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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ]

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1The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Empty The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] on 18/12/17, 09:56 pm

job details:
Job Name: The Beginning
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou | Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 200 EXP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: It began as a promise. An oath to avenge those who have fallen protecting the world king. The warden would not rest until her mission was fulfilled. Like a canine, she will find the trail and follow it. No matter how thin. The search will take them to an abandoned temple where their targets reside. A pillar of smoke from a fire and a bloodbath awaits.

Enemy Name: Bandits x5
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: A seemingly ordinary bandit adorned in similar uniform. Their armor has a sigil in the middle that is that of an angry boar with thorns surrounding it. They belong to a gang lead by Blackwood, an old nemesis of the warden. They wield dull swords that do C Tier damage.

  • Sneak Attack - Using dirty tactics, the bandit will attempt to strike at their opponents blind spot dealing B Tier damage.

The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
It was early morning. The sun was just rising above the horizon. Diana had woken up an hour before sunrise. She hadn't slept well in a while and this night was no different. Jahan and Bellona were still sleeping. She wasn't certain if the man would wake. Diana felt it was best if he slept as long as possible. His body was still weak despite his mind being strong. There was a lot of excitement the previous day and Diana would be lying if she had said she wasn't tired herself.

Diana took a look at their surroundings to see what they would take with them. She was unsure if he wanted to keep the palanquin. It wouldn't be a problem to carry it but it would certainly be a burden. Nothing else stood out to her aside from the burnt wood and ash leftover from the pyre. Her brows furrowed and she frowned at the sight. While she didn't know them, she could sympathize with what he was going through.

She bent down straight to the ground to touch her toes, exhaling a long breath as she felt the muscles in her back and legs stretch. Bellona cooed as she began to wake up, gently ruffling her feathers. The vulture had found Jahan to be a warm place to rest her head after Diana had woke up. Pluto was a member of her party that was quite missed as he is the community pillow but he left to hunt often.

After spending a bit of time stretching, it was time for them to leave. The sun had finally made it fully into the sky and the trail wouldn't last forever. Diana made her way over to Jahan, bending her knees to lower herself down to him. "It's time to wake up," she said, pinching his nose. Bellona scurried out of his lap and into the skies, knowing exactly what she had to do. "We can stop to get something to eat if you wake quickly." Food was the quickest way to get a man to wake up, at least-- that was what she observed from her family.
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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] 47O0crR
Name: Wolven Howl
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Storm (Wind + Lightning)
Appearance: A 120 cm long sword made from a black metal of unknown origin. The blade is 90 cm long, the hilt is 30 cm long, and the guard is 25 cm across. The design of the sword is that of storm clouds swirling into the image of two howling wolves, each with bright gems fixed into their mouths and eyes. The blade is one-sided with a noticeable bump near the end of the blade. The guard is slightly slanted down towards the curved pummel.

  • Wolf Pack - The user feeds magoi into the sword, releasing two storm clouds that shape themselves into 90 cm tall, 170 cm long, wolf-like creatures. These wolves paralyze whatever limbs they come into contact with for 1 posts and are freely controlled by the user within a 10m area. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bearded_vulture__collab__by_trollcreak-d7sjjld

Name: Bellona
Tier: B
Type: Normal
Species: Bearded Vulture
Appearance: She's a large bird of prey that measures 125cm (48in) long and has a wingspan of 2.8m (9ft). It has red sclera with white iris' and is covered in black, white, and red feathers.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Flint and Steel
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Bellona
Trait Description: This beast is able to create sparks by rubbing together their wings. A special oil coats their wings to allow them to set themselves aflame.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register flame body abilities.

Trait Name: Enhanced Smell
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: A vulture has a good sense of smell and can smell prey from up to a mile away. This bird has been trained to track not just prey but people and items as well.
Trait Effect: The beast may track up to one living thing or object that is within a 3.3 km (3 mi) radius. Weather such as rain or snow will disrupt this trait, making it unable to use until it has cleared.

Trait Name: Enhanced Speed
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: Despite their large bodies their powerful wings can allow them reach high speeds in the air.
Trait Effect: While in flight, the beast can move as fast as a B Tier Fanalis and can move like a blur across short distances.

