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Double Trouble [Job/Endolf/Event]

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1 Double Trouble [Job/Endolf/Event] on 23/02/17, 10:25 am


Job Name: Dystopian Troubles
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: The great nation of Kou has been torn apart by the civil war. Her citizens have had enough with the violence and despair. Starving and diseased, they began rising up against the very soldiers that once protected them. Will you decide to stop them or aid them in their revolt? *+3 influence to Yoshiro if you help the soldiers. +3 influence to Gao Yuan Zu if you help the people.*

Enemies if you support Yoshiro:
Enemy Name: Kou Citizens (x10)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: The distressed people of Kou whom are equipped with pitchforks, basic swords, and other household items. While they are weak, they can be overwhelming and fast.
Strike, Stab, Pummel ~ A citizen will retaliate against their target. They will use whatever weapon they have at their disposal to deal C tier damage.
Fight as One ~ The citizens will begin to attack their target all at once. Dealing C tier damage multiple times with their various weapons.

A nation that was in a war usually ended up in a chaotic situation, a lot of people started to being torn apart due to different opinions, lots took advantage of the chaos to show their capabilities and some…was frustrated because of the endless calamity. It was Noir first time to be in that kind of situation but she could say that she understood the feeling, more like she understood that some of the civilians might be afraid of dying because being in the middle of a civil war like this made you couldn’t forecast when you could die. She constantly feeling that way for several years when she was being held as a slave, waiting for either her master or even the slaver to kill her when it was time in fear. That was until she stopped thinking about it and accepted everything because apparently doing so made her feel better and somehow… she considered death as her old friend.

The black haired girl received some information from the soldier that she met before when she helped them to convince the tailor to finish the emperor’s armor. It was pretty useful to have an acquaintance that could give her information like that, not to mention it would be easier for her to continue to support the emperor in the civil war. This information was a pretty bad news actually because she would need to choose side and it was between the citizens and soldiers. The black haired girl decided to head towards the area so she could made her decision after observing the situation. Perhaps, helping the soldier would be better because Yoshiro needed his soldiers being unavailable for war the least, obviously. Not only that, aggressive citizens might be bad for the emperor because they might choose to help Gao Yuan Zu to overthrow Yoshiro from his throne.

Noir prepared herself though before she headed towards the area, planning to head there as soon as possible because if she was too late then maybe the soldiers who originally intended to protect them might be in danger. She began to wonder if people’s mind was that easy to be corrupted... but then again this was war and they were in the situation where they were being tested whether or not they could keep their sanity. Manipulators were hiding, blending in with other people and provocateurs were waiting for their chance to strike, possibly helping the citizens to lead the revolt. The black haired girl mounted Haku and she commanded to her liger, “Haku, we need to rush…”

WC: 428/1500


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Endolf sighed. The entire country of Kou had finally begun to collapse in on itself as civil war finally broke out and began to spread like wildfire. Normal everyday citizens had finally started to revolt, taking up arms against the soldiers under Emperor Yoshiro’s command and rallying under the command of his own father and the former Emperor. The Fanalis himself had become caught up in the entire thing prior to the escalation, having been taken in as a part of Yoshiro’s draft and brought to the training camps for the soldiers. The training camps where he made not only the other recruits, those who had no form of combat training or experiences prior to being plucked from their homes and lives, but the seasoned warriors who had seen numerous battles and training exorcises seem like they were nothing more than the simple ragdolls they had set up at the training grounds for practice.

That was his own undoing. Now here he was, a member of Yoshiro’s soldiers trying to suppress the rioting citizens with Raijin at his side. So far the wolf had been doing a well enough job of keeping the citizens at bay and under control with his feral roars and intimating looks. Some were even afraid of Endolf just from the crimson hair he sported, knowing full well he was a Fanalis and what he was capable of just from that fact alone.
WC: 237/1500


Name: Raijin
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Lightning Wolf
Appearance: A rather typical silver wolf that sits at a size of roughly 1.5 meters tall with striking electric blue eyes. To indicate the abnormal nature of the beast several areas of it glow a faint blue color, not overly noticeable through it's thick fur. These spots include the far tip of it's tail and runs all along the back right up to it's snout. When agitated or scared small sparks of static electricity dance through it's fur.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Lupine Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: The user must be a wolf or a creature of lupine ancestry.
Trait Description: A natural, basic ability of wolves is their ability to run quickly to catch their prey
Trait Effect: If the creature is D tier the fastest it can run on land is at C tier speeds.

