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Zadi vs. Barrels! [Job;Solo]

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1 Zadi vs. Barrels! [Job;Solo] on 01/03/14, 10:16 pm


It was the usual day. Another job, more Huang, more time to live in a nice place such as Balbadd. Maybe it would be nice to leave every once in a while. You know, just once before he dies. Zadi Medmar was not the type of person to move anywhere or do anything of actual importance, but he did want to see some sights…which was a paradoxical pay of thinking, hahaha! Anyway, Zadi made his way to the local Job Board that wasn’t too far from where he took shelter…his parent’s old house…which he painstakingly keeps clean in order to properly preserve their memory…they gave their lives to save Zadi…even though they could have died together…like a family. Zadi let a tear roll down halfway before wiping it from his check with his pink sleeve. Yup, a pink kimono today. The man of many colors and clothes. Though the same staff every single time. The Gawking Heron staff, named personally be Zadi Medmar himself. It was a rather amusing staff…huge though. Not wide, but very tall. About half a meter taller than Zadi perhaps. All the same, Zadi made it to the Job Board and picked out a mission, one that involved the usual dock work.

Zadi took a job from the local Job Board and headed over to the docks of Balbadd in order to complete his job. Not too far, as everything was pretty close to another important thing. Coincidences are beautiful! Now then, Zadi made it to the docks, looked for the person in charge of the reward for the job being finished, and then got to work after being told to unload and load a few things onto a specific ship that just docked nearby. Zadi rolled up his pink sleeves and starting rolling barrels on and off a newly docked ship. It wasn’t hard to take the barrels off the ship…but very much tougher to put the newer barrels on the ship. They were filled with spices and other goods that could help a country stay prosperous. It was nice to see things going well for others. Things were great here in Balbadd, though the housing market was crashing, making living in his parent’s house all the more tough with rent going up month by month. Anyway, Zadi kept loading and unloading barrel after barrel, not stopping…well, maybe for a slight break, like a pause to rest his exhausted muscles, but then he got right back to rolling and placing. Eventually, the job was done and Zadi had loaded and unloaded all the barrels necessary for the foreign country and Balbadd to be prosperous in this overall haul. Zadi felt accomplished din his work, being able to help two whole countries with such easy tasks. Well, Zadi felt better when he got his reward from the captain of the ship whose sailors got sick on the journey into Balbadd’s ports. Must be tough to be sick at sea with all those waves going back and forth and back and…ugh…I feel sick all of a sudden...Zadi got his reward and moved on…ugh…urp…

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