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Foot loose. [Job/Rima/Diana]

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1 Foot loose. [Job/Rima/Diana] on 14/02/18, 11:40 am


Job details:
Job Name: The foot rumor
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang and 50 EXP.
Job Prerequisites: [N/A]
Job Overview: Despite already having war at their doorsteps, all throughout Kou there has been whispers of rumors of strange tracks, and people want proof. For one reason or another, you are looking into the tracks, and whatever is making them.

For Ani this job didn't seem particularly different than the things that she was used to doing around Kou, heck even around the world. It just seemed like a simple investigation of some tracks that would most likely lead to some animal relocations. As a beast tamer, she removed invasive creatures around Heliohapt for pocket money even before she had made it to the level she was at now. After she had left the city it didn't take long for the blue-haired woman to make it to the job location, after-all, when you're riding on a giant lizard one, tends to get places fast. This was obvious as her short, fleecy blue locks were picked up by the wind and she smiled enjoying the light breeze cupping her cheek before long it was gone and giant reptilian mount stopped. Seeing the forest that was near the city she would soon climb down grabbing her spear from the beasts saddle as she stepped off.

Landing with a soft noise despite her height and weight, a trick one quickly learns when you spend time in the wild where one wrong step could get you could. Lifting her hand the woman would have Hoyo stay just outside the forest for the moment as she would walk to the very edge. Stopping her foot mid-air she noticed that she was about to step into a light track, and would make a half-step back before crouching down. As the Amazon had crouched down she looked at the track, it looked canine but something about it was off even though she couldn't quite figure out. Immediately she remembered the woman she met who had a giant dog with her, Diana. As she stared at the canine ones for a moment she knew they were too tiny to be any large canine. Though it seemed like there were larger, more faded tracks around the forest, with the state they were in Ani wouldn't be able to get anything out of them.

Adjusting the blue coat of her battle gear and ensuring that all her straps were tight she looked back at Hoyo, gesturing for him to begin following her once again as she spoke to herself. "Come on, we're going in." A hand shifting to her stomach for a moment before she would begin pushing away foliage as she began to make her way deeper into the forest, following the tracks. From how the tracks seemed these ones were old but still newer than the faded tracks around the edges.The Imuchakk began to wonder, what the rumored tracks look like there were no sketches from the person who had hired her and the people she talked to gave her were all different. She doubted they were talking about the canine tracks, people seemed to afraid for them to be dogs that small. However, the thought was lost as she figured it might just best to follow them and deal with whatever it was so she could get paid for her work.

It was then that Ani noticed a sudden clearing in the forest, it didn't seem natural from the way the vegetation grew, but she ignored it as soon her rose eyes would widen, and then soon squint as she bit into her lower lip. Inside of her body, something was boiling as she stepped forward a bit more, excited about what she had just found. The clearing was unnatural, there were various tracks of a plethora of sizes crossing over one another this place being a crossing seemingly. However, that's not what made Ani's blood boil, parts of the dirt and around the edges of the clearing were completely singed black from something it seemed. As she touched her beasts snout and stood in the clearing she let out a soft chuckle. "Oh, this is gonna be fun."

WC: 644/500

Things brought.:

Name: Hoyo
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Appearance: Hoyo is 10 meters in size from head to toe. He is covered in white scales with blue tints on the edges of them. Hoyo has spikes on his back, and around the neck space right before his head that are blue tinted at the top. He has a fin like structure on the back of his tail that helps with swimming. His eyes are a bright red that glow in dark spaces, but only faintly. In-between the spikes on his back there is enough space that a person could sit on for riding purposes. His underbelly is a color mixture of brown, and gray.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Salve Saliva
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Lagiacrus' have bacteria in their saliva that when applied to wounds of all kinds speeds up the healing process
Trait Effect: Saliva can be used to heal wounds up to b-tier damage easily

Trait Name: Reptilian reflexes
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Despite the reptiles large size it has quick and powerful muscles which allow it to react quickly and move at faster speeds that one might expect
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to move and react the speed of a b-tier fanalis

Trait Name: Fulgrus crystals
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Throughout Hoyo's blood and tissue are tiny organic crystals which allow the beast to conduct and control electicity throughout his body. The spikes on his back are made purely of these crystals
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to control and manipulate lightning to enhance physical attacks or fire as a projectile.

