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Fēngkuáng [Solo Job]

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1 Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 27/11/16, 05:01 am

Job Name: Secure the Path
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Since Emperor Yoshiro has taken over, several small pockets of resistance have risen up and are trying to strangle the trade routes. Take care of the Rebels.

Enemy Name: Rebels x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Rebels move at 6 m/s and deal D-tier damage with their daggers.
Jab – Rebel moves at 10 m/s to jab their blade forward to inflict D-tier damage.

If there was one place Ariel wanted to visit while he was in the East, it was the Jade Dragon Mountains. The first few days he had been unable to find the time to travel to the famous mountains. He had been busy exploring Kou. Beauty danced everywhere in the city of Kou. But shadows flashed against it all. The sight of the city had depressed him. His anger was riled by the conversations that lurked in the bars. Who in their right minds would support such a violent man like Gao Yuan Zu? Why would anyone want to advocate violence? Perhaps there was a piece in the story he was missing, but he didn't care to know what it was. It was simply insane to support a cause which would bring an empire to constant war. Kou should be focusing more on development than conquering neighboring nations, was his opinion.

word count: 151/1000

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2 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 12/12/16, 04:47 am

"Foolish rebels! They've been blocking the trade routes on the Jade Dragon Mountains. Don't they understand they're damaging the economy? If they keep up like this they'll throw the whole of this damn country into poverty!" an angry voice exclaimed.

Ariel halted abruptly. He glanced to his side, spotting a group of what he perceived to be merchants. He tilted his head slightly, a confused expression on his face. He hadn't heard of this. He had heard that collections of rebels had been making life difficult overall by blocking and interfering with trading in Kou. But he had yet to have heard about the Jade Dragon Mountains. He couldn't help but feel a spike of annoyance. He had been planning on visiting the Jade Dragon Mountains. There went his plans down the drain. He doubted anyone would be heading to the Jade Dragon Mountains because of the rebels except a few adventurous and/or desperate people.

He had been wandering around the streets of Kou, having little else to do. Though he spent most of his days wandering, he never seemed to cross the same path twice. Kou always greeted him with a new sight. And yet he wore and bored expression. Most people were unaware of how similar the world truly was. Each and every city resembled each other in Ariel's eyes. Patterns from the other side of the world could easily be found in Kou. Unity connected the world at the base of everything. In the end, one could attempt to find a single original thought, but they would be disappointed. So repetitive and dull, the world gave him a sense of lethargy. But to be clear when he said 'the world', he was talking about the world humans crafted. Nature, untouched by humans on the other hand...

word count: 451/1000


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3 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 15/12/16, 10:20 pm

He could hear the merchants whispering amongst themselves. They didn't trust him. They thought he was crazy. Insane. A lunatic. They were probably right about his sanity, or lack thereof. Who would be crazy enough to travel to Kou for the sake of a feeling he ought to? Well, Ariel, obviously. Still, that didn't mean he appreciated being discussed behind his back. Worse, when they were obviously talking about him right in front of him. Even if their words contained only truth. Anyways, he refused to spend the day listening to their unproductive argument concerning whether it was judicious to trust him or not. The answer, by the way, was a big, fat no. But they didn't need to know that. He preferred they remained ignorant. It worked better for him that way.

word count: 584/1000


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4 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 16/12/16, 03:52 am

"This trip was really important to you guys, right?" Ariel asked, his impatience transparent.

The merchants exchanged dubious looks with each other before they seemed to reach a conclusion. A man with curly brown hair and vibrant red clothes stepped forward. He gazed painfully at the young man in front of him. The man was acting as if it was hurting him to be communicating with a peasant like Ariel. He introduced himself as the leader of the group of merchants.

"I am Terrenzio Sorrentino. You are a foreigner as well to this magnificent country, I assume?" he politely greeted Ariel.

"Obviously. Reim?" Ariel guessed.

The name was clearly one only used in Reim. It had that sort of feel to it. He confirmed Ariel's suspicions. Yes, he was from Reim. The same applied to his companions. Ariel grimaced. The country of Reim brought less than pleasant memories. Over the past years, he began to associate the word 'Reim' with hopelessness and despair. He recalled his helplessness under Aurelius. He winced and shook his head to clear his thoughts. He had best leave that topic alone, he chastised himself.

