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Stay Alive [ Plot | Training ]

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1 Stay Alive [ Plot | Training ] on 10/10/17, 07:37 pm

Diana ran as far as her legs could carry her. Her feet were sore and cut up from the dry branches that cracked beneath her feet. The boy was slowly losing his grip on life with each step she took. His fading breath was soft and warm against her damp skin. They were running out of time. It always came down to time.

The sound of war was still not far off. She held the boy tight to her body in hopes that they would make it to safety. The galloping of horses seemed to draw in closer as her legs began to slow their pace. Diana grit her teeth as she forced her body past its limits, picking up pace. The man who saved them had bought them time. But after he had left, they had begun chasing her. If it weren’t for her heritage, they would be dead.

’Just a bit further. The haven is within your reach.’

Pluto had been separated from them for a long time. Diana wanted to call for him but it would give away her location. She was unsure if he would come back to her in one piece. Her heart ached with doubt and grief. “Hang in there,” she said. “We’re almost there.” Diana placed a quivering hand upon the boy’s head, stroking his matted red hair.

A glimpse of hope in the distance revealed itself to her. Her blurred vision could barely make out the insignia on the banners. They were a deep red unlike the banners of her allies. There was a chance they would see her as a fleeing civilian. A mother with her child. However, now that she was on the road, her pursuers were close behind her. Unarmed and in a weakened state, they would surely kill her. She could only hope her enemies were kinder.

As she drew closer, her pursuers halted their horses. “I hope they make you suffer, traitor!” Their voices were distant. The guards outside the encampment allowed her to pass but locked their spears together behind her. As if to lock her in or her enemies out.

Diana took a deep breath of relief. Beads of sweat trickled down her face. She slowed her pace and dropped to her knees, laying the child on the dried dirt. His skin was deathly pale and filled with cuts and bruises. “Can...” she said, taking a brief gasp of air, “... someone help him?” Diana looked up at the small amount of soldiers around her. Some seemed confused and some rather malicious.

They stood there in near silence, whispering to each other. There was no time to waste in waiting around. She cursed her weakened body. Diana could barely move an inch. She worked her body until it could work no more. “Please,” she spat through clenched teeth.

“I’ll get the commander,” said one of the men.

While it wasn’t directly to her, she felt a tightness in her chest at the thought. At any moment, they could figure out her alliance to Yoshiro or realize who this boy actually was. At that point, it would all be over as she had no more strength left to fight.
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2 Re: Stay Alive [ Plot | Training ] on 17/10/17, 01:41 pm

The sound of footsteps on gravel drew closer to her and the soldiers around her went silence. “Sir,” they said, stiffening their postures. Diana looked up towards the commander. He was a tall man with a kind look upon his face. Dark brown tufts of hair framed his handsome face and his eyes were a calming blue. However, within them, they held deeper secrets.

Something about this seemed off. From what she had heard of Gao’s soldiers, they were merciless. He chuckled. “Well, what do we have here?” Diana felt frustrated that they were all taking her matter with little regard. “It seems she caught one of them. Good job. I’m impressed.”

Her fears seemed very real at this moment. She cursed to herself. Diana had run from danger just to land straight into a viper pit. She took a deep, sharp breath and launched herself up with all of her speed. To die here, would be a disgrace to her family. A sudden burst of adrenaline was the only thing allowing her to move.

In lightning speeds, she had managed to reach him and land a solid punch. As the dirt she kicked up began to clear, her heart slowly dropped into her stomach as she felt five fingers slowly wrap around her hand. ‘He caught it..?’ The kindness that she had seen before was not as sincere as she had thought. His was a face twisted in sadistic fantasies.

Diana grit her teeth and went in for a blow with her free hand. It was stopped by another one of his, struggling to hold against her own strength. “Ah… it seems like they are akin to beasts. Always seeming to group together like rats.” The commander was mocking her, she knew it and it only made her angrier.

She spit on his face and mustered as much strength as she could to break free of his grasp. He was strong, yet he was still human. In her weakened state, they were near equals. She stood firm above the child. If it came down to it, she would kill everyone in the encampment. Diana hoped it wouldn’t come down to that but she had to fight.

