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Getting It Back [Solo/Job]

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Tick tock tick tock...

The clock continued with its parade of noises as Merari slept away. He was "home" from the academy for the weekend on request of his cousins. As irksome as it was, he didn't really have the room to refuse them after what they had done for the silver-haired boy.

But, his sleep was oh so rudely interrupted as knocks could be heard. Rap, rap, rap, it went from behind the door; which, the noises were quickly followed by an ill-mannered groan. Without care for his privacy his cousin threw the door open and briskly walked over to his head.

"Merari!" The man called, grabbing the shoulder of the boy in question, "One of your friends are over. He's mumbling about animals or something, you should probably go talk to him." As quick as his cousin walked into his life, he quickly walked back out, no doubt to go return to his books.

Pushing himself up, Merari's hair fell on his face as he yawned to himself. As the boy got up, grumbles could be heard from him as he hastily got dressed. But, he did take a good moment to brush his hair and make sure that it was presentable before finally leaving his room.

Heading to the front of the house, he encountered his academy roommate in question, who was shifting from foot to foot.

"H-Hey, Merari! I'm sorry to bother you so early, but there's a sort of commotion..."

His words drew a raised brow from Merari as he simply shook his head and smile pleasantly.

"Oh, don't worry about it!" He replied before gesturing to the kitchen as a silent offer on food or water, "But what sort of commotion does there seem to be?" He inquired, his hand lowering as he received a shake of the head from his guest.

"You know that one farmer... The one who lives sorta close but not too close?" He asked, waiting for a nod from Merari to continue, "Well, some his animals apparently got out and they're causing a mighty racket in town. I thought we could be able to go out and help them round them up?"

"Oh! Oh, alright, that's fine. I'll go help you," Merari finally said after a brief moment, a smile masking his moment of uncertainty. While he would so much like to instead stay inside, he supposed that it would be a good deed to help the farmer. And who knows, maybe someone will notice his "good deed" to help the poor farmer get his animals back.

And so, after grabbing Komori, Merari followed the fellow student out of his house and traveled alongside him. They soon found themselves chasing after various animals of all sort. The sounds of whining horses, snorting pigs, flapping wings, and mooing were heard about. Those noises were closely followed by the complaints of several Magicians who did their best to keep the barnyard escapees from trampling their gardens or getting into their houses.

While the situation was rather chaotic, Merari along with his classmate and several other Magicians were eventually able to lead and trap several animals. Some used Magic to help them with the capture of the animals, and Merari even found himself going, "Adagio!", his fingers strumming three notes before he waved Komori to fill a particular group of troublesome ducks with lassitude.

Several hours passed before all the animals were successfully rounded up, much to the relief of several gardeners. But now, it was time to clean up the wreck that resulted with the animal's havoc.


WC: 609/500
Magoi: 150/160

Ability Used:

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must play three notes before waving their staff in a circular motion as they shout “Adagio!”
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Magoi

    The Magician orders the Sound Rukh to bring drowsiness to anyone within a 5 meter radius around them. Under drowsiness their speed and reaction time are slowed.  If they are dealt D-Tier damage or if a post passes, then Adagio wears off and the effects of drowsiness wears off.

Job Details:

Job Name: Losing It Slowly
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: [ 50 XP ] || [ 3,000 Huang ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A farmer happens to have a bunch of raucous animals. They have a tendency to escape and wander around the plains. Usually, no one cares until said animals somehow manage past the guard and cause havoc. Catch the animals and return them to the farmer.


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