Trait Name: Heat Immunity
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: The oils secreted from her body onto her feathers and skin allow her to be unaffected by fire.
Trait Effect: The beast is immune to B Tier flames produced by heat magic or other sources such as herself.


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As the sun peaked over the calm horizon where the world king and his camp rested he fought a nightmare within his dreams. What should happen to be another night of rest became hours of torment as thoughts replayed in his mind. The king had began to remember all of it, the events in the dungeon that haunted him. His former self, stronger physically and weaker mentally. His shame and dishonor coming from his comrades tongue. It caused the king to wince a bit in his own slumber. Almost Hauntingly Jahan envisioned the image of Gremory, the old blue djinn with wisdom well beyond time staring back at him.

The djinn seemed to be waiting, anticipating and watching the emperor. He was the only authority Jahan answered to. The dream left Jahan feeling a bit anxious as he had wasted so much time and lost so much progress. He would unite the world for he must, it was what he was born to do. Soon Jahan would be awakened by the feeling of feathers rubbing against his head. The boy kept his eyes closed though for the most part simply enjoying the warmth of the bird snuggling against him. It seemed to have taken a liking to him, all animals seemed to take a bit of a liking to Jahanghir. There had to be something that they can feel in the boys spirit.

"It's time to wake up,"

Diana pinched Jahan's nose and he wrinkled it for a moment and his eyes fluttered open. His eyes caught the sun and his lavender gems reflected back at Diana. The king smiled at her she had given him a nice sight to wake too.

"G'morning sunshine" Jahan commented softly as he stared into the womans eyes, he was searching for that same tranquility she had given him earlier. There was something about the woman that put an ease to his anxieties. Perhaps Jahanghir was simply scared to be alone.

"We can stop to get something to eat if you wake quickly."

Jahan rose at the thought of food entering his stomach, he was a fanalis and he was eager to regain his strength.

"You dont need to convince me" Jahan said as he began stretching his arms over head. He got up rolled his neck and wiped the sand from his eyes gently. Belladona took off to the skies and he figured she was on the hunt for food. Jahan placed his ebony crown a top his head.

"Well Diana I would lead the way but Im awfully lost" he joked "You'll have to navigate me"


WC - 452

Stamina - 330/330


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3The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Empty Re: The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] on 19/12/17, 01:44 am

The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
Diana softly smiled at him as he began to wake up. She stood up and stepped back a pace, letting him gather himself. 'He must be feeling better,' she thought. There seemed to be more strength in him today as opposed to the day before. Diana wasn't used to the crown upon his head nor his claimed status. She had been in the presence of a king before but not quite under these circumstances. Her mind lingered on the thought of why the phenomena surrounding him was so bizarre. They went from serious to those of a childish nature as her brain tried to decipher how he could have ended up in that situation.

His words broke her out of her thoughts, making her jump slightly. "We'll have Bellona find the way. But if you need me to carry you, I can," she said, placing her fist in her hand. Diana didn't want to ask about the palanquin since he did not mention it but it did look expensive. "Are we taking this with us?" she asked, pointing to it. Diana found that she wasn't being very considerate of his feelings and panicked a bit. After all, his comrades had been killed by it. "I-If you want to, of course. I can understand if you want to do otherwise." Her expression showed that she was a bit concerned and worried by her words. She would wait for him to answer before making a move.
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"We'll have Bellona find the way. But if you need me to carry you, I can,"

Jahan winced at the words. He would not be carried, no he would roam this earth on his own two feet.

"You underestimate me."
Jahan would reply not wanting to hear another word. His body had felt weak, it had felt slower and his reactions a tad bit delayed. He didn't understand it but he knew it had to be because of his slumber. He simply hadn't moved much in a long time. His body felt tight and sometimes a bit unresponsive. None the less the world king was confident in his recovery, he already could feel strength returning to him. Though it made him question his ability to perform with his magoi, he shook it off his mind.

"I'll be fine regardless" Jahan thought "There is nothing that will stop me in this world."

