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Busy week || Open with diana

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1 Busy week || Open with diana on 21/12/17, 02:12 am

With the light footsteps coming from the young and, beautifully looking male with heavy womanly like features that no human of kou can tell apart from who he really is. Xion happened to be lending a hand, in a restraunt from within kou. His grandfather needed some help, because of the busy week that's set upon them. It was just xion having to help out, it was some others who his grandfather had thought that they would make sure the work gets done in a proper fashion. When there's a lot of people coming in and out. There was stomachs that needs to be filled and plates needed serving, and the one thats capable of serving the right way and quick as possible is xion zou chi. He seemed to be properly fit for the job and, can satisfy his costumers. It's always important to look good serving and, be good as well.

Xion however didn't necessarily enjoyed the job that was offered by his own grandfather, but he also didn't give too much mouth and complain about it either. He seemed to be more obedient towards his relative than he does with people in general, in which he lacks to do so. Many people took there seats and, gotten themselves comfortable with many types of drinks at there display. Some didn't have any drinks, and prefer to just eat without any beverage to easily consume the food but that's people. A lot of chattering filled the whole building, breaking the wall of silence, filling it with echoes and voices ranging from high to low. Xion had carried to plates filled with different kinds of unique dishes, that would satisfy its costumers just by looking at it and not to mention leaving a good smell that circling around the restraunt.

As you enter the restraunt, you will usually see officers on break and enjoying a good time with each other; ordinary people just wanting to stop by and grab a bite to eat or, just felt like hanging around. But this isn't that type of place to carelessly hang about, since that isn't seen around here often for the simple fact that once you finish eating. You pay and go, that's as simple as you can get. Xion served people food left and right, throughout the whole cafe. He could feel like he was getting tired, but just as he was about to sigh. He felt a sudden hand, creeping up to his thigh and, under the skirt he was wearing.

"So I see you like what you see." Xion says with a sinister smile on his face, as he quickly grabbed a nearby knife and pressed it on the mans thick skin. As the knife rest in xions left hand, the man cautiously took his hand away. Seeing him break a sweat, as the man thought that xion was going to kill him in cold blood just for violation.

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3 Re: Busy week || Open with diana on 27/12/17, 03:42 pm

Xion happened to hear a womans voice, that didn't seem far too notice. After handling unfortunate matters at hand, being violated unexpectedly by horny men is something that didn't want happened to him. Being molested in public, would be the last thing to ever happen in his life time. While his evil demenor sparked as that happenned, so did a little droplet of sweat in which it had came down from his cheek. While one half thought to want to kill this scumbag for doing, what he did. He had some sort of fear in his gut. Some sort of feeling that pushed his violet actions back, maybe it has to deal with the time he was molested by someone other than a man a long time ago.

After processing these thoughts that goes on in his head, xion gently closed his eyes and displayed a smile. A smile as bright as the sun, however he was merely forcing himself to smile so this woman wouldn't expect xion to be some sort of killer on the loose. He then turns towards her, after listening to a few words that she spit out. In response to the small situation, that happened before she came through the door and took her seat.

"Pardon me madam" He says, as he took a bow with an empty tray in his hand. This woman seems familiar, could she possibly be someone of importance. The woman seemed to be standing out amongst the other officials that likes to spend some time around here, despite not being a fancy little tavern. Xion began to lift his head and, body up after apologozing. "It just happens that my instincts tend to flair up on its on. But its just the matter of being on your guard at all times, no matter where you go." He continues, with a very polite tone to back up those violent tendencies. "Do you happened to know those feelings?"  


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5 Re: Busy week || Open with diana on 21/01/18, 02:35 pm

This woman in particular meant serious business, but xion hadn't expect much from someone that tends to keep the town safe from the bad guys. Zion was familiar with the hunter business, it didnt really matter if you were to hunt down animals or humans that do bad things. Humans are animals in a way, just better and smarter in some ways than not. Though some humans can be as dumb, as an animal with literally no intelligence at all. That's what interest xion the most, when it comes to examining the behavior of how humans act. He didn't speak in terms, that he isn't human; though xion is human as well. There are times when, he doesnt want to be human and live as something else. Something better and, much more capable of surviving. Sure he has his assassin instincts, but they're hardly any good.

Xion noticed that the lady was done with her tea, the tavern seems like its becoming more quiet and people started to leave, while most happen to still be here. Xion reach, with the silver round plate tucked under his armpit, on his right side as he took the cup with his left hand. "Seems like my shift is about finished, I'm glad we were able to meet--it was an interesting conversation." The young maiden said, as he bid her a farwell, before disappearing to the back of the shop.



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