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Recruitment Job [Event Job/Solo]

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1 Recruitment Job [Event Job/Solo] on 02/02/17, 12:26 pm


Job Name: Building a greater force
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards:100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview:Having more soldiers will surely bring advantage for the war, believing that, Emperor Yoshiro gives order to recruit more soldier. Recruit 100 soldiers and you will be rewarded. *+1 influence to Yoshiro*

Thanks to the medical act that she did, some people were beginning to open up to her.  They would ask for her advice,  sometime they would ask her to show them some simple magic as an entertainment. Noir was willing to perform the magic, sometime she made water dance in the air, sometime it was just a simple request like making flower crown or flower bed by using life magic. However,  some was worried about the girl herself and went as far as asking which side that she supported. Noir learned from the civilian about two sides and was slightly surprised because it was between a father and his own son. But even the girl needed to make a choice,  she had something to do that required her to try and support the current emperor. So far, based on what she heard,  the current emperor was a better option if she wanted to pick sides since apparently he was working to get rid of the slavery. To know that someone was sharing the same goal was relieving, the hard part was to find out how she could support the emperor.

“You see, young girl.” A voice from an old man snapped her out from her deep thoughts, she would turned her head to see the man staring at her with a hopeful eyes. “This country is changing, all the up and down will be there for us to experience. We are hoping that the young emperor could be a wiser emperor. The man sighed and looked down with a forced smile while someone from behind him pat his back and spoke on his behalf instead. “He has a grandson, but he joined this street thug group and making trouble. He is just worried that his grandson might not be safe in the middle of this civil war.” The old man looked troubled and with a shaky voice as if he was holding back his tears, he added, “I only have him left, if he couldn't be a good man than i don't know how to face his deceased parents later when i die…” He took the pendant that was hanging around his neck and opened it up, showing Noir the small portrait of his grandson. “Haohao…”

The girl would then stood up and said, “Where is he?” She would ask with a determined look. Unfortunately the old man didn't know the exact place but he knew where the thugs usually hanging out at and that would be where Noir begin to look. The magician would mount Haku and let Kuzunoha stayed back to entertain the other patient, heading towards where the old man had informed her.

As expected,  it was quite easy to find a dark alleyway that seemed abandoned if she tried to observe the street.  She would then went around the alleyways, hoping to find the grandson there with his ‘friends'. But instead, she and her liger were surrounded by several masked men who were holding some weapons. If she count, there were like around 40 men that was surrounding her at the moment. “So what kind of business that you have here, woman?” One of them said with a cocky tone as he moved forward one step.

“I am looking for Haohao.” Noir said with a flat tone as the liger beside her began to growl but he knew that his master would prefer him to wait until she gave the command to strike. The man who was talking with her before laughed, but it seemed that he was their leader because just with a nod, someone else made his way to front. “Him? What kind of business that you have with him?!” The man pointed another man who just standing beside him and made Noir raised her eyebrow because he looked so...cocky if she could say. “Taking him back to his grandfather.” Noir answered, but the men laughed at her as if she was telling a joke. Haohao would spit to the ground and scoffed with a cocky look, “Heh! Why should I go back to that dirty old man?! He cant give me money, he should be grateful that I don’t bash his head to the wall before i left!” Again, the other men laughed, seemed proud for the horrible words that Haohao just said. But not the black haired girl, she sent them a sharp glare before motioning Haku to attack. “Knock him down.” She said and right after that, Haku leaped to the leader and slapped the man hard by using his paw. The rest of the man was surprised that their leader was attacked and shocked more when Haku hit the man again with his paw twice, making him unconscious.

Suddenly, around 20 men ran towards the girl and she who was already prepared to attack, took her staff and attempted to attack. The girl drew circle with her staff and whispered to the rukh, chanting the name of the spell, Onda a Vapore A wave of steam appeared and dealt damage to around 15 people while she let the other 5 to approach her and let Haku to defeat every single one of them by using his speed and power. Another 20 were surprised that a girl could have such power, but they tried to be brave and ran towards the girl to attack her. Of course one of them ran to inform the higher level of this thug group, hoping to get some back up.

