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The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!]

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Music is quite fitting for the end...............

Lagi removed the power source from his possession and placed it in the center area that the spire was designed as a conduit for. The very purpose of drawing out the full potential to harness the abilities of the power source and use it to create a connection with Doxrus, it was going to happen today.


Sparks and magical energy started to engulf the power source as Lagi felt the energy being taken from his body. He felt surprised and rather shocked, he couldn't even find the strength to resist the pull of the power source, with the ancient device of old only pulling from Lagi at the moment as it slowly increased in size. Demien and Mazus looked at the scene in amazement as the cube was taking it full shape, it's full form.  The inner workings of the device were even more intense, causing much pain to Lagi with the amount of power it was taking from him.

The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!] Lagi_c10


He spoke aloud, his voice was full of hatred, regret, sadness, almost every negative emotion that he had bottled up inside of him that has put him on his path. The hatred towards the fate of labeling him as unworthy, that no matter how much stronger he got, he was to never be a king candidate that was chosen by a djinn. The regret towards his family and loved ones, the disappointment of his father, that the people of Reim didn't believe that he could fulfill his role as king. Even though he was given the role of king as a deal with Kou, he unrooted the tyrant and freed Reim. Did that not matter to them?

Everything he did.....did it not matter to them?!

"Tch....ungrateful humans!!!"

Lagi bit his lip just enough for blood to trickle down, the number of black butterflies that came from him alone was an amazing degree, circling the power source as it served as a hive.

The sadness that his family must have felt when hearing about his supposed death, the regret of never being able to make up for it. The regret of going too far and even going as far as surrendering his humanity for power. He went too far to turn back now, there was nothing for him to even go back to in the first place. To Lagi, the only thing that he could do was press on.


With that final sound emitting from the power source, it finished taking energy from Lagi and reached its complete size of  20 meters tall and wide. The aura around it is magnetic and seems to pulsate at the touch.

"There is your power source, Mazus Grim. Now, show me the gospel of the Dark Hand, show me that all of this wasn't for nothing. Bring forth the master in front of all of those people outside for everyone to see!"

Almost as if this was on cue, the methods of the ritual started to show themselves on a page in the grimoire, with Mazus being engulfed in black energies.

"Just leave it to me....... Demien .. make sure we aren't interrupted by anyone curious..."

With Demien cracking his neck and his man-eating butterflies fluttering about, he started to head down to the main floor to make sure they won't ve disturbed.

"So I get the fun job of killing those that get in our way? Easy enough, you always know just how to get me interested in our current agenda. "

Mazus then nodded to Lagi as he immediately cut his hand,  the blood started to ooze and trickle from his palm before the black butterflies swarmed around it, turning it black. As he did so, he called out to Lagi when the next few instructions appeared from within the grimoire, the strong winds being generated from this dark ritual threating to push them both back. But they dare not move, they couldn't bear to do anything to ruin this moment.

"Jynx, your blood as well.... it's quite important to this process..."

He was tired, but he still wanted to see this through the end. Lagi knew of his superior healing, but Mazus only needed a little bit of his blood.

"Very well...."

Ripping through the flesh of his hand, Lagi slowed down his healing factor for the black butterflies to swirl around his hand as well.   As this was being done, the Dark Hand symbols, the actual symbol of Doxrus himself appeared from under the both of them.

"The blood and flesh of your greatest followers, those human and those beyond the limitations of man.  Take this as your offering, indulge and bind to our wills, bind throughout rukh! Take our hand, oh great one, and we shall drag you through the depth of the haunt into the promised land of the present.  Fulfill your will, fulfill your desires!!!!"

With everything being said and done, the floor started to turn dark as Lagi's and Mazus's hand started to feel an "interaction of some sort", something was beckoning them, something was calling out to them to drag it out from the depths. The whispers of the master were now not only heard to Mazus, but to Lagi as well.

"Release me.... feed me your hate...feed me your sadness..feed me your despair. Allow me to be born within the raw emotions of those shackles by fate, allow me to release you from them!  I feel it.... the faith..........the belief that those who live in this city have in me......they will be...... my nourishment.....THE TESTAMENT OF YOUR FAITH WILL BE MY SACIFRICE..... THROUGH YOU....... I WILL BE BORN. I THANK YOU.....MY FINGERS.........FOR NOW, YOU HAVE BROUGHT OUT THE DARK HAND OF DOXRUS VIUJERZHITT."

With such a dark voice in his head, what Lagi felt wasn't happiness for succeeding. What he did was oke the bear, he staked everything on a whim of what may or may not exist. Were those voices an illusion, was the grimoire possessed itself?

He did not know....

He truly did not know the consequences of his actions today, but he would soon find out.  

If this is the end, would it be the end of him alone?

The end of heliohapt?

Or the end of us all?

"Mazus..... what's happening?"

Lagi said as it has gotten completely silent after the ritual was completed. The lights were dim and it seemed as if the very essence of sound escaped the room, save for the voices of the two fingers that resided here.

"I don't know..... but.... rejoice ........he is here..... he is among us.... our true leader..... has now entered this world."


The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!] CwpqDMt

Name: Cube of Oblivion
Tier: Ω
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: A dark, metal object from Alma Torran with a glowing organic sphere in the middle that holds the pieces of the cube together. It is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand yet when activated it is an impressive 20 meters tall and wide. The aura around it is magnetic and seems to pulsate at the touch.

Power Generator - Upon activation, the cube will let off an alluring aura that draws anyone within 10 meters of it into it's vicinity. It controls the minds of anyone in this radius to touch the tool, sapping them of all of their magoi in order to gain more power. The effect may not be used on the user or other characters without consent. It may not be used to power abilities or magic tools unless stated otherwise. The tool may be used as a generator for anything that requires a large amount of magoi to preform and/or sustain. The user must discuss the use of this tool with staff before using it due to it's power.
Requirements - In order to activate this tool, the user must write an 1,000word count thread relating to doing so and pay 100 magoi to awaken the magic inside of the cube. After activation, this tool requires live human sacrifices in order to upkeep it's power. The user must write a 500 word count thread each month that relates to obtaining more sacrifices. The tool may not be moved unless it is deactivated. If the user leaves the country that the tool was activated in, the tool will automatically deactivate.

Magoi: 300
Stamina: 430

1000 wc
Power source activated, Summoning begins!" />" />


The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!] Pbucket

The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!] CrChE3t

The Rise Of The Dark One [ Final Act?!!!] LBbFjDO

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