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Arctic Claws [Job, Altair/Vodarara]

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1Arctic Claws [Job, Altair/Vodarara] Empty Arctic Claws [Job, Altair/Vodarara] on 26/11/14, 05:11 pm

Job Name: Cave of Horror
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Job Pre-Requisites: Rabid and Frozen
Chain Rewards: 50XP/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: After you deal with the wolves, you locate a massive cave entrance uncovered by the avalanche, blocked by the horrific snow drifts created after the avalanche. While exploring the cave, you wander in deep enough to see that there is a path. Guarding this path is a massive bear. Kill the bear to find out where the path leads.

Enemy Name: Vicious Grizzly
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Dripping Fangs – Vicious Grizzly snaps at you with his venomous teeth, dealing C-tier damage and inflicting stinging pains and sore muscles for two posts.
Massive Paw – Vicious Grizzly raises a single paw and slaps you, causing C-tier blunt damage.
Gluttonous Hibernator – Vicious Grizzly slams down on top of you, pinning you with his weight and inflicting B-tier damage, immobilizing you for two posts.

Once the blizzard cleared, an Imuchakk man found that the den in which the wolves stayed was actually much deeper. A call went out for men to explore the apparent cavern. some of the younger men wanted to answer the call, but some of the elders prompted them to do other activities. As such, the job found its way down to Altair. He was thrilled to go, especially since it meant exploring more of the unknown world beneath the ice. It certainly was intriguing. There could be anything down there, from lost Imuchakk civilizations, to ancient treasure, to an unknown and never discovered beast that only roamed beneath the ice. The suspense was almost too much to handle! "But..." Altair caught himself. It was likely just a cave. Nothing special. Why else would he now be the only one to take the job?

"Am i the only one to take the job?" Altair asked Himejojo. The Imuchakk man finished filling his drink with spiced cider and sat down next to Altair. "Actually no. You remember your contact from last time?" Altair shook his head. He never got a chance to meet him with the storm that came in. "I know that someone saved my life out there, but i never got to see his face. Does my contact use a bow?" Himejojo nodded. "Yep! that's him alright. He actually should be here shortly. This time we arranged so that you would meet up before heading out. That way what happened last time doesn't happen this time." he said with a wink. Altair took a sip of his cider. He wanted to thank this man for saving his life last time they were out there. He didn't even know who it was, but he owed him a debt. Clearly he couldn't just leave this be. "Well, i hope he gets here soon. I want to head out before noon so we can be back before nightfall, circumstance permitting."



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Vodarara had spent the early hours scouting the area that would be returned to later in the day, it was unlikely that the traveller would follow such customs as incredibly early rises to make greatest use of daylight as of yet, it logically takes time to adjust to the later light and then a shorter day than what seems to be the norms of other lands across the Great Rift.

Vodarara had happened upon some interesting things during his scouting operation of the cave system which the wolves had been harbouring around, something was very out of the ordinary about this place.

This place had an eerie feeling about it, as Vodarara penetrated the darkness, the light scent well at least light in terms of how his nostrils weakened scents that you need to know but didn’t want overpowering anything else.

The scent of a bear, something was odd a bear living deep in a cave system, normally small coves were what the preferred cave systems could host other creatures more often than not, another thing to note was the wolves being close by to this location and there out of the ordinary actions, it would have make more sense for the mother to retreat but it held its ground.

Vodarara found himself overlooking a slightly luminous mushroom, what he called a Riftap, but something seemed odd about it, its colour its glow was different they normally have a green shimmer, it was lightly poisonous but if you needed to eat it, it wouldn’t kill you at least a small amount wouldn’t.

But why was it red, around it seemed that other local shrooms had been consumed as well, the specific poisonous part was the luminous liquid that circulated through fine membranes on the mushroom, Vodarara put a little pressure on it as it leaked out like blood would, its fine red glow of this possible variant.

Vodarara tasted it upon his tongue before quickly spitting it from his mouth and placing a Valvaris leaf on his tongue.

There seemed to be slumbering and an odd tempting echo, Vodarara withdrew he needed to meet this contact, cave combat wasn’t the smartest thing to try solo in the world.


Vodarara entered the meeting location……….