Screeching Lullaby Noir said as she pointed her staff, letting the rukh to form a cone shaped sound wave that was enough to knock 13 men down after being enhanced once. The other 6 paused their step, confused and had no idea on what to do to beat the girl. She could see Haohao was not there and probably the man ran away to somewhere...or… perhaps he was bringing more people. Noir would then dashed towards the remained 6 with Haku and punched 1 man with her fist while Haku tackled 3 of them with his body. One attempted to punch the girl but she dodged by squatting before punching him at his stomach while Haku smacked the other man with his paw. Right after they finished to wipe the men in the area, Noir could hear a lot of footsteps and so did Haku. They waited but not without Noir pointing her staff towards the area that they would come from, readying herself just in case. Haohao came in sight first as he ran in the front, but there was a strong looking man beside him. Noir was kind of sure that the strong looking man was the true leader of this thug group, not only that, around more than 50 people was following him...perhaps 60 if Noir count it correctly.

“So you are the one who beat my underlings here?” The man said as he stared at his unconscious allies before sighing, “Name’s Zhu Liang, I will make sure to repay you back.” Just with the motion of his hand, around 20 people dashed. “Haku, Scorching Breath.” The liger growled loudly after hearing Noir’s command and after increasing his body temperature, he fired a 3m firewall towards the group and successfully made them distracted. It was enough for Noir to sustain the enhanced version of the Screeching Lullaby again to knock the 20 men.

Zhu Liang was surprised and he knew that if he kept sending his man, then he would lose his pack. So he took several steps forward, just enough so he could stand closer in front of Noir despite of the protest from his gang member. “Quiet.” He said before he gave his focus back to the black haired girl. “Let’s fight fair and square with our fists… Haohao said you are pretty capable with your fist.” Noir tilted her head for a bit before motioning Haku to step back with her hand and nodded, agreeing to what Zhu Liang offered. She would sling back the staff on her back before preparing herself with the stance that she usually used when she wanted to fight with her fist. Satisfied, the man prepared himself as well, “The winner takes all, if you win, you can do anything you want to me. However, if I win, join us and let’s take over Kou since that young emperor might be crushed by his own father…”

Without saying anything else, Noir only nodded and she would dash towards the man, attempted to take the first hit. The man took the punch with his bare hand, although it didn’t seem he was in pain, Zhu Liang was clearly flinched a bit and quickly stepped back, maintaining his distance. His hand that he used to catch Noir’s punch was shaking because of the pain but he grinned before dashed towards the girl and punch her from her left. The girl dodged it by moved back slightly and grabbed his hand to make use of the gravity to deliver another punch that hit his cheek, sending him flying to the ground. However he was quick enough to stand up back and he would deliver a punch that turned out was a fake as the other hand was making its way to punch Noir on her abdomen. She coughed and tried to breathe steadily, her stomach was throbbing but she could bear the pain. But she had no time to rest because Zhu Liang was ready to send her flying with another punch, fortunately, Noir was faster as she was dodging it by bending her knees and then she would use the momentum to use one leg to swipe the man off his feet. The man didnt see it coming and lost his balance, resulting him to not be able to dodge the incoming punch from the girl on his abdomen. It was hard enough to push him back for several inches and he raised his hand while he looked down. “I admit defeat…”

It was shocking for his men, but it was a strange scene for Noir to saw that they seemed understand why Zhu Liang admitted defeat. “I would prefer to stay alive so I can at least protect my men and get them away from this stupid civil war. Although I know that perhaps they wouldn’t want to follow me anymore because I lose from a fight.” The man sighed and laughed, but soon he flinched again because laughing made his abdomen became more painful. “So… I promised, you can do anything you want to me, but you need to leave them alone. What is your wish?”

The black haired girl would then pat her clothes from dust and dirt before replying to him, “Why do you think that the civil war is stupid?”

“Heh, what kind of good that a war could bring? People suffering, losing their home…” The man paused for a bit before continuing again, “Not only that, we might even lose our home. Yoshiro might have armies but his father was more cunning and charismatic, so perhaps he had gathered some armies as well… at least he would need to outnumber his father in order to win.”

Noir would take several steps towards the man before kneeling down in front of him, “Do you love Kou?”

“...Kou is my home and...I cant believe i would say this but… The life that we had under Yoshiro’s reign was pretty good, we had our freedom...But it is funny isnt it? A thug like me saying those kind of things.” The man laughed a little but he looked kind of sad.

