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1 [EVENT | CONTEST] NPC Workshop on 29/07/17, 07:27 pm




This theme includes all royalty. This may range from a king of Kina to a council member in Reim. You may only create a character from any major or lesser country that is currently in our canon which includes: Reim, Kou, Balbadd, Magnostadt, Imuchakk, Heliohapt, Sasan, Artemyra, Kina, and Parthevia.



➀ Anyone may participate and you may only submit one character per person. Please do not try to submit multiple entries on an alternative character.

➁ Do not try to create a Magi, King Candidate, or any canon characters. Do not include any personal plots either.

➂ All characters submitted will be considered regardless of who wins. Keep in mind that staff may alter and change these characters as needed.

➃ Do not submit a character that does not fit the theme. If this theme doesn't appeal to you, we plan to have more contests like this in the future.

➄ There are no word count restrictions. We are looking for quality, not quantity. Please, put effort into your submissions.

➅ All submissions should be privately messaged to an administrator. Any questions should be messaged to them as well. We will post all submissions in this thread after the deadline.



  • 100,000 H
  • (4x) x2 Job Reward Coupon


  • 75,000 H
  • (2x) x2 Job Reward Coupon


  • 50,000 H
  • (1x) x2 Job Reward Coupon


  • 25,000 H


[b]Theme[/b]: Royalty
[b]Creator[/b]: ( Replace this with your main character name / alias here for credit purposes. This will be revealed when the polls are over. )
[b]Summary[/b]: ( Who is your NPC? How do they relate to the theme? Just a brief, short summary will do. )

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[b]Title | Alias[/b]:
[b]Face Claim[/b]:

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2 THEME: Royalty on 13/08/17, 01:58 pm


All creator names will be hidden until the voting process is over. The poll will close on August 19th, 2017.


Theme: Royalty
Creator: [ Noir Ecryola ]
Summary: The Princess of Kina
Shinryu Hizoku:

Name: Shinryu Hizoku
Title | Alias: Little Dragon of the Sun
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Shinryu is a petite girl who doesn’t really look like her age, some people might think she is a little child because of her small body and her baby face. Despite of that, her eyes are pretty big and round, glistening with ash mauve color just like her mother’s eyes. Her obsidian colored hair is long, reaching below her bottom. A pair of curved horns decoration could be seen on her headband, along with a crimson camelia flower on one of the horns.
The princess is always being seen wearing hakama, with white color for the top and dark red color for the skirt part. Both of her arms are covered with arm bands and there is a bracelet wrapping on each of her wrist while a long black scarf with dark red pattern wrapping around her neck. Shinryu wears black stocking to cover most of her legs and a pair of Kina’s traditional heeled sandals with black and dark red color. There is a demon mask hanging on the back of her waist, something that she received from her father, the “demon king” of Kina.

Face Claim: Shirakiin Ririchiyo - Inu x Boku SS

Personality: The princess is a well mannered lady, a kind girl who has a pure heart although she doesn’t really show it to other people. She always act tough, wanting to show to other people that she is not some kind of pampered princess who can only sit around and do nothing but enjoying a spoiled life. She might seem harsh with her viper’s words, but behind the tough front, she doesn’t really mean them and mostly feels bad after she ended up saying it. Shinryu might be cold and hostile to other people at the first time before she gradually warm up to them although she mostly denies it.

History: Born as the daughter of the demon king 16 years ago allowed Shinryu to witness how her father fought to be the King of Kina as well as how her brother sacrificed himself for their father’s glory. She was just 6 years old at the time when it happened, both of her father and mother were crying out loud while holding her tight in their arms but she was too young to understand it. For years, it was the wisdom from her mother and the lame jokes as well as the ambition of her father that shaped her into what she was. Not only that, she developed a rather cold or hostile vibe, spitting out viper’s words which earned her the title as the “Little Dragon of The Sun”. Despite all of that, most of the citizens of Kina loves her, knowing that she was acting like that as a facade and was just a kind hearted girl who doesn’t really know how to express herself towards other people. The death of her brother might be the reason behind her inability to express herself freely as when she finally understand how it feels to lose someone as well as the matters of life and death, Shinryu was pretty much isolating herself, locking herself inside her rooms for hours and come out only to eat or attend lessons.

