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Dead by Midnight [ Job | Sesshomaru ]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Dead by Midnight
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A noble family of Kou has been targeted by assassins, with one already dead. One of the elders believes that he is next, and requests for protection. Watch over his house and protect him from the incoming assassins. If he survives their attack, then you shall be rewarded. If he does not, expect trouble.
Enemy Details:
Enemy Name: Assassin x2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Men dressed in skin-tight dark navy-blue ninja-esq armor. They wear masks and wield swords that deal B-tier damage, among several other ninja tools.
Smoke Bombs: The assassin throws out a smoke bomb that explodes, covering the room in smoke for one post.
Deathly Kunai: The assassin throws out two kunai daggers connected with a wire. Each kunai deals C-tier damage, and after contact has been made, the assassin pulls on the wire and retrieves his daggers once more.
Sword Slashes: The assassin lunges forwards and strikes four times with his sword, each strike dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.

Diana had been itching to get back to her work. She was anxious. Her joints made cracking sounds as she went through each of them, applying the slightest bit of pressure. The area she was wandering in was quiet and seemed to house the nobles of the capital. It was quiet and the streets were near empty. The civilians she had passed glanced in her direction in fear or disgust. Diana assumed it was because of the hulking, slobbering beast beside her. He was salivating a lot today and she wasn't sure why.

'I wonder if he's hungry.'

She continued to walk as she pondered her companions afflictions. Pluto walked alongside her, licking the acidic spit off of his maw. He let out a mix between a whine and a yawn. Diana ran her hand through his silver mane to comfort him. She was then startled by the sudden impact of coliding with another person. He nearly knocked her off of her feet. She felt his hand wrap around hers for a moment, slipping a note into her palm.


By the time she turned around, he was gone and she was left confused. Diana quickly opened the folded note in her hand and began to scan through it's contents. It was a cry for help. A noble family had gotten themselves into a bind with some assassins. They were hiring protection. Part of this irritated Diana. However, her sense of duty kept her calm. She decided to go to their home but only to investigate the matter. Though, it would be a good opportunity to gain more funds for the guild back home.
✦ 276 out of 1500 | notes | @Sesshomaru


Name: Pluto
Tier: B
Type: Normal
Species: Lunar Canine
Appearance: Pluto is a special breed of canine that was bred by Minerva Corvus. It has a voluminous white coat with a large grey mane, long ears and tail. They have red sclera with a blue iris and get their name from the crescent moon shaped mark on their heads. As a full grown male and after a bit more growth spurts, he is a final height of 13m tall.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Acidic Maw
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed an acidic saliva.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register acidic saliva based abilities and is immune to the saliva in them.

Trait Name: Necrotic Claws
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, full grown members of this species have developed an ability to secrete a toxin through their claws that causes gangrenous necrosis.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register toxin based abilities and is immune to the toxin in them.

Trait Name: Poison Resistance
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed a resistance to poisons and toxins.
Trait Effect: The beast is resistant to poisons and toxins, delaying their effect for one post.

Trait Name: Damage Resistance
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through training and experience, this beast has become more resistant to cuts due to it's rough hide.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to resist D tier slashing damage.

Trait Name: Bred for Battle
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can pack more of a punch than other canine breeds.
Trait Effect: The beast's basic attacks deal A-Tier damage.

Trait Name: Apex Predator
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can move faster than most mounts and beasts.
Trait Effect: The beast can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls.

Name: Kuroi Kiba
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A thick steel blade, forged to resemble that of a mighty beast's fang. The total length of the weapon is 121-centimeters.

  • Dark Path - By feeding magoi into this sword, a starry black shroud will begin to envelop the entirety of the blade. If the user is then able to swing the weapon successfully, a 5-meter crescent blade of strength magic will be thrown in the direction swung, traveling up to 20-meters away and dealing B-Tier slicing damage to anything struck by it. Additionally, the crescent blade also has a powerful gravitational pull, and will drag anything within 5-meters towards it. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


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Sesshomaru yawns as he walked through the city stretching  his arms. He was a bit tired but his sense of adventure was active and he was currently looking for something to do. Walking through the town he noticed that there didn't seem to be any other Fanalis around and he found that interesting. This country was so much different from Riem where several Fanalis made home. As he walked into the another section he noticed that the buildings started to become a lot larger and more expensive looking and so did the people around him. 'I must be in the noble living area now.' he thinks to himself as getting dirty looks from the nobles which he was used to as his people were generally viewed differently.

