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The sun shone high over the skies of Kou this day. It would have been a beautiful sight if not for the killing and war in general. Birds chirped flying away into that giant yellow orb in the sky and shops were quiet,, evacuating into the neutral zones. Lestacia had helped people in theses Zones once before in the name of Gao Yuan Zu and his supporters. However Lestacia's Goal was a bit different today. She had approached the palace and spoke to one of the guards there. "I am Lestacia, P. Goodman, I am here to join the Yoshiro Faction."

Lestacia obviously wanted no part in their ideals but there was a plan she needed to take car of. If her side. The side of Gao Yuan Zu were to win, she'd have to destroy the Yoshiro faction from the inside out. While undercover she needed to keep her guise underwraps, gaining the trust of other Yoshiro faction members while all the more while destroying them like a virus from the inside. The guard looked down to the girl and scoffed. 'Well little lady what can you do?' he replied. Again that damned word rung in her head, but she had to keep it together. The moment she would let her composure fade was the same moment her mission would become a failure.

She sighed and crossed her arms. "Well for one I am a Magician, a pretty adept one at that." She looked at the guards faces and they looked quite surprised and scared at the same time. They knew magicians were powerful but finding one so far away from Magnostadt was rare. Lestacia gave the men a light smile. "I am proficient with Life and strength magic but more Life Magic than anything."

'Ah so you're a healer then! Thats excellent we need more people like you around. We've taken some severe hits in our forces so someone of your stature would fit in quite well around here.' The guard then turned away and  faced the gate. 'LET HER IN SHE'S A HEALER! SEND HER TO TOTEPEI!' As the guards opened the Gate Lestacia curtsied as a thank you and entered into the palace grounds.There she'd meet 4 guards who would surround her like a protective unit and lead her to the barracks. This is where you'll be staying, feel free to leave your things here. They led her to the dining hall and the training grounds and finally to the commanders quarters.

'Ah! You must be the healer I 've been hearing so much about. I am Totepei AnacharisThe third. But you may call me Totepei. ' He knelt before Lestacia and kissed her hand. 'And what pleasure do I owe to have a Magician of your caliberin my presence?'

"None, but you flatter me!".  lestacia said quite sharply. "I am simply here to heal the wounded and support you in anyway I can." Lestacia smiled at the man kneeling before her. He clapped his hands together and smiled. 'Excellent because we have a job for you. I need you to go with our troops to Ithacia a village nearby and recruit a veteran to our cause. He's resisted before so if he resists this time I have given authorization to use force. However this man is quite strong so I expect for you to heal any injured in the mean time. Alrighty then got it?'

Lestacia Nodded and set out to Ithacia. There she traveled with a group of Yoshiro Troops  to th house to recruit the man. His robes were heavy, but the sun’s warmth didn’t reach the mottled and oddly hued skin beneath. No part of his flesh was visible, which was probably just as well. She wasn’t even sure what his skin looked like.

A cold wind scudded over the snowcapped mountains to the north and a distant storm disgorged rain over distant fields and settlements far away from Ithacia. Where Lestacia came from, there was little in the way of clouds, and even less rain. Perhaps the storm would come south and make the cobbles of the town slippery.

Within the town the group decided to take a rest at a nearby tavern. They sat there and ate for a bit until a burly man, their target burst through the doors.

“Stand and face me” ordered the powerful voice.

Lestacia held up a finger while she finished her lunch. She licked her lips then settled her hood over her delicate face before looking up at the warrior standing before her. The man was powerfully built, broad of shoulder and thick of arm. Armored head to foot in gleaming warplate of burnished steel, he carried a double-edged, hand-and-a-half sword.

This was the man they were looking for. Lestacia stood up from her seat first to take the mans challenge.

“You seem like a man who can hew iron birch trees all day and still have energy left for a tavern brawl” said Lestacia.

“I’ll not waste words on you, monsters. You people expect me to join your side and support you when you don't even care about your people.” said the warrior, assuming his fighting stance. All the other soldiers had gotten up to fight him but Lestacia put a hand up signalling them to stop. Lestacia sighed, disappointed the defeat of the multiple men before this one hadn’t taught people like him anything.
“Monster?” she said. “I could show you monsters, but I fear you wouldn’t live long enough to tell anyone what a real monster looks like.”

“For Ithacia!” shouted the Old soldier and he attacked with the same tired, predictable strikes all the others had. The man was fast and strong enough to wield his sword in one hand. Lestacia swayed aside from the first blow, ducked the second and parried the third. She spun inside the swordsman’s guard and hammered her elbow against the side of his helmet. The metal buckled and the man went down on one knee with a grunt of pain. Lestacia gave him a moment to still the ringing in his head. The man tore off his helm and dropped it to the floor. He swung at Lestacia with Twin Dragon but she ducked quckly and with her short sword wand she slashed upwards. As the man stumbled back out of the tavern, Lestacia would walk out into the rain. As the man attempted to get up again. Lest soon heard a cry of pain from behind her. Apparently when she ducked the old man attacked a comrade of hers. She sighed looking at the dying man. Friends surrounded him and Lestacia closed her eyes. These guys were good people, but she could not let this slide.

"By the order of Yoshiro I have been given the option to use deadly force if necessary. I am Sentencing you to death now!" The Old Man got up But Lestacia poured nearly everything she had into the next spell. "REVERIA!" Ther Skeletal hand retained it's size protruded from the ground stopping the man in his tracks. "See you in the next life." Lestacia said waving a hand. With that the Skeletal had destroyed the man. Lestacia turned away to the tavern as everyone inside looked at the wrecked man behind her in fear. "Let's move out and report back to Totepei.

With that the group left Ithaacia leaving the wrecked man for the people to deal with. Their target the man lay obliterated on the ground where parts of him were scattered among the city.


Spells and Magoi:


*Was Scaled to A-Tier*
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Lestacia must swipe their wand/staff in front of them.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi | 5 Magoi

The caster of this spell swipes their wand/staff in front of them, causing a skeletal hand that is 2m long and 1m wide to appear from the ground. It then swipes everything away in a 2 meter wide arch in front of them, dealing D-tier damage to anything it hits.


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