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Bianca Reim Stories [Missons]

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Chapter 1
Arriving at Reim...The Purce Stacher

It was a wonder delight of a Monday morning, sun shining across the entire city of Reim just right with a warm feeling inspiring happiness. The city was completely alive, flourishing with thousands of people seen wandering about the streets. Traders, people helping people less fortunate, Miltary patrols helping repair damages. This was Bianca first time visiting this amazing city on her long road of traveling, she would enter through the south entrance just a little bit ahead of the gaming caravan that she was originally traveling with. When she sure the level of civilised community Bianca was amazed and filled with a strong sense of wonder, that she has never felt before in her life...her nose was metaphorical growing.

Bianca would walked through the gate after, talking to the guard captain, asking a few questions such as; Best place to get a bite to eat, entertainment, places to stay the night, along with possible long running jobs in the case she actually wanted to stay. The conversation went on for quite awhile until the Guard realised Bianca was a Fanalis Archer which was quite rare this trait showed character outside of her race who normally rely on their strength and Rage. The guard would recommend visiting the recruitment center in Reim if she was truly interested in staying here in the sense of making it her home.

Bianca would take the conversation from the guard to heart since she could tell quite easily that is where he was talking from. As she was walking into the city taking it all in she would mutter to herself "Such an honest and nice guy..i should visit him tomorrow." When suddenly a loud scream came from a nearby stall carrying a small knife and purse, wearing a large black cloak covering nearly his entire bodY, two guards came running from behind Bianca heading into the direction of the Theif though it was obvious they had no chance of catching him since he had found a way onto the roof and escape was almost completed. Out of liking the guard Bianca decided to get involved drawing her bow and firing a quick arrow at the thief hitting him in his knee bringing him down to the ground to be arrested by the guards.

The purse snatcher fell to the ground, from the top of of the carpet market, into the ground with a loud thumb..he would cry out in pain due to not only receiving a painful cut from Bianca he would break his right angle in 2 places from the fall. The guards approached him from two sides, not before he could pull a six year old boy as a hostage at a feblie attempt to get himself out of this mess.......a sharp noise came rushing throw the wind as a second arrow was launched by Bianca this time hitting the knife the Theif was carrying....he was now done. The two guards arrested him and locked him up, in the nearest prison box while they waited for support to escort him to the main jail of Reim.

After successfully locking up the thief catcher, one of the guards came up to Bianca who had started walking further into Reim not expecting any sort of reward nor was she considering she done anything important. [Guard]" Miss can I have your name, please...I need to fill out your reward certificate for helping catch a criminal mastermind" [Bianca] " Criminal Mastermind really" Bianca would start laughing for a moment."I'm Bianca, it was nothing though you don't need to thank me...." [Owner of Purse] "I insist you are rewarded, this purse is worth allot of fact take this" hands Bianca 3000 Huang" Bianca would accept the reward along with bowing in respect for the gift.. meanwhile the guard had filled out his report and sent it of via message carrier. Before Bianca could truly depart the guard would ask for one more favor. [Guard]"We could your help in another matter, it's not that we can't handle it but lately we were understaffed we can't send men for the situation"..[Bianca] "Out with it than" [Guard] " Well we need to deliver these five items to different key people in the city...yes i know it seems pointless but these people are a annoying pain with money Will you help." Bianca thought for a moment ..." yeah sure id help."

End of chapter 1
756/500 [Misson Purse Snatcher Completed]
Weapon Used
Name: Compact Bow
Tier: D
Type: Bow
Material: Strong Oak Wood
Appearance:The strong oak wood of the bow is 177.8 cm (70") long with a bow draw of 73.66 cm (29")
Ammunition Material: Steel
Ammunition Appearance: The steel arrows are 1 meter long.
Mana = 100/100 since i only used 2 ammo from the bow.

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Chapter 2
Arriving at Reim...Delivering Goods

After helping stop a Purse Snatcher mastermind the guards in the area had recruited Bianca has they figured she was someone they could trust without worry, her task was to deliver some goods to different locations of the city quite quickly they even offered her payment if she could deliver at least five. This job was right up Bianca ally for the time being since she was about to explore the entire city anyway, this was simple way to earn a bit of experience, relations and currency while she did it.  [Guard] "i would recommend you take these small items first since their all destinations are located together in the high markets of Reim.

Bianca listened to the guards advice, picking up all three packaged items, and started her route to the high market of Reim, the packages were all about the size of common books, so close in fact if Bianca was to make a guess, she would guess books. She decided to walk fairly slowly once she had gone passed the bend out of the guards view, since she wanted to take in the architecture of the city.  The Architecture was very empowering with the perfection, not a single mistake in the marble, wood, metal or stone this was a rare sight, Bianca had never seen something built so well let alone an entire city.

After traveling for an hour Bianca had finally reached Reim High market....the place was like a massive festival of joy, dancers of both male and female from the general community, music playing fairly loud from the local band. High-value goods selling at reasonable prices, Royalty and Civilians were hanging out together, Bianca was impressed. Though she decided to not take it all in at the moment since she had a task to completely and most likely looked like an idiot looking at the market like a child trying ice cream for the first time. Bianca delivered the three items to their relating new owners, A chef, A dancer and the Liberian. Afterwards, bianca would make her way quickly to the guards outpost to collect the final two items to deliver completing the mission.

The last two items were both quite heavy and would normally require two trips or multiple people though due to Bianca being a Fanalis she was able to carry both of them. The delivery would lead Bianca to a quite dark area of Reim which even on a sunny day like this, due to other tall buildings the sun could not reach though despite this the community in this area seemed just as wonderful as the rest of Reim though Bianca decided to be quick once she spotted two people playing a game of chess which instantly sent a shivar down her spine as the image of the caravan entered her mind again.

