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The trickster fishes

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1 The trickster fishes on 31/05/17, 10:05 pm


Job details:
Job Name: Fishing Time!
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Shu Fang River
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:  N/A
Job Overview: Some of the war refugees who is taking a shelter near the river are struggling to feed themselves and the weather to catch some fishes is just too harsh, making some of them end up eating leaves. Help them to catch some fishes in the river despite the bad weather and they will reward you

Nicor hadn't been in Kou during most of the major fighting, but he still felt like he should play his natural neutral, but helpful position to the people of Kou. He didn't plan on helping just one group, but would provide a service that would benefit everyone in the end of it all. Ao the trickster had spent time devising plots to try and help out everyone, but at first all he could think of was schemes that would involve fucking one person over, but he wanted to be beneficial to all of the people of Kou, afterall he was starting to come to like the country. Though this might've been done to the fact that the girl he currently was pursuing romantically was from this place, but he would allow his mind to hold some form of bias within itself as long as it didn't cause danger to himself or those he cared about deeply. Soon after he had thought a few of his schemes he had noticed that in the village he had been staying in at the moment was having trouble with some of the refugees. He saw that they were having quite a bit of trouble trying to catch fish in order to feed themselves. Nicor thought this would be easy to remedy, but that was until he had noticed that the storming was screwing up the fishing, and making it harder for the refugees to catch fish.  After seeing that some of them had resulted in eating leaves, it had broken it his heart somewhat, so he began to use his scheme thinking brain to come up with something that would get a large load of fish for the villagers, and give them a way to find catch more fish without him there to do it for them.

It had taken a few days, and he had to provide them all with some of his own bread to ensure that they would survive until he would be able to come up with a plan like he had. Soon afterwards he would come to the people with a few feet of rope, and then required their help with the rest of his plan. Overall his plan was to make a massive net, and tie the top corners to the trees while the others would be tired down nice and hard, even with some bolts to the rocks that were in the bottom of the river. During the storm, the giant net would be able to stop any fish even if the wind pushed on it hard. After one night he had already caught them a bunch of fish, and on the second day he was able to keep some of the fish alive. He told them to have an artificial pond near their hut, and then let them breed, catch more fish, and make it to were they would be able to harvest fish regularly and be able to survive. Though all he could do was hope, and after talking with them and leaving, he left with their thanks and a reward. Happy he helped them catch fish.


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