As he is walking a man walks up to him, "Take this please the man says handing him a note before running off. "That was a bit strange." He then opens up the letter seeing that some nobles were being targeting by some assassins. Thinking that this would be fun the adventurer decides to go to the location and help the family in need.

Word Count 201/1500


Name: Chikara (Japanese for Strength)
Tier: D
Type: Bisento (type of pole arm)
Material: The blade is made of steel
Appearance:  Chikara is a long pole arm style weapon given to Hector by his father when he was old enough to fight. Chikara's pole is 152 cm (5ft) in length and 10 cm diameter and its blade is 46 cm (1.5 ft) long, and its largest width is 30 cm (1ft) and it thins towards the pole to about 15cm (.5ft) than thins to the point the opposite direction. The handle is black with a gold colored hilt and butt of the pole. The blade is styled similar to that of a scimitar and it has a black sheath with a god dragon on it. He has a strap attached to it to carry it on his back.

Name: Grasping Ring
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A ring that is made of simple materials and has a small magic circle engraved into its surface.
[*]Reach -  Feeding magoi into the ring causes a hand of strength magic to extend from the ring up to 3m away. The hand is the same size as the user's hand and can be used to grasp this to pull them closer or to pull the user up ledges and other such functions. The hand has D-tier strength but is brittle and is unable to perform attacks. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

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When she had finally arrived to the address written on the note, it had come to her attention that these folk were really in deep. The security around the perimeters of the home was almost too much. Luckily, they had been warned of her presence beforehand and let her in through a series of locked doors. There was a thick wall surrounding the manor. It seemed in their desperate times, they poured all of their money into it.

As the final gate slammed behind her and her companion, she was met with the man who had bumped into her as well as a line of others who were most likely hired for the same cause. Diana was curious as to how dangerous these assassins were to need this many people. She was certain that she could deal with them with herself and Pluto alone. He would be a good asset to the security regardless.

"Welcome to the Huyang Manor. As you may know already, our home has been hunted by assassins for a few months now. We have managed to fend them off but we can not do so any longer. They have already taken the life of one of the master's daughters. We may not have that much coin to give you but out of the kindness of your hearts, please, help us!"

At the mention of little coin, a lot of the people standing beside her had left. Diana felt pity for the man. He was on his knees in a deep bow. At first, she wouldn't have ever seen the meaning in such an act. For someone who was of a higher stature than she to bow to her, it must have been embarrassing for him. "I'll help you," she said. Pluto approached closer to Diana, laying down.

"At what time will they come?"

"They come at night always. It is too risky for them to come in the day." The man was teary eyed and filled with joy. "I-I will go tell the master!" Before Diana could get another word in, he left in a hurry. "I suppose we will have to wait around," she said, patting Pluto gently on his head.
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When he got to the location he was surprised by how secured and fortified this place seemed to be. "They must be in deeper trouble then I would have thought." he says quietly as he joins the rest of the group. He noticed that the people that were around him all seemed to be seasoned warriors and blades for hire. However he noticed one person that seemed to stand out above the rest, a girl who was accompanied by a large beast. Her demeanor suggested that she was here not for the money.

As the man talked he felt a bit touched by his words and was the others left he was about to speak saying he would help but he was interrupted by the girl he noticed earlier. He smiles glad that he wasn't going to be the only one to help out these people. After hearing that the wont arrive for a while he decides to put down his weapon and plop down onto the ground deciding to sit down. He looks over at the girl and her companion, "Looks like its just the three of us." He says to her smiling.


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Diana glanced over to the only other person who decided to stay. She had a hunch that he was of her kin. However, there were many with red hair and eyes that had been human. He seemed to carry a polearm which told her that he was definately someone who could fight. Not many weild a polearm and live very long from her experience. She could be wrong. At a glance, he still seemed a bit young. It was nice to see someone who cared a bit more about others and a less about coin. Though, in these times, Diana couldn't blame them.

