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A Warrior's Training [C-B]

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1 A Warrior's Training [C-B] on 19/03/17, 11:49 pm

"I want you to do a five hundred pushups, now!" Zhihao yelled at her, his eyebrows furrowed together as he watched the red-headed girl start to run.

Jingyi, for all the love she had for her uncle, had to admit that he was scary. So, at his demand, she dropped to the ground in proper position and started to lift herself.

Up, down, up down, up down. Her breaths were in heavy pants as she raised herself up and down. She could feel the sweat forming on her skin, but she didn't dare pause to wipe it off. She just focused on continuing to push herself up, pant her number, and then lower herself down.

She could feel the holes that Zhihao was glaring into her back, but she ignored it. She knew that the man was tough, her father told her as much, and she knew that this was his way of showing her love. Even if it was sweaty, mean love.

When she finally finished a number of pushups that her newfound mentor has given her, she almost collapsed onto the ground. She remained on her hands and knees for a moment before taking a trembling breath and getting to her feet.

She was almost wobbling on her legs, and she didn't want to know what the man was thinking of her in her current state. She didn't raise her eyes, just stood in position, as she heard a heavy sigh from the man.

"Take a break, Jingyi, and come back tomorrow. Your father would chew my ear out if you ended up having a cardiac arrest out here. Now go, shoo, I had enough of you," Zhihao ordered, waving his hands in the "shoo" gesture causing Jingyi to smile at him.

She bowed, her hands clasping in front of her before she straightened out and turning around.

"Thank you, Master Zhihao!" She chirped happily, though her usual jubilant voice was heavy with tiredness. She glanced up, seeing the look on her uncle's face softening before he resumed shooing her out of the dojo.

A week has passed since her first training session with the man, and Zhihao has only ramped up the difficulty of her training.

"Run four miles, and when you finish that I want you to do two hundred fifty pushups, and then two hundred fifty situps. When you finish that you'll do some stretches and work on your flexibility."

Knowing better than to groan at her master, Jingyi quickly checked her bun to make sure all of her hair was contained. She gave Zhihao a nod before turning around and starting to run.

"One!" She yelled before her uncle was out of sight as she started on running her miles. Her arms pumped at her sides, though she was careful not to pour everything into her running so she wouldn't be collapsing at the end of her exercise.

She finally finished her third mile as she came to a stop in front of Zhihao's watching eyes before dropping down. She rested on her hands and knees for a moment before starting to lift and lower her body in the pushups that she was given.

When she finished the devilish amount, Jingyi dropped onto her chest, sucked in a deep breath, and then rolled onto her back. Her arms crossed over her chest, her knees were raised, and she lifted herself up. She only laid back down after her forehead touched her knees.

After some hard panting, she laid back down and stretched out her legs. For a moment, ruby eyes closed before realizing that Zhihao was watching. Peeking open an eye, she looked at the man with a sheepish look as his face started to turn red.

Jingyi quickly rolled onto her belly and climbed to her feet. She then realized that her back was to her uncle, causing her to promptly whirl around and salute as she faced him.

She watched as Zhihao pinched the bridge of his nose, eyes closing as he took a deep breath. Jingyi bit her lip as she tried not to giggle at the rather humorous look.

"Alright. Stretches. The reason why I'm training you instead of your father is because he wants you to learn the Taiowu Stance. It's like the Mamushi Stance, more like it's the second form really, but it's much more difficult. You will need to be more flexible, you will need to be agiler, and you will need perfect balance to pull it off. And I can't do that if you lay around. Now, we will do static stretches."

After that small speech, Zhihao then rattled off different stretches that he wanted her to do before stepping back.

Jingyi gave him a silly salute before she took a step back and stretched out her arms. She held them out before crossing one over her chest and did some shoulder stretches. Once she was done with that, Jingyi raised a leg grabbed onto her knee as she did a quadricep stretch. She repeated the motions with both legs before lowering herself to do her hamstring stretches.

By the time she was finished, Jingyi was out of breath and sore. Zhihao gave her a single look before declaring that the training session was over and that she would leave. With a grateful bow, Jingyi gathered her things and left for the day.

A month has passed, and despite all the horrible hardship that Jingyi had brought Zhihao, he managed to hammer some things into the airhead's head.

Her body was physically stronger, with her now being able to do a thousand pushups now! Jingyi couldn't wait to show off to her mother how much she had grown since the last time she had visited her parents.

With a grin, Jingyi appeared for her final training session with Zhihao, well, final till the man though of some technique that he would teach the girl.

They exchanged pleasantries, though her uncle seemed to growl it out to her. And then he set her on with her set of exercises. And so, she started running, a cheery "One!" called out into the air as she waved to Zhihao and began to run.


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