Trait Name: Static Charge
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Raijin
Trait Description: Raijin is able to create static discharge through its fur. Raijin has an abdominal organ within it that generates positive charged ions and sends them directly into the beasts highly conductive fur, allowing him to use it as a defensive or offensive mechanism.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register lightning based abilities.

Trait Name: Lightning Resistance
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lightning Wolf
Trait Description: This species of wolf generates and coats itself in static electricity making it resistant to lightning based abilities.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to resist up to D Tier lightning attacks and spells.


Name: Resentment
Tier: B
Type: Sword and chain
Material: Damascus Steel and Obsidian
Appearance: Looking at Resentment one wouldn't think it had been completely reforged. The sword still holds the same shape, using Endolf's original sword as a base, Resentment improves on the weapon's design and corrects it's flaws. An additional layer of metal has been smithed over the original steels blade, resulting in it ending in a forked shape with two sharp and deadly points. The sides of the blade still as deadly sharp as before and perfect for cutting enemies. Gone are the leather straps Endolf used to swing the blade around wildly and instead they have been replaced by a single metal chain with a small grappling hook object at the end that attaches to the shaped, sharpened pommel at the bottom of the sword's handle, the chain normally remaining wrapped around Endolf's forearm until needed to be attached. The chain now lengthens out to a max reach of 5 meters. Replacing the markings on the flat sides of the blade is an intricate, stylized image of a golden bird. The addition of the sharpened points has brought the weapon's length to roughly 140cm with the width remaining at roughly 61cm.

Hand of the Stream:

Name: Hand of the Stream
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Gauntlet
Magic Type:  Water
Appearance: A 30cm gauntlet with a magic circle on the palm.

    River Dance - Feeding magoi into the tool causes a high pressure current of water to envelope the weapon in its grip, the user is then able to shoot the high pressure water off their weapon up to 10m away in a 3m crescent shape, dealing C-Tier water damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Molten Strike:

Name: Molten Strike
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Whip
Magic Type: Lava [Heat + Strength]
Appearance: This whip has a 66cm handle made of cooled molten rock and has two 2 meter long “strings” seemingly constructed of lava, capable of inflicting B-tier damage with its strike. The magic circle can be found inscribed on the handle.

    Heated Control – Feeding magoi into the whip will cause the handle to wrap around the users fist and temporarily allow them to control it as if it were apart of their own body. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Ring of Xiuhcoatl:

Name: The Ring of Xiuhcoatl
Tier: B
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance:This delicate ring is made from gold and there is a small amethyst stone is attached in the middle of the ring. The magic circle is located inside the band of the ring.

    Static Surprise – After feeding magoi to the item, it will create a static electricity charge that will travel outwards up to 3m in front of the user. The static electricity charge will cost any conductive metal to be covered in a painful but weak charge of electricity. It is possible to hold onto the object in this state with great pain tolerance. However, doing so will deal D-Tier damage to the hand each post held. The effect of the static charge on the enemy lasts for 3 posts. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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“Noir…” A voice was calling her name but it was faint, it almost felt like a whisper. She opened her lips, “Who…?” The voice echoed throughout the strange room. She had been in the room several time now and it was always the same every time she was in the room. Noir was floating in the water and her upper body was emerging from the surface, she could feel the sound of the water as she closed her eyes. Camelia flowers accompanied her as it floated on the water as well, decorating the dark room with the red petals. The room was her inner mind and the state inside the room was based on her condition at the moment, the water was clear but it seemed that it was endless because one would be able to see the base. Suddenly something fell to the water but Noir was still closing her eyes, waiting for the answer of her question as she felt the water rippled. She felt like someone was touching her cheek, slowly and it felt like a caress. “It is me…” The voice said and Noir slowly opened her eyes, the golden color shined brightly as if it could illuminate the room.

