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Beneath Flames of a Civil War [Open Social]

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Noir tilted her head, amused to see both Trently’s and Oliver’s reaction when she mentioned how she got to Kou. For herself, it was not really a big deal, the only thing that made her worried about the whole kidnapping was the way Lady Shousui used to abduct her. The black haired girl shook her head and waved her hands, trying to explain what actually happened. “Oh, no no. It has nothing to do with slavers actually. It was the former noble of Kou, named Lady Shousui who kidnapped me from Reim. I am not sure how she did it, but one thing that I can be so sure is that she was using a high level magic to abduct me.” The magician looked up, recalling the event as if it was just happened several days ago. “I was in this tea shop in Reim along with my beasts and when I blinked, I was already on this ship. She locked me up until we reached Kou and brought me to her residence after that.”

Haku stepped back, slowly laying himself down just beside his beloved master. When Noir motioned her hand, signaling them that it was okay to let the boy to touch them as long as they didn’t feel any kind of malicious intent coming out from him, Kuzunoha who was clutching her hands behind Noir’s neck peeked. She would then leaped to the table and poked the boy’s hand with her small palm before sniffing it. “She won’t bite, you can pet her if you wish to.”

Oliver finally mentioned the earthquake but she didn’t expect he would also bring out about the war as well, thinking that it might be dangerous to actually talk about it with someone that she didn’t really know. “This earthquake might be a beginning to something… and this war needs to end soon or this country would be destroyed no matter which part comes as the victor.”


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Music Once Noir went in-depth on how she got to Kou, Trently'd learn of a noble known as Lady Shousui whom abducted Noir, yet for what reason did Lady Shousui have for doing so, is what Trently pondered. "Hm..? Lady Shousui? Interesting.." As Trently'd say that, Kuzunoha, a beast of Noir's would start to nudge at the boy's hand using her paw.

“She won’t bite, you can pet her if you wish to.” Noir'd let the boy know as Kuzunoha neared.

"Oh.. Gotcha Noir.." As gentle as he can be, the young lad would begin to pet Kuzunoha as he'd speak to Noir and Oliver.

"So about that earthquake, what do you think about it? And this war?" Caressing Kuzunoha's fur, Trently'd stop for a moment as Oliver spoke up, asking Trently about what he thought in regards to the tremor just now and the Kou Civil War.

“This earthquake might be a beginning to something… and this war needs to end soon or this country would be destroyed no matter which part comes as the victor.”

"Ah, I have a sort of hunch on what this earthquake may be but I have no way to be sure so ah maybe its an omen of some sorts? Good or bad, I'd say it depends on what everyone does from here on out. In terms of Kou's Civil War, I agree that it does need to end soon, yet, nor does it need to end in favor of Gao Yuan Zu or Yoshiro Zu. It needs to just be lead, as Kou, as one, not two. As we have it right now, the country is two sided and if it stays that way any longer, its bound to end in a train wreck. That's why I joined this war, in order to stop Kou from being lead down that path. I know it sounds insane based on what I just said but, I need to become Gao Yuan Zu's General foremost. Anyhow, Its about time I take my leave. Wish you both luck, including you Noir! Hope to see you two again one day!"

Waving his hand out to Noir and Oliver, Trently'd grab up his belongings and leave, looking forward to the next time they'd meet.

"Hm, I just hope I don't bump into them again as enemies. None of them told me which side they were on, so, I probably shouldn't have said what I said.



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Oliver rested his elbow on the table, head clonked against his closed fist while listening to Noir and Trently.  The earthquake was a prelude to something? Well if you wanted to be superstitious about it.  While his friends spoke to each other and Trently got to pet an animal, Oliver mulled over the menu, ordering some of his favorite coconut and pineapple juice concoction.

By the time that his drink was brought to him, Trently was making his leave, "Good seeing you too friend. See you around.  So now that he's gone, do you still want some food before I get going? I am needed elsewhere after I have something to eat." He of course was referring to the person that gave him all of his jobs, Takane the assassin trainer.

He looked at Noir, wondering if she wanted to talk about anything else today or if this would be it until they met again. "I'm thinking, by the end of this all, or somewhere in the middle, all of us are going to be fighting on one side or another. It's a shame he disagrees with his father so much, his dad still deserves the right to rule after all don't you think?"


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The younger man carelessly told them about which side that he picked in the war, a pretty naïve move if Noir could say. They could meet in the battle and perhaps, Noir would need to harm him in order to ensure Yoshiro’s victory. However, she believed that there must be some way to end the war without having to kill more people… she just hadn’t find the way yet. It would be bad if more the war took more souls as its sacrifice, in the end Kou would never be the same anymore. Worst thing that could happen was… depravity… occurring everywhere because of the lust for blood, grief, desperation and grudge. She didn’t know what to do though… her only way was to choose sides and ensure the safety of the current emperor…

After she waved to Trently who was leaving, Oliver began to speak out his opinion. Of course, the black haired girl didn’t interrupt the man but she wasn’t completely agreeing to the man’s opinion as well. “Everything happens because of a reason… we don’t get to determine if he truly deserved it or not, do we? In the end, perhaps they need to clash swords because their words wouldn’t reach each other ears anymore.” She closed her eyes, hoping everything would be okay. “What about you, Mr. Oxford? From all of other people perhaps you would understand the situation more since it is quite similar to what you are facing at the moment?” She would slowly open her eyes, revealing the golden shiny orbs. “All we wanted was to end the war… and brought peace. Well then, I will take my leave for now… Hopefully we are not in the different side.” Noir would put some amount of money on the table, enough to cover every meals that four of them had ordered before bowing towards the man and left him alone by exiting through the door.

What would she know about father and son’s dispute? She didn’t have a father anymore after all… nor a family.



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