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Building up a Country[Job/Solo]

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1Building up a Country[Job/Solo] Empty Building up a Country[Job/Solo] on 20/05/18, 02:01 pm

Job Details:

Job Name: Building up a Country Pt1
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Balbadd
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang, 50 Exp
Job Prerequisites:None
Job Overview: Things are taking a turn for the worst in the country, it can't be taken sitting down any longer.  Life in Balbadd for a law-abiding citizen means working twice as hard because half of what you have will be stolen.  Take a stand against crime, and talk with the local lawmakers about getting help.

Bass started the day seeing various crimes, every timed he turned around something was happening, okay perhaps that often, but even still there was a large amount of crime being done these days.  The Red hair male kept himself ready, his bow was on his back but his hunting knife was right near his left hand on his belt.  He was ready for something to pop off, for someone to try their hand with him. None did, it could have been the blood on his clothes from his hunt this morning, or perhaps they just didn't want to risk it with someone with a weapon.

Bass finally reached the Council that put the laws into the court system. He had an appointment with their figureheads, these people were the worst.  "They will see you now" How odd? He was expecting a wait upon arriving instead he was sent right through. And there they were the men in power each in a chair that overlooked the rest of the room.  The 5 chaired men nodded their heads as he entered. " Good morning young man, what brings you in?"

The young man would smile then greet them. "Yes, good morning. At least that would be what I would like to say to you five this morning. However, on my way here the actions of crime I saw. Robbing, fighting, the list goes on. He'd pause for a second swallowing the spit in his mouth to wet his throat. "The crime in the country is outraged, I'm a hunter from the outside boarders who travel here every day to sell my goods. Their reach is increasing they are spreading their madness.  There are Rumors of slavers taking over the docks, people are being stolen from this country and sold off. NOTHING is being done."  

He stopped again, looking at each man none of them seemed to be affected about what he was saying of course not. They were on the top they didn't see how it was in the market, how dangerous it was.

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It would be apparent at this time that some if not most stood to gain from the current way the country worked, and that his meeting here was all for nothing. Instead of finishing his hearing the caring lad would simply walk away from his speaking area. He'd give one swift bow and walked out, there wasn't anything for him to do here. He stood outside on the steps thinking it over, and wondering why people were like this, why was it okay to profit over such evilness and disgusting actions? He'd have to find some other way to deal with this matter. For now, he'd have to do what he could while not drawing too much attention to himself. With nothing left to do here Bass would leave the area and return home to brainstorm, there had to be some sort of way to get the public figures to start making moves. If people like himself took action by themselves than deaths would only rise and the country would be looking at pure chaos.

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