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The Loan Shark gets his dues (job/Aquila)

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Job details:
Job Name: The Loan Shark
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP / 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Old man Rukus has been gambling a bit too much recently. His granddaughter is worried that he might be getting himself into debt. She's offering a large reward to anyone who can keep an eye on her grandpa without him noticing. After spying on Rukus for that evening, you find out that he's been getting money off of a local Loan Shark. You must either help Rukus back home before anything gets violent or fight the Loan Shark and his goons. His granddaughter will reward you afterwards!

Loan Shark x1:
Enemy Name: Loan Shark
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A tall pale man who wears a bright blue trenchcoat and brown shorts. His eyes are hidden by sunglasses and his hair is styled into a pompadour. He carries around a large wooden club and a switchblade.

The Crushing Devil - The Loan Shark will attempt to crush you with his large wooden club, dealing A-Tier damage.

The Nappy Mobster - The Loan Shark will walk towards you as he snaps his fingers. Once he gets into your face he will attempt to shank you with his switchblade,dealing B-Tier damage.

The Confused Thug - The Loan Shark will begin to spin rapidly with his wooden club in hand, reaching up to 3ms and also dealing B-Tier damage.

Goon x3:
Enemy Name: Goon
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down:  C-Tier
Description: These goons are slightly shorter than the Loan Shark and wear black suits. Their hair is styled into a pompadour like their boss but is slightly smaller in size. All three of them have switchblades.

Goon Slash - The goon will do a 3m lunge at you with their switchblade, dealing D-Tier damage.

Snapping Motion - The goon will walk towards you, slowly snapping their fingers. However, this just serves as a distraction, because once he gets in your face he will attempt to shank you, dealing C-Tier damage.

Oliver had been pulled aside one day, by a rather desperate girl at that.  Now some might think of this as a good thing, with all of the jobs he had been doing around Kou lately, he was developing at least some sort of name for himself.  But the downside was when people came to him thinking he was utterly altruistic.  He wanted to just see how people reacted when things were done for them, not out of some perfect nature gene in his heart.  But when the red haired girl asked him for his help, who was he to refuse?

Well he probably should have before hand.  Or at least heard the details of what he had to do before this whole debacle.  See he agreed to the details and then was given that he needed to tail her grandpa and keep an eye on his gambling ways.  Easy enough right? Well it would be were he not heading off to see what the old geezer was up to when he was getting too much money from a loan shark, one who wanted to start collecting some returns or 'send a message' the old guy's way.

That's where we land in this story now: The brown hoodie wearing assassin faced off in the back alleys of the gambling den of the fair town he was in, faced up against three goons and a loan shark.  He was told that he was a kid with a good heart, and that was gonna get him hurt.  Oliver could only sigh and rub the back of his neck, making sure that he had The Satellites knives with him, Big Dipper the cane hanging from his right hand with all sections bunched up in his hand.

No way he could take all four of them on his own.  Better cause enough of a ruckus to get someone to possibly notice. The three goons approached Oliver, snapping their fingers which got a raised eyebrow from Oliver, who looked at them as if they were nutters.  Though when they got close? The three surrounded him and sought to stab him!

Acting quickly, Oliver moved his weight from one side of his feet to the other, moving his stomach just out of the way!  But the third blade sliced along his stomach. He responded by swiftly spinning his three section cane upwards and overhead which sent the goons tumbling backwards and knocking over enough pottery to get some noise loud enough to attract someone's attention, probably.

Word count: 420/1500


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- [ Adler Licht ] -

[ magoi: 140 ]
[ stamina: 160 ]


She breathed in the scent of liquor. She smirked, pleased by the strong scent of beverages. A soldier's work proved rather bothersome and tiring. The physical work barely strained her, but the monotonous pattern of a soldier's daily life soon caused Aquila to revolt and rebel. She habitually snuck from the barracks to visit local gambling houses and taverns.  They often hosted exciting and invigorating brawls because the majority of those who actually participated in the services found themselves deep in debt with collectors threatening their lives for money owed. Just for the fun of it, Aquila sometimes placed her foot in the matter. Either to stir a fight or join a fight. Either way, she enjoyed the expressions of the close-minded men who found themselves beaten by a woman.

