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Putting Old Habits to bed..

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1 Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 25/11/17, 09:08 am

Sitting across from Ganbo, Knuckles lifted his drink to his lips taking another sip. The two had been enjoying all the earning they had gathered from jobs and the fight they had done. The best part about it is when you started to become famous people were buying things for you, allowing you to keep your money.  Of course, Knuckles was sitting there with his sword and shield on his back, like most, he brought his weapons everywhere not that they were even needed. Knuckles felt it, he was stronger, he was moving faster than ever, he could lift heavier things, his weapons were all but feathers at this point.  He noticed it ain Ganbo as well, they were growing stronger with all the things they had accomplished since coming to Reim.  

"So, I'm thinking of getting me a chained weapon or just a heavy chain to swing around to increase my range, that or these knuckle bracers with blades, so when I punch people I stab them too." He leaned back into the booth waiting for Ganbo's take in the matter since he wasn't into weapons like Knuckles was he'd likely say some generic  responses like "Whichever you like best."  Which was fine, it was really something he had to find a use for after all his sword and shield were already doing well, perhaps upgrading them further would be best.   JUst after Ganbo had finished answering if there was an answer, two guys walked in through the door in the front.  Knuckles recognized one of them from the constable doing jobs for them as well. Turning his attention back towards Ganbo, he nodded at the two men. "Want to see what job they just got? Knuckles was interested in what they were doing, and they might have had some more jobs at the constable for Knuckles and Ganbo.

It was also important to build relationships with people who did a similar type of work that you did so if ever needed you could ask for assistance, or give it.  Knuckles waved his hand in the air as he let out a small yell."Hey dudes, join us!"


Job Details:

Job Name: Removing the Slave Traders III/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Special Condition: One of the party members must have completed the first and second Job in this chain.
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 XP
Chain Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
As slave trade has been outlawed, there has been a vast decrease in the number of slaves on the market, and no approved markets out there. Some people, however, were unable to adapt to such a life and were already too deep into the trade. The large bosses of the old, legal, slave trade are still secretly in the market for slaves. Your return to the constabulary is met with a relieved smile, as the constable has need of your assistance once again. This time, the opponents are a bit much for their guards to handle, and requesting military aid might take too long. The constable requests your help in clearing out one of the old Bosses from the slave trade.

You may choose to kill the traffickers, or knock them out and bring them to prison to serve their time.

Enemy Information:

Enemy Name: Old Boss
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
The Old Boss sprints up to 9m/s.
The Old Boss has two guards with him at all times.
The Old Boss uses a magical cane that is Jewel encrusted, which can deal D tier damage if used as a blunt object. He/She is a magician that uses sound based magic.
Relaxing Hymn: This C-Tier sound magic puts all opponents 1-5 meters away from the caster into a lull, which cancels out a C-Tier ability by relaxing the muscles through a soothing sound. This moves at 15 m/s.
Harmful Shout: This C-Tier sound magic creates a bubble 5 meters in diameter of highly agitated sound waves. It moves at 15 m/s and causes C-Tier damage to anything it strikes.
Destructive Shout: This B-tier magic erupts forward in a cone, 10 meters away and 5 meters wide, of blue sound waves that, if caught in it, ruptures your eardrums for B-Tier damage. For 3 posts the effects are as if you have slightly drunken vision and balance and loss of hearing, causing you to move at half your maximum movement speed in order to maintain balance.

Enemy Name: Slave Warden
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
The Slave Warden sprints up to 9m/s
The Slave Warden has two guards with him at all times.
The Slave Warden uses a heavy cleaver which delivers C-Tier damage.
Deep Impact: Bringing his cleaver down with full force, the Slave Warden cuts into his opponent and deals C tier damage at 15 m/s.
Basic Parry: The Slave Warden uses a basic parry taught in the military, sliding an ability or attack that would deal C-Tier damage away from him/her at 10 m/s.

