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Arctic Fangs [Job, Altair/Vodarara]

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1Arctic Fangs [Job, Altair/Vodarara] Empty Arctic Fangs [Job, Altair/Vodarara] on 23/11/14, 06:28 pm

Job Name: Rabid and Frozen
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Job Pre-Requisites: Hungry Yetis
Job Overview: You did such a wonderful job taking out the yeti babies that the Imuchakk have asked you to take care of a group of rapid, starving wolves along the trail

Enemy Name: Pups (x3)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Abilities: The pups are starving and attack quickly, dealing D-tier damage with fangs and claws, moving at 10m/s to do so.

Enemy Name: Mama Wolf
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Howl of Rage – Mama Wolf lets out a piercing howl of rage, her attack boosting to deal B-tier damage for the next two posts
Razor Claws – Mama Wolf slashes at you three times with her razor sharp claws, dealing C-tier damage and causing bleeding wounds.

It was finally starting to happen. The Imuchakk people were starting to warm up to him. While they were still icy towards other outsiders, some of them seemed to have taken a liking to Altair. It must have been from the work that he had been helping out with. It felt good to finally be on a level with the Imuchakk that garnered mutual respect, if not friendship, at least. When he walked through the streets people said hello to him, and asked him how his day was. Altair noticed that everyone in this village seemed to know each other. So, as he gained the respect of a few, he slowly gained it from the many. It was a very special relationship that they held with each other that reminded Altair of his time back at home in his tribe. Everybody knew everybody, and were very tight-knit. Although the Loros were more accepting of outsiders, there was that feeling of 'we are a family' that pervaded the atmosphere.

Altair was heading over to Dantete's for another job opportunity. After his help with the Yeti children, the man seemed to respect him more than when they first met. Altair knocked on the door, only to hear a "Come on in!" from the other side. Altair opened the door and walked into the hut. "So, what can i help you with today?" Altair asked. From around the corner the large Imuchakk yelled, "Theres a family of wolves that seemed to have moved in on the other side of the mountain. If you could clear them out, that would be fantastic. Oh, and i'm sending someone to help you this time. He'll meet you on the mountain." Altair thanked Dantete and headed out.

Altair arrived at the mountain soon after, and looked for his job partner. "He said that guy would meet me here. I wonder what kind of person he'll be?"



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Vodarara had already been deployed back into the wilds, the avalanche had caused damage to many feeding grounds and supplies, animals and people were starving thus clashes were inevitable.

Wolves were some of the biggest danger they could hit supply chains and cause serious damage and if a pack got feisty and hungry enough to attack, when desperate and hungry wolves are strong, when people are hungry they are tired and weak.

There would be heavy casualties to both sides if that ended up the case, at this time many wolves had pups, the pups of course that were outside would be on a meat diet thus training them for sled dogs would be difficult guard or detection dogs would be a better idea for them.

It would be best to end the lives of the hungry wolves, they were dangerous if they started getting a taste for are flesh and most would die of starvation with careful management for now we should be able to have things balance out naturally.

Vodarara had been informed that he would be met by a traveller, there had been deals made at the reim summit.

Vodarara wondered what type of individual would be sent to assist, some magi, fighter or rogue.

He sat himself propped against a section of rock, his bow unstrung the weather was good for now, he just had to hope the traveller would arrive before the weather turned.

Vodarara was clad with his Deep Dark Scarlet Red Bow it was unstrung for now and his Quiver sat side ways at his hips. His short but heavy cloak covered his back and was held to his body by his belt and quiver, his other clothing was heavy white and grey furred hide used to help preserve heat, he would be far different from the Imuchakk the traveller had most likely met thus far.

His face was covered as usual his eyes visible with a hood down, his hair had a section towards the back tied back as a pony tail.

Down below there was a figure whom seemed to be looking around, he threw a rock down to relatively near their position to get there attention.



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Paul the small pebble always knew he was destined for something bigger.  He knew that there would come a time when he would be needed to pelt a wolf, or skipped across a lake.  And today, it finally happened.  As he sat, perched atop his older cousin Steve the stone, he was picked up and hurled down the mountain.  As he sailed through the air, he contemplated how he came to be where he was today...    About four thousand years ago, he was chipped from his mother Sharon, and dropped into an icy cold stream.  There, he was slowly shaped and molded into a smooth pebble over the course of three thousand, nine hundred, and eight years, until he was picked up by a small child, carried for some distance, and then dropped on top of Steve on this very mountain.  ninety two years later, he heard his greater purpose call out to him.  He yearned to be used, and when it finally happened, he found himself content as he hit the ground on the side of the mountain.  But what's this?  it appeared his journey was not yet over!  He began to roll, collecting snow as he went, until he was an enormous ball over four meter's thick!  No longer able to see, Paul wondered where he would end up this time.

Altair looked back and forth.  Where was his contact?  Suddenly, he heard what sounded like a combination of rumbling and rustling.  "What in the..." he thought as he turned around, only to be met with the enormous ball of snow that was Paul the pebbles vehicle.  It plowed (no pun intended) into Altair, sending him rolling through the snow, only his head sticking out of the comical ball.  He finally came to a rest near a small cove.  "GGGRRRRRRrrrrrrr..."  Altair looked up to see the head of a wolf of considerable size staring back at him.  Altair gulped.  "N-nice doggy..."