"Are we taking this with us?"Diana asked as she pointed at Jahanghir's palanquin, it was a beautiful and decorative box. The entirety of it was rather large and made of a dark ebony wood which was ornamented with gold. He marveled at his palanquin, it was a comfortable space filled with luxurious black and purple silks. The drapped the inner walls, and an arrangement of the finest pillows and silks lined the inner chamber. Jahan sighed, "I guess we never get to keep the good things in life" he thought.

"We should take it into town and sell it. At this point I could use all the money I can. Luckily its worth a great deal of gold."

Jahan finished and lifted the back of the palanquin, even in his weakened state his strength gave rise to the large chariot. Jahan reasoned he could probably lift the entire palanquin but he wouldn't be able to travel far with it at all. It was a bit annoying for the king to say the least, for he needed power more than anything these days. He had many dangers to obstacles to face if he was to truly unite the world.

Jahan almost didnt pick up on the bit of unease in Diana's voice, the girl seemed to want to be light around the subject. Jahan rolled his eyes over his palanquin again when it donned on him that his friends likely died because of the value of this thing. He frowned and bit his lip

"Dont worry about speaking to me. What has happened has happened... This is a result of my own vanity..."

Jahan struggled to bare the words but once he got them out he was finished. It was over like ripping a bandage off just quickly enough to feel the sting of your flesh numb. Jahan shook his head trying to get the distractions from his mind.

"C'mon! Were gonna waste daylight"
Jahan yelled to Di from the back of the palanquin.

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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
Diana was impressed to see that his strength was returning so quickly. His movements still seemed stiff but he picked up the palanquin with ease. She was curious as to how he had the amount of muscle power that he did. Her mind came across the thought he was one of her kin but his appearance quickly dismissed it. There was no trace of Fanalis heritage in his outward appearance. Though she wasn't surprised a human could become so strong. She had experienced that first hand plenty of times to not underestimate it.

"I'll ensure that you fetch a good price."

Briefly taking a good look at the construct, Diana thought about purchasing it off the man to guarantee that he got the full value. She could have it smelted down into smaller pieces such as jewelry and other objects while keeping the fabric for clothing and bandages. A variety of ideas were buzzing through her mind as she stared at it. She eventually snapped out of it, walking over to the front of it. Diana lifted it up with ease, tugging it as she proceeded forward. "It's bulky," she said, laughing to herself. She could easily lift the entire structure but she would let him keep his pride.

"There is a town up ahead. This road is too well worked for there not to be and we aren't too far from the city. My guess is that your companions were trying to take you there. Bellona has memorized all scents that entered the scene. If they stole any of yours or their belongings, she will find them. If they did not, I will place my trust in her. She has never failed me in our years together. Even if we do not find them today, I will help you."

Her words were spoken with serenity and passion. There was little denying that she was serious. Bellona had already flown far from them in another direction. Diana felt that it was important to relieve themselves of the palanquin and gather their strength before proceeding.

It would be roughly half an hour before they arrived at the bustling town of Dalian. It was a large establishment with a great number of people. Jahan had claimed he was a great king so Diana kept an open ear to see if anyone would recognize the man. There was a chance that he was bluffing but she felt she could entertain herself with the possibility. Even though it did not matter to her whether he was a king or not, she was glad that she had found him. To her, he was in the best of hands in his current state.

She would lead them over to a seemingly abandoned building. "I've decided that I'll purchase this from you. If you want anything off of it, just let me know. I'll be deconstructing it for other uses. I can give you my offer or... you could give me your offer. I have more than enough, I promise you. You can be paid in full right now. I just need to get the gold from inside." she said. Diana wasn't sure how much he would ask for but she had been saving her gold since she was a small child. She provided for her family in ways that cost them no expense. Living in the wilderness had it's perks and inns were rather cheap when she needed them. However, all her riches were left within this particular building.
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"There is a town up ahead. This road is too well worked for there not to be and we aren't too far from the city. My guess is that your companions were trying to take you there. Bellona has memorized all scents that entered the scene. If they stole any of yours or their belongings, she will find them. If they did not, I will place my trust in her. She has never failed me in our years together. Even if we do not find them today, I will help you."

Diana's proclamation stunned Jahan, he hadn't had someone so openly and seriously show him compassion. He couldnt but help to curl his lips into one of his trademarked smiles.

