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REMATCH! Ganbo & Knuckles Vs. Rufi & Giana

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It had been an average night in the bar before he had entered. Knuckles and Ganbo were throwing back a pitcher of some kind of slog. Talking about how Ganbo's ears had been severely messed up the other night but now they were fine. "Good thing I ain't no  weak human might be dead then hahahaha. Either way what... His voice stopped as the doors of the bar opened to a familiar face. It was Rufi from the coliseum he was accompanied by a girl she seemed to be young enough to be his daughter. He'd continue speaking to Knuckles as they started to look around the bar. "Yo do you think when we beat Rufi we won his daughter or some shit. And if we did who gets her?" He'd chuckle as they saw Knuckles and Ganbo moving towards them. He would become quiet when they got close enough to be in ear shot."Hello there Rufi, its been a bit how's life?"

Rufi would look at both of them wary of Ganbo's friendliness ."I'm great Ganbo, did you want to fight again. A partner fight this time I have a partner." At that he would gesture to the girl next to him. She looked way to sweet to be a fighter, but Ganbo would regard her as one if she wanted to fight."Hi I'm Giana you are really tall and you're a Fanalis . Wow you tried to take on both of them at the same time gramps.". She spoke so fluently that Ganbo immediately knew that she was from high birth. He would look at Knuckles, he personally didn't care who he beat up.If anything a angry noble parents means money to steal as retaliation. He was pretty sure that'd this was already a sealed deal. He was preparing different strategies in his head on if he had to fight with Rufi.

After he heard whatever Knuckles was thinking he'd consider it. Then he'd still look at Knuckles and tell him "I think we can take them I say we take it.". He'd whisper this soft enough that the two shouldn't be able to hear it. Not that it mattered since they were the ones who were trying to initiate the fight. It was likely they picked Ganbo and Knuckles because of their prior experience fighting. Better to fight someone with abilities known to you, unfortunately for Rufi they had both grown stronger since their last meeting.

WC: 408


REMATCH! Ganbo & Knuckles Vs. Rufi & Giana BNhIskI

Enemy Name: Rufi
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 3 C-tier
Abilities: This swift fighter moves at a base speed of 7m/s and 10m/s when sprinting. He carries an old but reliable sword loaned out by the coliseum capable of dealing C-tier cutting damage each blow. He is known for being an evasive counter fighter and can anticipate incoming attack trajectories with his years of skill and experience.

Steadfast Hold ~ A firm defensive stance followed by a striking movement made with the user's shield at 15m/s. This strike aims to clash with an incoming attack before batting it away parrying its trajectory safely away from the user. Capable of blocking up to 1 B-tier ability within a 3m range.

Sliding Board ~ The user anticipates an incoming attack and raises their shield to block it. The user then turns the shield and moves behind it as they allow the attack to slide off the shield harmlessly. The movement to position the shield occurs at a speed of 10m/s and it can be used within a 3m range blocking up to 1 C-tier ability.

Forward Cleave ~ The user leaps forwards up to 10m away from his starting position and slashes violently with his sword in a dowards blow. The slash moves at a speed of 15m/s and the leap 10m/s. If the strike succeeds it will do B-tier cutting damage.

REMATCH! Ganbo & Knuckles Vs. Rufi & Giana 0DSOvQD

Enemy Name: Giana Antonius
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Giana Antonius is the daughter of a Reim noble family who had been sent to Kou for schooling as her father wanted his daughter to experience more than life in just her home country. Giana returned to Reim shortly before conflict between the two countries broke out. Much to her father’s horror, Giana had completely absorbed Kou culture and insisted on dressing in Kou fashion, even using Kou designed weaponry and techniques! Too infatuated with her newfound independence to take care of her duties as a noblewoman, this young lady headed to the coliseum to prove her worth to her family. She is a first time competitor, and confident in her skills.
Abilities: Giana runs at 6 m/s and sprints at 12 m/s. She carries a pair of bladed fans that impart D-tier basic damage.

Rising Moon - Flicking her wrists, Giana tosses both fans at the same time at 20 m/s. Each fan deals D-tier damage.

Falling Moon - Raising both fans above her head, Giana brings them down in an X-pattern at 20 m/s to deal C-tier damage.

Resting Moon - Twirling one of her fans around her body at 20 m/s, Giana deflects up to B-tier damage.

