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Medical Helper [Event Job/ Solo]

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1 Medical Helper [Event Job/ Solo] on 30/01/17, 11:15 am


Job Name: Life Saving Herbs
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In the tough times of war, the people suffer. As it rages on, the need for doctors to assist the soldiers grow higher. While they are needed on the battlefield, the people of Kou begin to suffer from sickness. Help the doctors that are still left to gather herbs, deliver medicine, and care for the crowded population of the hospices and clinics.

It was horrible on how war could affect a country, Noir couldn’t believe her eyes that a huge country like Kou Empire itself could run out of doctors.  The magician was just arrived at the certain area of Kou and she saw a lot of sick people and the doctor left didn’t have enough hands to help all of them. Volunteers were slowly decreasing because some of the sickness spread to them, making it hard to gather needed herbs, delivering medicine and of course, helping to take care of the crowd who was waiting to be treated. A sigh escaped the girl’s lips, thinking that she needed to help somehow. The remaining volunteers were ordered to keep doing their job as best as they could and Noir decided to take part in it as well. After she tried to talk with the doctor in charge, it seemed that they needed her to gather herbs the most and after that, she could help to do another job as well such as delivering medicine and at least helping with the queue in the clinics.

‘Ginseng… Wolfberry, Licorice Root and Chrysanthemum.’ Noir counted with her hand, listing the herbs that she needed to get and deliver to the clinics. She was pretty lucky because she had seen those plants before and used them for her cooking sometime. Mountain would be the perfect place to gather those stuffs so Noir went there by mounting Haku while letting Kuzunoha to cling to the liger’s neck. Finding some of the herbs were not easy and it took time, but luckily for her, she managed to find most of it. Not only that, she also took the initiative to take another herbal plants that she knew would be helpful. After she count the herbal plants, she nodded to herself before commanding her liger to go back to the area where she was needed before and quickly handed the herbs.

It was lucky for the girl to have Haku by her side in this time, it seemed the doctor was amazed by her speed to go back from their area to the mountain and decided to ask her to do other job. They handed her several medicine that some family need in order to cure one or two of their family member which she took it gladly before heading towards the assigned address. Thanks to the opportunity, Noir was able to see various expression and condition from the family. However there was only one thing that was the same and it was the expression that was filled with hope and happiness when Noir delivered the medicine. When she was done delivering all the medicines, she decided to take a short rest for a bit because if not, then she catch the sickness as well due to the exhausted body condition.

Feeling that she finally regained her energy and stamina back, the girl rushed to the nearby clinic after receiving instruction that they were running out of people who could help there. She couldn’t help much with a high level medical treatment, but at least she could help with the low level kind of sickness so she would start questioning all the sick people that had not yet to be treated for what kind of symptoms that they were having at the moment. After she had finished, she would deliver all the papers to the doctor and they would sort the patient to make it easier for the clinics to set a priority on which person that they need to give an urgent treatment first. For those who had a low priority would be handled with both Noir and a free doctor since turned out there were many who came although their sickness was not sever yet.

It was a long day but the black haired girl kept helping with the same chores for a few days, just enough until the volunteers were back being healthy again and for some new volunteers to help. As much as she wanted to help more, she knew that she still need to meet a minister and ask for a permission to speak with one of their prisoners…

WC: 695/500


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