Worried about his daughter’s mental situation, the Kina King tried as hard as he could to be able to always be there for his daughter, sharing his visions, ambitions and entertained her with his jokes sometime. There would be a time where his father encourage her to learn how to lead the kingdom in the future, telling her to prepare herself and do her best to earn it by gaining more experience dealing with the people.

Theme: Royalty
Creator: [ Jingyi Hou ]
Summary: The First Imperial Prince of Parthevia
Bora Dikumenowlz:

Name: Bora Dikumenowlz
Title | Alias: First Imperial Prince of Parthevia
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Bora is the staple of nobility; he is well-dressed and constantly carries himself with an air of superiority. He has a well-groomed appearance, from his short black hair to his polished armor. His dark eyes make many women giggle around him, and it doesn’t help that he has years of practice behind his charismatic smile. He has a youthful appearance to him, with a polite friendliness to him. Bora moves with a royal grace to him, each step an elegant one that only boasts his imperial heritage.

When it comes to his outfits, the one thing many don't see Bora without is his prince crown, a reminder of his future as the king of Parthevia. Along with his crown, he never leaves his chambers in clothes that do not have the spider emblem of his kingdom somewhere on his person. Bora’s outfit often consists of a royal purple gambeson-tunic with golden accents and white fur trimming. He also wears pants that is a darker shade of violet beneath a set of black armor with matching golden accents. The final touch is a side cape on his right shoulder that’s violet in color with a black trim with golden accents and a touch of a white fur trim around the clasp. Parthevia’s spider is usually on either his breastplate or on his cape.
Face Claim: Fire Emblem Echoes of Valentia; Berkut
Bora is an ambitious man, loaded with lofty goals and the confidence to carry himself through it. One of his greatest virtues is the fact that he was blessed with intelligence. He is a sly person, capable of using clever words to gain what he wants when he wants it. Not only that, many around him call him a kind soul who is affable and charismatic. However, beneath his gentle disposition, is a cynical and callous man.

It’s hard to say that Bora isn’t patriotic, but he’s more in love with the Kingdom of Parthevia than its actual people. He knows of the citizen’s woes, but he doesn’t care much to fix them. Instead, he wants to focus on making Parthevia a greater nation. While he won’t outright deny help to those under his “rule” when he can, Bora is particularly indifferent to the people who are his subjects. The only thing he is in love with is his kingdom and his goals. Nothing else matters much to the man, not even his family.

But, at least one could say that Bora is committed. Any task set in front of him is completed with the utmost care. He is meticulous with his work and instead values quality over both time and quantity. Not only that, he’s a rule-follower and obedient to whatever laws he has set in front of them. Though, this does bring the downside to his person that he can be rather harsh. The smallest step over the line can earn anyone a severe punishment, for no one, be it a judge or a peasant, can ignore the law in his eyes.

Another vice that haunts Bora is his petulance. Outside of the public eye, and within himself, he’s a rather ill-tempered man. It’s not hard to light a fire in his heart, nor is it helpful that he can be vengeful. Holding a grudge is an easy task for Bora, and it’s not often that he forgets misdeeds done against either himself or Parthevia. This tendency to hide his wrath also extends to other emotions; the prince is a secretive person. He doesn’t reveal much about anything he thinks of, even to those he trusts. But, his emotions are valued less than logic when it comes to any decisions Bora is needed to make. His reasoning is mostly sound, especially when decisions concern anything of importance to Parthevia. The doubt that any slight he has caused could harm his Kingdom crosses Bora’s mind often, and he wishes not to make a mistake.

The final point that could be made about Bora is his stubbornness. While he is not exceptionally arrogant or filled with hubris, his will is one to respect. The prince doesn’t bend easily and contains the ability to stand up for himself and that of which is important to him. But, while this virtue is most definitely helpful, it can end up biting him later.