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Of course, Knux had been laughing along with Ganbo's story, until the challenge came. The woman seemed to know what he was but not Gambo, that was good. After hearing a 2 on 2 challenge Knuckles smirked, they expected to win against Ganbo and himself? They'd likely haven't known of the Strength the two had gained since the last bought, which was fine. He'd like to clash sword with Rufi again unless Ganbo wanted to take him out this time, either way, Knuckles wasn't going to hold back this time around. Knuckles was going to showcase his true abilities in this next fight. After Ganbo whispered he was okay with taking them with Knuckles grinned as he stood up from his chair. "Sure thing, you got yourself a match, though this time around you might want a will on standby old man. " His emerald green hues stared into the man's eyes, Rafi was one of the few to have made Knuckles bleed who didn't die. After the exchange of words the man and woman left the area, Knuckles reclaimed his seat at the table then looked to Ganbo. "I'm killing him this time unless you got a cause as to why we shouldn't also I think we should do some betting since when both know we can easily take Rufi down. " Honestly Knux was worried about the woman, she seemed to be smart and if Rufi asked her for help it meant she was good. Rufi was a Veteran at this, Knuckles knew it was simply the age that Rufi wasn't on par with him any longer, even still that woman had to be something. Still, the duo at the table had taken out a Magician and an old military warden a few days ago, this should be simple compared to that. So, who are you taking?" Listening to Ganbo's choice Knuckles would respect that.

They had about 18 hours until the fight so, Knuckles paid the tab of their drinking and patted his friend on the shoulder. " I need to make sure my blade is sharp and my shield's in good enough shape for this battle. Take it easy tonight don't want you to get too cocky haha." And with that Knuckles was off to his room, He'd see Ganbo again in the morning at the arena before the match.

WC 417


REMATCH! Ganbo & Knuckles Vs. Rufi & Giana D2dcXHF
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"I mean if you want to kill Rufi then I'll gladly take the girl though I won't kill her. I feel it ruins the performance with death but that's my own opinion. I hope she is hiding some kind of skill behind all that knowledge and privileged or I will grow bored quickly." Ganbo ignored the don't go hard joke, he never would ruin his own chances at a competition. Waking up the next morning, he did his typical stretches. He hadn't given much thought to his impending match not because he underestimated his opponent or anything of the like. He just knew when it came to newcomers in the arena the advantage they had was the lack of information on their style. He would have to fight in a defensive posture at first. He'd eat a light breakfast and head to the coliseum where he agreed to meet Knuckles.

Once he saw his read headed compatriot he'd greet him "Let's go smash some heads bro, another win for the dynamic duo.". After listening to Knuckles they'd walk to the locker room, awaiting their match. Ganbo had no jitters just anticipation, there wasn't something exciting to him about the unknown, he was also curious on how Knuckles would kill Rufi. The announcer came on giving people the cue to take their seats and get ready for the show. After their respective entrances Ganbo would prepare for battle. His eyes were on the girl as the announcer began the match, he would break out into a jog in the girls direction. As he started to get within 5 meters she tossed her fans straight at him. As they approached his direction Ganbo would stand completely still as he hardened his two arms and his torso. He would swipe both fans with each arm knocking them off their trajectory. They would return to the lady as Ganbo entered into 2 meter range. She would start moving backwards to try and keep the distance. However Ganbo caught up to her throwing a quick left jab, Giana would deflect part of the punch with her bladed fan. The blades cut into Ganbo's skin but just superficial, perfect for a gladiator fight.  Squaring off against his opponent sh e flourished both of her fans. She was smiling so that meant that hopefully she was just getting warmed up as well. Sure enough, as Ganbo approached into close range to throw a right jab downwards towards her chest. She would bring both her fans up bringing them down on Ganbo's shoulders. He would let th e attack through to hit her. She still managed to dodge part of the jab but not all of it as she flew back 2 meters  hitting the ground.

As she stood back up Ganbo could feel her anger. Her face had changed, and not just from the bruises. She'd assume a stance with her fans and stand still watching Ganbo.

WC: 476 + 408 = 884
Stamina: 185/215
Skill Used:

Skin Hardening
Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to have both feet planted on the ground, and can't move from that spot until skin is hardened.
Scaling: Defense
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 stamina

  • The user concentrates on their skin and hardens it on 3 limb locations creating a B rank shield on those limbs.  
  • The skin once hardened is darker than the usual skin color and the veins appear purple in that location.
  • Lasts for 3 posts then the skin becomes normal again.