"Very well. I trust you"

Jahan and Diana carried the palanquin through the beautiful and lush scenery of Kou. Jahan enjoyed taking in the beauty of nature, the country side was home to a variety of such beautiful specimen. The exotic luxury of the plants and fruits before them was something he hadnt been able to experience in Reim. He tried desperately to take it all in to memorize the landscape of the beautiful country which he would claim.

Soon the two would find themselves in the bustling city Dalian. The city was large and filled with many people,most of which took a surprise to witnessing the crown atop Jahanghirs head. Jahan's crown was pretty and solid black, only ornamented by the words across its band "Long Live The King" spelled in Alma Torran around its band. However other than a few hushed whispers nobody knew anything of the man other than that he was very different. Diana would lead them into a large abandoned building before stopping and coming to face him.

"I've decided that I'll purchase this from you. If you want anything off of it, just let me know. I'll be deconstructing it for other uses. I can give you my offer or... you could give me your offer. I have more than enough, I promise you. You can be paid in full right now. I just need to get the gold from inside."

Jahan blinked at the woman he couldnt believe her. Did she really expect him to take her money? The man tried to hold back a snarl. Though he was clearly offended, he hadn't carried this up here only for her to give him the cash.

"I will not be coddled Diana. You can not give me money for this." Jahan plainly spat. It was not that he was ungrateful for her help but his pride would not allow him to show such weaknesses.

"Keep the palanquin, I need the exercise. It is worth enough gold to travel the world three times over." Jahan didn't doubt the women wealth either, but this did do him some justice. He would rather not have had to sell the palanquin to just anyone to be very honest. He had some sort of sentimental value with the palanquin that transcended material value. He honestly had no memory of the palanquin other than his awakening, it had been an object his guild had obtained in his honor. They had truly began to see the strength Jahanghir had as a ruler.

He had grown respected by the community by his charity to those who needed it. His nature and his attitude helped aswell, Jahan was trusted and after the results he had shown his people how couldnt they believe in the man. He had built them a guild hall that could compete with any within Reim and he had conquered a dungeon. If there was a man to be their leader it was Jahanghir Nikator. He was the man worth this much in their eyes, and them knowing him wouldnt have enjoyed anything lesser.

"I can easily make money, my fortune will be in my grasp again...." Jahan knew his money was locked up in several places however his biggest source of his funds was locked up in a vault in Reim. Somewhere he would eventually return to. Jahan gripped his fists.

"'Now is only the time to stay on the trail of my enemies."

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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
Diana was surprised and slightly upset that he did not want to take her offer. The old man had been badgering her for weeks to spend her gold as it was getting too much of a burden for him to hold. She bit her lip, wanting to convince Jahan to allow her to purchase it but she decided against it. "You're not a child, Jahan. There is no need for me to coddle you," she said, "But thank you for the gift." Diana smiled at him, truly grateful for his charity. It would be put to good use. A king like himself most likely didn't need the money. But she still wasn't entirely convinced of his status.

She opened the door to the building and peeked her head through. If Jahan had caught a glimpse of the inside, he would discover a room filled with gold and monstrous hounds. There was something in the middle of the room but it would be too dark to make it out. "I'm leaving this outside. Just take it apart for now. Don't worry, I'll send the pieces home," she said, quickly slamming the door. There was muffled yelling coming from behind it from a seemingly older man that was very much angered by her words.

Diana scurried over to Jahan, grabbing him by the arm. "Let's go." She would begin pulling him along for a moment before letting him go. Her head would occasionally turn to see if he was still following her through the crowd. They quickly arrived in a small bazaar next to a fruit vendor. However, as they stopped moving, she would pull him aside. "Do you remember what you were doing before you fell asleep? I'm curious." Diana would keep her eyes mostly locked on him as she purchased a sack full of apples. She threw him one in the hopes he would catch it. Diana picked up one as well, taking a bite into it.
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Diana dragged Jahan by his elbow, He hurried after the girl picking up his pace. The man could still be heard cursing from behind the door. Jahan snickered at the scene. Following behind Diana they entered the first bazaar Jahan had seen in years. The boys eyes marveled at the life around him. He hadn't seen so many people and it was beginning to feel like the real world again. He could hardly believe that he thought he had perished that his body had became dust and his soul faded to the other world.

