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Rima's Professions [WIP]

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1 Rima's Professions [WIP] on 15/12/16, 05:03 pm

Primary Profession
Related Class: Beast Tamer
Profession Title: Prophet
Description: After realizing what black blood is capable of, Rima has taken up the title of "prophet of blood".
Profession Perks:

  • Perk 1
  • Perk 2
  • Perk 3

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Botanist
Description: After the tragic events that took place in Rima's home village, she set out on journey to get a better understanding on what life had given her. Eventually, she found a place of peace within botany, the science of plant-life.
Profession Perks:

  • The Harvester - Rima is the type of magician who likes to combine her magic with nature itself at times. So, to increase the potency in her more nature-attuned abilities, she keeps a pouch of various seeds on her person at all times. The pouch itself must be filled manually by Rima each time it runs out.

    • D-Tier: 250 words to collect 5 seeds for the pouch.
    • C-Tier: 500 words to collect 15 seeds for the pouch.
    • B-Tier: 750 words to collect 25 seeds for the pouch.

    Seed Pouch:

    Name: Seed Pouch
    Tier: D/C/B-Tier
    Material: The pouch is made of assorted fabrics, while the seeds inside of it are completely natural.
    Description: A medium sized drawstring pouch that can contain up to 25 seeds at a time.

  • Herbalist - Growing up alone was difficult for Rima, especially since she was a very frail child and was ill just about every other week. Without anyone to help her out, she found herself quickly learning the properties of many herbs to improve one's health. Now with only a single glance, she is capable of identifying the properties of just about any random plant she lays her eyes on.

    • D-Tier: 250 words to find an herb that can cure D-Tier poisons/paralyzation, or act as a numbing agent for D-Tier pain.
    • C-Tier: 500 words to find an herb that can cure C-Tier poisons/paralyzation, or act as a numbing agent for C-Tier pain.
    • B-Tier: 750 words to find an herb that can cure B-Tier poisons/paralyzation, or act as a numbing agent for B-Tier pain.


Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2
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