Trait Name: Electroception
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Using a special part of his brain Hoyo is able to sense all living things from the natural electric current that exists inside of them
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to detect life

Spear of disaster:

Name: Spear of Disaster
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Spear
Magic Type: Plague (Life + Water + Lightning)
Appearance: A 300 cm spear made of a green metal alloy of unknown origin. The serrated blade is 100 cm long, 25 cm wide, and roughly 2.5 cm thick. The shaft is 200 cm long and roughly 7 cm in diameter. The aesthetics of this spear seem to hold no obvious meaning.

  • Putrid Poke - Feeding magoi into the weapon causes a foul smelling green oder to rise from its tip. Upon stabbing a target a minor plague will be introduced to their body. After 1 post, the target will begin to vomit uncontrollably for a single post or until they have gone a full post without being stabbed. If food was eaten within 3 posts of being affected by this function, the restoration effects of that food are lost. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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2 Re: Foot loose. [Job/Rima/Diana] on 17/02/18, 01:34 pm

“Mama! Rima! Look at me! Look!”

Phobos jumped and swung along the surrounding trees as they walked down the beaten path. “Be careful,” she shouted, throwing an apple towards him. He caught it in his mouth mid jump. Diana let out a deep sigh, shaking her head. The last thing she needed was for him to injure himself. He was resilient and would go days with injuries without telling her. Pluto weaved in and out of the treeline, following as close to the child where he could. The canine snapped playfully at the boy and let him use him as a platform. Diana looked at them with an endearing gaze, folding her arms under her chest.

After a few more minutes of chasing the young fanalis, Pluto returned to Diana’s side once more. His tongue rolled out of his mouth in a pant, acidic foam dripping from his maw. He closed his mouth briefly to sniff the air, his ears folding back. “Fire, earth,” he paused, examining the air once more, “Others, familiar.” Diana gazed over towards Rima, inhaling a bit through her nose. “It’s not normal. Should we..?” Before she could continue her sentence, Phobos cried out, “Mama!” There was no distress in his voice but it left her alert. “Phobos?”

Moments before, the boy dropped down a few meters in front of Ani and Hoyo from the tree tops. He seemed unconcerned with everything except for the giant lizard that stood before him. Phobos stared at the best in awe, jogging over to it to pat it on the snout. He called out for his mother excitedly jumping up and down.

Diana followed the commotion over towards the clearing. Her eyebrows rose, intrigued with what she saw. She recognized the woman and her beast. They were a pair she met quite a while ago. The large clearing they walked into was a sight. Diana chuckled nervously, clapping her hands twice. Phobos immediately turned around and ran over to Pluto who emerged shortly after her. The giant canine kept quiet, protectively hovering over the boy. “Our paths have crossed again, I see,” she said, looking towards Ani.
✦ 358 | 500 | @Ani @Rima Fahim


Name: Pluto
Tier: A
Type: Normal | Legend
Species: Lunar Canine
Appearance: Pluto is a special breed of canine that was bred by Minerva Corvus and is exclusive to the hierarchy of the Corvus Clan. It has a voluminous white coat with a large grey mane, long ears and tail. They have red sclera with a blue iris and get their name from the crescent moon shaped mark on their heads. As a full grown male, he is a final height of 5 meters tall on all fours and 10 meters tall standing on his hind legs.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Synthetic Humanity
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast
Trait Description: Due to extensive breeding, and genetic manipulation, and experimentation by Minerva Corvus, Pluto has awoken his innate ability to assume a human form, albeit temporarily. Tapping into a genetic predisposition to the rukh, as well as an Alma Torran bloodline, Pluto changes his physical appearance to match that of a 6'7" human male, slim in stature, with pale skin, white hair, and crimson eyes. The body is clothed in furs and articles reminiscent of his canine appearance, while the crescent moon on his forehead now appears as a tattoo upon his chest.
Trait Effect: Pluto may briefly assume a human form, gaining the following effects:

  • Pluto's base damage is reduced by one tier, representing a slightly weaker physiology.
  • Pluto retains all of his traits.
  • Pluto can fluently communicate in human language.
  • Pluto can use any ability he has registered so long as his physiology allows it.
  • Synthetic Humanity must be activated by an external catalyst. Pluto's master must make contact with the beast and pay 40 magoi to activate the transformation.
  • Synthetic Humanity lasts for 3 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

Trait Name: Acidic Maw
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed an acidic saliva. The acid has similar properties to sulfuric acid. However, their bodies are covered in special enzymes that neutralize the acid so they do not harm themselves.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register acid based abilities for his mouthd and grants immunity to the specific acid used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional A tier damage in the form of severe acid burns.

