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Killing the Chimera [job]

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1 Killing the Chimera [job] on 24/01/18, 01:25 am


Job details :
Job Name: Monster in the Woods
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A local beast has been terrorizing the outskirts of a village in the Kou Empire. Soldiers have been sent to deal with the creature, but all of them either died or returned wounded with the beast still well and alive. Go out and kill the beast to finally put a stop to its rampage.

Enemy Name: Chimera
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: A large monster with the body of a bear, the heads of a goat and lion, and a snake tail. It deals C-tier basic damage with its claws, snake, and teeth.
♦️Lion's Bite The Chimera lunges forwards and bites down using the Lion's head, dealing B-tier damage
♦️Goat Ram The Chimera rushes forwards, with the head of the goat in control. It rams into an enemy with its head and horns, dealing B-tier damage
♦️Viper Strike The snake tail attacks an enemy, biting an enemy and dealing C-tier damage. The enemy is then poisoned by the viper's venom and receives D-tier damage each post for two posts. The combined damage is B-tier damage.

The fanalis marched upon the muddy groeund, rain had recently passed over the area. Yet the ground was damp with something else, blood. She marched upon these grounds in nothing put her normal garb. She bore no weapons, no magic tools, just the silver bracelet form her mom. Yet the the girl would have no intentions of using it in this battle. Some would say it was bravado, it was more of a form of respect to the fiery-hearted gal. The thing she was coming out here to vanquish was a bloodthirsty beast, known as a chimera. In order to give the creature it's due gratitude the young woman would fight it barehanded. In order to user her natural weapons against the challenger. Merrze believed in respect nature, this would be one of her ways in doing. She had fought these creatures before, weapons could be destroyed by them with ease. The fanalis knew in the end, she would be able to take it out quicker without all the extra baggage.

As her feet pressed into the earthy ground she would sigh. Merrze herself had not originally been the one to take upon this request. Some of the soliders in Merrze's battalion that were lent by Yoshiro had been sent to deal with a local monster. Sadly they were not able to take out the beast. They had been slaughtered by the beast, yet a few had managed to escape and inform Merrze of it, so that hopefully the experienced leader would be able to eliminate the local threat. She heard that it had the head of a Lion, a goat with the tail of a snake. She had dealt with one of the creatures before, so she knew it could be nothing else than a chimera. Last time she fought one of these beats it had incapacitated two of her partners. The woman knew one thing though she was a lot stronger than she was that long time ago. Now the warrior was something more, she was something that could be feared.

The first part of looking for the creature would be getting to the right location. This thing had been rampaging for weeks, so often the bloody trails were old. And Merrze, who was more towards the southern west in Kou was now having to travel to the southeastern part of the country. She had been visiting her settlement for a bit to make sure that the political side of things would be starting to move into action. One would think this duty would be something she should ignore, yet the white lioness needed to get back into the war to finish things off, and so she could show her dedication to caring about the people who served under her. Right now she was using actions, to be appear as a figurehead to increase her influence in her local politics. It was needed if she wanted to be the eventual leader of a approaching dream.

Pondering, the fanalis realized that she would take a quick breather, opening a knapsack to pull out some jerky. She had used most of her cheese up recently. The jerky was now her only ration, yet she had a lot of it. The hunting season had been good despite the war, so she had loads of salted and dried meat. It could last for days and weeks, that's why she carried so much though, on the chance that hunting wasn't good or fresh meat wasn't available. The young warrior had faced off against that not too long ago. It had proven to be detrimental. So the warrior had learned that being prepared was important. Oh how many times Merrze had been reminded of the painful consequences one would face if they didn't ahead or get prepared. The fanalis sank her teeth into the dried meat, tearing it up. The salty taste settled in her mouth while the young lady would reminisce, a bad taste settling in her mouth yet still eating the food before her.

