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OBJECTION! [Noir/Social]

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1 OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 24/02/17, 11:56 pm

A beautiful, grandiose architecture of the college was a bit daunting. A towering structure, full of knowledge and wonder. He was eager to learn the opinions of the well-educated demographic of the country. As well as learning more about the culture and general knowledge about Kou.

He had already started some preliminary research at a small library but now he needed to examine the minds of the people. A college would be a great place to start, he had decided to enroll in some classes. He was going to take some legal studies, as he had a good background in legal matters but in addition, legal studies dips into all other matters of a country and the people who would take this course with him would be great brains to pick for information.

He had returned with some Huang to pay for his classes, but there was someone else here. Possiby to enroll but he couldn't tell.

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2 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 26/02/17, 11:50 am

The black haired girl looked around the room that was full of books, amazed by the amount although it was not as many as the books that Magnostadt’s academy had. But the knowledge that Kou had and preserved in the book might be different, there must be some more new things that she could get by reading some books made by Kou’s author. It was kind of weird because although she had been to Kou several times, she was never able to explore the country. The only time that she got to explore the city as when her masters brought her along with them even though she still couldn’t freely do anything when she was brought.

The college in Kou seemed different from how the magic academy looked like and she was sure enough that this college didn’t teach magic to the student. Well, there might be some classes for magic but she saw a lot of other books, mostly about strategic war, weaponry and even agriculture, while magic book could be count by using fingers. She thought that perhaps she should borrow some books that would tell her more about the imperial family, so after getting some books that she needed. Noir checked them out before walking out from library and was having a hard time because there was a lot of books that was on her hands at that moment. Haku tried to help but he couldn’t do anything since the girl refused to take the offer and just kept walking, until suddenly she bumped into someone and accidentally dropped all of her books to the ground. “Ouch… I apologize…”


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3 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 26/02/17, 09:35 pm

The girl wasn't quite paying attention to where she was walking, and was headed right for him. But Dylan Peaks wasn't going to move, he deliberately stayed in her path and took a fall as she connected with him, dropping his Huang as he fell with her books.

Dylan plopped onto his rear, his hands supporting him. He smiled awkwardly to the woman, as his eyes made contact with hers, he reached over asking for a helping hand to get back on his feet. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you."

It was during this time when he noticed the pet, it made him a bit uneasy. He was great at dealing with people, but animals were an entirely different matter. Dylans hand managed to scrape up a book that the woman had chosen.


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4 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 27/02/17, 11:06 am

The girl ignored the book that fell to the ground at the moment, noticing that the person she bumped might need some hand to get back on his feet. She would reach back the person’s hand and pulled him, her current strength made it possible for her to easily pull anyone back on their feet. When he said sorry, Noir shook her head and replied, “No, no, it was my fault. Are you okay though?” The magician stared at the man’s eyes as if she wanted to look deeper into his hazel orbs to find out more about this man with just a glance. She noticed when the man made an uneasy gesture, wondering what could make him act like that until she noticed that Haku might make people felt unsafe and worried sometime. “Umm, he is a good boy. He won’t bite unless you attempt to harm me.”

A swarm of black rukh was apparent around this man and if this man had the ‘gift’, he would be able to see how contrast their rukh color was. Not to mention that at the moment Noir was pretty amused because she met yet another person with a black rukh, causing her to wonder why it was rare for her to meet a person with white rukh like herself. She didn’t mind really, believing that having black rukh was not a bad things at all more likely because she was purely curious about it. However, there could be a time where a person had a color change in their rukh from white to black or even a person who was being drowned by the black rukh and no longer act like how they usually act.

“Ah, thank you. But your Huang is scattered all over now.” Noir said as she kneeled down, didn’t want to let the man to be the only one useful there. She would pick up some of her books as well as gathering the scattered money that as dropped by the man.


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5 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 27/02/17, 07:06 pm

When they made eye contact, Dylan would finally notice the golden hue of her eyes, but looking out of the corner of his eyes to the dog. She was quite powerful, meaning she probably wasn't a mage, as magicians were quite known for their frailty. "Oh pardon my manners. My name is Dylan Peak. I just came here to study, that's what the huang is for."

His handed extended to Noir to return the book he had lifted from the floor, then quickly gathering his own huang. "I don't believe I caught your name, nor your handsome friends." His eyes darted from Noir to the beast. Dylan didn't quite pay attention to the color of her Rukh. Essentially everyone he had met had white rukh, it seemed be quite the staple but his own and his father were black... a horrible trait for horrible people as far as he knew.

"And what are you doing here? Just catching up on some reading? If you know this place, I could use a tour after I'm done with my admissions process, simply gotta pay."


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6 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 09/03/17, 10:48 pm

“It is nice to meet you, Mr. Peak. My name is Noir Ecryola and this liger is Haku, also…” Noir slightly tugged the hem of her cloth and a small fox popped up before looking around. “This little fox is Kuzunoha.” Both of the beasts raised their hands and greeted the man, showing that both of the beasts were trained well. The black haired girl finished gathering her books as the man gathered his own money, wondering what kind of study that the man wanted to take. “I am just borrowing books and to be honest I am not too familiar with this place either since I only go to the library most of the time.” The black haired girl gave the man a soft smile, almost couldn’t be seen if the man was not observant enough. “Perhaps we can go and explore together? I am curious to see the difference between here and the academy that I enroll in Magnostadt.”


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7 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 16/03/17, 12:42 pm

Dylan was no longer comfortable in this situation, this woman had to be bad news for him. Not only did she seem like a talented tamer, but she was also going to enroll in Magnostadt, which could only mean one thing. She was an even better Magician, as a magician, she would be able to tell that the rukh around him was as black as night making it harder for him to be deceitful towards her.

"Ah, my mistake, you just seemed to be familiar with the location, so I assumed you were a student, perhaps even a teacher. Not many students are willing to educate themselves that much." He pointed to her stack of books with a comical reaction. "It's okay. Maybe we'll see each other around."

Dylan was now regretting giving his name to her. He would have to be more careful with his own name from now on, but at least he believed she had given her name. He couldn't believe he was talking to a magician.... someone like his father. "Well take care." He was a bit awkward with his goodbyes, and he merely walked past her, looking back at her for a moment, taking a mental photograph of her.



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8 Re: OBJECTION! [Noir/Social] on 16/03/17, 11:06 pm

The black haired girl tilted her head, wondering why the man suddenly rushed to leave. Perhaps he had something urgent to do? Noir was not sure, but she would let him be. Maybe it was not the time for them to establish a connection yet, but she will remember his name and her eidetic memory will help her to remember the man's face. With a soft sigh, the magician walked to the gate with her beasts and looked back for a bit, still curious about Dylan. But she eventually leave the academy and went back to the inn where she was currently staying at, couldn't wait to read the books that she had borrowed quickly.



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