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Heart Gold, and Soul Sliver [Job][w/ Korgen]

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Job Details:

Job Name: The Soldiers Attack
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of soldiers is taking advantage of a town, using their positions in the military to harass the locals. Confront them and show them their place, giving them the message that they can't abuse their power.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Drunken Soldiers x3
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: A group of disorderly soldiers who are a disgrace to their nation. They smell of booze and wield basic iron swords and a shield while dressed in their uniform armors.
♦️Defending Shield The soldier uses their shield to defend attacks up to B-tier.
♦️Flying Strike The soldier runs at his opponent and jumps, swinging his sword down and dealing b-tier damage.
♦️Shield Rush The soldier holds his shield in front of him and charges, running over an opponent and dealing B-tier damage.

The white haired boy, rocked back in his chair. “ Another round of his piss, you call Alcohol! Keep em’ comin’. ” He said tossing his hair back and forth. He grew sick of the horrible taste, and it made him miss the hot desert sun. Sitting forward clicking the legs of the chair to the ground aggressively, it made the few people inside the bar look at the ill tempered boy. “ What?! ” He said in a foul deep tone, and everyone averted their eyes except the barkeep. “ Considering that your staying here, why are you in such a foul mood? What brings forth such frustration, because if it continues, I will personally kick you to the curve. ” The barkeep said from across the Inn. The few people once again brought forth their eyes to look at the cloaked white haired boy, and what they say was him sticking his tongue out. It was elongated like a frog, no a snake! Covered heavily in saliva, and Taavetti rose his middle finger. “ Say no more, I’ll live comfortable.

Clouds formed over head in the sky. Sounds of thunder cracked within clouds, and shortly after the rain came. Drizzling, and thick the water droplets it was. A flash flood? No, Taavetti wouldn’t be able to know if it was that, because rain is something uncommon to him. The way it came with lightning made him feel uneasy, and how people ran and cowered to clear out their market stands made him wonder if something was brewing. Yes, indeed something was brewing. He didn’t know yet, but he could only tell. For now, that tankard of the piss called alcohol appeared at his table and he turned from where he could see the storm, and rain coming down. “ Let me drink this unsteady mind away. ” He said.

WC: 317/1.5k | Stm: 170/170

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A pair of guards rush into the bar accompanied with a behemoth of a man adorned in a traditional Imuchakk kilt and a headband with that iconic blue hair. They talk loudly about the sudden rain as they do their best to pat themselves dry. The blue haired man listens to the guards patiently and join them for a drink at the bar as he detaches the wooden shield from his right arm, leaning it against the bar at his feet.

The behemoth looks around the bar. It has grown quiet, the tense atmosphere cut only by the constant chatter of the two guards. A few people get up to leave and others just stare at the new arrivals. His eyes briefly lands on the white haired man seated by the window, nodding respectfully as he sips from his mug of ale and returns his attention back to the guards.

Name: Simple arm guard
Tier: D-tier
Type: Shield
Material: Hardened wood and iron
Appearance: A simple arm guard made from hardened wood and iron. The size of it is about 60cm long, 25cm wide, and 5cm thick

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This storm has dragged in such a tall fellow. Don’t y’all agree? ” Saying loudly, and abruptly. His tanned and very wrinkled face presented itself, and his golden orbs pierced the behemoth of a man with blue hair. Taavetti, needed to be stopped from drinking. Going on his fifth drink of the night with rosy cheeks, and a curved twisted lip, he rocked back and forth in his chair once more. “ You! With the blue hair. ” Poking with his right hand, while rising his left holding the cup. “ Com’er boy! HAHAHAHA ” Certainly out of character for him. No remorse for losing face, Taavetti leaned forward slamming the chair once more on the ground, and stomping his feet just as thunderstruck outside.

Timed greatly together, the flashing of light outside caused him to look black and white if one was to look at him. Fading from sight, then back into site with his colors of white, and brown. Taavetti, held a sharp tooth grin at the Imuchakk. If he had came over, he would engage in speaking to him. “ Far from Imuchakk, Aye! Really far for someone of your kind. Outcast, huh?! Must be… because not many leave those icy mountains, and frozen waters for this kind of place. *hiccc* t-Tell.. me you here for women? N… No! Must be something more, *hicc*” He begun to pester the large behemoth of a man, and Taavetti was one to pry, if he deemed he could. Right now was perfect for him to pry, because who’s going to bother a drunken man? Taavetti, keep his orbs on the man, and hopefully he came over and sat down to have this chat.