The figure that she saw was herself but it had a different eye color and her expression was more alive than Noir herself. This other her had a sultry smiled attached on her face, her eyes were full of passion and desire. “Ah…” Noir stayed still as she saw another her in her mind room, something that was not really new for her. “What brings you here…?” She asked with a flat tone, but she didn’t mean anything bad. The other her seemed to understand her very well because obviously, they were the same. They were just 2 entities that were living in the same vessel although Noir was the main personality and the other was just… something that was made by unknown source. “It seems you met with an interesting person recently, I am just curious.” The girl chuckled before leaning herself against Noir and continued, “He has familiar scent like us, perhaps he is the same like us?” She ended her words with another chuckle as she closed her eyes slowly.

“Rion. We don’t know yet…”

The girl looked up to Noir and smiled with a blush on her face, “Ahh, you finally call me by my name…” Rion moved herself to Noir’s left side and chuckled as if she knew something. “Let’s see what will happen… I might be able to control your body again if necessary.” Right after she said that, her body slowly dispersed into red colored flower petals, leaving the girl alone in the dark room by herself. Noir sighed softly and slowly closing her eyes, letting the darkness to fade into the room.

Her liger growled as he quickened his pace and that made Noir snapped out from the dream that she had, the black haired girl was surprised and she was grateful that she reacted quickly or she would be thrown from Haku’s back. It was not like her to have a daydream in the middle of an important mission like this, but perhaps it was her other self that made her to enter a dream state. ’Rion…’ she murmured to herself, wondering if it was the name of her other self. Also what she said about the man that they recently met made Noir wondered about the identity of this man. It could be Mikazuki Tenma that they met before or even Tao, the elite soldier from Kou or even…someone else. But for now she needed to focus on the mission first since it was a mission given by one of the elite soldier for her to do and she couldn’t let them down if she wanted to keep supporting Yoshiro’s side.

The moment she was close to the troubled area, Noir could see some men attacking the soldiers that was guarding them before. Gritting her teeth, the magician became upset because clearly the citizens were not being grateful at all to the soldiers that were protecting from any harm and of course the soldiers couldn’t really fight back because it might happen so quickly and they were not a lot, there was just 2 of them that were being stationed there. “Haku, prepare yourself.” Noir commanded her liger as she grabbed her staff that was hanging around her back. She would count how many people that she needed to stop before some people suddenly came out from the hiding to confront Noir. There were 5 people appearing and they were bringing along some weapon in their hand, a pitchfork, basic sword and other kind of tool or equipment that could be used to be a weapon.

“Haku, halt!” Noir quickly commanded her liger because she didn’t see it coming and the liger would quickly halted himself but he knew Noir would lose her balance so he drifted himself to the right and maneuvered his legs to be ready right in front of the citizens right after that.

“If you think you can defeat us! Come!” said one of the citizens. Noir could notice the hint of black rukh as well, probably someone had let them fall into their own depravity or… they drowned their own self to the depravity although they haven’t been fully affected. The black haired girl didn’t have any words to be spoken as she was already upset by the fact that the citizens became so cocky. The citizens kept talking big and yelled at her as they pointed the weapon that they brought before running towards Noir and Haku to attack them. Screeching Lullaby. Noir whispered to the rukh and pointed her staff towards the citizen. A sound wave was formed and sending a deafening screech to the 5 men, dealing damage to their ear and made them stop running towards her and her liger. As if it was not enough, she cast another spell as she still pointed her staff towards the men who was in pain, sending a static energy wave and electrocuted those 5 men. The girl took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, she knew if she keep letting the anger to take control of herself then she would go as far as killing her enemies and she didn’t want to do it in the middle of crisis like this. She needed to at least guard Yoshiro’s reputation and gained him as much support as he needed.

WC: 1520/1500

Magoi: 450/480


Onda D’urto
Tier: D-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Needs to point the staff/wand to the chosen direction
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 | 5
Description: Using lightning magic, the user produces a static energy and it will discharge in a 2 meters area up to 5 meters away from the user, dealing D-Tier damage.

Screeching Lullaby
Tier: C-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Needs to point the staff/wand to the chosen direction
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10
Description: Using Sound magic, Noir can produce a 1-5 meters cone shaped sound wave that sounds like a screech. The spell will be cast by the user in a small range starting from 1 meter and it will become larger up to 5 meters. The sound wave will travel up to 7 meters away from the user and deal C-tier damage for anyone who heard the ear piercing screech or get caught in the sound vibration.

