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Necromancers are weird[ Mission Closed Noah]

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Night, a time where the darkness suffocates the light of the sun. A time where people stay safely locked away in their homes or are brave enough to test the abyss and venture out to find adventure and get into shenanigans.  Here in the Zou Empire the nights are filled with the glow from candles and hearths in the homes. Though the days were becoming longer and warmer night still brought a slight bit chill. A figure walked among these homes, his robe was black as night and tattered. A foul stench wafted off from him. He was heading towards a local graveyard to practice a magic that was socially unaccepted in this part of the world, a magic that most deemed as evil and tied to the black ruhk. Little did this man know that another was watching him, one that too was dipping into the flow of the black ruhk, one that’s powers grew by leaps and bounds every day. That figure wore a simple outfit of a lose fitting black vest that was left open exposing his skin along with a pair of black long shorts and sandals. In his hand was a simple staff made of wood and a few leafs. An eerie glow came from the staff illuminating a small area around the boy. The two walked in tandem though unbeknown to the first.

Noah had been stalking this man for the past few hours, he had been told reports of a strange man with magic to be able to reanimate corpses lurked in this small town. While he was not particularly interested in necromancy magic he was rather interested in the idea of possibly gaining the knowledge how to do such an act, who knew when he would need to use magic like that and Noah was a sucker for learning more information. Two dark circles had formed under his eyes though, the poor boy had been up for nearly the past two days straight. His insomnia had been getting worse lately, he knew the cause but could not help cure it, at least he though he knew the cause. After fleeing his home country nearly half a month ago Noah had been worrying every day might be his last. He was afraid that the Pharaoh’s men would be on his trail but every new day brought him another day of life. He carefully walked behind the man trying to be as silent as possible, he had hoped to just observe this man’s craft rather than have it being forced upon him in combat but he was not afraid to kill the man if he had tried to fight against the life mage.

The man was entering the graveyard now, he seemed to bypass the first few rows of graves, they were most likely just too close to the street and would cause him to be noticed rather quickly. Deeper and deeper the man went, Noah slipped from gravestone to gravestone to keep himself hidden, and the green light from his staff had been diminished so that he would not be spotted. The only thing that allowed him to see now was the moon and star light. The two would continue to go so deep in the cemetery that the small bit of light from the town was slowly faded away into nothing. The man did not stop in his walk the only thing guiding him was a small but simple lantern and an old crooked staff. As they reached the older area of the cemetery Noah started to notice that the tombstones were faded, cracked, and worn from the elements. He also noticed what appeared to be several spots where the ground had been dug up recently, maybe this was the man’s hunting ground, a place where he scavenged all his parts. A small shiver ran down Noah’s spine to think this man had been touching the decaying flesh this often just weirder him out and this was coming from a man who worked at the temple that specialized in death and new life.

The man stopped at one of the graves that had broken soil, maybe an old friend of his. Noah watched the man dig slowly through the dirt and grime trying to get to the sack of ones that rested beneath. It nearly took him a whole hour of digging before he was able to get to the corpse. He lifted the body from the ground and laid her on the ground beside the whole. As he climbed out Noah made his way to get slightly closer to the man, now only being about three gravestones down from the man. He made sure the necromancer had his back to the boy so he would still be hidden from him. As the man got out of the hole he brushed himself off and leaned down taking the bones in his arms examining his new toys. For a moment Noah’s attention as locked to that man and his skeleton that was until the man started to do something that not even Noah was prepared for. He leaned down and planted a kiss on the skeleton’s mouth. Noah had to do all that he could to keep himself from throwing up at the site of the man’s mouth puckered around the worms and dirt that covered the body. Without even really thinking about it Noah’s magic activated, a wooden dragon broke through stone after stone heading right for the man. Before he would even have a chance to try and block or even dodge the attack it was going right through him. Noah just stood there staring with a blank expression on his face, it seemed that he had gone and killed the man before he even got to witness his magic in action, a pity but hey who knows what that guy might have done if he was able to bring that thing back to life, they might have made love right then and there which is something Noah was thrilled that he was never going to see. He walked over to the man and rummaged through his coat pockets until he found a nice little sack of money, how lucky for Noah.

Word Count:1040/1000
Spells Used:
Name: Niohoggar’s Wardens  
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Duration: 2 Post
Cool-Down: 6 Post
Description: Noah holds out his staff causing parts of the wood from the staff to actually come out to form a massive wooden snake with a dragon’s head to blast out, it will break off the staff becoming a projectile like beast. The dragon is roughly about 10 meters in girth and a length of 15 meters. There will be small thorns covering the body so that even touching the body will cause intense damage. The dragon travels at a speed of 20 m/s and can go up to 30 meters away. The creature will last for two post. Noah can control its direction and path by using his hand manipulating it perfectly. He can cause the dragon to fly up to 30 meters as well. Those that are hit by the dragon will receive B tier damage that is able to slice through muscles completely, shatter bones, and even in some extreme cases pierce down to the internal organs. It can withstand up to 1 B tier damage before breaking. Fire based abilities can burn the beast with attacks of C tier.


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