WC: 606/1.5k | STM: 170/170

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The imuchakk behemoth took the mug of ale from the bartender, sipping and the white haired male yelled things across the busy bar, earning a look from many of the patrons. One of the two guards went to approach the man with a cross look on his face, but he was stopped by the giant who shook his head and headed over himself. Taking a seat opposite the man.

Barratiti adjusted himself in the chair for a moment, it wasn’t built with an Imuchakk in mind but thankfully remained sturdy enough. The giant’s brown eyes locked on his new companion, sipping from his ale while the other spoke.

“You wish to know my story, then I will tell you. But I would ask you to quiet your voice out of respect for the other patrons of this establishment. You should also consider cutting back on the drink. Any more and I fear you may not remember our conversation. Is that reasonable to you?”

Barratiti held out his hand, offering to shake the man’s hand out of respect and greeting. “ I am Barratiti of Imuchakk.”



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You wish to know my story, then I will tell you. But I would ask you to quiet your voice out of respect for the other patrons of this establishment. You should also consider cutting back on the drink. Any more and I fear you may not remember our conversation. Is that reasonable to you?

Taavetti, lowered his voice sitting his tankard on the table beside him. Leaning onto the table itself placing his cheek into the knuckle of his fist eyeing the large imuchakk as he sat down. “I am Barratiti of Imuchakk.” Rising his eyebrow, he wrapped his hand around the large palm. Giving one good shake, before pulling back. “ I’m Taavetti Bastet. Now, speak *hicc* b-before.. my buzz disappears” He’d begin tapping his left temple, awaiting what he wanted to hear, but from the corner of his eye the three men that came in with him begin partaking in a stronger ale, and this put a grin on his face. Taavetti, returned his focus to Barratiti, awaiting what he had to say.

WC: 790/1.5k | STM: 170/170

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After a respectful nod, silence fell upon the pair as the giant got lost in thoughts. Trying to find where to begin. His eyes finally refocus on the drunken man as he takes a final sip of ale from the mug, placing it down to the side of the table and signalling the barmaid for a refill.

"it is a pleasure to meet you Taavetti Bastet. Your eyes are perceptive, I am indeed from Imuchakk, but I am no outcast. All I am is but a simple man who, like others, has lost their wife to childbirth. My travels are not of a search for women, money, nor glory. Just as a way to break the sorrow that grips my heart."

Barratiti wordlessly thanks the barmaid as she refills the mug. He gently moves his drink to the center of the table. His hands reach up to a plain silver wedding band that hung from his neck. The ring much too small for the behemoth's fingers.

"What of you Taavetti? Excuse my boldness, but you do not look like the locals. Would I be correct to wager you a foreigner as well as I?"



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Co..correct! Ding Ding Ding! I am of Heliohapt, of the temple of Ra! HAhahaha ” He’d say. Some words slurring in between, and head bobbing forward, backwards, and side to side. Taavetti was like a loosen bolt when drunk, his body moving around loosening his joints making them elongate. “ O..*hicc* ..ast… Haahaa sounds nice, sounds nice. You must enjoy tra..marriage? Whe…*hicc* y-y.. our child! ” He’d scan the bar noticing no children in site, leaving him in a questionable state of mind.

While he was currently dumbfounded, the three soldiers the large man came in with had begun to become rowdy. Harassing the barmaid’s as they did their job, and even actually lifting up their skirts. In front of Taavetti, that meant he was losing face. “ Sa.. sa-... sorry for you loss ones. May they rest eternally in the heavens, free.. Uh. u- ..excuse me. ” Taavetti’s said standing, and stumbling across the bar toward the drunk soldiers. “ S… stop harassing the lady.

“ No. “ They said together, and one got up and pushedTaavetti back. As he fell backwards, he’d meet the ground with a thud, and everyone or anyone around would hear it. “ Ya.. Y’all got 3.. 3… seconds *hicc* ! 1… 4… uh- u… ” Already losing count, they got up and collected their weapons while under the influence. “ How about we end this, and you go your way before we make you ugly… hueuhuehueeh “ Another one chimed in, and Taavetti laid on the floor, thinking of what next seeing in how he in no condition to fight, he spoke. “ M..m-... make me!” He said throwing his arm straight in the arm!

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