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Roses? [Training~Solo]

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1 Roses? [Training~Solo] on 01/02/17, 11:53 pm

Roses. He thought to himself sitting in silence. " I heard there fragrance is umm... something. I'm starting to sound like Montague. " speaking to himself as darkness shrouded him. A husk was left of Mordecaiah that evening as he been working on the farm all day now he lays in silence. Arms crossed his stomach locked and wrapped around each other firmly cuffed on the elbows. Not having his blanket on himself so a cold refreshing breeze traveled along his spine and up to his neck leaving goosebumps all about. His neck hair on high ends he just shivering in his train of thought. Parting away from consciousness was heavily influencing Mordecaiah, his eye lids overcome with how tried he was. He couldn't continue to fight the sleep he needed and succumbed to it.

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2 Re: Roses? [Training~Solo] on 06/02/17, 05:13 pm


Awaking from his slumber by the noises of roosters squawking out. Lifting his body up from his covers and feeling everything hit him at once he knew it was going to be a struggle. But for some reason all of the limits of gravity felt absence. Wiping the crust from his eyes lid slowly, he could hear small ritzy sounds of buzzing. A small bundle of radiate light surrounded his left forearm making it seamlessly float about without Mordecaiah do anything. Flinging himself backwards his arm stayed afloat while the rest of his body flung and crashed against the ground. " Gawahhh " emitted from his mouth as he stood looking at the gathering black light. He seen this light before when it shrouded Montague moving the hay bails with magic.

Picking himself up from the wooden floor, swatting away the black lights from his hand. Getting dressed with a annoyed expression along the curves of his brow, Mordecaiah stepped out his room and waddled down the stairs making small creaking noises along the way. Squinting his eyes as he saw the brightness perch through the blinds of the windows. Moving over to them with his hands touching the knob to the door. Twisting the knob as the pins in the gears clicked and popped with Mordecaiah stepping out into the view of the entire farm.

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3 Re: Roses? [Training~Solo] on 06/02/17, 08:28 pm

An itching sensation gathered along his skin, crawling forth as he drew closer to the barn doors. Bright red the large doors were, swinging them open and clear showing off the hay, and hay bails placed around the barn neatly. Feeling the sensation overcome him like jolts of little creatures moving along the surface of his skin, Mordecaiah knew he had to see what was just intrudering and surfacing in his wake. Gazed lays upon the hay bails, only reaching out with his right to firmly grasp the old training cane. Its color dulled and worn from times of secret practice without Montague guide, but the colorful birds.

" Please hear my creed, and come forth colorful birds? May you guide me once more and deepen my connect to the elements? " He gesture openly as only the lightning bent and darken in color. Stated before he seen something like this from Montague, but never felt the grace of its touch along his skin until just earlier. His eyes becoming heavy noticing the birds not coming to make a appearance, but the light something only 'magicians' could see. Mordecaiah poked and prodded the light as it pulled and push the surface of the ground up momentarily. " Poking and prodding wont help me summon forth what ever this is? I assume i could bend it like water? " Staring at the wooden cane, than turning his site at the hay bail, stomping the end of the cane against the dirt poking a small 1 meter deep hole. Dust circles around the hay bail taking into the air as gravity distorts around it with black lights swarming appearing clear as day to Mordecaiah, but invisible to a near by pig. Getting up to 1 centimeter off the ground and just dropping sweat poured from his pore easily as it took him a lot to focus on such a simple task.

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4 Re: Roses? [Training~Solo] on 06/02/17, 10:04 pm

Night Fall

The evening appearing over head in the clouds of a setting sun. Poured and drenched in sweat. He has his focused on the darken area of surrounding the hay bail as it lay'd crush and torn from wear. The moon creeping up behind his back, the light centered on him as sweat dripped from his brow to chin and off just as swift as it came. Turning his eyes, the hazel presenting it glare and light color in the moons shine as he'd walked off to the house. Dragging the wooden cane, the handle crushed underneath pressure Mordecaiah, hand print left around his grips position. Feeling heavy as weight down as he moved up the porch stairs and silently back into the home leaving the setting of night.

Running the shower against his skull. Beams of water brushing against his face as he just washed away, remembering the feeling of controlling the black light {Strength Magic}. " I just need to remember the feeling,and continue practicing my abilities until i get stronger. " He'd proclaim to himself finishing his shower. Placing on his evening clothing as he disappear beneath the sheets to sleep.

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5 Re: Roses? [Training~Solo] on 07/02/17, 12:19 pm


Borderline psychotic but sane, keeping his hands steady with short brushs. Sweeping the wooden cane along the ground making marks with the patte of stained dirt. Spiraling then all around than connecting it with diagonal lines, making multiple circles at least 8 meters apart to test his control. ' Focus, Control, and Patience. Is what I like to say! ' reminding himself until he was done preparing his small course.

The past weeks been by like a blur. From small pebbles to working back up to hay bails was his goal all along. He's been working better than he's every has. Clenching his hand tightly as he release small grunts soft on his voice. Essentials have been great since he's trained and nothing has knocked him off course, but the farm animals whom he practice feeding with the profounded type of magic he learnt.

Standing 5 instances from the hay bail, home made targets, and circled he begun casting his craft. Lifting, crushing, and shattering the stacks of hay like swish cheese only doing basic things. " That looks good after practicing long " copying the movements he say Montague use. " Alright let's do some lifts "  chiming in a high key to himself.

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6 Re: Roses? [Training~Solo] on 11/02/17, 12:57 am

His glare like iron while concentrated on his feet. Feeling the connection of light bend at the whims of gesture spout from his stave. Mordecaiah watching as the hay bails hovered into life dropping hay as it moved from its space gentle across the air. Gravity wasnt weighting it down, as sweat breaks out from his pours. His stomach curling as he continued to add speed to it. Contributing forces shattering the hay bail completely in that moment with only Mordecaiah crooked smile in satisfaction. " I suppose that's one way to test its capabilities "

Mordecaiah would spend a couple more days to gain an intermediate level of control like the blue riku magic he has control over. Feeling the radiant black stand out to him and contain pure force unlike the passive, but enormous supply of water around them. All the training has reached out and taken a toll on him, as his eyes were heavy and his body seemed drain possibly magoi uses to a limit he didn't know about until know. Calling it a rest and retiring for the day ends, readying his own supper to help return his strength for the later weeks.

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