attack is taken in and then discharged harmlessly allowing the user moderate protection from lightning be it magic or natural.

Dante's grin slowly faded as he would read the bounty board again, and again until almost memorizing the mission posted it was to track down the cause of the problem, the problem being that several families had gone missing recently. 'This seems odd, people don't disappear this quickly' Dante would think to himself calmly trying to process all the facts he was standing in a slouched position to read the note it wasn't every day such a high tiered mission would appear so plum for the taking.Dante wasn't exactly happy with the people who had abducted the people anyways.

Dante would tear off the mission's paper stuffing it deep into his pocket his cloak shrouding his arms with care, and hid blade Bane clung to his thigh tightly as Dante would sigh and mutter "Going on this mission alone wouldn't be smart..." Dante spoke mostly to himself 'But I have no idea how someone can capture so many people with no witnesses' Dante would think to himself with a gulp expecting the mission to be a little rough, Dante had no complaints as it stood he hadn't met too many he absolutely hated from Kou yet.

Dante would inhale deeply before moving to a straight stand, looking around a little seeing his place in a alley he would head straight eventually he would enter into a slightly populated street likely five people stood there Dante had no reason to believe anyone knew his origins as he would attempt to look around for a possible strong ally to convince to join his cause, the reward would be split equally as Dante would scan harder examining quickly not trying to find someone who might get him in trouble or even worst killed by some weak bandits. Dante would continue scanning calmly.



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2 Re: Crazy Parents(Mission) on 12/12/16, 11:47 pm

Cyrus walked onto an sparsely populated street. He smiled slightly and parted his orange hair, now greasy and still gritty from travelling across the world. He looked up at the greyish sky and realized that he was finally here in Kou, a place he hadn't seen since he was a child. He would remember his dad taking him on a business trip with his older sister Cyrus hated every minute of it. The people were different and wore funny clothes and it was more mountainous and it was hard to breathe cause of the difference in altitude. How, things change. Cyrus was glad to be out of his comfort zone to go to places he had never seen and do things that he hadn't done.

Walking further he would notice a person scanning the streets a big fanalis man he hadn't really seen much of the warrior tribe outside of Reim so naturally he would be surprised to see it. It was clear that he was looking for something. Naturally, that got Cyrus interested what would a fanalis man be doing in a place like this and what was he looking for... Cyrus would be staring at the man for a long time not in a menacing way just curious hopefully he wouldn't give off the wrong vibe as he watched him.


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