WC: 374


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Altair continued to chat with the bartender, passing the time.  The door opened and Altair turned, excited, only to see that it wasn't who he was expecting.  Instead, it was simply Himejojo's son, walking in with his new pup who he had named "Pepper".  The boy smiled at Altair before heading upstairs, pepper running behind him.  Altair went to go back to his drink when the door opened again.  This time a man walked in.  Not an Imuchakk man mind you.  No, this man was considerably pale, almost white, with strange eyes, and wearing a bow across his back.  Altair got up.  "Vodarara i presume?  I'm Altair, Himejojo told me you'd be coming.  Shall we get going?"  Altair turned to yell back to Himejojo.  "I'm heading out Himejojo!  I'll be back in a bit!"  Himejojo came around the corner to say goodbye but stopped short when he saw Vodarara.  A rather mean glare took the Imuchakk's eyes then, and instead of the warm goodbyes he was used to, Himejojo responded with, "Yeah.  Don't die."  Himejojo then returned around the corner from whence he came with not a word more.  This troubled Altair, but he put the thought out of his head for another time.

As they walked to the cave, Altair introduced himself to Vodarara.  "So, I'm Altair.  I'm a shepherd from the plains north of Balbadd.  I haven't been here long, but the people here have really warmed up to me.  It's kind of a stark contrast to when i first arrived where i could barely get the time of day from anyone.  So, tell me about yourself Vodarara.  Where are you from?  Have you been in Imuchakk long?"  Altair listened to his answers as they walked until they reached the ice cove.

"Smells like Bear in here."  Altair noted.  It was a smell not too different from the way southern bears smelled, thick and pungent, but this was paler in comparison.  Altair ducked down into the entrance, past a rather red and out of place mushroom, and into the cave mouth.  It opened up considerably inside, with a decently high ceiling and a long, dark tunnel leading down.  Altair walked in front, with his sword drawn and a lit torch in his other hand.  Altair thought about his partner's choice of weapon.  A bow was nice, but Altair definitely preferred being able to get up close and personal with an opponent, and while bows were great at a distance, they were notoriously bad in close combat.  As the pair turned a corner, they were met with a large wall.  Altair looked up.  It appeared they could continue if they could climb the wall.  Altair was looking for a foothold when he heard a deafening roar.  There, on top of the wall, was an enormous bear.



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Vodarara only had a few words for the traveller after he came out with his life as a traveller, his role back home was a “Shepard” a person who tended a flock of domesticated animals and raised them most commonly for someone far wealthier than themselves whom could afford that number of animals.

Vodarara of course would make little notes for the traveller if he wanted to research and put the pages together, he could but there was no point in revealing all about you, it makes you weak and can display your weaknesses there is little point to making friends in this world, everyone dies and everyone can break.

Solitude was a good life, a lonely life but it helped avoid things such as death and sadness, that’s why avoiding sticking around people for a long time was a good thing, Vodarara only really trusted one of the Imuchakk and that was his battle brother in the great spire. Though he had not seen him in a long time he had left travelling.

Vodarara said a few things over the journey through the slightly calmed frozen wastes back to the mountain where the cave system lurked……

“My Profession is that of a Wilder”

“I lurk the Ice packs for years, I guess its name is newer for myself”

“And my issue resides based slightly on this”
gesturing to his unstringed bow.

It wasn’t long before they arrived back at the mountains, a massive jagged large tower of stone, ice and snow that broke from the icepacks itself, as if a great rift in the land itself.

The caves that lurked inside it were what you would call rarer, you’d imagine the caves to be carved by the movement of the land and water but these caves seemed much older at least there formation was slightly more unique in nature.

They moved deeper into the cave.

It seemed they would have to ascend over a rock face, they human’s torch was rather blinding.

It would be soon that they would come face to face with a monolith like creature a great bear, huge and monstrous most likely disturbed and alerted to their presence deep into the scattered system.

Vodarara shifted into the shadows as he set about stringing his bow, so he could at least attempt to provide some combat support, fighting a bear in its cave when its pissed off obviously wasn’t one of the smartest things to do but running blindly through a cave system was also a stupid idea.