Enemy Name: Guards (x4)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

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2 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 30/11/17, 11:03 am

Chilling at the bar it was a typical night for Ganbo and Knuckles. It was still early enough in the day that Ganbo hadn't considered looking for a night companion just yet. Knuckles was going on about some new sword idea he had, Ganbo always tried to be supportive of his friend. So he'd listen then give a generic answer like Knuckles expected. The conversation was still on weapons when t he doors of the bar were opened by two familiar faces. They were from the constabulary, likely they needed Ganbo and Knuckles help again. The bar they were at had become known as a quasi office for the two "Citizens" of Reim. When Knuckles motioned the men over the table, Ganbo would signal for some drinks to be brought to the table. A cute waiter came over, he had a nice ass probably from the manual labor. Something about working class citizens that was more attractive then a pampered flower noble or a fine whore who had been bred to dreams of grandeur. The waiter put a pitcher down and as he did Ganbo started to pour drinks for all four men at the table. The captain who had been at the desk the previous times spoke first looking at both Ganbo and Knuckles.

"I have another job for you fellas, definitely in your alleyway. We've obtained information on a former slave trade boss, he's the one who's been setting up these trades. This asshole is still in the city operating from the underground. I'd hate to be the one to admit it but we lack the manpower, I sent a request to the military. With the war going on, they just don't have troops to afford it might weaken our borders. So I ask for love of this city will you save us once again, take out these scum. Everyone should be free in Reim, except for slavers they need to be snuffed out." It seemed a little personal for the captain as he handed over the pertinent information to the job. Ganbo would glance over it for a minute or two before handing it off to Knuckles.

It wasn't that Ganbo didn't enjoy planning, it was more that all of his plans were the same. Go in and take it as it goes, being impatient as well as brave made a horrible combination for planning. Granted it hadn't turned out bad yet, but there probably be a time in the future where it would.

WC: 417

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3 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 02/12/17, 02:26 am

Taking the papers as Ganbo slid them over, Knuckles began to scan over them. Plans were needed at sometimes, but the two had been killing slavers together for so long they sort of knew what the other would do for the most part. Knuckles gave the papers a brief look before placing them back into a neat stack. "Thanks, this will do nicely. Ganbo and I will handle this job no problem.
Knuckles then grabbed his fresh drink giving a head nod to his boy as he did so. Enjoying this last drink he finished the small talk with the group then looked to Ganbo. Motioning his head towards the exit Knuckles exited his seat. Tossing some money onto the table he walked over to the waitress and handed her an overcompensated tip. Leaving the building he made sure his gear was good since the job was within the city again it wouldn't take them long to get the objective point. Once the two were one the way Knuckles placed his hands on top of his head. As they walked he looked over to Ganbo, there was something he wanted to ask and make sure the future of the duo would stay intact. "Hey Ganbo, after we finish killing all these slavers what do you plan on doing? I know you have interest in the fights here and, people are starting to know us for our fight and the job like this we keep doing. I only ask because I wish to make sure we're climbing up the same ladder."

He'd listen to the response given by Ganbo, nodding to show he was paying attention, by the time Ganbo had finished they were about five minutes out from the location in the papers. KNuckles drew his sword and shield having both in his hands, he was ready for what was to come in the next few minutes.

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4 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 02/12/17, 06:37 pm

Listening to Knuckles question Ganbo took a second before giving him a response."Yeah I plan on becoming famous in the coliseum, other then that maybe a vacation  here and there. Not to many goals in mind at the moment. I want to become powerful and I think that's the best way to go about it. Not like I want to go study how to fight and the art that an arena adds brings such a perfect harmony. Why you got some big dreams you about to lay on me?" They were moving through the city as they talked. People were slowly starting to recognize them on certain streets, but they had moved past their local fame so it was back to stares. Ganbo wondered if there would ever be a place where people wouldn't stare at his unusual stature. Moving through a larger crowd as he finished speaking when Knuckles drew his sword and shield. They were close to location given in the documents, the quaint manor matched the information.

Ganbo would look at Knuckles "I'm going to rush in through the front door want to try out some of my new moves. You can cover me or manuever on them doesn't really matter. Either way I'm ready to end this saga, no more slaves in this town. Not on our watch, I just hope they don't think I'm some kind of hero." He'd laugh at his last remark, before he'd focus on his preparations. Bones would emerge on both of his forearms, as well as on the back of his left leg. Ganbo had focused on sharpening them more than usual, he didn't plan on letting a single man out alive. Running straight to the manor's entrance Ganbo would see two guards who immediately sprinted at Ganbo with their weapons drawn.They were moving 9 m/s swinging their short swords at Ganbo. Their swords met with Ganbo's Left and Right bone blade. As soon as their blades met even with the momentum from both parties running Ganbo knew they were to weak. Ganbo would bring his left leg up pushing his ankle to the limit to perform a diagonal crescent kick utilizing the blade on his left leg. Slicing through both guards swords as well as inflicting deep cuts.They would fall to the ground bleeding profusely Ganbo would step on them as he walked over both speaking in a low hushed tone. "You don't deserve a quick death have fun bleeding out, you're lucky I don't have more time." He'd move into a jog again headed towards the Manor front door, he was sure his little battle had warned the people inside of the impending danger.