Born as the first child to the king of Parthevia, Bora was raised to become a king. His younger days consisted of royal nurses raising him, which progressed into years of being tutored. Bora was taught in all manners of the world, from the arts of swordplay to the history of both Parthevia and its neighboring countries. He didn’t escape learning a subject, from how to play the piano to the steps for ballroom dancing. His more important classes consisted of the workings of the economy, battle strategies, negotiation and lying, small talk, and the duties of a ruler. The times he saw his father was to watch him work, to experience how a true king ruled his country.

Bora wasn’t given the chance to have his own hobbies or time, for the king was old and they needed a ready heir. He wasn’t close to either of his parents nor was he particularly familiar with any of his younger siblings. Nor did he see much of the outside world or Parthevia other than scheduled events. He knew of the troubles of the commoners of his people, but Bora didn’t know their effects or how it was to live under such conditions. He is knowledgeable of the world through the use of studies and books, but he is ignorant in its actual workings.

He knows that it’s bad to think of this, but he actually anticipates the day that his father either dies or steps down. Bora has plans to build on Parthevia, from expanding its borders to fixing its economy and making their culture more prominent. He wants to make the kingdom more prominent and well known on the map, either through the use of becoming an important trade pub in the west or using war to advance his country. His personal plans for the people of Parthevia is to introduce more traditions and festivals, to build upon their culture and unite them under the banner of the royalty and a national belief.

Theme: Royalty
Creator: [ Zafar ]
Summary: The King of Kina, a man who has risen to power in the eastern island nation and seeks to lead his people to prosperity.
Shinma Hizoku:

Name: Shinma Hizoku
Title | Alias: Demon King | The People’s Crutch
Age: 52
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visage ~ Shinma has a head of long coarse hair that has surprisingly yet to show any signs of greying despite his advanced age. The rough black strands are usually combed back, however it isn’t uncommon for the man to forgo grooming while out in the field away from his castles allowing several rogue strands to fall where they please giving him a messy look. His face is sharp with they eyes of a fabled fox demon although one has been gouged out and is just a mass of scar tissue covered by an ornate eyepatch. His face usually has the scruff of a light beard to frame his wide smile of full pearly whites.

Clothing ~ There are two main wardrobes which the Kina King wears. The first is his regal garments which are worn during ceremony or dealing with matters at court. This clothing consists of a black raiment marked in white with his family crest and a ceremonial kimono. At all other times however, Shinma can be found wearing clothing little better than that of a wandering ronin or a peasant. In both outfits, he can be found wearing various pieces of metal jewelry such as wrist bands, necklaces, and the like each one being a decoy of sorts to make it hard to guess which might be a metal vessel if any at all.

Face Claim: Nobunaga Oda - Drifters

Cunning ~ Having cultivated the wisdom of many walks of life, Shinma can see the world from both the view of a noble as well as a commoner. He has stood on the side of the just and alongside criminals. These myriad experiences have given him deep insights into the motivations and driving forces behind other people and he uses that knowledge to manipulate and pull the strings of those around him. Be it a skirmish in warfare or in a social setting, Shinma is accustomed to looking for weak points in his opponents to target. Foul tricks and dirty tactics such as setting a field of crops ablaze to distract the enemy are not beneath him.

Pragmatic ~ Little is held in any sort of sentimental value through the eyes of this warlord. A treasured family sword is tossed aside like worthless junk once it breaks in favor of picking up a nearby peasant’s pike. The honor of facing your foe head on in battle is a waste of good soldiers, unless you are running low on rations and could use a good culling of your troops. These thoughts dominate most of Shinma’s mindset in the vast majority of decisions throughout his life. There are only a few exceptions such as his children or his nation as a whole which hold unshakeable value in his heart. But even they might be sacrificed some day if the cost of saving them is simply too great to justify with logic in his own mind. One of his son’s has already died holding a castle because sending reinforcements to rescue him would have cost Shinma the throne. But by seizing the throne, he was able to put an end to centuries of conflict saving countless other future lives.

Jovial ~ While his sense of humor is certainly a bit dark sometimes, Shinma isn’t above cracking jokes, teasing others, and playing pranks. Though this side of himself is usually reserved for close allies and family rarely being shown in front of commoners or strangers in order to maintain his image as a tyrant to be feared.

