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Killing The Slavers(Mission/Solo)

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1 Killing The Slavers(Mission/Solo) on 25/08/16, 11:59 am



Job Name: Removing the Slave Traders I/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
Slavery has been outlawed in Reim by the new King, but the practice is still there as underground slave traders are still buying and selling slaves. The number of cruel slavers have dwindled greatly with the efforts of various individuals, however that no longer matters; all slave trade must be brought to an end. Having approached the local constibulary, they informed you of the location of one such slave trader hideout with a request to shut it down and bring them to justice.

You may choose to kill the slavers, or knock them out and bring them to prison to serve their time.

Dantes face grew cold as he received orders from the palace. As he read the letter it stated clearly.

Dear Styx, if you are receiving this it is due to our lack of man power, we need every strong hand we can get our hands on right now.Our lord the king banned slavery, but as of late there has been numerous sightings of children with chains upon their ankles, very few adults have been noticed, we assume they have a ring leader, best of wises if you complete this task you shall be paid correctly.

The note read clearly Dante's normal calm attitude was replaced with hate as he began muttering "This world....Will never be in peace unless someone rules with a heavy hand......" Dante said in a heated breath, his eyes had more fury in them unlike ever before as he clenched the note so tightly the friction caused the paper to tear in certain places on the sides.Dante left his shirt off as he went to his door and with one motion his door was smashed open from the inside with one powerful kick from the young fanalis's angered body he slowly left his house his door hanging on one hinge, the door from that held the door in lock was now completely torn off as Dante continued to the slums.

Dante felt the change in environment as he slowly moved close he could hear the hunger coming from peoples stomachs, he moved lower as he could hear small children crying pleading for the world to better itself for them Dante heard a dark whisper "Such a useless fate you have Dante, to watch others suffer" Dante heard it clearly clenching his teeth, he knew it was true but he didn't have a way to figure out how he felt he began to speak "If Fate is what guides this world...And all humans are forced to follow this....Then I will destroy fate, and take its place and bring peace to the land...and death to everyone whom is in my way..." Dante would say coldly hearing a familiar scream of anger and rage Dante realized what type of slaves they were dealing with.

Without another thought Dante ran to a door to his right, it was a slum trading station, it was very large as big as an imperial trading company, without a second thought Dante smashed into the door and entered, sure enough he saw two females in tattered cloths standing chains on there ankles forced a dark scowl on Dante's face but he forced a smile for the young girls and approached them with a gentle voice "My Name is Dante...I'm here to save you...Please go to the imperial palace and tell them Dante Styx sent you" Dante said in the kindest way possible as the children went Dante's smile died.Dante began heading to the basement where screams of hate and blood lust reigned.

Dante's feet planted on the basement floor as he saw it.A twelve foot high cage with a 14 foot range, two boys were battling with real swords as a man with a whip sat grinning screaming hateful words and threats if either of them stopped fighting.Dante's immediate reaction without thinking was to run up and smash the man, however he had two guards, Dante thought of a more clever idea slowly moving behind one of the guards pulling his sword from the guards sheathe and without a seconds notice impaling into on of the guards back leaving the guard with blood curdling screams and Dante with a dark grin on his face.

"Well well boys, if you haven't already been informed....I'm fate, and now I'm here to give you what you deserve" Dante said coldly as he ran up to the other guard he swung to behead Dante horizontally, however dante being a Fanalis he was quicker than the armor cladded guard simply ducking and turning the guards helmet backwards blinding him.He was forced to take off the helmet he wore as he was then met with Dante's fist against his jaw and nose knocking the man out with one hit, leaving the slave master who began to whip at Dante.

The whip met Dante's chest with a crippling crack, Dante's breath was slightly lost as he took a view at the now crying boys Dante fell to his knees as one boy was impaled.

"Do you see now the word you live in?Do you feel weak now?Mr.New Fate, are you ready to curse your fate yet" the dark creeping voice said as Dantes eyes opened they were dim and dark as he stood the man attempted to whip him again however Dante knew better this time quickly closing the gap and placing his hands over the mans throat, squeezing with all his strength the mans face slowly turned blue and started gagging as his adams apple was being crushed, Dante's dark grin grew as the man passed Dante simply looked up at the ceiling "It....Takes a lot to break a Fanalis" DAnte said coldly as he began walking back home.


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