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Reunited [Training]

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1 Reunited [Training] on 13/07/15, 12:40 pm


The fanalis had waited at the docks, ever since she had arrived in the country she had visited everyday waiting for her companion to arrive. She knew it would take awhile since he was going by boat and she had flown here but over time she was starting to miss his companionship. She wondered if he was being treated fairly while he was on the ship or if he was getting enough food, they were probably treating him somewhat okay since she payed them good money to watch Fluffy and make sure he was safe, but you could never be to sure, there were all sorts of characters in the world.

Today had marked a month since she had arrived in Kou, she thought it was a very interesting land, she enjoyed the food that they had here and most of the people seemed nice but for some reason she got ugly glares from people time to time but she just ignored most of them and went by her own business, she would normally just visit shops or just go to the docks wondering how long it would take for her companion to arrive to the country, it could take months for all she knew. She would just have to be patient hoping her pet would be here any day.

As she was waiting she thought more about how things have been in Kou, currently she was residing in a nice inn, the room was small but she wasn't staying for luxury she just needed a place to stay while she was here, something that she did enjoy was clothing that she had seen here, she normally wasn't a cloth obsessed person but she thought the garments of Kou were beautiful ,she knew of course not everyone had high end clothes like she saw but she thought the basic clothing designs were interesting, she would definitely buy some new clothes while she was here.

As she was thinking about Kou a boat was approaching the harbor and by the looks of it, it was the boat that would have her companion on it, she was glad that it was arriving of course first she would have to wait for the boat to actually arrive and then actually unload before the warrior could see her companion again but she was excited nonetheless that she would be able to see her pet, he would most likely be happy to see her but she hoped he wouldn't go too wild since he was a rather large creature and could easily destroy a few things just by running into them, nonetheless she was glad that he had arrived, she would probably walk him around town and feed him.

The white haired girl played with her hair for a bit as the boat pulled closer soon docking, she felt the breeze flow by her and looked at the sky, she closed her eyes for a bit and just felt nature, she liked the breeze from the ocean and the sun gave her a nice warm vibe too so she wasn't too cold or too hot. She thought it felt perfect, it was definitely a nice day to go on a walk, Fluffy would most likely agree too. She looked at the boat and noticed them unloading and she noticed a man bringing out Fluffy, trying to keep his distance since he seemed to fear that the creature would do something to him if he got to close. She ran over to the man and her pet so she could claim him.

"Hey sir it's me Merrze, this big guy here belongs to me, you were probably told to look for someone like me right. I see he's in good health, I assume he was well fed during the journey from Reim to here?"

The man handed the rope over to Merrze so she could handle him and gave her a polite smile. As Merrze took the rope fluffy bended down and started to lick her affectionately.

"Ah yes my boss said to try and find you, and based on his reaction it seems that you are definitely the owner of this guy, normally I would be hesitant to just hand over something but since animals have keen sense of smell and all he would be able to tell who his owner is. And yes, we made sure he was plenty fed, most people avoided him but the crew loves animals so we made sure he got enough food."

Merrze waved goodbye and cut the rope off of Fluffy, she didn't like him being tied up like that but she knew it was because the crew didn't want him running away or anything, then again if the canine truly wanted to get away he could break the ropes or just burn them. She petted him as she sat atop him, occasionally he would look up and lick her to show love and she would would just pet or scratch behind his ear. She did guide him though, she had him walk through town and would point at which direction she wanted him to turn.

She was guiding him to a nearby butchers so that she could give him some meat, he was probably hungry at the moment so she would get him something fresh to eat and maybe find something on their way for her to eat. As they approached the butchers Merrze hopped off and patted him to let him to know that he needs to wait while she does to fetch something. She walked closer and the smell of meats engulfed her senses, the smell of meat always made her happy since it reminded her of when it was a luxury. She loved the stuff with a passion and always felt happy when she got to eat finely cooked meats along with other good food.

She walked up the the counter and waited for the person who ran it to show themselves and soon a portly man walked forward. The girl looked around and what types of meats he had and noticed that the pork he had looked like it was rather good, she would buy a couple pieces of pork to feed her pet, they looked like they were pretty good grade but she wondered how much they were priced at.

"Ah I would like two large pork loins if possible."

"Sure thing ma'am for these two fine slices that will be one thousand huang."

She handed over the money then took the two slices of pork, she walked away and approached her pet, she threw both slices into the air and he quickly gobbled them down, they wouldn't be enough to fill the large creature but atleast she was able to get him a snack. She would continue to walk him despite the fact that people were looking at him funny, of course most people would be freaked out if they saw a giant death beast walking around their town but she had no plans of going hope yet so hopefully the people wouldn't cause the fanalis or her companion any trouble while they were exploring the town and enjoying the scenery.

She was walking alongside Fluffy now pointing and buildings and such, after all she had only been here for a month so everything was still exciting and new to her, she slightly missed Reim but she had no intentions of going back until she has accomplished what she has needed too, after she had gone through the dungeon and hopefully survived she would head down to Heliohapt soon after so that she could search for her father to get some sort of closure and learn more things about her mother and their life before Merrze was born, that was if he was truly still alive.

As she was in her mind she saw a man run past her holding something and there was a group of people chasing after him, he had stolen something by the looks of it so she thought of this took take action. She had been working on an idea for a spell ever since she had gotten her gauntlet, it seemed to utilize strength magic and she learned that strength could do interesting things. She focused on the man and started imagining what she wanted to do and sent magoi into the tool, soon sand particles had began to float above the ground and formed a chain that wrapped around the man making it where his entire body couldn't move. The people that were chasing him had caught up after that and one kept watch while the other went to fetch guard.

She sat on the sidelines and waited for a guard to show up and when he did the girl took her leave, she started to walk away with Fluffy so that they could spend their day out on the tone looking at things and trying to have fun, since they had finally been reunited she had no intentions of doing nothing, she would spend the rest of the day trying to cherish their time together.

Word Count:1522/1500
Ability Trained:
Name: Suffocating Fear
Tier: A
Cost: 40 | 20 sustained
Element: Strength
Class: Supplementary
Range: 40m
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: Merrze creates a 3m chain out of sand and other particles at 10m/s which wraps around her target tightly at 25m/s immobilizing their entire body for 4 posts.


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