Jahan felt relieved and so much very alive. The smells and feelings caught his eyes and gaze. The various different cloths and fabrics of the foreign land intrigued him. Immediately he wished he had money, if only he had his gold he would relish in the foreign cloths and tapestries. He tried to contain himself from oogling but he couldnt help but to take in the atmosphere. He was almost overstimulated by it all. He hurried to Diana's side not wanting to lose her within the sea of people.

"Do you remember what you were doing before you fell asleep? I'm curious." Diana asked the question but Jahanghir was not sure how to answer. He thought back to his earliest memory but he couldnt locate it. He would strain his brain and rack at it all, from the beginning of typhon to the dungeon and his training afterwards.

"No I can't" Jahan admitted, he glanced to the table in defeat. He was worried about that, nobody just goes to sleep for two years. Something had to have happened to him. He would have to figure it out later. Everything was different now he had to move forward onto the future.

"I cant think about it right now. Its useless since I cant remember." He stared Diana confidently in the eyes "I must first avenge my comrades, I can not let enemies of the world king live long lives."

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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
Jahan had replied to her inquiry with an answer that she had expected to hear. He must have been asleep for a long time to have no recollection of what happened prior. Perhaps it would come to him in time. While she wanted to learn, she would have to let it go. There was a high chance she would never see this man again. It happened often. A solemn look flashed across her face for a moment before she turned to him and smiled. "You're right. We should go," she said, making her way past him back in the direction that they had originally came. Bellona had been flying up, ready to lead. Diana ordered her with a quick whistle to go ahead of them.

Once they had got back onto the road, Diana took a turn into the forest. She seemed to move with ease through all of the foliage and obstacles. "You doing okay?" she asked, gazing back at him. Diana would do this occasionally, slowing her pace if she had seen him struggling. It took a while for her to get used to the terrain in Kou but after living in it's woods for a few months, it was easier. She would be genuinely impressed if he could keep up with her.

The sun crept from low in the sky to slightly past it's apex in the sky. It was roughly noon by the time they arrived at a desecrated temple. It was overgrown but it was clear to her that it was disturbed. The vines near the entrance were cut and the dirt was disturbed. She placed her back against a nearby trunk, picking up a rock about the size of her palm. "Watch this," she whispered, throwing the rock with all of her strength into the entrance of the building. There was a loud yelp and the sudden sound of shuffling before a handful of men crept out of the entrance, weapons in hand.

"Hey! Come out! W-We know you're out here!"

Diana couldn't help but laugh, emerging from the blockade of the tree. Her smile quickly turned into a scowl. At the sight of their crest, she was instantly disgusted. She looked straight into their eyes, her gaze sharper than steel. The previously light aura that surrounded her was now dense. She would say two words to Jahan. It was a demand. Or was it a rule?

"No mercy."

Her whole demeanor would change. Diana had one thing on her mind and it's color was red. The men had recognized her as she emerged from the dark thickets. Thankfully, her rage would not leave her completely blind. She would bypass three of the men, making targets of the two that were further back, attempting to retreat into the temple. Diana grabbed onto their clothes, using her strength to shove them down onto the floor. One had swung at her with his sword, slashing a deep cut into her hand as she caught his blade, shattering it into pieces that were now partially embedded into her hand. He turned to flee but she grabbed onto his arm that had swung behind him, crushing the bones in his lower arm.

A blood curdling scream escaped his mouth. It abruptly stopped after a brief, loud cracking sound. Her boot ended up nestled in his skull that was now splattered within a small crater. Her gaze turned to the other man, terrified in the corner of the room. He knew his fate. As a human, there was little he could do against her. Diana made quick work of him, respecting his submission. She pierced her hand through his chest, crushing his heart.
"May you be forgiven," she said, kneeling to pray for a moment before rising up and making her way to the doorway. She would observe Jahan and only intervene if he needed her help.
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10The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Empty Re: The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] on 24/12/17, 11:54 pm

Jahanghir followed behind Diana the woman ordered her Bellona to lead with a sharp whistle. Jahan followed behind slowly taking his time as he paced himself. His mind had began to slowly cloud itself, he couldn't even imagine what he would find. Who had done this? Who had killed his people? He was no fool of the world Jahanghir knew the type of place that he roamed destined to conquer was a cruel and dark place. Maybe he just couldnt believe it? Maybe it was the feeling that haunted him, that he was the cause of all of this.