WC: 447 + 417 = 864
Stamina: 140/190
Skills Used:

Bone Blades

Crescent Kick
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Ganbo can't pick the same ankle for an additional post after the cd is fulfilled.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

  • Ganbo pushes his ankle joint to the limit increasing its durability and strength to unleash a powerful over the head crescent kick at an opponent that deals D rank damage. This goes on cooldown as soon as the kick is attempted.

Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user takes C rank damage for every time this is used after the first on the spots where the bones emerge.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 Stamina

  • The user expands their bone structure on 3 limbs forcing bone blades out of limbs.
  • The blades are only 15 centimeters in height, 55 centimeters in length and 1.5 centimeters in thickness.
  • The blades deal B rank non ability damage.
  • Lasts for 3 posts then the bone blade falls off.

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5 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 03/12/17, 02:11 pm

Knuckles had followed in line behind Ganbo keeping up with him was no trouble.  He Paused As Ganbo matched two fighter's attacks and then used his leg as a weapon.  It was the first time Knuckles saw these skills, he was impressed. "Even if its bones, it's still a sword." He chuckled at the joke before he moved pass Ganbo.  Knuckles was heading for the Slave warden who was with the two guards, Knuckles dashed in at his full speed at the warden. The Warden had come in at 9m/s to meet Knuckles, the two blades clashed sending sparks.  Knuckles was only using part of his full strength but could tell the Warden was struggling.  At the same time, the two jumped back putting 5 meters between the two.  The warden came in with a powerful strike, bringing his cleaver down with full force, the Slave Warden cuts into his opponent and deals C tier damage at 15 m/s.

Knuckles lifted his sword blocking the skill shot with his skill block.    knuckles pushed the warden with his shield then brought his sword down from over his head trying to slash his shoulder.   The warden would parry the attack tossing Knuckles' attack to the right.  The Slaver tried to cause damage to Knuckles with a thrust of his clever, Knuckles blocked the attack with his shield, then followed up with a strong twirling strike, slicing the man's gut, opening a gash in his midsection. The man dropped his weapon and fell over clinching his wound. He was taken out and would die soon enough. Half of the forces were already taken out, there were only three more targets remaining. Knuckles licked the blood that was dripping from his blade.  Knuckles wondered just what was up next, they had gone through the first group of foes with somewhat of an ease, he was hoping this was going to become more challenging.  Looking over to Ganbo he was making sure things on his end were in good order as well. If things were all good, Knuckles would proceed further in scanning for new targets as he did so.

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6 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 03/12/17, 08:04 pm

Walking into the manor with Knuckles after they dealt with the men at the front. Ganbo noticed that the halls were eerily quiet and empty. He'd make a signal to Knuckles to be on his guard as they entered, Ganbo ducking down to make it through. Walking down the hallway Ganbo saw the stairs to the left and a hallway to the right. He wasn't sure but he had a feeling that the hallway didn't hold anything promising. He'd motion for Knuckles to watch the entrance by pointing to his own eyes with his index fingers then motioning the door. Then he'd start to walk up the stairs, loudly stepping to ensure that he could be heard throughout the house. If anyone was hiding on the first floor they'd try to flee in a moment, while if anyone was upstairs they'd be preparing to fight Ganbo. Either way it was a useful situation for them as he hit the top of the stairs he saw a hallway with 3 doors to his left and another hallway with 4 doors to his right. He'd stop to listen carefully, sadly he didn't hear a thing. Upset that they were hiding Ganbo would go to the left hallway and kick his blade through the door. It wood splitting would echo upstairs as he peeked through to see an empty room.

