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The Pressure is On! [Class Training Private]

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Hannah stood there panting, she had never used so much magoi in such quick succession, in fact she was rather shocked that her magoi pool had grown to such a deep amount. She heard bones snapping and several men screaming causing her to turn around. Floating there in mid-air was the stranger smiling at Hannah while the group of men she originally trapped were laying there twisted to the point that they were hard to recognize as humans. “Well that was fun wasn’t it? I liked the way you jumped right into the thick of things, not like your usual magician that’s for sure.” She gave Hannah a wink before making a simple motion with her wand once more. The bodies of all the men on the ground had a dark purple glow form around them. They were all bunched together once again before being thrown high up into the air and it looked like down stream towards the direction of the capital. “Well now, that takes care of that riff raff. I can’t believe that this country’s government is acting like children, its so…so annoying.” The woman floated down and gracefully touched the ground. [color=blue] “Well it looks like you can’t avoid the conflict forever huh? I’m shocked kid, you packed more of a punch than you look like you would. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from me.

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Hannah’s eye lit up, while she was not too interested in learning how to deform people to the extent that the woman had just done learning a new magic type to protect herself with would be immensely great! Strength magic was the type of magic that allowed mages to step into the actual line of fire, the thick of combat, not just behind a borg any longer. “Really? You really think you can teach me that magic that you were just using?” The lady flashed a wide grin. “Well duh, strength magic is my forte after all! You can call me Master, Jess, or better yet Master Jess. Whatever you prefer kid, I’m not too picky when it comes to my name.” Hannah fell to her knees bowing in a humble manner to show respect to her new teacher. “Thank you Master Jess. I will not let you down.” While her head was down Hannah did not hear or see Jess move over towards her but the next thing she felt was a hand touch her shoulder. “Come on kid, we don’t have time for groveling. We got to get a move on it, there will be another patrol unit sniffing around here soon. We’ve got to fly.” Jess covered Hannah in her strength magic as well as herself and took both the girls airborne.

Hannah was not used to being so high in the sky that she felt a bit intimidated and nervous. “Where are we going to go? Jess looked at Hannah and smiled. “There’s a waterfall not too far from here, resting under it while focusing your magic will help you get used to the force of gravity taking on the water, plus it will force you to use that magoi you’ve got built up to keep your body safe. Once you can control the magoi in your body to lessen the gravity of water on you then we can move on to the next step. Hannah never thought about training under a waterfall before. She had always heard about warriors doing this kind of training when they were trying to make their body become stronger and more resilient to external forces but never a mage, though it made perfect sense the way that Master Jess explained it. “Wait what’s the next step?” Jess looked down at Hannah gleaming with a wicked smile. [color=blue “Throwing you off the waterfall to fly of course.”[/color] Hannah’s eyes must have grew to the size of disk. throw me off the waterfall?

Five Days Later

The sound of pounding water was all that filled Hannah’s ears. She had sat under this waterfall all day and all night for the past five days. Only taking moments to eat and sleep. At first her magoi was running out rather quickly, she was not used to giving it commands that strength magic required and was carelessly putting too many orders into the magoi. As the days went on she slowly started to understand how to move the magoi around to different parts of her body and commanding it to make the strength of the water pelting her to soften. She still had not a complete firm grasp on it but she was no longer feeling pain. Master Jess just sat there day in and out just watching Hannah. The first few days she gave her basic guidance but nothing more than a few words, she wanted Hannah to learn this magic on her own. The sun was starting to set on the fifth day and Hannah was running dangerously low on magoi, she was near her limit, Jess would also be realizing this and more than likely stepping in any moment. A black energy created a barrier overhead of Hannah’s head. “That looks like enough Hannah. I think you’ve gained a good grasp on basic strength magic. Plus you magoi pool seems to really have developed. I think its safe to say its time to move onto learning actual strength base spells and skills.

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Word count from this point onward is going towards learning flight spell

“Huh? I’m done with the waterfall already? Are you sure?” Jess just looked at Hannah with a smirk. “Oh yea, I’m more than sure. I think you have a latent talent for strength magic dwelling inside of you.” The young woman cast a gravity spell and floated to the top of the waterfall before pointing her staff at Hannah casting the same magic on her. Hannah started to become weightless and rise along the flow of the water. Hannah was gently placed on the ground right by the rushing waters. Up here Hannah now realized how high up Hannah was. “Well I think that the most useful spell in a magician’s suite is that of the gravity flight spell. You learned basic reinforcement while meditating under the waterfall but this is a different method of strength magic. I think the best way to teach you is to put you in the dire need of using it.”