"It would be just plain stupid to attempt to cross into the Jade Dragon Mountains if you can't fight well. And you really need to cross into the Jade Dragon Mountains, right? I'm perfectly capable of fighting," he reasoned.

"We don't have a choice. Alright. Deal," Terrenzio conceded.

word count: 821/1000


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5 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 16/12/16, 06:49 pm

"We're nearing the mountains! Be prepared. Those rebels tend to hang around here," the driver warned. Eyes shifted towards Ariel. He nodded only slightly.

"Pff, you all are acting like we're about to go into the lair of a dragon." he scoffed. They eyed him with irritation. He shrugged. One merchant rose from his seat and gazed angrily down at Ariel. Judging by the way the blue cloaked merchant flexed his hands and fingers, Ariel guessed the man possessed a strong desire to strangle him.

"You're blocking my view. Move," Ariel commanded, glaring fiercely back. The bystanders glanced nervously around the caravan. One even shivered. It was as if the temperature had dropped below freezing at the brazen magician's words. Ariel sent a fleeting glance at Sorrentino. Horror, irritation, and regret described the merchant's face. Ariel tilted his head in an innocent fashion. He blinked back at Mr. Angry's face. An amused smile played on his face as he observed Mr. Angry. It quickly ran cold when the azure merchant stepped forward. Ariel fought the urge that ordered, 'run'. He fully supported the voice inside his head that screamed, 'stay away'. Mr. Angry did neither. Instead, he darted forward and wrapped a surprisingly tight grip around Ariel's wrist. And that was where things dropped to below zero.

"Let go!" Ariel growled in a desperate tone.

Instead, the azure merchant grinned and exclaimed, "He's afraid of me! This scum was probably lying about his fighting skills, given how scared he is right now."

word count: 1069/1000

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6 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 17/12/16, 07:02 pm

The merchant in the blue clothing pulled away suddenly as their ride halted abruptly. From the outside, the merchants could hear the horses neighing. They were alarmed to hear raucous shouting. They panicked. What should they do? They glanced at the man who had said he'd act as their guard for the trip. But considering the trance the man seemed to be in, they were starting to have their doubts concerning the mysterious man. Suddenly Terrenzio realized the man hadn't even introduced himself. What manners he had. He shook his head. It was inconvenient to be thinking such trivial matters when the rebels were endangering his life. The merchants all collectively flinched as the door flung open.

"Round them up! We'll have the world know the Kou Empire will not put up with the other nations!" a voice barked from outside the caravan.

word count: 1359/1000

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7 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 24/12/16, 04:58 am

Ariel blinked. He tilted his head in consideration. He measured the voice carefully. Annoying, he decided. The voice... too... loud. He paused. For no reason really. In that moment of silence, when a barrier barred all noise from approaching Ariel, he almost lost himself. A subtle move by his hazel eyes heralded his return. He sighed. He quite enjoyed losing himself to the silence. It was as if someone had wrapped him in a huge, soaked washcloth. Refreshing... Cold. That was actually a terrible analogy. What could perhaps capture the essence of that wonderful feeling in the exact and pleasant manner he so desperately grasped at? Perhaps better it would be to concentrate on the present rather than a fleeting moment in the (a moment ago) past.

word count: 1486/1000

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8 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 27/12/16, 02:14 am

Two rebels entered the caravan. Ariel observed them for a moment. He found them utterly disgusting. The smirk on the left one annoyed him. He glanced to his side and snatched the staff which had lain motionless. He rose to his feet, and he thrust it forward, pointing it at the left one. From the orb of the staff, a dark glow began to solidify. At the height of the concentration, the glow flew off the staff. The force pushed its target back. Ariel ignored the frightened shout. His mind refused to process the noise. He turned his eyes away from the scene. He found red unpleasant to his sense of sight.

He observed the other rebel curiously. The man caught Ariel's inquisitive stare with a steady return. He lifted his dagger in the hazel eyes' line of sight. The black magician shifted back slightly. When the rebel darted for him, dagger poised at eye level, Ariel directed his outward staff across the rebel's head. Thud. The man's body collided with the floor. Ariel winced at the noise caused by the collision. He chuckled nervously, baffled at the rebel's apparently low level of endurance. He honestly had not swung particularly hard. Perhaps he had used a touch more force than he realized. Huh. Er, oops?

word count: 1701/1000


Groys Shvarts:

Groys Shvarts

Tier: D-Tier

Specialization: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Long

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must aim their staff/stave/wand towards the desired target.