"Yes," she replied, smiling back at him. Diana pushed a few stray locks of hair behind her ear. "We will wait until it begins getting dark and Pluto will be able to sniff them out. By the way, my name is Diana. I'm looking forward to working with you." She would wait a moment for him to have time to speak before she followed up, "In the meantime, we should try meditating to pass the time. We'll need our rest." Diana would lean herself up against her companion and close her eyes. "Pluto will alert us if anyone unusual is here." Pluto let out a low bark in response before resting his head as well. His nose seemed to twitch occasionally as he sniffed the air.

As the daylight faded, it was quiet. The family had been locked away inside their home all day without a sign. Suddenly, Pluto began to growl as he rose up from his position. "Hm?" Diana got up from her position slowly while looking around for any sign of an intruder. "We should go," she said quietly. Pluto began trotting forward towards the location into a full sprint. The hound was faster than one would normally expect for a beast it's size. Despite his speed, Diana kept up with ease which would hint at her ancestry.
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Sesshomaru looks over at her as she is talking to him. He noticed that she had red eyes similar to his and it made him wonder if she was by any chance part of the Fanalis tribe. He shakes his head at the thought, Fanalis also had red hair which she did not and Kou has several people with red eyes and hair. He saw that she had a large sword meaning that she must be a warrior of some kind. He was equally impressed by the large canine that was with her, he had never seen anything quite like it.

He nods as she talks."Sounds like a plan to me. I will just follow your lead. My name is Sesshomaru, its a pleasure to meet you." He says before laying back to rest before it became time to start fighting. To be honest his body was shaking a bit, he was both nervous and excited about facing assassins knowing that they could very well be stronger them him. His mind then started to think about his life goal as he kept thinking about Diana's red eyes. As he was growing up he found out that not much was known about the Fanalis past and origin. All he could find out so far was that the tribe had come from the Dark Continent which was supposed to be hard to get to. He had decided that he was going to find other Fanalis and see if they knew more then that while gathering info from various other sources.

He is wrenched away from his train of thought as he hears Pluto growl. He jumps up to see the duo already running without him. He starts running with them but he was a bit of a ways behind them surprised by Diana's speed. She had to be of his tribe, it only made sense. He looks at her and shouts as they run, "Hey! By any chance are you a Fanalis?" He didn't care about the mission at that moment, he had to know if she was a Fana.

Word count 760/1500

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As they ran, she heard him shout a question to her. Her eyes widened from the nature of the question yet she quickly regained her composure. Diana took the liberty to keep quiet about such details yet he seemed to be one of her kin. She took a moment before she decided to speak. "I think you already know the answer to that question," she shouted back to him, picking up her pace to her maximum speed. Diana didn't know if he could keep up with her but she wanted to keep ahead of Pluto.

She quickly unsheathed her sword to block two incoming projectiles from where they were running. It seemed the assassins were too slow to run and decided to fight instead. A cloud of smoke rose in front of them, causing Diana to stop abruptly in her tracks. "Watch your back, kid," she said, unaware if Sesshomaru could hear her or not. Diana stood still, waiting for their enemies to strike. Pluto would have barked an alert if they had gone anywhere. They knew they had no where to run or hide.

Diana felt a pair of knives stick into her flesh and quickly be retracted in the area behind her. Taking a hit or two was her priority, to find them within the smoke. "Pluto, behind me," she said. A scream could be heard as the sound of the crushing of bone and ripping of flesh.  Pluto had found one of the targets and most likely consumed him. There was a brief sigh that escaped her lips. Despite not dealing the blow herself, it felt good to know the world was free from one less stain.  As the fog began to clear, she would listen for Sesshomaru to see if he needed assistance with whoever went after him.
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He smiles widely hearing that she two was in fact a Fanalis. It had been a couple of years since he had last seen a Fana of any degree. He was now full of energy as he felt like he was a step closer to achieving his one true dream. He was shocked to see that she still was not running at full speed yet. He was beginning to fall behind the girl and her massive canine but he was still within hearing distance. He was hoping that he would be able to keep up with her in the battle and show that he just wasn't some wet nose kid.