That was when he heard it, just the faintest sounds but he knew for certain what it was. The sound of a sword leaving its sheath and it was the door behind him. He would immediately turn around and lightly walk over to the door. Listening closely he could hear the sound of 3 men, he had hit the jackpot for sure.Slamming the door open with his shoulder Ganbo was greeted by two blades swung straight at his head. Blocking with his arms he smirked at least for a second. The next a impact of something he could only describe as sound hit him straight in the chest. He flew back into the partially destroyed door behind him.He'd yell while getting up"Hey I found them bro get the fuck up here." It hurt but thanks to his body it only left minor bruises, but Ganbo would have to be careful to not take another hit. It wouldn't do to pass out on Knuckles he was ahead on that count for now. As he stood the guards were full force swinging their blades after closing the distance at 9 m/s. The first blade connected to his face and left a gash on his eye. Bloody Ganbo would scream and wildly slash with both of his arms in anger. He'd slash right through the guards swords and part of their legs. They'd scream as Ganbo sliced both their abdomens with his right and left arms. Then kicking them to the side as he walked slowly towards the old looking man. The blood was covering part of his eye his vision slightly blurred. He hoped that Knuckles was on his way he hadn't planned on fighting a magician.

WC: 513 + 864 = 1377
Stamina: 140/190

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7 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 04/12/17, 10:26 pm

Hearing some commotion upstairs Knuckles was getting anxious, hearing his bro call out, Knuckles jumped onto the handrail then jumped again pulling himself up from the stairs. Once he was up he could see there was two injured guards and someone with this old looking staff. Ganbo was on the floor, Knuckles rushed in of course holding his shield in front of his body as he ran in, he put a bit of stamina into a dash dashing for 9 meters in total. Once he was within range he'd stab his sword from the right side of the shield trying to attack from cover. Knuckles missed his target due to the magician dodging, the mage twirled his cane as a bubble emitted from his staff pushing Knuckles back near Ganbo. Have taken some damage Knuckles rose to his feet as he chuckled, this was going to be fun.  Lowering both his hands Knuckles took in a deep breath before he would send out a shout of C tier damage. He would impair the mage for a brief moment which would give ganbo an opening to attack, if Ganbo did so or not Knuckles would go in with a slashing attack of his own to the mage's arm holding the staff.    

This was the first time Knuckles was facing a mage, it gave the battle a new twist to things, he wasn't sure what was to occur if the battle kept on. One thing was sure, his weapons would be effective as long as they would land, it was getting to the mage that was the task.  Knuckles was sure the two of them could handle this one mage though, Ganbo likely had some other ability hidden for  a hard time, Knuckles showed his trump card. He wondered if Ganbo would have one too, it was likely they wouldn't need it though. They seemed to have things under control.

WC 1392

Skills used:

Fanalis Roar
Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

    After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.


Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must already be moving in the direction of his choosing before using this ability.
Scaling:  Range, +5 Stamina Cost for every additional 3m travelled.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

The user dashes at on teir higher than normally allowed in any direction up to 3 meteres per dash. The User may dash for up till 9 meters beforing becoming to tired to dash again.
Stamina: 225/250

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8 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 06/12/17, 08:34 pm

Knuckles came quickly giving Ganbo an opening to perform an attack.He rushed in unleashing two strikes with his right arm's bone blade. It would cut the mage open deep as in his last breath he screamed at Ganbo. It didn't reach far before the cuts would end his life. Ganbo felt the full effects of his final attack and was stumbling in the room. What is going on, I hope this isn't some kind of life curse. The blood flowing from the mage seemed to be spinning in the air or was it the room. Ganbo had blurred and dizzy vision and his ears were in incredible pain. He considered laying down but, he wasn't sure if that would help or hurt.With focus Ganbo found that he could move albeit at a much slower pace. He would turn to Knuckles shifting some of his weight on a shelf he was now leaning on. "Hey bro could you take his head off, I'm not feeling that great. Think he hit me with some kind of last resort shit, I'm just hoping its not permanent. God I hate magicians as enemies." While Ganbo had said this in a normal voice in his ear drums had been hurt so he was practically screaming at Knuckles. After listening to Knuckles response Ganbo would try to walk out of the room and stumble. Granted if Knuckles spoke at a normal voice Ganbo wouldn't be able to hear him. He would ask Knuckles to speak up until he was yelling around at the same volume as Ganbo. He'd turn to Knuckles as he was walking out of the room "Hey think I can use you as mini cane I'm beat!". Ganbo spoke jovially but some of his disability was certainly showing and he couldn't wait for a nights rest. All in all he had managed to not pass out, though he wans't sure how long his perception would be handicapped.

It would be a longer walk than usual to the constabulary since they were in a different section of town. Ganbo wasn't looking forward to the walk, he wished he had one of those mythical magic carpets right about now.One day I'll have enough fame to claim something like that or even receive it as a gift for a marvelous performance. He smiled for a small second before the pain reverted his face back to a grimace. He was leaning on Knuckles at this point wondering when they were leaving.