She plopped into an empty seat at an empty table. She crossed her right leg over her left. With her left elbow upright, she propped up her head with her hand. She rolled her shoulders back and straightened her back automatically, a habit from her childhood. Her other hand, the right hand, lazily laid on the table. With a rhythm, albeit a long and complicated beat, she tapped her fingers on the table. Tat. Tit-tat. Tat. Tit-Tat. Ta-Tee-Ta. Tit-Tat. Tat. Tat. Tat. Tat. Ta-Tee-Ta. Tat. Rat-tat. Ra-ta. Her eyes aimlessly inspected every detail of the gambling house, taking careful note and registering it all in her mind in an instant. Even after having memorized every little detail - like the house contained at least eleven ready and available weapons - and having completed the analyzation process - like at least sixteen people shook on a deal with the devil before that day - her eyes roamed. She appeared bored, yet with a sense of professionalism.

The moment someone rather out of place for the gambling house entered, Aquila's sharp eyes darted to them. She immediately noted a weapon on his person. Soon after, she spotted a second weapon, well hidden. She might have missed it. But she too also hid weapons on her. She assumed he might be somewhere around seventeen. He had a purpose, she assumed. He walked and stood such a way that declared he indeed had a reason besides gambling. After having observed him for a minute or so, she decided his goal involved a certain old man who often loaned money from loan sharks. Now that, Aquila did not need her keen observational skills to figure out. She swore about everyone in the gambling house knew about his terrifying debt. Except for this outsider. Yet he would learn soon.

From the corner of her eye, she watched him disappear, with rather shady individuals trailing after him. She waited a few minutes, expecting some sort of noise. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. She heard a crash. Something heavy crashing with what sounded like clay. She replaced the 'something heavy' with one of the men she noticed following the boy. The noise sounded rather loud and the collision rather hard. A boy would have made a softer sound. She smirked. She stood up and pushed in her chair. Something excited rose in her. A need to satiate her thrill for a battle, she weaved her way through the crowds until she reached the back door. She quietly opened it. She snorted. What an unfair fight. A boy against four grown men. Cowards, the lot of them.

She whipped out a vial of poison from the inside of her coat. From her sleeves, she pulled out a needle. She dipped the thin, long needle into the poison and carefully set it back into her sleeve. She inspected her clothes thoroughly. She silently hid bombs and poisons in her coat. She shook her left sleeve until a dagger with an eagle carved into the handle slid into her hand. Having already seen them before, she estimated their stats. She determined it would take her a couple strikes to take down the loan shark with her dagger. His goons would be quick work. Currently, they were focused on the boy. She decided he would last. He had decent weapons on him anyway. He'd be fine. She would take down the loan shark instead.

She whistled, not caring much about the element of surprise. She drew the attention of the loan shark. When he glanced her way, she winked flirtatiously, though inside she cringed. He strutted like a peacock towards the wild soldier. "What do we have here? A lovely specimen of today's type of woman. Unfortunate your beauty does not match you modesty," he lamented.

She rocked to her right hip and leaned her arm against the opposite hip sassily, yet keeping in theme with her flirtatious habits. Aquila laughed and wittily replied, "If I bothered with what you refer to as modesty, you could never appreciate my beauty."

"Rather quick-tongued. But perhaps you might do well to think some decisions out?" he suggested.

He allowed little room for argument, as instead, he decided he would initiate the fight. He moved in a downward slash with his club. She dropped down and quickly brought the loan shark down with her. Caught off guard and off balance, his club flailed in the middle of the slash. While her opponent found his bearings, she plunged her dagger into his knee. She cackled at her reward: a nice, lovely scream. She quickly hopped to her feet. He followed suit with difficulty. The moment he managed to stand, though rather shakily, she darted forward. She dealt a smooth front kick to his other knee. At an unexpected moment, he ripped through her skin. It created a long, vertical, deep cut from barely missing her jaw bone, across her cheek, up her face, barely missing her eye, and ending at her hairline on her forehead. Blood ran down her skin. For all his efforts, he received an angry punch in the head.


verbum comitem
[ cmxxcv // md ]
word count [ 985 // 1500 ]


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Well Oliver had been dealing with the four pompadour sporting greasers solo for no longer than a minute.  The sound he made with using a grown man as a projectile was more than enough to attract the attention of another person.  Gender didn't really matter,, but someone who was a little more subtle would have been better.  But to each their own right?