After a few moments of relaxation she stood up. The sky hung low with the sun starting to paint the sky red. Soon the day would be over, it wasn't much farther. An odd pattern the king candidate noticed was that monsters tended to be more active hunters at night time. There wasn't always a sure reason why, but it was enough to be a noticeable phenomenon.  So this battle would be going onto when the creature was looking for food, yet that's why it would be the perfect moment to stop the creature. When the mighty Chimera hunted it devoured plenty of living beings so it would be important to stop it before it would be able kill anything. That's why with a great stride her speed started to increase, as she was soon moving at intense and furious fanalis speeds. It would take a couple of seconds but it would be obvious that the fanalis was moving at powerful speeds. Her legs striking against the ground to propel her further. She was on the hunt herself, and she had planned to show this creature what a real predator was like.

The wind would pass by her hair as a strong scent started to lift into her nose. She could smell recent blood, not fresh but it was recent. She would follow the trail as blood seemed to be more fresh. The creature had probably ate leftovers earlier in the day. Yet she would follow the blood stains until she would smell the strong stench of death. It was coming from a large beast that could only be the monster that had slaughtered her men. It would turn around, baring it's teeth, showing signs of old meat that had got stuck between his fangs. As it would snarl, the head of the goat would let out a bloodcurdling bleat, it's tail hissing violently. It was angered that something was running at it with such vigor. The creature would have to defend itself in some from yet the fanalis was racing towards it like a jet. As the creature could do was prepare to charge towards the fanalis. It would use it's Goat Ram. The running fanalis would counter using her Guardian Block Using her legs she would hold a firm pose as it came in order to brace the impact.

The battle had begun against Merrze and the monster. As it rammed her the fanalis would prepare to respond by attempting to punch the creature. As she would try to it would counter with a blow to fanalis arm. Yet as the creature would lift it's paw to strike Merrze she would user her leg to strike the creature. As they met for blows Merrze would jump on the creature to move past it. The warrior had decided that she would end this thing using her true power. It would be the culmination of her training as warrior. She would take a deep breath as the creature would turn around to face her in combat. As she inhaled the fanalis would start to charge her internal energy. The beast would charge forward attempting to use it's Lion's Bite. As it would try to do this Merrze would move her magoi from her feet channeling it into the earth. There she would kick upward using her force to send the magoi through the earth in a large wave motion, it was her secret technique Crashing Wave . As it would strike through the bear it's organs would take damage of the attack.

She would walk over to the dead Chimera, it had put up a good fight but in the end the fanalis would prove that she was the superior warrior. In order to give respects to the beast she would bow down before it. She would tie a rope around the creatures foot after a brief moment of respect for it. She would wrap the rope up and along the creature so that it's body was bound tightly. Then by the end of the rope Merrze would hoist the creature up so that it would be easier for carrying. She would need proof that she had brought an end to it's reign if she was to prove that it was dead. Plus it would be more respectful if it's body was used for things that could benefit others instead of just tossing the parts aside. Hopefully Merrze would be able to, it felt wrong to waist the body of another living thing. She looked upon her past of killing for fun begrudgingly.

As she loaded up the creature and finished her thought she would begin to march against the soft bloody earth. It was definitely strong. It was interesting the things of power this world was capable of producing on it's own. It was like she was one of them too, in an odd way. People could get insanely strongly naturally when it was to survive. She had grand ambition now, yet Merrze was once driven by nothing but the urge to be free and live.

Word Requirement: 1,523/1,500


Magoi: 180/220

Abilities used.:

Miathios Style: Guardian Block
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to have a firm stance.
Scaling: The user may block an additional tier of damage for each 10 stamina invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30|15 stam

  • The user stands strongly putting their arms together to block incoming damage equal to B-tier, it is only capable of blocking blunt force damage.

Miathios art 8: Crashing Wave
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must get into stance first, needs to channel magoi and has to rechannel if interrupted.
Scaling: The ability can travel 5m farther for every 10 magoi invested.
Sustained 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40|20 magoi

  • The user channels their magoi then moves it down into their foot, before kicking upward creating a wave of magoi 20m tall and 1m wide travelling 20m forward dealing A-tier damage to whatever it strikes.


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