Scaling: AoE - The range of damage increases by 5m.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 post

Cost: 10/5 magoi + 10 magoi every scaling


    When the user points their staff/stave/wand towards their target, the glowing light which was surrounding the staff/stave/wand's tip hazily will form into a more solid figure before launching off towards wherever the staff/stave/wand is pointing at. Wherever it hits, a slight dent will be created. The weaker the materials, the more damage the orb will deal to objects. To people, it will deal [D-Tier] strength magic damage.

    • The orb goes at such high speeds that it will take the shape of an arrow like figure.
    • It will go until it hits something or it reaches a breaking point of speed where it basically just disappears. This is around 15m - 20m when it disappears.
    • The orb will make an arc.
    • The base area of damage is about a meter's width.

Magoi: 230/240
Stamina: 110/110

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9 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 29/12/16, 01:22 am

He glanced out the open door. Two men stared at the former slave in surprise. From the corner of his eye, Ariel spotted another man. He appeared tough and strong enough to drag the caravan a mile or two. The leader of the rebels? Strange. The man had a foreign appearance unlike those of Kou. His skin had a gold tint better fit the description of one from Heliohapt. Yet this man appeared to direct the group. However, he did recall hearing about the many foreigners having taken advantage of the civil war in Kou. But what could be the man's motive for leading a group of rebels opposing the current emperor of Kou?

... Ignore his question, it had an obvious answer. According to the group of merchants, the group of rebels in that area had a history of also stealing the goods of merchants who passed by. Obviously, this man sought to gain rich through questionable means. In the name of Gao Yuan Zu, 'The True Emperor' of course.

word count: 1871/1000

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10 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 29/12/16, 02:08 am

"Placate him, won't you two?" the leader ordered, his voice hinting a sigh.

One rebel darted forward. He grinned confidently. Spurred by the grin, Ariel growled, annoyed by the sense of underestimation he felt from the rebel. Or perhaps Ariel felt an unaccredited sense of confidence in one's own ability radiating from the rebel. Either way, the smile had irritated him. He charged with a knife pointing towards Ariel. Due to the slight leap needed to board the caravan, the time in between the outside and entering the caravan created enough time for Ariel's reflexes to kick in. The black magician easily sidestepped the incoming attack. He moved fluently behind his attacker and brought his staff down upon the shorter man's collarbone. His opponent collapsed on the floor.

word count: 1999/1000


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11 Re: Fēngkuáng [Solo Job] on 29/12/16, 02:27 am

He spun around in order that he might greet the other rebel. His eyes widened as something silver and sharp caught his eye. He flinched as what seemed tiny shards flew past him. The other rebel eyed Ariel in surprise. His knife, positioned in front of him, caused Ariel to assume his borg had just been activated. The man had attempted to attack Ariel while the magician's back had been turned but had been deflected by the rukh. But the pause in their movements did not last long. The man sped forward again. He succeeded in landing a blow against Ariel. Ariel spun around to face his opponent. He sped forward without hesitation, and he slammed the outstretched staff into the other man's abdomen area. The rebel staggered back to catch his breath. Ariel quickly followed up with a quick flick of his staff. When the black orb collided with its target, the rebel collapsed onto his back.

Ariel stalked towards the door. He pointed his staff towards the final member of the rebels: the leader. The large man chuckled in amusement. He rose his hands in the air.
"I think I'll pass today. But I do hope to see you again, sir," he explained. He turned around and walked out of Ariel's field of vision. The black magician debated on following after the Heliohaptan looking man. However, on reflecting the idea, Ariel realized the dangers of wandering off the path alone. No doubt, other rebels hid around the base of the mountain. Only an idiot would attempt to chase after the leader in an unknown area, without a guide, and without companions.

word count: 2272/1000



Tier: D-Ω

Specialization: Magician

Type: Defensive

Range: Close

Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.

Scaling: Cannot be scaled

Sustain: No sustain limit

Cool Down: N/A

Cost: 5 Magoi


    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

Magoi: 225/240
Stamina: 110/110


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