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It had turned into a highly unexpected chain of reactions, suddenly from a pebble that landed in a way caused a cascade of sheer luck and unfortunateness for the stranger whom had been sent as a tide of snow consumed him and dragged the stranger down the mountain.

How was this fool going to survive if he couldn’t dodge something so simple, now maybe he will live if he manages to swim the snow slide but if he ends up buried he’s dead meat.

Vodarara observed the cascade finally come to a halt further down the mountain and by some sheer luck and possibly strength the stranger had not been submerged in the snow, well it did seem that at least the traveller had some potential of survival seeing as that hadn’t killed him.

Though his “accident” had been of use as he was now knocked down, he had drawn out the hungry mother wolf whom slowly stalked its way towards him.

Now if he’s listening and thinking, he shouldn’t move, wait for it to get close and then engage it and kill it when it tries to attack you thinking you’re down and unconscious.

But what followed next Vodarara thought was stupidity, the stranger had got up a little looked the wolf in the eyes and began speaking to it, either he’s got some magical ballshit or he’s not focusing on the fight ahead of him.

Though Vodarara couldn’t possibly get away with just letting him get eaten…. So he would give a helping hand.

Vodarara took out an arrow in his hip quiver, drew it into his bow and took aim once it began its assault Vodarara would fire for the wolf aiming to disrupt its path.

(Normal Shot Released, Altair say what happens)


9/10 arrows


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Altair started to worry. He couldn't move himself out of the giant ball of snow, only able to wiggle slightly within it. He tried to reach for his blade, but the ice was too packed. The large wolf inched ever closer, until it was almost upon him. That is when, out of the blue, an arrow came streaking through the air, and struck the wolf in the head, pinning it to the ground. Where had that come from? Altair continued to wiggle, melting the snow bit by bit until it finally gave away enough for him to grab Caim. With three quick slashes the ice fell off of Altair, freeing him.

A chill wind started to blow, and snow began to fall, obscuring the mountain. Whoever shot that arrow had been high up, but after a few moments, Altair had trouble seeing farther than a few meters in front of him. The snow blasted across the plains, but was interrupted by the shrill barking of four wolf pups. They emerged from a nearby hole, three of them almost grown, and one apparently newborn, still struggling to walk across the ice. At the sight of their mother dead on the ice not far away, the three larger wolves howled, and charged Altair. Altair used his "Slay the Jackals" technique to quell them, delivering a killing blow to each of them. The smallest one also ran forwards, and began to nibble on Altair's pant leg, growling cutely. Altair took pity on the poor little pup. He picked him up, allowing him to chew on his thumb as he did so. "Poor guy, circumstance got the better of you, didn't it? It's ok, we'll find you a good home."

Altair walked back into town just as the snowstorm hit full blast. He walked into the bar and sat down shivering on a stool. He took the little wolf pup out of his pocket, and placed him on the counter. He ordered some Jerky for the pup and himself, as well as a saucer of warm water. "Well, i know that Himejojo's kid will want a friend, so how about we give you to him? We'll even let him name you." Altair nodded. It would be a good home. He might never know who shot that arrow, but he owed him a debt. Hopefully someday he'd be able to repay it.

Name: Slay the Jackals
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: Melee
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: A wicked series of four attacks that targets the joints and can crush bones, cause internal bleeding, slice open muscle, and is great for dealing with crowds. Each attack deals D-Tier damage. If 2 hit the same target, it deals C-Tier damage, and if 4 hit the same target it deals B-Tier damage. The speed of these attacks is 20m/s.

Magoi/Stamina: 220/250



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Vodarara watched as the battle continued down below, the wolf had not noticed his arrow and had happened to run straight into the arrow as it landed deep into its head, well it hadn’t really run but it hadn’t noticed the arrow, the creature ended up felling itself it was most likely due to hunger and the distraction of tasty prey that lead the wolf not to notice the incoming arrow that had come from a good distance, these wolves were definitely getting worse they were getting more desperate and thus they would end up becoming more dangerous for everyone.

In till the prey animals spread out again and recover there would likely be similar issues propping up.

Though Vodarara did get to watch something interesting from his perch in the mountains, after the human had freed himself he performed a flurry of strikes to the attacking enemies, an amazingly rapid strike especially considering the circumstances involved with the fact escaping from his snow bonds would logically have drained some energy due to the cold and effort getting out of the snow, however he would have died due to being to slow and was in theory just pure luck that he had survived, the wolf would have had an easy kill attack.

Though it would be of note to keep an eye on the individual in question, they could well be a threat in terms of things there was an odd aer to them, similar to other things he had seen before not the same but similar an eary feeling.

The Human also showed mortal weakness dropping your guard to pick up a pup that would only suit as a guard dog, but dropping your guard is a way to die.

Though it was time for the hunter to withdraw a storm was closing and not something that would be good to be caught in, Vodarara would relay this message to his Contact.

This blizzard pattern is odd it feels like something like the other great spire that rose in the land had caused around it but in this case it was far larger, was this a storm front or was it something unnatural.

WC: 364


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