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Magi: Kingdom of Magic Ep. 20 Discussion

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Warning! Spoilers for the latest episode!

I wont be providing any links, but this thread is to discuss the latest episode of the anime.

Personally I feel like it was better than the last few which have been dragging things out a bit much for my taste. The entire war just felt really slow paced in comparison to the manga. I understand it was because there was a lot of dialogue, but it would have been nice to have gotten some extra battle scenes or something. Let's face it, the Finalis Corps. scenes looked like the animation team was slacking in comparison to the Toto Vs Alibaba fight.

But back to THIS episode, it was a reminder of why I love Magi so much and want it to get more popular here in the west. While most of the episode was informative chatting, the earnest friendship shared between Alibaba and Aladdin is both fun to watch and good for the soul. If only those values could take root in my country's fragmented society. Sadly pop culture is all about dat money, gettin' laid, and partyin' like you can't stop.

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