Trait Name: Damage Resistance
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through training and experience, this beast has become more resistant to cuts and stabs due to it's rough hide.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to resist up to B tier slashing and piercing damage from basic attacks and abilities.

Trait Name: Necrotic Claws
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, full grown members of this species have developed an ability to secrete a toxin through their claws that has the properties of necrosis.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register toxin based abilities for his claws and grants immunity to the specific toxin used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional B tier damage in the form of rapid decay.

Trait Name: Apex Predator
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can move faster than most mounts and beasts.
Trait Effect: The beast can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls.

Trait Name: Basic Speech
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Due to his sudden transformation and the after effects of manipulation from life magic, the beast has gained the ability to speak.
Trait Effect: The beast can now speak using simple words and basic sentences.

Name: Kuroi Kiba
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A thick steel blade, forged to resemble that of a mighty beast's fang. The total length of the weapon is 121-centimeters.

  • Dark Path - By feeding magoi into this sword, a starry black shroud will begin to envelop the entirety of the blade. If the user is then able to swing the weapon successfully, a 5-meter crescent blade of strength magic will be thrown in the direction swung, traveling up to 20-meters away and dealing B-Tier slicing damage to anything struck by it. Additionally, the crescent blade also has a powerful gravitational pull, and will drag anything within 5-meters towards it. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


ALT - Setekh Fahim | Totodilo
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3 Re: Foot loose. [Job/Rima/Diana] on 18/02/18, 05:10 pm

Rima couldn’t help herself from laughing as Phobos swung around on the trees. The boy was like a literal monkey. Eventually, Diana would toss and apple his way, only for him to catch it in his bare mouth and mid-jump. This scene alone would cause the purple-haired magician to laugh so hard, she’d snort. It had been a while since something had made her laugh so hard, especially with everything that had been going on as of late. ie; the nightmares + lack of sleep.

“I’m glad they get along so well, you know? When Phobos first joined us, I was afraid that Pluto was going to wind-up eating him.” Rima would say, wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes. -- A more serious mood would suddenly take them by surprise. Before Rima got the chance to reply to Diana though, Phobos had suddenly cried out “Mama!” to get Diana’s attention.

Before following Diana though, Rima would scoop up Basit who had been walking by her side this entire time. The creature was still quite small, but was obviously putting on a good amount of weight fast. Luckily though, he was still capable of mounting himself on-top of Rima’s head when they needed to get a move-on. He was sort of a psuedo companion for Set, the shy bat that spent most of his time within Rima’s hat.

“What’s going on?” Rima would say in a worried tone, catching up to whatever to the group. Once she made it though, she was absolutely shocked to find a giant lizard standing before Phobos. The boy had actually started to pet the beast, as if it were a dog. -- “H-Hey! Get away from that!” Rima would shout, memories of the enlarged chameleon that chased the two of them in that forest suddenly invaded her mind. Her attention was so focused on the potential threat, she hadn’t even noticed the large blue-haired woman standing beside it, Ani, the imuchakk bounty hunter she had encountered a while back.

Instead of thinking rationally about the situation, Rima had already withdrawn her Headless Caster. She had no intentions of letting the boy get hurt by this beast.

WC - 363 / 1000
FC - 7b6285

Name: Headless Caster
Tier: A
Type: Magic Weapon - Wand/Club
Magic Type: Abomination - Life|Strength|Heat
Appearance: Despite its name, this wand has a 15cm diameter pumpkin head made from painted metal adorned to its tip. The head is surrounded by a fabric of woven human hair dyed to color and fashioned into a sort of "cloak" that the head seems to be wearing. The entire arrangement is 50cm in length counting the wooden handle which is carved from an execution tree where many innocents were hung by bandits after having their village raided. When one holds this staff on a full moon, it is possible to feel the resentment of those who died on that tree. The pumpkin's eyes glow red for the night and black rukh flutters around the wand regardless of the rukh alignment of its wielder giving it quite the sinister appearance.

  • Grudge Manifest -  Feeding magoi into the wand and pointing it at the ground in front of the user causes a vortex of black mist to appear at their feet. The vortex forms within 1m of the user and is 1m wide. Abomination magic causes local dust, bacteria, and similar small loose materials to gather quickly forming a humanoid shape as it rises out of the vortex. The golem takes on a ghoulish appearance being 2m tall with rotting flesh making up the most of its body. Countless cracks run along the monster's skin that glow with a blue light. Its eyes and mouth produce hot blue flames. The abomination can move at the speed of a normal human and deal B-tier damage with its fists. Either upon destruction or at the user's command by snapping their fingers, the abomination will burst in a 2m explosion of blue flames dealing B-tier fire damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
  • Bludgeoning - This wand uniquely doubles as a club and will deal A-tier damage if used in melee attacks. The staff may be used with melee class abilities as if it were a club as well.