WC: 414 + 1377 = 1791
Stamina: 120/190

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9 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 06/12/17, 10:02 pm

At last, the duo had taken out the last of the slavers, and with no serious damage to either of them. That was what Knuckles thought until Ganbo seemed to press his weight onto the shelf, hearing his word Knuckles placed his pinky finger in his ear trying to sooth the ear from the loud yelling of Ganbo. "Sheesh bro keep it down a bit, you trying to wake the dead or something?" He then learned that he had to yell, it seemed Ganbo's ears were damaged a bit by the sound magic, fair enough. "Yea yea, I'll take his head, just stop fucking yelling bro!" he shouted at the giant as he lobbed the head off the dead man. Taking the Cane the mage used he shoved the end of it into the mouth then latched the jaw to keep it on there, swinging it over his shoulder he walked over to Ganbo wrapping an arm around him, he was plenty strong enough to carry this man with no problem so assisting him with walking was no biggie. Knuckles escorted his partner through the house and out into the town, it wasn't as fast as he would have liked to travel, but the sun was setting and the night sky was something he could look up at and enjoy. When they reached their destination the red-haired male set Ganbo where he could lean on the wall for support while he handed over the proof of job completion. With another job well down the two men were given the promised reward when Knuckles went to grab the bag of money, he felt like it was a bit more than usual. Confused he tilted his head as he looked at the man behind the desk. With a smirk, the man made a comment. "You two have done a justice for this great country, you did more than we could have asked of anyone,
we would much rather you two have brought them in alive, but I know holding back against vile scum like these slavers could mean death so I made sure we gave you boys a little something extra. We could use you two of the country's military forces. If you're ever in need of work you know where to find me."

Knuckles was unsure about justice, but he knew of revenge and this was a small step towards that and achieving part of his goals. If he was well known enough amongst the slavers they would know not to fuck with him, so when he had his own kingdom for refugees of slavery they'd think twice before chasing them there. At the time it seemed the duo had goals that were aligned, Knuckles just wanted to make sure his best friend and brother in arms, was going to always be at his side, no matter what. Even if the rise in the coliseum fights were important to Ganbo, Knuckles was going to ensure his buddy made it to the top, and when he did Knuckles would be right there with him, placing them in the most renowned tier of Reim. It would help Knuckles, in the long run, he could achieve the level of strength he was looking for, after all in just a short amount of time the two men had increased in strength and were on another level completely.

Grabbing his friend from the wall he would lead them back to Ganbo's favorite hang out, he knew tonight he needed to relax, no loud noises just a gentle and relaxing touch to help his body heal up. Once out the door, he'd bring him find just that.

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10 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 07/12/17, 01:22 pm

It had been a day alright, the rest of it kind of blurred together in the haze of pain in his head. They had received their reward more than the usual praise. Even an offer into Reim's military, a potentially lucrative offer for both of them. Not that Ganbo was considering much other then the potential peace he as going to get in a moment. There seemed to be much to think about lately, there time in Reim was finally bearing its fruit. The problem Ganbo found himself now is which fruit to eat, something he's never considered.What do I do when everything works out perfectly. I guess all I can do is keep reaching in the coliseum these jobs help raise my strength. Guess I'll have to find out if I join the military am I still eligible for the coliseum. Knuckles would help him walk back to his favorite parlor. He was greeted by a couple of the locals that knew him, one in particular dabbled in the side in first aid. He'd pay one of them to give him a massage before turning to say something to Knuckles. "I'm going to get a massage while I take a nap come back in a couple hours bro. Think we got to consider where we want to go from here for jobs." Ganbo would go into the massage room. Elaine, the woman he had requested was preparing acupuncture needles. As Ganbo undressed and laid down on the custom table they had made for him he was greeted by Pedro. It seemed he'd was preparing for one of his bosses famous exams so he gave Ganbo a massage as sleep took a hold of him.