In that short minute of being solo, Oliver had been busying himself with the combating of three lower ranked goons.  There was a difficulty in wielding a pole-arm style weapon against short blades.  While he could focus on twirling Big Dipper around and countering attacks from standard weapons, flails that could latch around and yank his weapon away or short blades that could be easily swung were his bane.  At least he had some back up in his arsenal.  The ash blonde hair of Oliver was a big disheveled, a couple of locks looking a bit lopped.  Why?  Well the goons took turns with their Goon Slash attacks while Ollie waited for some reinforcements. The acrobatic assassin was more than ready to weave about and avoid the attacks for the most part.  Still a greenhorn to battle, Oliver found pieces of his hair being sliced through, his cheek being scratched and bleeding at this point as well.

When the girl arrived though and got the loan shark's attention up to the point of jabbing a knife into the guy's knee.  The whole cackling thing just made Oliver have to finally speak up as he twirled around Big Dipper in a defensive manner to keep the goons from getting too close, "Cheers for the back-up dove!  I appreciate it."

Focusing on his fight now, Oliver had to step it up.  With one goon coming in close, going for a lunge, Oliver responded by folding up his multi-sectioned cane and thrust the folded up weapon right into the gut of the greaser, shoving forward before gripping the folded triple sectioned weapon with both hands.  Putting some gusto into an overhead reaching flail with both hands, Oliver tossed the goon off into a laundry line.  Safely dispatching him for a minute or two, Oliver tucked Big Dipper back into the holster on the lower portion of his back.

The second and third goons tried a team attack. Goon number two started to rhythmically snap those fingers, trying to distract Oliver.  Goon three went for another Goon Slash.  Goon two was met with a swift upwards swing of Oliver's arm from about fifteen feet away and from his sleeve flew out a throwing knife that had no handle or hand guard, the aerodynamic deadly dart embedding itself into the goon's hand.  He spun about on his heels, crouching down under his foe made out of Goon Three.  Oliver quickly ducked under the slash, and rose up to his feet, slipping two more knives from his sleeves.  Though these were kept against his palms as he thrust a couple of palm strikes into the goon's chest and cheek which got the first knife in between the ribs of the goon, and into a lung.  The second knife was jammed in through the cheek to rest between the goon's teeth.  With a hard shove of the hand against the cheek, Oliver sent the goon down to the ground to writhe and wheeze in pain.

Goon Two, still holding that bleeding hand, tried a hazardous attempt at a Goon Slash.  Oliver took out another three knives.  Throwing two at the goon's feet Oliver pinned the guy to the ground and spun around with his left leg lifting up off the ground. Bringing his foot around and slipping a knife out of a sleeve in his pants, Oliver threw a third knife into the goon's forehead.

Sighing and rubbing the back of his neck after his foot hit the ground, he looked over at Goon One.  With the loan shark dealt with for the most part, he took out his remaining four knives.  "Hold these for me chap."  He threw the remaining four knives, embedding them in between Goon One's ribs, the sounds of bones cracking could be heard.  He really didn't like doing this, but it was a part of his life now working as an assassin style fighter.  Glancing over his shoulder to the girl that came up to help him out, he wondered if the loan shark was dealt with sufficiently.

Though he didn't confirm the kills, Goon Three and Goon One threw their switchblades at Oliver and caught the lad in the back and in the leg. Reeling in pain from the like pain but still stinging nonetheless, Oliver had to swear, "Bugger me in the arse!

The goons lost their weapons and had to deal with blood filling their lungs at this point, more than out for the count at this point in time.

Word count: 1235/1500


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- [ Adler Licht ] -

[ magoi: 140 ]
[ stamina: 140 ]


"Cheers for the backup dove!  I appreciate it."

She laughed at the comment and his choice of word. Dove. A word more generally used to describe a pleasant, kind, or pure person. If the thugs happened to land enough blows to total a fatal injury and effectively kill her temporary brown-haired ally, she might find his decision to leave her on her own rather displeasing, especially since she went through all the trouble to help his pitiful ass. But other than that, his hypothetic death would barely shake her. She viewed the death of her allies as a misfortune and a loss of power. She saw her allies as pawns to her greater game. Aquila's disregard and displacement of the value of human life - as proved by her reckless attitude - barely constituted as pleasant or kind. As for her purity, she literally burned her town to the ground! Pure, indeed. Even so, she appreciated the compliment.

