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RIP Chester Bennington

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1RIP Chester Bennington Empty RIP Chester Bennington on 28/07/17, 04:54 pm


This is a bit late, but for those who don't know...the lead singer for Linkin Park, Chester Bennington took his own life July 20th, 2017.

Dear Chester,

Thank you for everything, I will never forget all the memories of having good times and venting teen angst to your music. Through your songs I bonded with my closest friend whom I consider a brother. I was able to express pent up rage and dissatisfaction in a healthy safe way. But most importantly, I was able to feel some kind of hope inside during my darkest years.

I won't resent you for your choice to leave us, though I want to. But I'm gonna stick to those good memories, as for everything else? Well...

I'll leave out all the rest.



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