National Compassion ~ Though the Kina King may seem to lack compassion for an individual’s plight, or empathy towards those who have suffered in the wake of his conquest, Shinma simply buries such emotions. His true heart belongs not to an individual but to his country as a whole. Everything Shinma does is to reach an end goal where the citizens of his country can truly live in peace and comfort.

Born to a moderately sized noble family, Shinma was raised to believe himself to be superior to the peasants which farmed the surrounding lands. He was given an education and formal training in warfare up to the age of 12 when his clan came under attack by a neighboring rival. Shinma escaped the ruin of his ancestral home and wandered the countryside helpless until a peasant family in a nearby province found him starving half dead in the mountain wilderness.

Adopted by peasants, Shinma soon found himself learning a new way of life which quickly humbled his previous notions that peasants were inferior. There was much they could do well which he could not, even the other children younger than him were better at cooking and doing various other tasks which supported his own noble house from behind the scenes. He stayed with this family for three years, only to once again have the flames of war steal what had finally become a new normal for the boy. At age 15 he once again watched his home burn to the ground, this time from a distance.

No longer quite as helpless as before, Shinma burned with a desire for revenge against the local war lords whose squabbles had led to an innocent remote farming village’s destruction. Thus, he sought out a local bandit group which had some notoriety and fame for raiding the supply trains of those warlords who were the targets of Shinma’s fury. Joining the bandit group, Shinma got his first taste of battle and learned the tricks of charming others from the older men when they went into town to find women or supplies.

For five years, Shinma fought alongside the bandits earning a place among them so firm that the leader named him as his successor. Other older bandits were resentful of this however and the group split in half. The older bandits stayed in the mountains while Shinma headed to the coast with those who would follow them. There, they began a life as pirates which proved to be more profitable albeit more dangerous, but more importantly it was more of a thorn in the warlords sides as the ports were their main source of goods from other places in the island nation such as pottery and weapons. Mountain ranges made land routes for such goods difficult to traverse leaving them self sustaining in little other than food and water. The resources and artisans to craft much else were simply too scarce.

It didn’t take much longer than a year for the warlords in the local area to stop fighting among themselves temporarily in order to deal with the pirate scourge that had plagued their ports. They simply couldn’t afford to continue warring among themselves if they couldn’t receive new weapon shipments. The three main local warlords gathered all the ships and soldiers they could muster and set out to hunt down Shinma and his men. However, the former noble had learned to speak with a silver tongue and had spent that year building up a serviceable spy network with the courtesans and merchants who dealt with nobles. The plan to ambush his ship had been discovered long before it was executed.

When the Shinma ship was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers and dozens of warlord ships, it was found to be all but abandoned, manned by only a few fishermen whom claimed that it had been sold to them the night before. Meanwhile, Shinma and his men had begun a raid on the castle of one of those local warlords. With all the forces away, taking the castle was childsplay. Shinma made it a point to target the castle of a warlord most abusive to the local peasantry and riled them up into taking up arms alongside him. By the time the warlord received word and rushed back to his castle, it was already far too late. The path back was beset with traps and ambushes that whittled down his forces which his rush to retake the castle ensured they would be successful. Then the castle itself had been manned with such a large number of combatants that it boggled the warlord’s mind. He was slain during the siege by Shinma personally.

The other warlords weren’t happy to hear that a pirate had taken a nearby castle, but they were glad to be rid of their rival and reports suggested that the new enemy consisted almost entirely of peasants and pirates with poor equipment. Attacking the castle might have been difficult, but such enemies would be slaughtered by their warrior caste armies should they ever meet on the field of battle or suffer a siege of their own. So they were content to ignore Shinma for now, especially since the pirating seemed to stop and the flow of goods had been restored.

Shinma used the local warlords arrogance against them and organized peasant rebellions in their own territories allowing him to swiftly capture the other two castles in the region and establish himself as the sole local power. Isolated by mountains, well fed with fertile lands, and connected by trade to the rest of the nation through ports. It was the ideal place for Shinma to re-establish his Hizoku clan. Shinma began to focus on development of his lands and improving the lives of his people for the next 15 years. Five years into that time, he took a wife and had a first born son. But shortly after their births he set out to begin a campaign.

