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Building a Force [Event/Job/Solo]

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1 Building a Force [Event/Job/Solo] on 28/02/17, 06:20 am


Job Name:Building a Force
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards:50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview:To be able to gain more advantage in the upcoming civil war, Emperor Yoshiro thinks it is better to recruit more soldier. Help the emperor to strengthen his armies by recruiting 50 soldiers and you will be rewarded! *+1 influence to Yoshiro*

They said connection would be one of the thing that would help you a lot, especially when the result of having that connection was good. No, the connection to other people was not based on symbiotic and business. It was merely an establishment of a good connection between two or more people so they could help each other in any kind of situation. The black haired girl was meeting with the person that she beat before with her fist although the meeting was not a peaceful one, but she and the man established a good relationship where they respected each other. She admired his ability to be a charismatic leader, someone who already got his own small sized army that would be ready to die for him because that was how much they devoted themselves to him. While the man, simply admired the strength that a fragile looking girl had.

“So, I got an idea to expand this small army of mine.” The man said as he lighted up his cigars, inhaled it just to exhale the smoke from his lips. “This could help the emperor to get more soldiers you know. I am thinking that 50 more should be good.” Zhu Liang would then waited for Noir to say something, hoping that she would agree to him and helped to plan it out. However the black haired girl tilted her head and stared towards Zhu’s eyes, wondering why the sudden initiative. “What’s with the sudden willingness to help? Are you planning to revolt?” Noir’s words made Zhu’s stare became a glare, the man seemed offended because the girl questioned his good will. “Why would you think like that? DO you honestly think I am that kind of man?” His words was filled with a painful tone and when Noir shook her head, he would be silent again and waited for the girl to say something.

“No, I am just joking, I was asking that out of my silly curiosity as well so I apologize.” Noir solemnly bowed her head, her tone was as flat as her expression. “You are a good man, Zhu Liang, a charismatic leader as well if I could say. So we are going to use that.” Noir would take several steps away from the man before turning her back and said to him with a smile, “Follow me?”

Although the man didn’t know what she planned to do, he hesitantly began to follow her to a shady looking house. “One of you man told me to not go to this place because it is filled with bad women. But I couldn’t help it, I am curious.” Zhu stared at the house with one gaze and sighed, “What are you planning to do with those women? Making them fight in the front line?”

Again, the black haired girl shook her head and gave Zhu a rather cunning smile, “We are going to leave that choice to them, what we are going to do is to make sure they are safe and then ask them if they want to protect their own home.”

The man couldn’t understand about the black haired girl planned to do but when the magician began to step closer into the house, he thought that he should just follow her and she what she was capable to do. The moment they opened the door, there was no one inside and the whole house was dark. It seemed that the window was covered with something as well and it forced them to enter the dark place because there was no other options. Zhu wondered what was going on with the brothel since it clearly was not in the business anymore, however the moment they stepped in, the floor that both of them stepped immediately collapsed. The door suddenly closed and there was some torch of fire being lit, making both Noir and Zhu capable to see who did this to them.

A group of women, possibly around 50 were staring down at them. Their eyes were filled with rage, their body language showed that they were being cautious. It was pretty understandable though because in the midst of civil war like this, no one would come to protect them. “What brings you here?!” One woman who seemed like the leader of them all stepped forward and knelt down to see Noir and Zhu who were still sitting in the underground. The black haired girl took the flying carpet that was hanging on the back of her waist before feeding her magoi into it, she would sit on it and offered Zhu to sit there as well before she controlled it to float up.

“This man here wants to offer you a protection, however he would need your help to fight with him when the time came.” Noir said with a sharp glare, staying calm although now she and Zhu was being aimed with a bow.

WC: 821/500


Item Name: Flying Carpet
Tier: A
Type: Magic Tool
A magical flying carpet that allows the user to soar through the sky. It measures 2 meters in width, 3 in length, and about 20cm in terms of thickness, making it quite flexible. This magical carpet gives a 25% word count reduction on traveling topics. The carpet can fly at great speeds to a height of 60 meters. The carpet can hold up to 5 people at a time before being weighed down.


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“Go on.” The woman said coldly, seemed interested to know what else that they could offer. Noir would then tilt her head, noticing the change in the woman’s tone and smiled a little. “You see, we didn’t want to harm you girls but we noticed that you are capable of fighting. So instead to try and do this, why not pick side?” The black haired girl would then waited for the leader to speak while she observed the rest of the ladies. The way that they use to hold the bow and arrow as well as the stance was somewhat similar, as if there was someone who taught them that. She might have found a good asset though, the leader there probably was the one who taught the other ladies about how to use a bow.

“How can we trust you? And which side that you support now?”

Zhu would then take the chance to talk as well, didn’t want to let Noir to get all the spotlight. “I was in your shoes as well before and we made a bet. I joined Yoshiro’s soldier now and still staying there because I believe we should protect our home. Things got better now with the current emperor in charge, don’t you agree?” The man said with a confidence, wanting to somehow able to influence the woman. Their leader seemed to start thinking, trying to decide things but then she wondered about the advantage that she would get if she joined Yoshiro’s side. Again, Zhu decided to answer it and explaining about all the benefits that he got. It seemed that he was being treated nicely there and it was clear from his tone that he was not lying at all.

The woman looked at her group and they began to nod to each other before lowering their aim. “We will join you for now, we clearly need some protection and a decent shelter… Also, is it really okay for us who is a filthy women to try and defend our home?” She looked down, “You know…”

Noir would then float down, bringing her magic carpet to the safe side of the floor and casually approached the woman. “There’s nothing wrong with it. We all share the same goal and protecting our home is our priority right?” The woman stared at Noir with a disbelief look before bowing to her and said, “Ling Hua, a former archer and adventuress, at your service along with the other 50ish ladies.” The black haired girl smiled and let Zhu to handle this, hoping that they could be the asset for them to have the bigger chance to win the battle.

WC: 1267/500



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