Item & Beast:

Name: Staff of Storms
Tier: A
Tier: A
Type: Advance Staff
Magic Type: Storm | Lightning + Wind
Appearance: A gray staff will small bits purple of electricity running through it.

  • By feeding the staff magoi magoi the wielder can cause a massive amount of wind to build up in a 5 meter radius around them leaving an eye of the storm at the center that is 1 meter wide. A tornado will form that will have bits of electricity running through it causing all those in it to receive B tier lightning damage across their body resulting in several 2nd degree burns. The wind will sweep anything that is below 500 pounds off their feet and thrown 10 meters back once the attack is done. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Name: Haku
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Thermal Liger
Appearance: Haku is a ruby-eyed Liger who has tiger-like black strips and white colored mane that is similar like a lion's. He is 3 meter long and 2 meter tall while standing on all fours.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Hypirus Gland
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has an extra organ within its body which gives him a control over its body temperature, allowing him to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts.
Trait Effect: Gives Haku ability to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts

Trait Name: Fur of steel
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku could harden its fur, making it as hard as steel
Trait Effect: Haku's fur can protect against up to B-tier physical damage. It will follow item durability rules and once the steel fur "armor" is broken, Haku takes damage normally. (Defensive power (B-tier shield) | 300) Unfortunately, this makes his body act like a lightning rod making lightning based attacks within 1m of him attract dealing direct damage into his body through the steel fur.

Trait Name: Quiver Feet
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has a faster movement speed and can run as fast as a B-tier Fanalis in speed
Trait Effect: Movement speed is the same like like B-tier Fanalis speed


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Endolf continued to watch the uneasy citizens before him move about nervously in fear of not only the Fanalis standing before them but the threatening wolf at his side. The redhead yawned, both tired and annoyed at the fact that he had to be here on crowd control. “Are you people done yet? I’d like to be able to go back to my inn at some point ya know.” He lazily glared at the masses, arms folded across his chest as he did so. The shaking citizens before him only seemed to cower from him even more as he broke his own silence to address him.

“H-he’s not going to do anything to us!” A voice came calling out from behind the people cowering before Endolf, a pitchfork being thrust into the air. “There’s more of us than there is of him! Let’s take this Fanalis bastard down and give the Emperor his throne back!”Raijin howled at the crowd at the faceless threats while his partner could only sigh out of pure annoyance. The wolf had managed to keep the cowards in the front at bay, as he had been doing this whole time, but the ones in the back of the crowd that had surged forward once provoked continue to approach. Endolf would uncoil the chain around his right wrist as they fought their way through their own people to get at him. One by one he would lash his chain forward, aiming for each of the townspeople’s would-be weapons in an attempt to Disarm each one.

Of the five rebel “soldiers” of the masses that approached him only two of them managed to hold on to their would-be weapons as the other three had them ripped from their hands by the redhead’s chain. The one in the middle lost his pitchfork as it went sailing up over his head and behind him, embedding itself upside down in front of the rest of the mob of people already too scared to approach Endolf or his lupine companion. To the far right the young, rash man lost his grip on his farmer’s scythe and found it sliding off along the ground out of his reach. To the immediate left of the former pitchfork wielder lost the improvised weapon she had been holding just as well. The five halted in their approach as Endolf recalled his chain into his hand, almost as if pondering what to do next. The two that still held their excuses for weapons but they looked to the one in the center for guidance rather than continue towards their target.

“Are you lot done being idiots yet? I’d prefer to handle this a bit more civilized than just taking the easy way out and simply beat you into the ground.” The redhead would keep hold of his chain with his left hand, the gold of his gauntlet contrasting the worn silver of his weapon. “Fanalis scum!” The former owner of the pitchfork spat at him, his fists clutched tight at his sides. “Emperor Gao will make sure you get those shackles back once he’s back on the throne! Maybe he’ll even give you to me once we take you down and help him retake the country.”


The redhead went silent as the man’s words sunk in, becoming as unmoving as stone as memories from his childhood came rushing back to the surface of his mind. It was when he was young, before his first trip to Reim. Back when he still had an “owner”. His mother was still recently departed, a casualty of one of their “master’s” guests she had been ordered to “entertain”. He remembered how it all happened. The young boy had been fully aware that she had done something to upset the man and as a result he had taken his anger out on her in blind rage and killed her. Of course Endolf had been upset about the loss of his only known parent but his life had only become that much harder on him from that point on.