Bianca delivered the items and returned to the Guard House, to inform the guard of the success in the task her had granted her, though he already knew she had completed the tasks since this was more of a test of her trustworthiness as in fact he had her followed and monitored the entire time. The guard was quite pleased and granted Bianca the prevalence of knowing his name [Guard] "my name is "KNIGHT FACE Ryan"...[Bianca] "Finally i got you to tell me your name"* Bianca would smirk and bid the guard good day, leaving him a note of where she was going to be staying ....Bianca walked of leaving the current Street looking back only once.

600/500 words Misson complete
+100 carried over
Total Carried over word count Bank = 356


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Bianca Chapter 3
The Hotel Day 1- Job Name: Lonely Orphans  

It's the second day of Bianca being in the fabulous city of Reim, on a street Elm Street, at number 34 their was a tavern / small hotel. The hotel was build in an old abandon building linking back to a old Drama Therta which made the building very Unique in its design, though despite being nearly as old as Reim itself. The establisment has a 5 person bar, 4 leather sofas, and a underground threater used by local students of a nearby school providing regular entertainment for the guests, not to mention the fantastic food on offer regularly due to the world class chef owning their kitchen. This place normally cost a fortune for one night though for a very important reason Bianca had been given her own room in the Establisment for as long as she liked free of charge. The reason for this is because Bianca saved the Life of the entire staff when the day before, a fire broke out, and everyone was trapped, Bianca was able to get help and even risked her life to help save the people and the place succeeding .

This moring on 34 elm street Bianca was asked if she could go help a group of Orphans in the orphanage oppersite the strett, with out hesertation Bianca picked up her feet, and cross the street and knocked on the door to help the Kids. A middle-aged woman opend the door, with the name Sophia around her neck open the door. [Sopiha] Oh my good..thank you so much for comming, i am all alone here this week and well i can't look after them all, cooking, cleaning so on and keep them happy ....thank you so much" [Bianca] "No problem at if you want i can even pop over tomorrow to help again.

Once Bianca entered the room with all the children she figured the best way to help these kids, is to teach them to entertain themselves though to start with she started with a song. "So tell me why do the birds that used to fly here,,Tell me why do they come to hide here? And all the kids that used to run here
Tell me why do they load their eyes here?....I remember in the days when We were one heart, no need to defend I just wrap my arms around you
*All the kids put 1 arm around the person sitting next to them for a completely circle* Don't give up, this song is for you.....Reminding you that everything is possible
Yeah, reminding me that nothing is impossible...You gotta live for the one that you love you know ....You gotta love for the life that you live you know... Hold on"

After singing the song, Bianca would teach the kids the art of creating writing, dungon mastering...bored games and made sure they understood they are all unique and together they could do anything they want.. just make that first step.  She would spend a few hours at the Orphanage though eventually she had to leave, due to it getting late.

532/500 Misson Complete .


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Bianca Chapter 4
The Hotel Day 2 - The Strong Kids

Bianca has currently been in Reim three days now and is currently bored out of her mind, she's had breakfast, asked the local guards if theirs anything they need help with, even the hotel has nothing to do, so she decided to go for a stroll looking for a nice relaxing area where she could enjoy the view of something wonderful, but instead she ends up getting run into by a guy named neo who seems to be looking after some really big kids, who looked like they could break bones very easily. it took Bianca a few minutes to realise that the kids were in fact very strong kids. It was obvious that the guy couldn't handle such strong kids, let alone look after them for the entire day. Bianca would help the guy up, after he fell over after running into her,[Bianca] Em excuse me sir are you ok, looks like you got lost your barings for quite a bit their" Bianca would smile, while helping him brush of some of the Dirt on his clothes.  [Neo]"Stupid Bitch watch where your going next time, can't you see me running down the street at high speeds, with 2 Imuchakk kids...Miss blind bat is it" This annoyed Bianca mainly due to her being a fanalis since normally she was quite calm [Bianca] "Oi watch your tongue mate, I might be a nice person but don't mistake kindness for a push over..continue with the attitude and instead of me helping you, i will punch you in the face and drop an arrow in your skull ...UNDERSTAND ?" Neo would pause for a moment  and then applogize to Bianca "Sorry miss, i am just really stressed at the moment my name is Neo and well these kids might look good now that we are outside, but when we get in doors they go crazy and i been looking after them for a's difficult" Bianca smiled and put one arm on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes [Bianca]"Then ask for help...Lucky for you i just happened to be bored ... so if you ask for my help you got it, i have ways of keeping young one occupied.[Neo] "Please thank you, i could really use the help and Company".

Neo and Bianca would travel to Neo house to look after the big kids, and just like Neo said the second they closed the front door, they started wrestling, throwing each other, punch, closelining each other left right and center, damaging part of the buildings foundation [Bianca] "Right kids... stop acting like idiots with no concept of Honer" the kinds heard this and stopped doing this and payed attention "You will act civilized...if you want to train your strength do so outside in the Garden, or i will put you down". The two Kids laughed at the crazy woman, while neo went up stairs to the loo, it would seem as they decided to punish Bianca by picking up a table with the goal of breaking it, though before they could break it, Bianca used her Fanalis speed and strength and Punch both kids hard in the forehead knocking them Unconscious, at which point she would put them on the sofa to sleep... denying any action to Neo when he came down to ask. When they woke up they seeemd to have learned their lesson and Neo had became friends with Bianca.



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