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After the words of encouragement from Ganbo, he and Knuckles entered the area standing directly across from the opponents.  Ganbo took off dealing with the woman, while Knuckles took off behind him but soon began to past Ganbo, his speed was a bit faster than Ganbo's but all in all there wasn't a lager difference.  BY the time Ganbo was getting things started Knux had managed to loop around Ruffi, the veteran warrior was overwhelmed by Knuckles speed that was for sure, but Ruffi wasn't going to let that bother him for long, he entered his normal counter fighting stance.  Knuckles ran in from an angle like the first fight, Rufi of course expected this and shifted his body out the way. Knuckles would push both feet into the ground coming to a fast halt.  Turning his body Knuckles showed he didn't even have his sword drawn yet, but shield and sword worn on his left arm.   The two warriors met eyes as, one could feel the tension in the air if they were around. While Ganbo was now battling it out with the woman, Knuckles and Rufi were each waiting for the other to make a move.  At the exact same time both warriors leaned forward and went forward, as the two met Knuckles drew his blade clashing his bronze blade with the old styled sword Rufi carried. Spark flew from the blades as they danced back and fourth, the two more in a trance it seemed, Knuckles would send out a swing, Rufi would counter and return with one of his own, Knuckles would dodge or counter as as well. The crowd was going crazy over the fight not only with Rufi's but the woman as well. She and Ganbo seemed to be done with the warm up, mean while Knuckles was testing Rufi's resolve and limits. With each attack he was making he was using more of his power and more of his speed,so far Rufi was able to counter each strike, however Knuckles could see that the counter might of been happening but the speed in which it was happening.  

The two warriors each jumped 2 meters back placing 4 meters between them, it seemed they to were done with the warm up, each one's chest rising and falling a bit rapid front he constant trading of blows. Rufi leaped forward with his blade above his head as he traveled the 4 meter distance in an attempt to slash at Knuckles,  Knuckles parried the attack knocking it to the left of Rufi before bringing his blade back upwards with a back handed slashing motion, which Rufi would block with his shield,Rufi would then stabbed his blade back from the direction Knuckles had Knocked his blade. Knuckles was grazed by the attack, the old mad still had some speed to him.

WC 489


Tier: C
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be attacked by another, and have both feet planted firmly in a defensive posture before using this ability Must have a Sword.
Scaling: Hits
Cool Down:2
Cost: 20

Making contact with the incoming attackw ith his sword, the user then pushes the attack to the left. Redirects 1 C Rank Ability.  

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With her demeanor now changed Giana flung her fans straight at Ganbo again while running  backwards to create distance. Ganbo would run straight using his hardened arms as a shield luckily the fans had yet to break through. Since he was barreling at her while she had to focus on using her fans, Ganbo had managed to close the distance between him and Giana. Where before there was a two meter difference now there was one. Haha, she's lucky the arena is so large that she has room to run, I'll have to work on a solution to that for later fights.Giana must of expected something different when she chose to fight, as Ganbo chased her. He wouldn't hold his punches even against a lady, that wouldn't be fair. However, he still believed in the coliseum as a performance he wouldn't kill his opponents if there was an option. As the distance between closed ever so slightly Ganbo saw what he had been waiting for, possibly the greatest thrill of the arena. The look of hopelessness, when his opponent finally realized that they were outmatched. It was a rare thing, not many fighters ever gave up. Moving into range Giana swings both her fans at Ganbo, as he dives straight into her legs tackling her to ground with his full weight. His hardened arms covering his head. As they both hit the ground Ganbo punches straight into one of her ribs careful to bruise and not break. As he brings his fist up for another she cries and calls for mercy.Ganbo lowers his fist and stands up offering her a hand. When she grabs it he tells her to walk out of the arena to fight another day, she grudgingly does so glaring at Ganbo as she walks out.

Ganbo now focuses on the match between Rufi and Knuckles. He'd let it play out however it needed to, but if Knuckles needed help he'd jump in. The crowd did not seem to like Ganbo's punching of the woman so bluntly added to her tears. So mostly people were booing at him while others were cheering on the fight between Knuckles and Rufi. Though if Knuckles kept his word then it was likely they'd both be a hated duo after this fight. Not that it mattered to Ganbo how he became renown in the arena. If it was on the back of barbaric rituals hell he'd wear a loincloth. If anything this would increase the chance that other arena fighters would want to challenge him to a death match. Hopefully not anytime soon though, he enjoyed being able to draw the line at the moment.