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A dire need to use it? That was when it clicked with Hannah. Jess had mentioned something about tossing Hannah off the waterfall a week ago but she dismissed it as just Jess’ playful banter but now as she stood up here she realized that the crazy magician was not joking but being serious, deadly serious. “You… you don’t mean to throw me off the waterfall’s edge do you? That is just madness, I will surely die.” Jess just smiled at Hannah before pointing her staff at the young mage once again. “Oh but I’m dead serious, as should you be if you expect to survive this fall.” A wicked smile crossed her face as she mumbled a single word. “Push” A black aura poured out of her staff and moved directly towards Hannah where it would blast her straight in the chest.

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The next thing Hannah knew she was being pushed right off the side of the cliff with nothing but her staff in her hand. As she flew down the mountain the water and wind would whip in her face violently. She had no idea what to do but try to draw on the small amount of magic power that was in her body. She had learned about how to influence the small area around her body with the gravity magic to lessen the waterfall’s strength on her and took that base principle idea from then and attempted to apply it to her own body. Focus, focus, focus! Magoi obey me! Make me as light as a feather! I am the wind the wind is me.. I am the wind the wind is me! For a brief moment a black energy filled over the staff of Hannah’s and quickly made its way to her hand.

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As the blackness touched her hand it crept its way along her body until she was as dark as night. Jess stood at the top of the cliff watching her greenhorn of an apprentice fall downward Her staff was poised to stop the young girl from dying if it came to that point. [color=blue] “Come on you dumb girl, I know that you can do this. Its not like you aren’t skilled with magic, after all I think you might be the one I pass on my secret art to. Perhaps she will be the new Reaper Magician. Or maybe she will die and her body will float down the Shu Fang River and head straight to the capital. If this little girl wanted to be able to hold her own during the up coming war having the skill of flight would be an invaluable asset. Plus learning the art of combining wind and strength magic to create Razor Magic would give her an edge that could potentially even the battlefield between her and a warrior type fighter.

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The black magoi had now completely covered Hannah’s body. She was nearing the ground as well. She realized though at a subconscious level that if she had not used this type of magoi that her body would have already splattered onto the ground. The magoi that had covered her body was already slowing her down tremendously. The black magoi was causing her body to become lighter and lighter slowing her fall. Hannah now focused on all the magoi that was covering her body and drew it to her very core. As the black magoi retreated towards an single point right near the center of her chest under her bosom. She was nearing a short distance of 3 meters before the ground. She would mutter a single word as she neared the ground. “Flight” Right as the blackness fully receded into the point Hannah stopped.

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Tier: B Tier
Specialization: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must know strength magic.
Scaling: Flight Power
Sustain: -
Cool Down: -
Cost: 30 + 15 sustain

The magician commands gravity type rukh into manipulating the space around a target giving it flight under the magician's control. This can be used to achieve varying degrees of flight.

o D-tier: The magician has full control over where they fly, however they wobble in the air unsteadily and move at the speed of a leisurely stroll.
o C-tier: The magician's flight is stable and they have control over their direction. The speed of the flight has increased to rival someone in a dead sprint.
o B-tier: The speed of the flight has increased further, exceeding normal human limitations to provide supernatural speed.
o A-tier: The magician can now fly at incredible speeds covering even great distances within a short amount of time.


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It was almost like a jerk, one minute she was falling and the next she was suspended in midair with the water still rushing down beside her. She raised her staff and hands to her face and looked down below her, she was so close  to the ground at this point that if she just reached her staff out she would probably touch it. “I..I’m actually flying! I did it! I’m not dead, it’s a miracle!” Hannah then looked up towards the top of the waterfall and locked eyes with the girl that pushed her. “That damn master of mine. I’ll show her what it means to flat try to kill me like that. I may be young and I may be green horned but I’ll prove to her that I am a magician that will one day strike fear in the hearts of those that look at me.”

Hannah focused on her magoi and started to rise quickly up the cliff right towards the one that pushed her. “Master Jess! I’ll make you pay for pushing me like that! Jess just snickered. She waved her staff and muttered a phrase that Hannah could not hear. As Hannah rushed her a light greyish aura filled the air around Jess. What is she cooking up is this a trap? I better be careful if I don’t want to be killed so easily.

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