The king grimaced soon losing himself to his thoughts, he followed Diana out of his peripheral without really watching her much. He wasn't able to find his thoughts, he felt guilty. Jahan had done some things in his life, even at times he had been wrong or questionable. This was the first time he felt guilty though. The boy held his head lower than usual, the passerby's eye'ing his crown with wonder. Probably questioning his legitimacy. He didn't care he was the king of the world and the world didnt even know it yet.

He pulled his head up as Diana and Jahan walked out of the city into a heavily forested area. Jahan wasn't a complete amuetor at hiking, he simply stepped on the bases of the bothersome foliage crushing them or flattening them.

"You doing okay?" Diana called back to the king, to which he shouted back "Of coarse!" he didn't want people worrying over him. It was true he lacked his former strength and power, but he would hide it. He didnt want to be looked down on, he was strong. He was confident, he was a ton of things he wasnt. His nose wrinkled at the realization. However they soon came to a large temple, something that was marvelous even in its destitution. The temple was overgrown with foliage, hanging ivy vines decorated the outside a long with flowers and the presence of animals. Nature had almost taken over the space but it was obviously still occupied. Jahan took notice of this and his heart rate started to climb.

He couldn't control it, he couldnt explain it. It was a sensation so powerful he didn't know what to say or do. He felt it, he was close soon he could have vengeance. At the same time he didnt know what he would do. He watched Diana unable to really speak or convey his feelings he was just watching. Yet it was obvious in his stance and in his eyes that he was enraged. His excitement he could not contain, his body shook he fought a losing battle with his jaw to stop grinding his teeth. All the while the rage blinded his thoughts.

Diana would throw a rock through the entrance of the Temple alerting his enemies of their location.  

"Hey! Come out! W-We know you're out here!" She baited them

Her face soon turned into pure disgust however at the sight of the men, Jahanghir's did aswell. He only knew that these men were supposed to be responsible for his comrades deaths. These men had defiled him, taken what was his, something that was under his responsibility.

"No Mercy" Diana spoke and Jahan almost scoffed. There was never any intention on mercy. The three goons tried to surround the fanalis which only served to grow his anger.

Jahanghir couldnt contain himself, there they were his enemies at long last.

"Bastards!" He shouted a scream erupted from the man that was powerful and passionate. Jahans face wrinkled and the air became wiry and thick with tension. He glared and snarled lowly. Giving them a murderious look.

The bastards took a step back

"Aye cut this asshole!" one said before charging at Jahanghir, Jahan ducked and sidestepped out of the range of attack. This was his first combat since he had awoken and the adrenaline and anger he felt during it  all was making him stuff. Jahan noticed himself just a tad bit slower when dodging the grace of the thugs blade.  Jahanghir jumped back a step as a thin cut opened on his chest. His eyes shot to the ruby substance in shock before watching his prey.

His opponent lifted his weapon overhead for a sword strike as he did Jahanghir stepped forward clasping his hands with his powerful strength and crushing them. Jahanghir held his fist dealing C tier damage and causing the man to cry in pain.

"Achhh" he began before Jahanghir silenced him with a powerful kick to the chest which sent him flying.

The mans allies were flabbergasted their eyes widened and their grips on their blades shook. Jahan had no intention to stop though he charged at the others doing takedown beneath a sword slash and pummeling the man with his fists. Overwhelmed with rage Jahanghir pummeled the mans face in painting the grass red. He beat the mans head needling-ly as there was a triumph within it. It was cut short quickly by a sharp pain which rang through Jahans side.