Vodarara said one thing as he shifted into the shadows, “Be Ready if it may be corrupted by Corrupted Mushroom poison”

WC: 443



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"Noted!" Altair yelled as the bear jumped down, using its Gluttonous Hibernator to try to hit Altair on the way down. Altair Quivered, moving just far enough away so that the enormous bear wouldn't land on top of him. Unfortunately for the three of them, his impact would be great enough to shatter the ice beneath them, opening up a hole into a dark room below. Altair fell with the bear, grappling in midair with it, and mostly losing. Altair was finally able to get his blade in position as they impacted the ground. Caim skewered into the bear's chest cavity as they hit the ground, more out of pure luck than any actual skill. Altair recovered quickly, but noticed that he needn't be afraid. the sword has stuck the bear into the floor beneath it, killing it slowly as it was stuck there. Once the bear stopped moving, Altair removed his blade. He looked up. The Ceiling was high above, almost 15 meters above. Altair hurt all over from the fall, most notably his ankle seemed to have been severely twisted. Altair's torch had gone out after hitting the ice underneath them. "Shit. Well, Nothing a little Magic can't fix." Pulling out his staff, he put the smallest amount of Magoi into the gem on the top. It glowed a deep purple, reminiscent of the life magic it provided. Altair looked around, straining to see his new surroundings.

Name: Quiver
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: None
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: A five meter dash done at 10 m/s.

Magoi/Stamina: 240/250



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Vodarara muttered to himself, about the shepard making things to easy, skewering a creature dead in one blow, ok using its momentum to impale it was smart and at least it died quite quickly.

Vodarara didn’t even have time to fully string his bow by time the fight was over. Vodarara decided to quickly slash the creatures throat after it had stopped moving that should at least quicken its death.

Vodarara set about following the shepard who had rapidly worked his way over the rock face in front of them, he was a quick move and reckless at that, not waiting to observe his surrounding or if there was something else lying in wait for him.

It would most likely lead to such a person’s death at some point in time, for example letting your guard down to someone and for them then to strike you swiftly down.

Vodarara made his way up the rock face using is hands and feet finding small nooks and cranies in the extreme low light in the depths of the cavern.

Once he reached the top he could see the stranger trying to work his way forward, most likely his eyes were adjusting and taking extra time due to the sudden loss of light.

WC: 210


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You helped the child, rebuilt the trail, killed the yetis, defeated the wolves, and slaughtered the bear. Now you can explore the path you found and discover what lies at the other end. As you move into the winding path, you will find that it opens up into a massive open area. From the top, light filters through the ice and the blue rays illuminate a winding bridge of ice that crossed the chasm of undeterminable depth. On the other side of the chasm, a massive gate could be seen with Al Torran runes surrounding it. The walls of the cave opening are littered with bioluminescent fungus seeming to originate from the gate. While this discovery is amazing, it would probably be best to report the gate to Asisiak to see about a reward for finding a dungeon deep inside the mountains of Imuchakk.

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Altair stared ahead in disbelief.  Could it really be?  Another Dungeon!  And he had discovered it!  Altair almost couldn't contain himself.  He let out a laugh, and looked to see how he could approach the great door.  snapping his fingers, he got an idea.  "Oh great spirit of insight and resolve, I command thee and thy household.  Dwell in my body, and transform me into a great liberator!  Reave, Caim!"  With a burst of magical energy and a swarming of Rukh, Altair transformed into his Djinn Equip.  He flew over to the gate of the dungeon and stared up in awe.  There were runes in Toran at the top of the gate.  Altair studied them for a minute, and remembering his Toran, figured out the name of the dungeon.  Cimeies.  No other information was revealed, but Altair had a feeling that the name alone would be enough for some to come running.

Altair flew back up to the hole that opened when the bear landed on the ice, where he deactivated his Djinn Equip.  Vodarara was standing there in some disbelief.  "I'll explain later.  For now, we should go tell Asisiak about this find."  Vodarara nodded, and helped Altair limp back into town.  They parted there, and Altair went to find Asisiak.  After getting some directions, he found it.  He requested an urgent meeting with Asisiak that was granted quickly.  Thankfully, her schedule had an opening for him, or so they said.

Altair walked up to the large Imuchakk woman and bowed.  "Asisiak, i am Altair Loros.  I come bearing some incredible news.  I have discovered a Dungeon named Cimeies deep within an ice cave.  I would be more than happy to take you to see it yourself if you so wish, or you could send someone with me to corroborate my claim."

Djinn: Caim
Type: Katana
Theme: Razor Magic
Chant: Oh great spirit of insight and resolve, I command thee and thy household. Dwell in my body, and transform me into a great liberator! Reave, Caim!
Flight: 15 m/s
Cost: 20, 10 Magoi
Cool-Down: 8
Appearance: A black bladed sword whose edge glows white-blue. It's blade is 2 1/4 feet long (71 cm) and 1/2 inch thick at the base (1.27 cm). A black ribbon extends from the hilt of the sword to wrap around the user's arm, over his shoulders, and down his other arm where a sword of the same size made purely of Razor magic can form.