Those 15 years had given Shinma time to build up a well trained army of former peasants as well as an advanced spy network that informed him on the endless back and forth wars going on throughout the rest of their nation. Shinma departed his home with three thousand men and started a path of carnage and destruction that earned him two separate monikers. The warlords and nobles called him the Demon King for his ruthless tactics and complete lack of honor. Shinma took sons and daughters as hostages, sent assassins after formidable enemy generals, burned crops, and even set fire to entire mountains. The peasantry however began to name him the “people’s crutch” for his tendancy to improve their lives wherever he went. Though their crop fields may have ended up turning to ashes, Shinma would give them food to replace what was lost, as well as new farming techniques to take advantage of how the burning had enriched the soil.

The territories Shinma conquered saw decreased taxation and dedicated protection from bandits and crime in the form of local garrisons that had never been offered before. Soldiers abusing their positions were punished publicly in barbaric fashion while those who failed to meet their taxes were given generous exceptions when there was good reason. Many living under Shinma’s rule were scared of him and feared incurring his wrath, but almost all agreed that it was far more fair and prosperous than those who had ruled before him. At age 36 Shinma had a daughter and had also succeeded in conquering over half the country. At this point, his son had reached the age of 16 and was allowed to participate in the war as one of his generals.

Together, father and son brought swift and deadly warfare upon their remaining rivals. Another six years into the campaign however, Shinma’s son ended up defending the rear guard for Shinma’s troops while he moved to take the country’s capital, a move which would solidify his claim to the country as a whole. Alas, his son was surrounded in a castle and besieged. Turning back to save him would make the sacrifices of all their men thus far be in vain. So Shinma swallowed his bitter sorrow and didn’t turn back. After taking the capitol, Shinma’s forces eventually assaulted and captured the man in charge of the siege that killed his son and burned the man along with all his retainers alive in the same burned down ruins of the castle where they had made his son face a similar fate.

A few years later, Shinma dominated the last remaining warlords using overwhelming power. He completed his conquest of the island nation and named himself King of Kina. Shinma has ruled for just under a decade now and has reached the age of 52, but he has not been idle during all that time. Shinma has spent those years raising his daughter while also trying to think of a solution to his country's greatest problem. With all the wars ended, the number of dead each year dropped significantly and now the population was growing, all is fine now but soon it will exceed the level of what local resources can sustain.

Shinma has spent these years looking for a way to deal with the island nation’s lack of space and resources. Should he bring war to the continents to the west? Should he seek an answer in magic despite the country having almost no magicians and even fewer of any talent? Time is running out and Shinma needs to take action soon before his people end up starved and too weak to fight a war should that be necessary...

Theme: A Royal
Creator: [ Trently ]
Summary: A young noble son of the head of Magnostadt, for that, is who Khah Yoht is. The boy has become very adept at magic as of late. He is known as a great yet odd mage. The young lad was adopted by the head of Magnostadt and is now one of the academy's best mages to date.
Khah Yoht:

Khah Yoht

Also Known As
The Monster Of Magnostadt




Face Claim
Random On Zerochan


What the man has garbed on his back would be a green cape. On his feet, he dawns steel Sabatons and Greaves. For his torso, Khah Yoht wears a green coat. Below his torso, he wears a gold and brown buckle. As for his rear end, Khah Yoht has a dragon's scut. Atop his head, he has not one but two horns of a demon. On his back, he has wings of an angel. His eyes are a bloody red and his hair is a nice soft gray. Khah Yoht sports gloves.


The lad is a very kind man, yet, he can change at the drop of a hat. He can tend to act just as crazy as an untamed beast, so, do be careful. In an enraged state, he can go absolute berserk and act even more crazy. In an enraged state, he can rip a man apart via his hands. Yet, for the most part, he's good so don't fret. Khah Yoht is a young and lovable man who cares for his comrades and loved ones. He also hates racism by the way.


