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Playing with a Trickster [Social/Nicor]

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As he heard her comments on food and the like he would smile, he for sure loved spicy food, and seafood as well. Fishing was an activity that he occasionally enjoyed actually. He saw that she still had more to ask and say so he would walk with her while also listening to what she had to say. He chuckled softly happy that she was indeed wanting to learn more about him, as well as wanting to get to know more about the place that he was from. He would squeeze her hand for a moment and look at the food places around them for a second.

"I also enjoy seafood, and spicy food quite a bit, especially together." He would comment as he would remember some of the wondrous foods that he had enjoyed back in his hometown, and the foods that he had loved there. "We have a lot of hearty food, stews, roasts, and pan fried food as well." He idly said as his free hand would make a small circle in the air as he thought to himself. "When it comes to beasts though, we have a large variety, from tigers, to lions, and even some weird beasts like giant fire boars!" He said remembering something he had seen in the coliseum when he was a child.

Soon enough Nicor would see a restaurant with a sign painted in red, and with a drawing of a pepper. He was sure that this meant they served spicy food inside. He would quickly show Jingyi the place with his hands, before making a light motion with his head to say that they should definitely go inside. He was definitely excited to see how they made spicy food here, and if it was spicier than some of the peppers from his home.

Once inside he would find a nice corner seat, and motion with her. He would slowly and romantically let go of her hand. His fingers lightly rubbing at her hand as a gesture. He would then sit down at his chair, but of course the trickster gentleman would pull out her chair for her first.

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ingyi found herself with her head cocking to the side as she looked up to Nicor, actually listening attentively to the man as he spoke. For a brief moment, she wondered what was spicy for the man, and if food from Reim was spicier than food from Kou. But she quickly cast the thoughts aside in favor of paying attention to his words. Though, her attention wavered as she glanced at his hand, watching as it traced a circle in the air. There was a minuscule lull with Nicor thinking to himself as Jingyi imagined the different stews and pan fried food that Reim possibly had.

As the Reimian continued to talk, Jingyi snapped back out of her thoughts, her gaze rising to look back at Nicor's face. Her red eyes widened at the mention of a fire boar, a look of curiosity flashing across her face. Did it look like a regular boar from Kou, or was the fact that it was a "fire" boar the only difference? Was it bigger? Could it spit fire or just light itself on fire.

The redhead's mouth begun to open to ask the burning questions before his hand once more caught her attention. Her ruby gaze glanced at the sign, one with fiery scrawling and a bright red pepper, before she nodded her head. Jingyi felt game for something spicy to eat. Plus, she heard that the restaurant was actually pretty good.

"Soo, about that boar- what does it look like? Just a regular boar? Or was it on fire? Oh! Is it a delicacy to eat in Reim? If so, do you know what it tastes like?" Jingyi questioned as they entered the restaurant, her voice dropping a bit at the end to study the decor of the bistro.

Jingyi naturally began to wander over to the corner so the two could converse and enjoy their meal by themselves. Nicor apparently held no qualms about it as he followed, their hands still clasped together. Once there, her date begun to rub her hand before letting go, the touch sending a delightful shiver down her spine.

"Thank you, Nicor!~" Jingyi grinned cheerfully as the man in question drew out her seat. Pulling a napkin onto her lap, the girl glanced at him as her contentful smile softened a bit, her gaze slipping down to her hands. A thought of her being too talkative was brushed aside as Jingyi looked back at Nicor, her head once more tilting to the side.


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