His remaining nemesis stabbed the Jahanghir from behind releasing his crimson vitality ;in a blasphemous act. The King sprang in adrenaline spinning and landing back kick to the bastards head. The weight of attack instantly knocked the man out

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job- 1608

Traning -1500
Stamina - 300/330

Flash Disarm
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Opponent must be moving their weapon vertically above head level.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

A weapon disarm used in reaction to a vertical attack. With watchful eyes, Jahan dashes at a target that begins moving their weapon vertically above their head. Taking advantage of the opening, Jahan clasps his opponents raised hand with a monstrous strength dealing C Tier damage and delivers a quick, powerful kick to their chest which knocks back his target 5m away from him.


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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
She watched him as it exacted a well deserved sentence onto the men before them. They were just as afraid of him and they were of her. The fight was short and came to a smooth end. His last opponent was hanging on by a thread. Most likely with a bad concussion. "He won't last long," she mumbled. It would have been better to make him suffer in order to repent but she felt pity for him. Diana walked over to the unconcious theif and snapped his neck with a quick motion. Blood poured out of his nose and his body was no longer moving. Her eyes grazed over to Jahan.

He was wounded. A deep stab to his abdomen was most of his concern yet there was a minor cut across his chest. She calmed down her excitement from the fight in order to keep a clear mind. Diana made her way over to him as she tore the bottom of her dress strips. They weren't perfect but it would serve it's purpose. "Let me help you," she said. There was a tinge of care in her voice but it was soon overshadowed by a rough grip. "Let me or you can sit here and die in vain."

Diana called over Bellona and began wrapping around his abdomen as tight as she could. She started high and slowly worked her way down. The blood flow needed to be isolated for now until she could get him to proper care. She knew her basic first aid but in no way was she a doctor. Diana stopped before she got to the stab wound, whistling a short command to Bellona. She plucked a feather off of her body before the bird sparked into flames. Diana waved the feather over her and it caught flame as well.

She winced at the heat scorching her fingers but she quickly pressed it up against his wound while pinching the skin closed. Her grip was tighter than before in case he decided to struggle or flinch. Even she knew it wouldn't feel pleasant. Diana finished wrapping down, tying it off around his hips. She released him from her grip, freeing him from her custody. "It's best if we stay here for now. It's going to get dark soon. I'll clean up the... bodies. So, don't worry about it." Diana smiled at him, resting her hand on his shoulder.
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abilities used:
Whistle: Flame On
Tier: C
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Diana must give a unique whistle command to Bellona and the bird must be able to hear it.
Scaling: Effect Duration
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Bellona rubs her flint-like feathers together to create sparks, lighting the special oils in her feathers aflame. This effect lasts for 2 posts and anything that comes in contact with the flames will take C Tier damage in the form of burns. The fire radiates 30cm off her body.


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Jahan went numb as we watched  Diana brutally finished his opponent. He had hardly felt any satisfaction. The sight of seeing his enemies fade from this world was bitter sweet. Their blood and bones smashing against his knuckles was a triumph but a hollow one. The death of his enemies wouldn't bring back his friends. Oh how the World King had missed them his companions were the only thing he had longed for. He would never see them again the womans that he had saved from a life of slavery. Jahan was a compassionate man, he had felt what others would feel. He had wanted to cry when he looked them in the eyes for the first time.

Jahanghir wanted to scream, he was so upset. He had never been this upset. He had never had a reason to feel this way.

"Let me help you," Diana said. Jahan turned his face from Diana, he felt like shit. He didn't want help he wanted to bleed. He wanted to feel something other than the knot forming in his chest and throat. Diana's tone soon changed and she gripped the king's wrist.

"Let me or you can sit here and die in vain." Her voice was stern or commanding and for the first time Jahanghir submitted. He said nothing and stood still for the woman to tend to him. All the while his head began to spin with emotion. He tried to calm himself to quiet the storm in his mind but instead he just shook with the rolling thunder. He was brought back to reality with the hot feeling of his burning flesh. He snarled invigorated by the pain Diana had issued, and unable to hold back his pain anymore his eyes poured a few tears.

"I'm c-crying?" Jahanghir thought to himself and as he did he began to despise himself more. "How dare I show weakness" he snarled. How!? How could he in the  grave of his enemies show weakness, as his allies looked down upon him how dare he shed a tear. This was their moment of triumph, their moment of victory.