He jumps back at the last moment as two kunai fly at him barely missing him just grazing his leg a bit. He pulls out his pole arm weapon ready to use it against the assassins but he had no plans of using it to end their lives. He had seen enough bloodshed over the years and had decided that he would never take another human's life if he can help it. He jumps back again in order to stay out of the large cloud of smoke. He hears Diana tell him to watch his back and he hopes to himself that she and he companion will be okay as well.

He sees a shadow in the corner of his eye and turns around in time to see one of the two assassins charging at him with his with a sword that appeared to be a katana, the usual sword of choice for an assassin. He chuckles to himself thinking he could easily out maneuver someone who was not another Fanalis. He goes to move behind the assassin but it seemed that he had fought with Fana before and knew what to expect. The assassin flicks his blade around with ease to block the red head's advance catching him in the arm with the blade. Sesshomaru gasps in pain but he takes this chance to grab the blade and yanks the sword from the assassins grasp and followed this with a quick blow to his enemies stomach causing the man to crumple to the ground losing consciousness. He takes a few seconds to tie up the man then looks up to check on Diana seeing that it was just her and the canine with the other killer nowhere in site. He smiles glad to see they are okay.
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The fog had fully cleared and revealed Sesshomaru was safe. He took care of the enemy by himself and she was impressed. "You did good," she said, walking over towards him. She eyed the assassin he had taken out and noticed he was still breathing. Diana whistled to Pluto who immediately trotted over. She pointed to the unconscious man and he grabbed the man in his jaws, carrying it away. "We should let them know that they're safe."

She made her way over to the front of the manor, knocking on the door. "You're all safe now!" she shouted. There was no response. Worried, Diana gently opened it up and made her way inside. "Hello?" The sob of a child became audible from upstairs. She walked briskly to where she thought the noise came from. It was another door. Diana carefully opened the door as to not scare the child inside but in fear, they ran regardless.

It wasn't surprising that the child ran away. The act only made Diana laugh. She walked in the direction that she went and found a door cracked slightly open. Diana furrowed her brows, cautiously peeking inside the room. The family they were protecting were scared, huddling in the corner of the room. At the sight of Diana and Sesshomaru, their eyes lit up with hope.

"Did you rid of the assassins?" one of them asked excitedly. Diana nodded and smiled. "I think you're all safe now."

After saying her goodbyes to the family, she would turn to Sesshomaru, bowing to him. "It was an honor to fight alongside you, Sesshomaru." Pluto let out a heavy huff as if in agreement with the statement. The man had really pulled his weight in the situation and was much more skilled than they assumed. "If you need help at any time, don't be afraid to look for me," she said, smiling. Diana would lightly bow a second time after hearing what he had to say before departing from the area with Pluto at her side.
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He smiles as she praised him saying he did a good job. It meant. Lot to the young warrior to be complimented by someone who was clearly a skilled, and powerful warrior. "T..thank you miss. It means a lot to hear that. I think that you did a great job as well,
you beast did great too."
he replies still a bit nervous and in awe of her and her pat canine. He sees the large canine pick up the second assassin walking off with him. He nods as she suggested going back to the estate where the family still was. On his way back he was thinking about what all happened. This was his first time actually having to fight people outside of a brawl. He hasn't been seriously hurt but the fact was he still got hit by the assassin. He still had a lot to learn and he needed to get stronger if he ever wanted to become a protector of those who can't protect themselves. Hopefully one day he would be able to put an end to needless violence such as what happened tonight with the hired killers. He wants to bring peace to all these countries, make sure that a war never happens again.

He follows the half Fanalis into the manor and splits you to try to find the family. He could hear footsteps and ran over to where the family was huddled. He sighs as he looks at them all scared and terrified of what had been happening the past few days. He couldn't believe that these nobles, people who were in power, were so helpless. People who can't protect themselves have no place ruling over countries. He didn't look down on the nobles but he also thought that they were not worthy of the position that they were in.

The young man looks at his fellow warrior as she says it was a pleasure to fight to get and offers him her help if he was to ever need it. He smiles at her replying. "I feel the same way Diana.
It was a great pleasure to meet you. I may not be very much help as I am right now but I will help you as well if you ever find yourself in need. Till then I will miss seeing such a beautiful woman"
he says with a wink before walking the other way.

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