At the age of ten, the boy was taken from his home. Then, sent to Magnostadt, to become a test subject for an awful group of mages. The mages he was sold to tried to use him as a catalyst for numerous dead beasts. The group of mages managed to infuse parts of beasts onto the boy's body. Yet, they were taken into custody once the Academy of Magnostadt had found out about their scheme. Alone and no parent to back home to, the boy was adopted by the head of Magnostadt. In Magnostadt, he'd become a great mage.

Theme: Royalty
Creator: [ Zuzu Mansur ]
Summary: He is the current Knight King of the religious kingdom of Sasan.
Cyrus Dunamis:

Name: Cyrus Dunamis

Title | Alias: Knight King of Sasan/King Cyrus II/Cyrus of the Spear/Blood Sign

Age: 60 years old born on the last day of the year.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: King Cyrus’ face seems like it belongs in a portrait surrounded by a golden frame. And much like an old painting, it was well weathered and faded with age. He seems to constantly be wearing a bemused expression, looking down upon all matters with the same manner of seeming disinterest. Both his skin and his hair were deathly pale, the same white that showed itself on the bodies of corpses. Only his eyes seemed to have any life in them, the bright blue of them seeming to pierce through even the most dark of nights.

    His dress is not too strange for one who rules over a powerful kingdom, but certainly for one who leads an order of holy knights. He has quite a gothic and elaborate fashion, wearing a frilled white shirt under a long flowing black coat, along with knee high black boots that his trousers tuck into.

Equipment: Specialised version of the Sasan lance, streamlined for Cyrus’ unique battle stance.

Face Claim: Dracula/Rider of Black from Fate/Apocrypha

Personality: His opinions and blunt manner of expression lend easily to the impression that he is a sociopath who has disengaged himself from the standard mores of society. And that would be the most apt way of explaining him, on certain fronts. He certainly does not care much for anyone other than himself, and to cover up for the selfish acts he commits, he uses the excuse of it being all for the sake of the people, and the country.

    That is not to say that he is a coward who sits in his throne and commands his people to his will from the safety of his palace. Quite the opposite, in fact. He enjoys being in the thick of battle, revelling in the blood shed by his spear and showing off his skills in war. In fact, rumours of fields dyed crimson by the blood of his foes led to him attaining the nickname, the Blood Sign. This seems to be a contrary position for a king of a pure and religious land to take, and many of the knights and monks in the higher echelons of Sasan would agree. However, due to ancient laws and customs, they obey him and resign to enacting his ruthless will.

    As a ruler, he is very forceful and often takes on the role of a warmonger in order to increase his sphere of influence. He uses any method he can to take on his opponents, be it on a national or personal scale, not minding if he must use underhanded tactics if it will ensure his victory.

History: Cyrus was born the son of the previous Knight King Cambyses the Elder, also known as Cambyses the Holy, and the daughter of a Reimano senator. As such, he was given all the lessons needed for that of royalty, in proper etiquette and appropriate manners, diplomatic decisions, musical skills,  and the such. Of them all, the lesson that was stressed the most by his father and the monks were the religious teachings of Sasan.

   But Cyrus was not interested at all in the stories passed down by his ancestors. He thought that his father’s blind obedience to them had guided the country along the wrong path, a path of foolishness, refusing to use the country’s powerful knights to expand their territories and install themselves as a dominant world power.

   And so, Cyrus took it upon himself to rid the country of their inept ruler. Under the cover of night, he administered a vial of a deadly poison into his father, which claimed Cambyses’ life before the sun rose. And the following morning, Cyrus was coronated as the next Knight King of Sasan. He had managed to disguise the death of his father as a natural event through some bribing of the more corrupt council members, and silenced those who questioned this by sending them from the city under false pretences. But for him, this was only the start.

   He geared the knights of Sasan up for war, a war he justified through their scriptures, the only good usage he could find for them. His first order of war: to expand into the outskirting towns of Parthevia. Due to his tactical prowess and sheer power, he succeeded in this, taking over much more than just the outskirts. This move thoroughly shook the very foundations of Parthevia’s government, demonstrating a bold statement of power. This success only furthered Cyrus’ confidence, and convinced him to expand Sasan’s borders even further. He decided to move into Reim, a country that they were avid trade partners with, by taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Senate infighting, and was successful in this endeavour.