When he woke a couple hours later he had needles all in back. He felt his chi realigning to the commands of Elaine, Ganbo had such respect for people of their profession. Only a fool would fail to see the position of power they could potentially hold. This didn't work in a slave city though, Ganbo found prostitutes there were all slaves. There was nothing arousing in the act with slaves. Smiling cause he knew the only reason they would wake him is when Knuckles had returned. His hearing had gone back to a decent level so he didn't need to yell. Speaking to Knuckles when he entered the room, "So, what did you think of the offer of the military that old man offered?". The tone of the rest of the conversation would depend on Knuckles answer. Ganbo hadn't given it much consideration but he would start at this point and Knuckles answer would influence it.

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11 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 07/12/17, 02:13 pm

After ensuring Ganbo was in good hands, Knuckles got the word from Ganbo to return later on. This would let knuckles return to his house and take a much-needed shower. When he got home he dropped his gear and clothing at the door before stepping into the shower letting the water wash the blood from his body. He was always coming home bloody but never really in his own blood. Today was a good test of his strength he now knew he had achieved enough power to start making changes in his life for the future of his well being. The job offer to join the military was one hell of a deal, but did he really want to give his life to something like that? Fighting battles for others in a chair since the country of Reim was a republic now, there wasn't a king, he didn't know how things would work really. there was much need of information on the subject at hand, but it would be nice, he could get access to better-made weapons, and it could be a true development for himself as a warrior, he could test himself versus the ranks of other warriors who had military training, perhaps there was much to be gained. As he ran his hand through his hair the thoughts of using the military to move up in power within the country did sound nice, but it was also likely that Ganbo and Knuckles could use the fame from the Coliseum to bring out ranks of there own under their command, taking over the underground network and put slavery to an end both legally and illegally, Knuckles knew slavers would come and go unless someone or something had stood in the way in the underground. Perhaps, for now, he could take a walk on both sides and find where the roads would meet after all the best thing about underground networks was that they stayed hidden, and if he found others within the ranks of the military there to then it would be likely they could form a pack and a partnership. Knuckles Could likely start crafting weapon taking a job with a local blacksmith here and sell them or just take over a ring of operation already undergoing.

After his bath, he would get dressed and clean off his sword and shield of blood and whatnot from the battle. His body was in a state of relaxation from the adrenaline rush of battle. Gathering his things he'd set back out to go met Ganbo when Ganbo exited the room Knuckles had drinks waiting for them. Ganbo was speaking lower so his hearing must have returned a bit more. He was asked a question about the Military offer. "I've been giving it some thought, however, I want to see your dreams come true, thus I will not make a choice that divides us or puts us against a wall. I think the offer is a great thing that could lead to roles of power that we can eventually use to influence events in our favor, however, I also think that the Coliseum has provided us with a gateway as well. I say we go ahead and hear this military offer and see whats going to happen if we do join the military, in the meantime, I say we climb the ladder at the arena until we make a final answer.

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12 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 07/12/17, 04:04 pm

After listening to Knuckles it was obvious that he cared about their partnership. Either way Ganbo had a compromise of sorts, for both of them."I think we could do both,  I know the idea of an army appeals to you. However I do have one stipulation, you can get lost in your causes. I don't want to become a slave to anyone ever again including the military or violence. So when we join, I get to decide when we retire, legal or otherwise. We can still compete in the coliseum I imagine, if not we'll do it anyways. So what do you say to that offer?" He'd wince once or twice in his talking as he still had a minor headache. He wasn't sure what Knuckles answer would be, either way they'd continue to do coliseum fights and that was perfect for Ganbo. Once all the needles were withdrawn from his body. He'd stand up wrapping a towel around his waist as he looked for his clothes. They were laid out on a chair besides him, once he was dressed he'd take Knuckles to the bar lounge in the establishment. He'd drink a small amount before heading to a bed in the establishment he had ordered, he'd be awoken later in the night but he had some time before that. He was very tired, as he closed his eyelids clothes still on.

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13 Re: Putting Old Habits to bed.. on 07/12/17, 09:25 pm

This was good Ganbo would be the anchor to keep him from losing himself to the military, he had proven a point that Knux didn't even think of. "Then it's decided then. With that Knuckles knew his friend needed some rest, in the meantime, he'd go looking around to see what new weapons the local blacksmith had brewed up. This money needed to be spent on something that he could put a lot of power into without breaking, he knew his already upgraded sword was fine for now, but it wouldn't hurt to ensure its blade could withstand a full powered swing of Knuckles. After finishing his drink Knuckles exited the building heading towards the market. He knew things were closed but that wouldn't stop him from entering the shop and seeing what was for sale. After all, laws were shackles of one's freedom and he didn't wear those anymore.


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