His mother had been the only reason Endolf hadn’t been forced to do much. Now that she was dead his “master” had put him to work in full-force. Making him his personal slave to start, forcing him to do the most demeaning tasks personally. Everything from dressing his master fresh from the “royal” bath right down to testing the food he would eat for poisons. He would even have the young Endolf beaten for his own amusement.

The memories caused a physical shiver to pass through Endolf’s body. He had tried his hardest to suppress those memories since his escape in Reim and had thought he had done a good enough job of doing that. Apparently he was wrong. The small mob could see their would-be leader had found a mental subject to trample on in the powerhouse before them. “This is our chance! Let’s get this worthless bastard for Emperor Gao!” The man would rally his forces once again with a shout, all of them once again ready to pounce on the visibly disturbed individual before them. Raijin took it upon himself to put himself between his partner and the oncoming mob, howling at them all as he stared them down. He wanted to try and buy Endolf some time, unsure of what was wrong with the young fighter that he had seen powerful and impressive feats from before.

Endolf himself had been able to hear the rallying cries of the bigots before him. It didn’t help with the shaking but it did bring him back from his memories. Especially once he heard the howl of his partner that was now standing before him. The grip of his golden hand tightened around his chain as the magic symbol of his gauntlet began to glow a gentle teal, like that of the color of the ocean waves. “Thanks Raijin.” The word would come out calm as the redhead continued trying to regain control over his body and halt the shaking. His chain, still pulled taunt between his hands, would become veiled by a layer of water. The pure, clear-blue liquid rippled along the length of the interlocking metal links as Endolf pulled it to the left and back. He would release the weapon only as he began to whip it across the air in front of him, a wave of water flying off and rushing the five individuals that were stupid enough to put themselves in their current situation.

Endolf didn’t even pay them anymore attention as the crescent shaped wave made impact with the rebel supporters of Gao, knocking them all to the ground in one move. He was still focused on getting his breathing back under control. The rest of the citizens had dropped their everyday objects that where intended to be weapons and now stared at Endolf with a combination of emotions. Fear, surprise, amazement and adoration. But the redhead didn’t care about any of that. None of them were attempting to get past him or attack him anymore. It gave him the time he needed to steel his nerves once again. “Emperor Yoshiro requested that none of you be injured during this war. He still wishes that you all be safe and protected until this dispute with his father is over. Please help us to help keep you all safe and go about your normal lives as usual.” It took him a moment to realize what he had just said himself. He spoke almost like one of the emperor’s soldiers would, but it didn’t feel scripted in any way.

None of the citizens before him retaliated in any form of negativity. Somehow it seemed as if, by the combination of his speech and his actions, he had managed to convince them of exactly when he said. Gathering up the defeated antagonists they would all simply walk away from him, leaving him once more with only Raijin as his company.
WC: 1,331
TWC: 1,568/1,500

Magoi: 140/150
Stamina: 335/375

Scaling Disarming Lash twice

Disarming Lash:
Disarming Lash
Tier: C Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires a chain, strap or rope. The target must be holding a weapon or item. Endolf must be able to lash out his chain at the target.
Scaling: Number of Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina + 10 to sustain

    Endolf lashes out with the chain attached to his wrist in order to disarm his opponent(s) of their weapons or items.

River Dance:

    River Dance - Feeding magoi into the tool causes a high pressure current of water to envelope the weapon in its grip, the user is then able to shoot the high pressure water off their weapon up to 10m away in a 3m crescent shape, dealing C-Tier water damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


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The moment when the black haired girl wanted to confront the remaining soldiers, someone stepped in and it seemed that Noir could use the time to rest. She knew the person pretty well although their time together was not that much, but she could tell that he was able to defeat the enemies pretty easily judging from his race and also... his companion who he met when they were having a cup of tea together. Endolf and the wolf were pretty close, it seemed that they had established a very close bond with each other and perhaps it was because of their similar personality if Noir could say so.

With a gentle caress, the black haired girl pet her beast's head and mounted him. She whispered to her liger to kept quiet and to kept their distance away, not wanting to interrupt Endolf's fight. When she thought that the Fanalis was able to take control of the situation, the magician commanded Haku to turn around and bring them back to the place that they were staying at currently.



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