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Dai's Traits

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1Dai's Traits Empty Dai's Traits on 07/06/18, 02:17 am


Trait Name: Human Physiology
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Human Race
Trait Description: The character possesses a human body with all its faults and advantages. An adaptable, albeit fragile, race which has the highest affinity for magoi.
Trait Effect:

  • Player can deal D-tier damage with their strength alone and move at average speeds.
  • Starts out with four starter trait points, rather than two.
  • Earn an additional 3,000 huang for completing jobs.
  • Earn a single custom Magic Weapon for your Primary Class once you reach B-rank.

Trait Name: Nimble Fingers
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -  
Trait Description: Through years of training, the character has obtained deft hand and finger work allowing them a speed and accuracy with fine motor skills a cut above the average person.
Trait Effect: Can swiftly tie knots or retrieve items on your person in an instant.

Trait Name: Giant of the Steppes
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Height over 180 cm; weight over 80 kg
Trait Description: Much taller than the average member of the horse clans, Dai's body has accumulated enough muscle mass along the years to make make him a very imposing man.
Trait Effect: Can easily lift up to 40 kg with one arm; enhanced physical prowess if compared to most humans shorter than the character.

  • Ranger: Bow-drawing arm (right) can lift up to 10 kg further than the other.

Drawback: This character's top running speed is inferior to that of lighter characters. A higher center of mass may cause his legs to be vulnerable to particularly swift, shorter characters.

DOUBTS: Does the human basic trait count towards the 4 initial trait points? And should I keep every trait I ever put on this character in this topic?

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2Dai's Traits Empty Re: Dai's Traits on 12/06/18, 12:59 pm

Hi, sorry for the really long wait :)

The human basic trait points wouldn't count towards the 4 initial trait points, so you dont have to put it in here for approval and can just directly put it in your vault.
A for the other traits you wanna make and get approved, it will be better to use another trait but if you wanna use this trait to keep track, it's fine too.

Nimble finger is okay

Giant of the Steppes
For the drawbacks, please give a comparisons for the speed, i.e: horse speed, half human speed, etc


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