Magoi/Stamina: 220/250


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Asisiak was informed there was someone to see her and she granted them audience. It was a slow day. When one of the humans from Reim burst in and spilled forth the news of a dungeon deep in a cave, her mind began to churn.

“I will accompany you myself.”

Waving at two other Imuchakk warriors, they hastened to follow her. As they walked with the human, Asisiak would give him an appraising look.

“I appreciate you telling me of this. It could be a great boon for our country in its time of need. It could also be what caused that time of need. You shall have free access, as my thanks for you reporting this before entering the dungeon. Now, show me this dungeon.”

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Altair nodded and was starting to lead the way, when a thought struck him. "Actually, i have a different request. More than access to the dungeon, what i truly want... is to learn from you. I am Altair Loros of the Loros tribe south of Magnostadt in the rolling plains. I am their rightful heir and leader. You see, a man, through use of subterfuge and political backstabbing, has taken over instead of me, and cast me out. Hence why i wandered the world for as long as i did as a Shepherd. But i have a plan for the growth of this tribe, and all of the tribes across the plains. We were once a single force, and i wish to reunite them under a single banner. We are under constant attack from Zou. They are taking over or killing tribes one by one, and moving their influence westward. In order to save the lives of millions of people, i wish to strengthen our bonds of family. And the best way to do this, i think, is to emulate Imuchakk's governing system. And who better to learn this from, than the person who united the tribes of Imuchakk? So, i ask for lessons from you, to learn this way of governing, so that i may save my people. This is far more important to me than some dungeon gold." Altair's voice was crystal clear, and lacked no confidence. He knew what he wanted, and since it was within his grasp, he was going to get it.


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Asisiak raised an eyebrow at the man’s request, humming softly in thought. It was not their custom to share the way of their tribe, especially with those from outside their lands. But this man had done a lot to help them re-establish trails and reduce the number of dangerous animals. Not to mention bringing the information of the dungeon directly to her. It was something that could bring a great deal of money to their lands, if one of their own were to claim the dungeon. With the funds from the dungeon, they could easily repay their debts to Kou and Reim.

“Very well, Shepherd of the Great Plains. I will do what I can to teach you the ways of our people’s governance. I cannot guarantee how useful the information will be for those not like us, but I shall give you what knowledge I have. Is there anyone you wish to grant your dungeon entrance to? An ally in your struggles to gain power, perhaps?”

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Altair thought for a moment before answering. He wasn't sure if he was making a good move, or a bad one, but he was confident that it would all work out. "Yes, i have someone in mind. Are you familiar with Azix Niraj? He is the one sent from Reim for the reconstruction effort. I believe it was called the Workforce Initiative. He may not be an ally in the most literal sense of the word, but i believe him to be an ally against those who would subvert others. He, in my mind, is the one best suited to gain the Dungeon's blessing. He will use the wealth for a good cause. I'm sure of it." This would surely come as a shock to the man. Altair, a man he had only just met, would be willing to give up an opportunity at a Dungeon for him. But, it was not without reason. Azix would then owe him a debt. And this debt would not be so easily repaid. Altair didn't know when or how he would need his help, but he was sure he would. He wanted him as an ally. He needed him as an ally.


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Asisiak would smile and nod. She was very familiar with Marquis Niraj and was, in fact, intending to meet him when his boat arrived so that she could oversee the organization of the Workforce project.

"Very well. We have the same opinion of the man. I see good and courage in him. I shall let him know. Now, let us have a look at this gate."

She took a step over the bear that lay on the ground, the path into the chasm area slick with ice. Her breath caught when she finally saw the glimmering gate of the Dungeon. Her own metal vessel had not been obtained by her in a dungeon but rather confiscated from someone, so her first view of a dungeon was magnificent. After ascertaining a view of the gate herself, there was no doubt in her mind that this was a true dungeon. She would turn to Altair then with a serious look.

"You have done my country a great service, by revealing this location to us. I shall repay that favor with information. Meet me after I reveal the dungeon to my people tomorrow, we shall have a feast and discuss these matters you wish to learn of, Shepherd."


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