Name: Basit
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Normal
Species: Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Appearance: Basit is a rare breed of chameleon, a species known as the Snake-Tailed Chameleon. They are easily distinguishable by their snake-like tail. This is meant to be taken literally, as the tip of their tail looks like that of a snake's head. A Snake-Tailed Chameleon's scales also do not a definite color and are always changing depending on its mood or season. Basit is not fully grown yet, and this can be determined by whether the beast is still in its semi-bipedal stage or not. As when it fully matures, it will become completely quadrupedal. At this current point in his life, Basit is only 92cm tall and has much more room to grow.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Natural Camouflage
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Trait Description: By expanding/contracting the pigmentation cells in their skin, the Snake-Tailed Chameleon is capable of altering the color of their scales to perfectly match their surroundings. This grants them a powerful natural camouflage, allowing them to essentially "turn invisible" while hunting.  
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register camouflage-based abilities.

Trait Name: Ballistic Tongue
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Trait Description: Similar to most of the species, a Snake-Tailed Chameleon's tongue can shoot out nearly twice its body length. By contracting/relaxing certain muscles in its mouth, it can then fire its tongue out in a torpedo-like manner. The bulbous muscle on the tongue's tip will then suction in its target and retract back to the beast. The Snake-Tailed Chameleon's tongue is an extremely dangerous tool to be used, granting it a massive advantage when hunting its prey.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register tongue-based abilities.

Trait Name: 360-Degree Vision
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Trait Description: The upper and lower eyelids of a Snake-Tailed Chameleon are joined together, with only a pinhole-sized slit for their pupils. This allows it to focus on two separate objects simultaneously, both eyes capable of moving independently from each other.    
Trait Effect: This grants the beast incredibly precise vision, allowing them to keep their sights on two separate targets at one time.


Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2
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4 Re: Foot loose. [Job/Rima/Diana] on 19/02/18, 03:52 pm


Ani was not clueless, and neither was Hoyo, the beast could sense the electric signals in all life around him and had already turned to see the child as it fell in front of her. The Amazon chuckled, a kid who jumps around and whose first instinct is to pet the beast, it reminded her of herself when she was younger. Hoyo sensing no danger in the boy had quickly laid down, his tail curled around his own feet before the kid ran back to his mother's side. Ani looked down slightly to stare both girls, her hypnotic, rose eyes looming with a gaze for a moment. In her head, she knew everyone there, except for the kid but from what she had picked up he was Diana's. A thought passed through her head as she slowly pulled her hand away from her own stomach and placed it on Hoyo's large snout, the beast sitting obediently behind her. "And here I was thinking I'd never be approached by two beautiful women." The corners of her soft lips curling into a ludic smile, giving a soft laugh afterward as she rubbed her beasts head again. "I know I told both of you it would be nice to see you, but I didn't expect it to happen at once."

Having met Rima during the middle of a job, and having talked to Diana about beasts she had found both people to be interesting. Seeing now that they had some sort of connection only made her wonder more, where would a friendship would these two lead? An answer the Imuchakk wanted to find, after all, they seemed like they would make good friends.

"It's good to see you both, but what brings all of you out here?" She asked harmlessly, she knew that the war around here was violent and that there had been rumors of the beast tracks all around, what could've brought all of them into the wild in such a time.  She knew from the information she had exchanged with Diana before that Pluto was a strong beast, but it made her wonder if they were there for the same reason she was. Whether or not they would ask Ani would pull her hand from her beast stepping aside to show more of the tracks. "It's my job to figure this mess out."

As Ani spoke and inquired about the other group Hoyo would sit there, his tail flicking around in the air behind him as not to mess with the tracks that were behind, and beneath him. Besides every person and beast, he sensed no animal life. However, as the beast's nostrils flared he smelled something unpleasant, the smell of rotting flesh a few meters away from the clearing that they were all in. The protective gaze of the beast looking over towards the other beasts, he looked at them both from afar to see if either of them had noticed. He didn't show aggression, Hoyo was a wise beast and knew there was no reason to be aggressive with the others

WC: 1157/500


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