"But of course I would offer my assistance. It was rather cowardly for four grown men to gang up on a single kid~" she explained.

She flashed a cheerful smile at the other before turning her attention back to the pale man. She turned her back towards the younger, facing the loan shark. She smiled cheerfully down at the tall man descended below her eye level and leaning onto one knee.

"Perhaps you might do well thinking some decisions out?" she quoted.

She waited patiently for an answer. A moment passed. His silence grew bothersome and frustrating. Her smile remained ever cheerful, but frost spread over her smile and her eyes.

"I'm not done with you. There's more to be played. You had better have the energy else you'll just be another disregarded, forgotten, and disposed toy," she warned.

"Haa, are you some sort of joke? Gotta give it to you: you're not bad with that pretty dagger of yours. But excuse me if I'm not weak," he spoke bitterly.

"Let us go swiftly then!"

The moment he attempted to rise, she moved forward and slammed her left fist down. She grinned floppily and giggled. He stared angrily at the smug assassin.

"What's with the look? Oh, I see. You thought I'd actually let you rise to my level and above. My dearest, don't delusion yourself. You're at the perfect level, so don't move," she commanded.

Disobeying her order, the loan shark launched up to his feet before Aquila could act. The bloodthirsty albino


Aquila darted forward but her path was intercepted by a wooden club. She slid to the side, evading the club, without disrupting her pace. With her left fist, using the back of her hand, she struck her enemy's head. She stepped forward, spun to his blind side on the left, and fluidly performed a roundhouse kick. For that momentary moment of confusion on the part of the loan shark, dagger in an outstretched hand, she plunged her weapon into his throat. He was sent tumbling downward. She immediately stepped forward and crushed his windpipes with her foot. She watched with sadistic pleasure as he struggled to breath. By that moment, she wore a pleasant smile, rather inappropriate for the situation.

"Dirt ought to stay on the ground," she remarked out loud.


verbum comitem
[ mdxxvii // md ]
word count [ 1527 // 1500 ]


Rasseln Gesit:

Rasseln Geist
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hand opposite to the side they approach their enemy from must be free to move.
Scaling: The sharper the strike, the harder the blow by one tier.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user quickly moves to the side of their target. The user strikes with a horizontal, recoiling action with the back of their fist. The attack causes C-Tier blunt damage to the head. This may cause a minor concussion.


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Oliver, having disposed of the foes that he needed to, looked at their bodies on the ground.  "Bugger, Takane's gonna be broiling red with how mad the old biddy is gonna be." He rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, folding up the weapon and tucking it away behind his back into the littler holster that rested against his pants.  With the weapon safely stored away, Oliver rolled his shoulders and looked over at the girl who fought the loan shark.

He had expected to see a different sight, someone who seemed a bit less experienced than he, still fighting with the loan shark.  Instead, he was met with the sight of someone who usually get's paid to deal out that kind of pain in a less than kid-friendly manner.  Moving his hand from his neck to his hair, the shuffling sound of hair being ruffled from him nervously scratching the back of his head, Oliver decided to approach.

Kneeling down and looking up at the girl, the young runaway spoke up to her, asking a question, "You're a bit of a wild card aren't ya? Think you could not kill him? I would rather get the message across we could and be done with it." He smiled up at her, his eyes closed, hiding the garnet abnormal coloration that they currently had.

Route 1:
Aquila permits the loan shark to live, with a bloodied up windpipe.
If his temporary ally acquiesced, Oliver would looked down at the loan shark and scowl at him a bit, "Now you're gonna leave Old Man Rukus alone, and we won't have to see each other again. Alright friend?"

Route 2:
Aquila just kills the loan shark.
Oliver would sigh and look up at the girl, remaining crouched, [color=teal]"You are a special wild card huh?"ould ask her in a teasing manner.

No matter what route was chosen, Oliver would stand up and offer a hand to her as thanks, "Cheers dove, appreciate it. I've a mind to split the reward money with ya as a sign of thanks. My treat." Hoping to strike up a bit of friendly conversation with Aquila. Maybe they could chat?

Word count: 1598/1500


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