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A Business Man Eh? [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: A Man in Need
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3000 Hung + 50 XP
Job Prerequisites:N/a
Job Overview:
You will be going about your everyday life, when you bump into a rich guy who needs help. You must visit his house at least once during the mission.

He will need one of the following everyday tasks to be done:
1. Helping him look after Kids, which he has been given the task of baby sitting.
2. Household Chores
3. Cooking for an important Guest
4. Shopping
The job should take at least 2 hours to complete depending on what you pick.

On completion he will pay you for your help, whether you like it or not.

Sitting in a restaurant that seemed appeasing from the outside he ate a steak with a side of potatoes and asparagus, he only ate half of it before a waitress arrived at his table to ask if everything was alright, he contemplated his reply as he was a peaceful person really but decided it would be best to mention something, "Actually, the service is perfect, but regretfully the food is not up to par for the price, the meat was over cooked and stringy, the potatoes are dry and powdery as if it wasn't given time to cook and you shouldn't be using powder potatoes anyway. And the asparagus just tastes of water as if they were just boiled all day..." he paused as he saw that this was too much for the waitress to take in, "Dear, your service was perfect, I was just a little unhappy with the food, but do not worry about it." He continued to eat his bland food in respect for the waitress and because it was not free. After he finished the meal he just left a small note on a napkin which said, "Please, either teach the chief to cook properly or hire a new one, and please supply with adequate ingredients to them, powdered potatoes is terrible for higher class restaurants.. Thanks, Solomon." He left his money on the table with a fifteen percent tip then headed out.

He was about 20 feet away from the restaurant before he heard a man shout out, "Hey.... Solomon... Wait up." Solomon  turned and awaited for this man to catch up with him, as he did Solomon examined him, he did not seem like a chef as Solomon examined him, his clothing seemed too nice, he did not know this man ... he wore a black dress shirt with a gold chain hanging from his neck which matched with his two gold rings on each of his hands and his gold watch. Solomon thought that this man wore far to much gold, it made him look to cliche but it did show that he liked to show off his money.

As the man arrived in front of him Solomon asked, "Who may you be?" he asked with curiosity and caution. The man held his hand out and said, "My name is Damien, I am the owner of the restaurant, the waitress gave me the note and I just wanted to chat with you." Solomon gave his hand a shake but he was curious of what the man wanted to discuss with him, "Nice to meet you, and sorry for the complaint, but what would you like to discuss?" The man looked Solomon up and down and you could tell the man hasn't dealt with Imu's before, "By what the waitress and your not said it seems you have some decent knowledge of food at least a bit more then my current cook ... Sooo, I would like to hire your services for a night if you do not mind? I have a special guest coming tomorrow night and my cook just isn't up to par as you would say." Solomon thought to himself a bit.."Well it wouldn't be bad to make a connection with another business owner and some who has money for in the future I wish to own my own tavern."

He put his hand out as he said, "As long as I can make what I want... and when and where would this be happening?" The man hesitated for a moment when Solomon said his own menu but ended up shaking his hand as he said, " It's a deal, it will be for ten o'clock tomorrow night at the restaurant.. it will be redesigned for myself and one other guest, and what would you need for your menu?" Solomon paused to think for a couple of moments, "I would like you to get me a fresh lamb tonight so I can prep it for tomorrow, as well as fresh garlic, escargot, tomatoes, and then I will just use what you have in the kitchen, also before I forget some fresh bread, the drinks I shall leave to your care for which ever waitress you have serving." The man went over the list again with Solomon so he could write it down, then went on his way, Solomon would come back to the restaurant after close.

Two in the morning had arrived then Solomon walked into the restaurant, as he walked in the other chef walked out, the owner could be found in the kitchen organizing everything out in the kitchen. They went over the list to make sure everything was given. Solomon just asked for one more thing before having the owner leave... that was a saw. He prepared the lamb by cutting off the legs at the thigh, then cutting the breasts, then cutting the body in half. He put everything but the legs into the cooler and then grabbed a large container and made a blend of spices in that container and dumped a container of vanilla yogurt into that blend. He would spread this across the lamb legs then let them sit over night, afterwards leaving for the night.

Coming back at eight in the evening the next day which would give him time to prepare everything. He immediately pull out the lamb legs and began to turn them into a shank cutting off the lower leg. He then grabbed a pan and threw butter into it, as it melted he grabbed the garlic, crushing it and dicing it he then threw it into the pan he would first create the appetizer for when they arrived. This would be escargot and a bruschetta with a sweet balsamic dressing as they ate that he would then cook his lamb shanks with a side of asparagus which would be pan seared with oil, he would also have two six inch cuts of pineapple resting on the lamb shank which would also be resting in a light drizzle of light gravy made from the lamb.

For dessert he would make a light raspberry mousse which would rest upon a dark chocolate cheese cake. Afterwards he would then clean up his area as they ate that, he would then take his leave. On his way out the door the owner held out a envelop for him, they nodded as he accepted this and then went on his way.

Word Count: 1077/500


A Business Man Eh? [Solo/Job] Sk_sig10

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