Diana released Jahanghir after she tended to his wounds and he pulled away from her taking it upon himself to sit down resting his back against the temple wall. He would leave the cleaning to Diana as he couldnt bare to touch their flesh again, he would have mauled their corpses. He was trying to avoid that now as he felt ashamed in desecrating the dead.

"A life for a life" Jahan said weakly then he snorted "Are you fucking kidding me? I know now a blood  debt can not be paid in full"

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Diana noticed the dried tear stains on his cheeks as she began tossing the bodies as far as she could into the forest. Was it because he was mourning? She didn't quite know and felt it wouldn't be right to ask him. He had enough trauma for one day. She didn't have the means to clean up the blood that was spilled but one day of rain could give them the water to clear it out. "We should stay out of this building, there are others we could rest in when the night sets in," she said, closing the sliding doors to the building slightly.

When she was finished, she walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Diana didn't know if it was the right thing to do but she wanted to comfort him. "No amount of blood you spill will satisfy you. But take solace in the fact that those men will not be able to harm anyone else," she said, taking her hand off of his shoulder and pacing away from him, looking upwards. "You'll be okay. If you need me, I'll be exploring the temple. Just don't leave me here by myself. I'll get worried." Diana turned back to face him, smiling softly at him. She was sincere.

She walked past the first building and discovered a beautiful courtyard. It was run down and a tad overgrown but just by looking at it, the area seemed to tell you the story of it's former glory. Bellona landed on a branch of a tree nearby Jahan, keeping an eye on him. The vulture seemed to be concerned about his well being. Her kind nature showing through her eyes as she looked at him.

As Diana explored, the afternoon would descend into night. She made an effort to set up a fire in one of the larger buildings. There was a furnace in the middle of the room that was perfect for the pyre. She sat near the flame, warming her hands.
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Jahanghir wiped the tears from his eyes, he was embarrassed by his weakness. Diana had came to him offering him a  few words to grace his mind and possibly ease him. Though it wasn't effective, nothing could be said to ease the kings heart. Avenging his comrades had only caused him to think of them more, if he had killed these men so mercilessly he could only imagine the suffering they felt.

"You'll be okay. If you need me, I'll be exploring the temple. Just don't leave me here by myself. I'll get worried."

Jahanghir simply nodded his head and stayed put, he watched as Bellona perched itself on a branch overlooking him. He felt a bit of comfort in the old birds presence he didnt know her nature but it was almost like she knew and cared. Soon rain would begin to pick up and the world king would quietly removed himself from the temple wall.

He wandered throughout the temple following past the broken down and forested walls. He began to see the light of a flame coming through the darkness of the halls leading him to Diana. Jahanghir's feet would drag a bit over the ground creating a dull sound as he moved towards the light. He would enter the large building and spotted Diana by the flames.  Jahanghir walked towards the fire and sat besides Diana. He needed support, he needed anything to feel better than he did now.

The flames flickered across his face and a knot formed in Jahanghirs chest again. His eyes lowered and his bangs fell across his face. The King sat in silence feeling less man and more of a boy.


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The Beginning [ Job | Jahan ] Bu4RGAl
Diana had briefly fell asleep, waking at the sound of the shuffling Jahan made as he sat next to her. She perked her head up to look at him. He looked like he was still bothered by the events that had unfolded. Did he feel guilty? She scooted a bit closer to him, unsure what to do or say. Diana stared at him, trying to understand what he was thinking. She changed her position, pulling her knees close to her chest and resting her head upon them, still looking towards him. "You'll be okay." Diana knew she had been repeating her statement from before but she was unsure what to say to him.

"You're strong. I can tell. You may feel low right now... but you'll get through it." She had lowered her voice into a near whisper. Diana brought her head up, turning to a small sack of apples that she had picked up earlier that day. She took one out of the bag and offered it to Jahan. It wasn't as fresh as before and was slightly warm from the fire. "Here. I know you might not be hungry but you should at least take a bite." If he didn't decide to take it, she would place it down next to the bag she removed it from. Regardless of his choice, Diana would lay back onto the cracked tiles below, spreading her arms outwards to stretch.

She closed her eyes and would listen to him if he spoke but would soon drift off into a light sleep.

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