  With his kingdom's territory having increased, and his nation's might established, he required only one thing more for his conquest of Reim. The power that only a king can attain. His sights were set on the mysterious structures that had begun emerging throughout the world. The dungeons. And anything he is focused on, he will surely get.

Theme: Royalty
Creator: [ Reed Harper ]
Summary: A warrior princess of Artemrya, she is a formidable ranger and heads the country’s artillery forces. She shares the title of princess with her twin sister and together they are among the greatest generals of the world’s armies, leading one of the most powerful standing armies in the world. Her twin is a warrior princess of Artemrya, she is a formidable warrior and heads the country’s infantry forces. She shares the title of princess with her twin sister and together they are among the greatest generals of the world’s armies, leading one of the most powerful standing armies in the world.

Clio and Melpomene Artemrya:
Clio Artemrya:


Name: Clio Artemrya
Title | Alias: Muse of Wisdom
Age: 21
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Clio is a tall, statuesque woman with muscular and defined features indicative of someone who has undergone intense military training. Her eyes are a deep green, much unlike the people of Artemrya. Differing from her sister, she has short, bob-like blonde hair that falls just above her shoulders, and wears clothes befitting someone of more Reimian sensibilities rather than a woman of Artemrya. Still, her figure is complemented well by her choice of clothing: she wears a turquoise and white tunic with light frills around the collarbone, complete with matching pants that tulip around her waist, tapering off into skin-tight fabric at the legs and feet. On her hands she wears leather gloves so that she is able to fire off copious amounts of arrows with little damage to her hands.
Face Claim: Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear - Tales of the Abyss
Personality: The much haughtier of the two princesses, Calliope is almost completely driven by her status as royalty. She doesn’t take refuge in politeness, or even draw attention away from the fact that she is of royal blood--instead, she celebrates it. There is no arguing with her when it comes to matters of politics, knowledge, or anything to do with the quality of Artemrya’s artillery forces, for she is the all-knowing, omniscient expert of it all. In matters of war, she often takes on the role of strategist, devising plans that will allow their army to conceivably and thoroughly rout any foe they come across. She is ruthless and often without sympathy for those in her warpath. She ridicules and scrutinizes without abandon and truly takes on the fearful persona of one who is an Artemryan royal. However, she possesses a softer side--she is obligated to her duties as a royal and devotes her life completely to the well-being of her people. While she does not care to be the most “well-liked” princess in the kingdom, she certainly fights for the rights of the disenfranchised, and the rights of her people, in the best way she knows how, by outwitting and overpowering anyone who wishes to oppress the women of Artemrya.
History: Born, along with her sister Melpomene, to the queen of Artemrya, she was always destined for greatness. At a young age, she and her sister were taught in the arts of war, politics, strategy--anything required to mature into successful generals. Though Melpomene did not take to the lessons as well as Clio did, they were both indistinguishable in talent, strength, and wit; the only way to tell the sisters apart was from their differences in appearance (which were noticeable, yet very slim). While Melpomene took to the fine arts and valued entertainment and niceties, Clio took to knowledge, to empiricism, to the study of all things and how they worked. By age fourteen, she was considered one of the country’s greatest markswomen, and by nineteen, she was leading their entire artillery forces with an iron fist, whipping them into the best shape they’ve ever been in. Furthermore, with her natural ability to commune with the great birds of their nation, she coordinated all of her soldiers to be able to work in tandem with these beasts, flying across the sky and raining down arrows upon any foes who would wish subjugate the mighty women of Artemrya. Yes, she valued success and validation more than her sister ever had, and that caused her to seek more validation and success, which drove her nuts. There is a sibling rivalry to be spoken of, and while their relationship is not so good, the two sisters are a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Melpomene Artemrya:


Name: Melpomene Artemrya
Title | Alias: Muse of War
Age: 21
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Like her sister, Melpomene is a statuesque, tall, beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair and piercing red eyes. Unlike Clio, however, she sports a much more scantily clad outfit designed for swiftly cutting through enemies with relative ease. Her breasts are held up by a tight, white camisole that has a visible midriff, and she sports the bottom half of a leotard around her bottom, leaving her legs relatively open and free. She wears long, slightly padded boots and gloves to deflect blows with and often sports some color of dyed hair, as if to scream “I’m rebellious!” She more ascribes to the Artemryan ideal rather her sister, who strives to look and act more like the people of Reim/the ‘civilized world.’
Face Claim: Milla Maxwell - Tales of Xillia
Personality: Melpomene is a free spirit, never one to be shackled by the confines of “obligation” or “duty.” She prefers taking a backseat to most topics, often preferring to listen and take orders from whoever she thinks sounds the smartest at the type. Yet, that does not make her a pushover, it simply makes her lazy. She often spends her time partying with acquaintances and certainly utilizing her status as a noble to have the maximum amount of fun. Still, that hardly makes her any less responsible than her sister, it just makes her able to connect with a much different person. Where Clio stresses order, regiment, and discipline, Melpomene stresses finesse, chaos...a beauty in the creative disorder that is war and battle. She leads with inspiring awe, being able to bark orders as well as take on any task she asks of her soldiers. Truly, she is a sight to behold. She takes life seldom seriously and prefers to laugh at the eccentricities of life, for there is only so much time to do so. She is by nature a warrior and despises her role as a general, finding it to be too stuffy and stifling her ability to better connect with the women who swore their allegiance and life for her. It often troubles her, as one would expect, to rely on their skills and have less of a role in keeping these women safe. Despite all convention, however, Melpomene always wishes to jump into the fray, a bit careless of her own well being and status as a princess of the matriarchal country.
History: Born, along with her sister Clio, to the queen of Artemrya, she was always destined for greatness. At a young age, she and her sister were taught in the arts of war, politics, strategy--anything required to mature into successful generals. Though Melpomene did not take to the lessons as well as Clio did, they were both indistinguishable in talent, strength, and wit; the only way to tell the sisters apart was from their differences in appearance (which were noticeable, yet very slim). While Melpomene took to the fine arts and valued entertainment and niceties, Clio took to knowledge, to empiricism, to the study of all things and how they worked. Melpomene blossomed as a warrior early on in her life, being able to best most of her mentors in battle with little difficult that she was considered for captaincy far earlier than her sister ever was. Her skills with a sword or a bow were peerless, and by age fourteen she was considered one of the country’s greatest swordswoman by all of her constituents. Still, it took her much longer to settle into a career of leading rather than fight as a normal grunt in the army. She tries her best and does not wish to fail her soldiers but there is always a part of her that will shirk responsibility just for the chance to be free from obligation. Because of this, a rift has formed between her family and herself--she prizes the ‘people’ wishing only to serve them, and beside them, instead of above them. She despises the idea of a hierarchal system, and wishes all women of Artemrya could be considered equal and that anyone could be queen so long as they were qualified. Obviously, that doesn’t go over well with monarchical societies, so she spends her days mostly tight-lipped, drinking and partying without abandon. Curiously, she does not possess the same level of skill with taming beasts as Clio does, and is perhaps the only thing Melpomene has never been able to outshine her sister in. She always assumed it was because she ignored the birds in favor of Clio’s mental wellness (she was always a sore loser), but it was purely the most difficult course of action for her to seduce these birds to her charms. Still, she is capable of riding along one, but she is mostly useless in the sky, preferring to give others her precious, royal steed and deigning to fight on the ground. There is a sibling rivalry to be spoken of, and while their relationship is not so good, the two sisters are a deadly force to be reckoned with


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  • Cyrus Dunamis - Zuzu Mansur


  • Shinma Hizoku - Zafar
  • Khah Yoht - Trently


  • Shinryu Hizoku - Noir Ecryola

Side Note: All the NPC creators have been revealed, in case you were interested in viewing who made who. Also, all participants have received their 25,000 participation reward! Don't spend it all in one place. <3


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