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Bifrons: Overview

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Bifrons - The 5th Dungeon
~The Djinn of Gems and Jewels~

The Gate
Bifrons: Overview Pbucket
After hiking a bit in the harsh and dry barrens of the Western Front one would stumble upon this eerie monstrosity. Despite the barren wastes in all directions, waterfalls can be seen framing the Dungeon which takes on the form of a citadel that was carved into the mountains eons ago and has fallen into disrepair. The entrance to the dungeon is located on the outside of the citadel and takes on the shape of a massive sealed stone door with magical symbols, one simply needs to touch it to be sucked up into the dungeon.

The Main Hall
Bifrons: Overview Wizard_tower_05_by_rusty001-d2ycrto
The first room in this massive staircase that leads down into the depths of this opulent dungeon. Along the walls are fragments of every kind of jewel imaginable. Most would be inclined to try and chisel these free from their homes but would likely find some of the guards of this dungeon not so hospitable. The stairwell is roughly 2 meters wide and about a 100 meter decent.


  • Dice Roll 1 - No Enemy
  • Dice Roll 2 – Rock Demons x 5 (D-tier)
  • Dice Roll 3 – Fire Elementals x 5 (C-Tier)

The Midway
Bifrons: Overview Gem_spark_mines_bridge_by_rusty001-d2y5ltv
After climbing the long and twisting staircase one will discover a massive mine. Gold, gems, silver, copper, and any other precious metal or gems that one could think of will be being mined below by the servants of Bifrons. The players will walk in between massive corridors and narrow mining routes. If they are unlucky some of these works might cross their path and give them a challenge. They will need to walk about 300 meters to get to the core of the dungeon where Bifrons lays.


  • Dice Roll 1 - No Enemy
  • Dice Roll 2 – Devious Rats x15 (D-Tier)
  • Dice Roll 3 – Gem Miners x 4 (C-Tier)
  • Dice Roll 4 – Fire Elementals x 2 (B-Tier)
  • Dice Roll 5 – Crystal Goliath x 1 (A-Tier)

The Chamber
Bifrons: Overview Dwarf_gates_by_rusty001-d2y3722
A large gold door studded with gems of all kinds will lay at the end of the midway. Inside this door is the treasure room. The treasure room is about 50 meters in width and filled with mounds upon mounds of gold and gems. There are several statues scattered throughout this area, some are actually alive so be wary. At the center of the hoard is a golden pot that for the time being holds the djinn Bifrons.


  • Dice Roll 1 - No Enemy
  • Dice Roll 2 Fire Elements x 2 (B-Tier)
  • Dice Roll 3 - ??? (Gem Stone Guardian x2  A-Tier)

Dungeon-Beast Transformations

  • Dice Roll 1 - Nothing
  • Dice Roll 2 - Living Statue

    • Perks:

      • Will have a natural defense of 1 tier lower than their current (once this breaks it does not replenish unless in a new thread)
      • 3 Free earth based abilities allowed
      • Natural B tier strength

    • Downsides:

      • Land physical abilities will drop by 5 m/s
      • Will have rock like skin permanently
      • Can no longer used flying based abilities

  • Dice Roll 3 - Crystal Manipulator

    • Perks:

      • Be able to register 5 free abilities about the use of manipulating crystals
      • Can auto ignore light based attacks 2 ranks below their own due to being able to refract the light.

    • Downsides:

      • Water based skills will deal 1 Tier extra damage against you if struck
      • Will have shards of gems and crystals popping out from you.


  • Magic Tool for Companions (read Dungeon System).
  • 90,000 Huang to anyone who completes the dungeon or helps to complete it.


  • You must post within 48 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not you are subject to getting hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 48 hours you are free to presume that your hit went through and killed it.
  • Only 4 groups can enter the dungeon at once. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. So basically it's a race to get into the dungeon first. A large amount of people can join The Gate topic, but only if they wish to actually enter the dungeon. If it is discovered that you didn't want to enter the dungeon you will have your warning bar docked.


Thank you all, for everything.
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