“So why dont you support the emperor? Be his man, be his soldier and protect your home.” Noir said with a determined tone, “I would support the current emperor, not only because I have my own reason, but because I agree with his plan as well.”

“Is that what you want from me?” The man asked to the girl and laughed again when Noir nodded, implying that her request would be him joining as Yoshiro’s soldier. “Alright, perhaps being a soldier is more fitting for a man who only know to use fist like me.”

Suddenly Haohao ran towards Zhu Liang with another men who was conscious, “Big brother, we will follow you anywhere! Take us with you! If you will be soldier, we will too!” Some of the man said the same thing and it seemed that the thug group was more than just a bad group, it was clear that Zhu Liang was pretty respected. “We wont be 100 without you, so we will stick together!”

It was pretty relieving that they had found their resolution like this, but perhaps it could help Yoshiro to win the war. 100 new soldiers would be a good assets, not to mention that they was able to fight although they might need to more proper training.

Haohao would approach Noir and scratched his head, seemed to give Noir a different kind of treatment now.“Y-you see, my words from earlier was just to make me look cool! I love my grandpa but i want him to live peacefully so this rebellious grandson left… But you know… I will pay him a visit, I kinda miss him now…”The girl would nod to the man, acknowledging his good will and wondered if the old man would be happier now.

WC: 2234/1000
Stamina: 170/200
Magoi: 405/480


Onda a Vapore
Tier: B-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: B-tier
Requirements/Drawbacks: Needs to point her wand/staff to the target
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 | 15
Description: Using steam magic, Noir creates a wave of steam that is 5m wide and can travel up to 15m away. This steam magic could inflict a burn on the target’s skin, dealing B-tier damage. A 5 meter diameter cloud of cool steam will remain in the area of the spell for a single post, impeding vision.

Screeching Lullaby
Tier: C-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Needs to point the staff/wand to the chosen direction
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10
Description: Using Sound magic, Noir can produce a 1-5 meters cone shaped sound wave that sounds like a screech. The spell will be cast by the user in a small range starting from 1 meter and it will become larger up to 5 meters. The sound wave will travel up to 7 meters away from the user and deal C-tier damage for anyone who heard the ear piercing screech or get caught in the sound vibration.

Scorching Breath
Tier: B-tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Need to give verbal command in the form of certain whistle, exact order or see the certain gesture that Noir do to execute the skill
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 | 15
Description: Haku will increase his body temperature and fire a 3m firewall that will discharge within 15 meters, dealing B-tier damage to anyone caught within the firewall.

Item & Beast:

Name: Staff of Storms
Tier: A
Tier: A
Type: Advance Staff
Magic Type: Storm | Lightning + Wind
Appearance: A gray staff will small bits purple of electricity running through it.

  • By feeding the staff magoi magoi the wielder can cause a massive amount of wind to build up in a 5 meter radius around them leaving an eye of the storm at the center that is 1 meter wide. A tornado will form that will have bits of electricity running through it causing all those in it to receive B tier lightning damage across their body resulting in several 2nd degree burns. The wind will sweep anything that is below 500 pounds off their feet and thrown 10 meters back once the attack is done. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Name: Haku
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Thermal Liger
Appearance: Haku is a ruby-eyed Liger who has tiger-like black strips and white colored mane that is similar like a lion's. He is 3 meter long and 2 meter tall while standing on all fours.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Hypirus Gland
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has an extra organ within its body which gives him a control over its body temperature, allowing him to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts.
Trait Effect: Gives Haku ability to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts

Trait Name: Fur of steel
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku could harden its fur, making it as hard as steel
Trait Effect: Haku's fur can protect against up to B-tier physical damage. It will follow item durability rules and once the steel fur "armor" is broken, Haku takes damage normally. (Defensive power (B-tier shield) | 300) Unfortunately, this makes his body act like a lightning rod making lightning based attacks within 1m of him attract dealing direct damage into his body through the steel fur.

Trait Name: Quiver Feet
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has a faster movement speed and can run as fast as a B-tier Fanalis in speed
Trait Effect: Movement speed is the same like like B-tier Fanalis speed


Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a B-tier fanalis.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect:The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed.


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