Her muscles spasmed and cramped up. It felt as if she was being torn apart from the inside yet she didn’t show it. If she did, it would certainly be the end of her. “Is that really all you got left in you? I expected to be dead by now and you seem really intent on protecting that filth.” The commander stepped towards her, with open arms. “I’ll make you a deal. Serve me and I will have you and the… child... tended to.”

There was no context to his words. Her mind and body fought over whether she should take the offer. It would be easy for her to escape any kind of servitude at full strength. But what would they do with the boy? She wasn’t certain. Diana would rather kill him herself than to have him sent back there. She was torn.
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3 Re: Stay Alive [ Plot | Training ] on 17/10/17, 03:52 pm

“I won’t agree until you tell me what will happen to the child.”

The man burst out into laughter. “Such care for a mere orphan. He may serve me alongside you… if he lives. I’m sure he can serve some sort of purpose,” he said, holding his chin within his hand. “But no worries, I already know what you can do for me.” The commander flicked his wrist towards the rows of soldiers surrounding them. “I assume you are pleased with that statement. Take them away. Ensure they are of good health when they are returned to me.”

“W-wai-- Let go of me!”

Diana tugged her arm away from one of the soliders that grabbed her. The man hadn’t even let her give an answer. Another grabbed at her and then another. Soon her whole body was restrained by a multitude of hands. She screamed and struggled in protest but it was of no use. The more she pushed away, the more seem to come. Her body gradually went limp and her eyes slowly faded into black.

“Diana, wake up…”

A familiar voice had called out to her. It felt like she was underwater. The sound echoed around her, barely audible. A sense of pressure tapped repeatedly against her cheek. She scrunched her face, her eyelids fluttering open.

“Hey, c’mon, it’s morning.”

She reached her hand out. Her vision was blurry but she could make out someone hovering above her. As her senses returned, she could feel the warmth of the sun beaming against her skin. Her hand finally found what she had reached for. It was prickly, yet not sharp and fleshy at the application of pressure.

“What’s the matter with you? Are you feeling ill?”

Her vision flickered and gradually became clearer. “Hey,” she said, a gentle smile forming on her lips. Diana wrapped her hand around their neck, pulling herself up towards them into a tight embrace. A set of arms enclosed around her. “You’re acting weird,” they chuckled, planting a gentle kiss on the nape of her neck. Diana shrugged off the tickling sensation on her skin and withdrew them from her grasp.

“Sorry. I was just… happy to see you. It feels like it’s been forever.”
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4 Re: Stay Alive [ Plot | Training ] on 17/10/17, 04:50 pm

Her eyes were fixated into her brothers own. “It’s only been a few hours,” he said. Apollo furrowed his brow and flicked her in the forehead. She flicked him back a bit harder in response.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Ow! What was that for?”

Diana had bursted into laughter and Apollo blushed, forming a scowl on his face. They had often said the same thing at the same time and this time was no different. Their minds were similar yet their attitudes were far apart.

“Just get dressed and don’t fall back asleep! Father will be mad! Okay?”

She nodded in response. Diana looked around the room. It was certainly her own from back home. Something about it left a pain in her chest. She rummaged through the chest that contained all of her clothes, slipping off her nightgown and putting on a stark white dress. It was plain but well made.

‘I wonder if mother needs help today.’

Diana sat in front of her mirror, looking into her reflection. Her hair was still short with soft waves that reached the bottom of her chin. She ran her fingers through her silken locks. Diana brought a cloth strip over her head, tying it into a neat band right behind her bangs. She felt like her old self once again.

There were no scars etched into her skin, no bags under her eyes. Everything was like it was but it didn’t feel right. Diana ran her hands along her skin and face. It felt unnatural. Her mind felt blocked. She couldn’t think clearly.


“I’m coming!”

She quickly got up off of her stool and swung the curtain in her doorway open, stepping through the frame. Where she ended up wasn’t her home. It was just an endless darkness. Diana spun around to look behind her and the door was no longer there. Her heart began to race. She tried to speak but no words would escape her lips. Diana closed her eyes tightly and wrapped her arms around herself, falling to her knees.
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