WC: 444 + 884 = 1328
Stamina: 185/215
2nd post of skin hardening

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Once he was grazed Knuckles began to chuckle, he was enjoying this rematch but it sounds from the crowd that they  weren't too much feeling the fight thus far.  Knuckles had an idea to sway the crowd to their favor, using his superior speed he dashed to the side of Rufi applying a light cut to his left arm, then dashed once more slashing at his back applying another gash with his blade, once more he dashed for a total of 3 meters around Rufi, this time he'd slam his shield down onto Rufi's right wrist breaking it at the joint and forcing him to drop his shield, Knuckles would follow up with a quick slash to his arm causing the man to bleed from three sides. When the man went to fall and opened his mouth to admit his defeat, Knuckles twirled his body quickly generating the needed force to stab his sword through the skull of Rufi allowing blood to flow from his mouth live a cup of red wine dropped to the floor.

The Old veteran fighter's body fell to the ground as Knuckles retracted his sword. The Crowd began to chant, but most of them boo'd. It seemed they didn't care for the killing part unlike the slavers he used to fight for. Perhaps they had made him know the feel of killing. It wasn't that he was addicted to it, it was how he was taught to fight it. Losing meant death in his world and so he'd never lose.    Lifting his sword into the air of the chanting boo's Knuckles wore a smile, walking over to Ganbo he wondered what came next for the two. "I take it they didn't like how we won this time around? Wonder what it's going to take to make them cheer for us." Whatever the Answer was Knux nodded as they headed for the gate they had entered from.  It was time to collect winnings and get on their way.

WC 348+417=760


Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must already be moving in the direction of his choosing before using this ability.
Scaling:  Range, +5 Stamina Cost for every additional 3m travelled.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

The user dashes at on teir higher than normally allowed in any direction up to 3 meteres per dash. The User may dash for up till 9 meters beforing becoming to tired to dash again.

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Chuckling at Knuckles response as they walked out the areana. "Yeah, fuck them anyways not like we're here to make friends we're here to win." As they collected their winnings there were more sneers from random patrons as well as citizens. It didn't phase Ganbo in the slightest bit that was the thing about being a former slave. There was nothing more degrading than being someones's property than not owning yourself, so these privileged people weren't even a blip on his annoyance radar. Walking out of the coliseum with Knuckles he'd smile and say "Drinks for another clean victory?". He knew that he lucked out going against a fighter who was poor at close range, that didn't mean he couldn't celebrate. There would come a time when the matches grew harder, he was still in the beginners bracket barely known. He  had watched some of the greater fights between real champions like Zai who knew battle. Ganbo just needed a little more power before he felt confident enough to take on someone like that. Then again I guess the worse that could happen is I lose. Maybe pick an opponent that would be less likely to kill me.

In any case if Knuckles accepted Ganbo's offer they'd be walking back to the bar together. It didn't seem like much but they were starting to become recognizable. In a couple months Ganbo planned on the whole city to know his name. once they were inside the bar after a couple drinks and friendly conversation. Ganbo would look over at Knuckles and say in a serious voice."So time to do that military thing?"

WC: 271 + 1328 = 1599

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Hearing the offer Knuckles nodded in agreement with the larger male. Traveling down to the bar Knux bought the first round, it seemed it was time they made their names known other places besides in the arena, the military was an access to many of things, but most of all power, knowledge, and key leadership positions within the city. All of these would help Knuckles later in life gain access to the means he needed to build his refugee, a true slaves haven for those like himself and Ganbo. "Sounds good to me bruh, but first let's enjoy our winnings!" There was some upgrades he was searching for for his shield and sword, perhaps get himself a new weapon a spear or something to increase his fighting range. he had the speed but, range as Ganbo shown today was something that in used right could change the tides. Hopefully in no time they would get a better offer for the arena fights now that he had killed one of the veterans there. One who was respected and had the mind set of live to fight another day. Knuckles knew though that this choice would mean revenge would be sought which to him was motivation to keep grinding to power, increasing his skills with his sword and shield as well as his mental power. There was greatness within his soul, he could feel it and once the forge was open within his body he would unleash that power unto the world snuffing out all slavers for what they had done to him. Things were starting to fall into place for the duo, what lied next wouldn't be easy, but neither was becoming a freed slave.

WC: 1149


REMATCH! Ganbo & Knuckles Vs. Rufi & Giana D2dcXHF
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